Pure Love x Insult Complex Chapter 998. Noon Sunshine / The darkness of the Internet.



「 First, chairman Kurama said that “My daughter hasn’t come back home after some incident in the Kouzuki house.” We have that conversation recorded 」

Moori takes out a rectangular recorder.

「 Recently, machines like this become smaller and smaller. I always carry around several recorders with me. It’s always a problem when someone’s sitting in trial and says “I didn’t say it,” and so I’m prepared to record any remarks I can use for evidence 」

That means, other than that one, he has other recorders to record our conversation in this drawing-room.

Although, Kenmochi Yuugo himself and Kobayakawa are also using their recorders.

I don’t know about the retired police officer, Yoshikawa.

「 Anyway, it’s the truth when we say that Kurama-san is extremely troubled to find that his daughters haven’t returned home 」

The lawyer smiles.

「 Then, first…Kurama Misato-jou and Arisu-jou is present in this mansion, that is to say, the Kouzuki Mansion? I would like to hear an honest answer 」

「 Hey, Morii-san, I don’t think that we have to remain unsettled after this late? 」

Kenmochi is getting impatient as he asks the lawyer.

「 I’m sorry Kenmochi-san but we have to follow the order. First, we need them to declare that the ladies of the Kurama house are in here 」

That’s right, we still haven’t admitted that we have the Kurama sisters here.

「 They need to make that clear first. Oh, by the way, it will cause inconvenience to you if you lie. If in case you say that they’re not here and they are here, it’ll put you in the worst place when we reach a trial, don’t you think? 」

Wait a second.

This premise is weird.

「 Uhm, what trial? 」

I asked.

「 Of course, the trial for confining the young ladies of the Kurama house 」


「 Does he think that we’re stupid? 」

I asked Misuzu.

「 This guy’s a lawyer, not a policeman. Despite that, why is he making that kind of inquiry? 」

Then, the lawyer;

「 Yes, I’m a lawyer. I’m not from the police. However, either way, once the Kurama house files a lawsuit to the police for this confinement incident, the conversation we have now will become evidence. Therefore, I don’t think that it’s profitable for you to lie 」

「 That’s right. We have a lawyer present in here, and so I think that you should speak of the truth 」

Yoshikawa, the former police said.

「 Danna-sama 」

Misuzu looks at me worriedly, but…

「 No, I don’t think that we need to answer, and so we won’t 」

I replied.

Anyway, I can see that they’re trying to drag out a slip of the tongue from us.

「 Does it mean that you’re admitting that you have the young ladies of the Kurama house in here? 」

The lawyer glared at me.

「 Like I said earlier, my answer is “no comment” 」

「 If you’re not answering, then that means that they are in here, aren’t they? 」

Oh, this guy thinks that we’re idiots.

So, I’m not answering.

「 If you’re not answering, does it mean that you’re showing acknowledgment? 」

The lawyer smiles.

What do we do?

「 Oh well, let’s proceed now that you accepted it 」

We’re still thinking and yet the lawyer proceeds.

「 Hey, write that they admitted it on your internet news 」

Kenmochi tells Kobayakawa.

「 Kuromori-sama, I think that we should’ve refuted? 」

Torii-san whispers to me worriedly.

「 No, it’s okay 」

The lawyer is purposely making us uneasy, or maybe, make us angry.

「 Well then, incidentally, the young ladies of the Kurama house are still minors. Misato-jou is 18. Arisu-jou’s 13, and is in first-year middle school. I believe that you should return them to their parents no matter what reason, shouldn’t you? 」

「 Yes, that’s right. They’re still young! Shouldn’t you be returning them to their fathers and mothers? 」

Kenmochi agreed with the lawyer.

「 Of course, you will say that “This is not a confinement case. The young ladies are staying here willingly,” then, for example, “they fought with their parents, and so they’re staying in their school friend’s house Kouzuki-san’s house” 」

「 Yeah. Whatever the child may say, they still need to return to their parent. I think so too 」

Yoshikawa nods.

「 But, you aren’t a legitimate proxy for Kurama-san, their parent, right? 」

Nagisa asks back.

「 That’s right. We have accepted authorization from the Kurama house, however. I am Kenmochi-san’s lawyer and I have no connections with the Kurama house.

「 If that’s the case 」

Nagisa said. The lawyer stopped her.

「 That’s the reason why we’re trying to settle here, aren’t we? 」

You mean…

「 We’re offering ourselves as the unofficial people, however, next time, the police can get involved 」

The lawyer said.

「 Isn’t it problematic if the Kouzuki house is involved in a criminal case, is it? 」

「 Of course, we’re going to bring media next time! We’re going to let journalists do a household search! 」

Kenmochi laughs.

「 Kouzuki house may be able to control the mass media but it’s different over the internet. We can make big news on the internet! 」

「 That’s right. There could be no news over the TV, newspapers, and radios, but, if we make it big over the internet, I think that you know much about the collapse of influential people. Recently, most news reach people only through the internet 」

Kobayakawa laughs.

「 And that’s why the focus is on my website. Uhihi 」

「 May I? Even with Kouzuki house, only has a boss among their huge group. The masses hate people who are wealthy and powerful. We can make this confinement case come to light and they will bash the Kouzuki house a lot, you know? 」

「 That’s right. They’ll boycott you! It’ll make a huge uproar!

「 I’ll write that “This and that company are under the Kouzuki house!” Kufufufu 」


「 Oh, it’s that? Any event can unexpectedly bring an effect, that kind of logic? 」

I speak with a fed-up tone.

「 What’s with you? We can make that happen so easily! 」

Kenmochi said.

「 I don’t have any vested interests over the mass media but I have a large circle in my IT company 」

「 Yes, that’s right! Kenmochi knows a lot of people! It’s not just me on news sites, he has a lot of access and connections with everyone 」

「 In this age, everyone’s using their phones to look at the news. Furthermore, the news we make them read gets mixed along with the top international and internal news! 」

Oh, sure.

Major news is mixed with discussions about a celebrity, or commodity advertisements.

「 To tell you the truth, the times have changed! The bossy attitude of the nobility is already in the past. We’re in the 21st century now! No matter how rich, or powerful your acquaintances are, in the internet age, it’s all stripped off! I don’t care about the old blood of nobility from the past, but we’re no longer at the age where the nobility can live in such huge castles and pretend to be the boss!! 」

Kenmochi said.

「 Listen, I’m going all out now. I’m going to let you know how fearsome it is to face the world of the internet. This is all-out war! I’m going to let the whole world know about the minor women you’re confining! The whole internet world is going to know! You bastards!! 」

「 Kenmochi-san, could you restrain yourself? 」

As expected, the lawyer stops him.

「 Can I ask something? 」

Yoshikawa speaks up.

「 I don’t know much about the internet which Kenmochi-san talks about. However, to be honest, I feel some discomfort after coming to this mansion 」

Yoshikawa looks around the room.

「 How do I say it, we have four adult males visiting the mansion, and yet, the other side sent young women and children, it looks like they’re making us look like fools 」

He glared at us.

「 Trapping us in a room with no windows, and they didn’t even offer tea, I can’t stomach this 」

Well, yeah, we didn’t offer tea at all.

「 This is displeasing, or should I say that it’s irritating to see that they don’t care about their guests at all. No, I don’t know how great the nobility is but, I think that they’re going out of bounds with how they look down on us!!! 」

Somehow, his anger is different from Kenmochi.

「 Is this how the influential people look down on us, the ordinary people?! 」

「 That’s right! Don’t look down on ordinary people! Kobayakawa-san, add that on the article 」

「 Yes, Kenmochi-san! 」

Yeah, these guys are useless.

Or should I say that Kenmochi-san is also the son of a wealthy man?

Why do you look like you’re the representative of the ordinary people?

Then, the lawyer;

「 Anyway, you should hand over the Kurama sisters to us. If you don’t, either way, it will become extremely inconvenient for the Kouzuki house, won’t it? 」

No, these guys.

They’re going to start a libel campaign on the internet even if we hand the sisters to them.

I know that they’re the kind of people that will do that.

They’re people who will never do anything honestly.

「 I think that’s it’s about time, Dear 」

Nagisa smiled at me.

「 We already bought enough time 」


「 You are from the rural area 」

Nagisa shows a captivating smile to Kenmochi and his group.

「 W-What? 」

「 What I mean is that you don’t know how fearsome it is to face the nobility. I don’t know much about IT, but you think that you already reached the heavens just because your company became a bit big, that’s cute 」

「 D-Don’t look down on me! Who do you think I am?! Bitch! 」

Kenmochi shouts, but…

「 From Shige-chan’s eyes, you all are just small chicks and nothing else, ufufu 」


「 Shou-oneesan, is that enough? 」

She looked up at the ceiling and asked.


『 Yes, we’re done now. First, we deleted Kenmochi Yuugo’s account for the suspicion of fraud in his blog. That includes his SNS. Kobayakawa-san’s news site is inaccessible to anyone 』

Shou-neechan said.

「 Wait, how can you do that? 」

「 T-That’s right! Why would my site… 」

Kenmochi and Kobayakawa shouts, but…

『 How do you think we did it? 』

Shou-neechan seems to be having fun.

「 I mean, it would be impossible even with the power of the state! This is absurd! 」

「 T-That’s right! 」

『 Right, it would be impossible even if we order the country to do that. They’ll get angry because it’s an illegal act 』

「 That’s right! It’s illegal! 」

『 But you know, that doesn’t matter to us 』

Shou-neechan laughs.

「 No, wait, this is a trap! American company SNS hates political pressure. No matter how much the Kouzuki house threatened them, they can’t delete accounts like that 」

Kenmochi said.

『 Yes, and that’s why we spoofed Kenmochi-san and deleted your account 』


「 That’s a crime! Hey! Kobayakawa! Write that one! Tell the world that Kouzuki house is filled with criminals! 」

「 Y-Yes! I’ll write it! 」

『 Oh, how? 』

Shou-neechan says.

『 While at it, we already canceled the contracts on your phone and laptops and tablets. All the telecommunication equipment you can guess. And so, you can’t publish anything on the internet with the devices you currently have even if you leave the room. 」

The two paled.

『 Of course, I’m sorry to say to Yoshikawa-san and the lawyer, but you can’t use yours either 』

「 If that’s true, then it would be a scary crime, I’ll sue for sure! 」

The lawyer faces the speaker on the ceiling and shouts.

「 That’s right, if you make our current smartphones useless, then we’re just going to buy a new one. If I can’t make a new contract with my name, then I’m going to use prepaid. No, even if you do that, we can just enter an internet cafe and, ah, what do I say, I can just borrow a laptop in my office 」

「 That’s right! I can just talk to a friend in the company, borrow his laptop, and write the article! If you’re serious about what you told us then I’ll be sure to tell the whole world about the crimes Kouzuki house did! 」

Then, Shou-neechan;

『 Huh, do you think that you can come back home alive? 』

Kenmochi and his group went “Huh?”

「 Right. I mean, it would be useless to keep them alive. I think we should kill them 」

I told the men.

「 W-Wait a second, A-Are you sure?! E-Even if you’re Kouzuki house, doing such an absurd thing… 」

Kenmochi’s frightened.

「 I’m from Kuromori though 」

I speak with a serious face.

「 That’s it. Do you think that the people from the surface of Kouzuki house would deal with troublemakers such as you? 」

Nagisa laughs.

「 This is the job for the people on the other side 」

I slowly look at the four men.

「 Wait! Yoshikawa-san! Do something! Aren’t you former police?! 」

「 I am, but, I worked at the local area where it’s peaceful, I don’t know much about the Yakuza groups! 」

As expected, they only looked for a guy who is former police, it doesn’t matter who.

「 Oh, we’re not Yakuza though. We’re people much scarier than those people 」

Nagisa speaks to Kenmochi and his group.

『 By the way, I already downed all of the servers in Kenmochi-san’s company. While at it, we also cut off the circuit. And those within reach, physically destroyed. Currently, Kenmochi-san’s office lost the ability to transmit anything. The optic fibers on the telephone line are also cut down 』

They even went that far.

『 It’s likely that you already created a slander article on Kouzuki house, and uploaded it on the internet in a timer. Kobayakawa-san’s office, or should I say, your apartment is also cut off 』

「 As if we would do something that troublesome!! 」

『 Oh? It’s my job to take down all the potential threats 』

Shou-neechan said.

「 Then does this mean? 」

『 Yes, Moori-san, you can’t use your phone or mail either. While at it, there’s a blackout 』

「 T-This is obstruction of business! I-I’m going to sue you!!! 」

The lawyer said, but…

『 That would be great if you can. That is if you return alive 』

Shou-neechan said. The lawyer drops his shoulders.

「 No, uhm, a-are you serious about killing us? 」

Kobayakawa’s afraid.

『 Oh, Kobayakawa-san, have you not seen it? 』

Shou-neechan replies.

『 Coming from the front door to this drawing-room. Do you know how many people from Kouzuki SS are present in this mansion? 』

He should’ve seen muscular men of the security group in the mansion.

『 Kouzuki SS is Kouzuki house’s private army. We remove all those who are trying to harm the Kouzuki house 』

「 Hiiiiiiii!!! 」

Kobayakawa cowers in fear.

『 By the way, Kurama house sent a document saying that they are completely uninvolved with the actions of Kenmochi-san. Also, as for your engagement with Kurama Misato-san, Kurama-san’s father writes a letter about revoking your engagement, and it will reach in here soon enough, I’ll give it to you later. Try to survive while it’s on the way 』

Now that the engagement is canceled, Kenmochi can’t tell us to return Kurama Misato-san to him.

『 That’s all that we’ve done, do you need anything else? 』

「 No, that’s enough. Thanks, Shou-neechan 」

I thanked Shou-neechan.

「 You all kept on making so much noise since coming here, but… 」

I looked at Kenmochi once again.

「 You never asked about how Misato-san is doing, have you? 」

「 W-What do you mean? 」

Kenmochi’s startled.

「 That means, you… You don’t love Kurama Misato at all. You’re only interested in your corporate success 」

If he’s worried about the well-being of the Kurama sisters, then he shouldn’t have come here with that domineering attitude.

「 Before you complained about the nobility and Kouzuki house, you should’ve thought about the girls instead 」