Chapter 1

The Return

In the dead of night, the hospital room seemed even more gloomy under the full moon’s illumination than it normally was. Within that absolute silence, only the slow beeping of the vitals monitoring device persisted.

I glanced at the small screen and saw numbers far worse than those from yesterday.

The time was nigh. I had little regret.

I closed my eyes and felt the encroaching darkness. I sensed death within myself.

The numbers began to drop drastically as my old body slowly let go of life.

I wished for a silent departure, but it was nothing more than a dream. As soon as the numbers fell below a dangerous threshold, the alarm was sounded, and nurses rushed into my room.

My blurry eyes could no longer tell their faces apart, and my ears could barely discern a man’s voice from that of a woman. There was nothing more they could do, yet they continued to try.

Their determination to save a person was strong, but I had persevered for far longer.

I had not once thought of giving up on ‘going back.’

I prepared every step in my plan more carefully than a surgeon performing a brain operation. They would not give up, but I would not lose, either.

The time was nigh, and I planned to leave this world, regardless of the hospital staff’s effort.

“We’re losing him fast!!!”

The moment I drew my final breath, my body felt like it had fallen into a pool. The water was first cold, but gradually became warm the deeper I sank. Even though I had stopped breathing naturally, I began to feel suffocated again as my body entered another layer of cold water.


More quickly than I could adjust my thoughts, my body was thrown out of the cold water and onto a stiff surface. My lungs were immediately filled with air, as my consciousness was slapped back into my head.

Before my eyes was a cloudless, blue sky, just as beautiful as the first time I saw it fifty years ago.

The same warm summer breeze brushed by, carrying with it the same smell of a summer flower unique to this region. I was drowned in nostalgia. The memories felt like they happened just the day before.

“It’s…a success…I’m back…”

“Welcome home, Master.”


I turned around and spotted someone kneeling and bowing.

The person turned out to be a woman with long, wavy, black hair and a pair of pointy ears. They were, by no means, as long as Elven ears, but share a similar shape nonetheless.

Due to the sheer exposure of the dress she was in, there was no way for me to miss the unique, light-brown colour of her skin. Cheap, fake tans could never dream to achieve such natural luster.

I had forgotten how charming this woman was after so many years apart.

Calming myself down, I made sure that I wasn’t simply seeing things.


“Yes, it’s your loyal servant, Selina of Vixeria.”

The name of the legendary cursed land was  known only to the two of us. Thanks to that, I was able to quickly verify her identity. It wasn’t just an impostor with her appearance.

“How long have you been waiting for me?”

“Five hundred and sixty two years.”

And here I thought fifty was long.

That said, Selina belonged to a nigh-immortal race; some hundred years would feel only like a couple to her. Moreover, pitying her loyalty would be a direct insult to her customs. The man she had pledged her allegiance to must honour her devotion and faith in him.

“You’ve done well. I could not be more pleased.”

“The honour is all mine, Master.”

Selina lifted her head and replied with a smile brighter than the twin suns above.

After so long, she seemed to have matured quite a bit. Her youthfulness hadn’t decreased one bit, yet her beauty became more ripe. If fifty, or five-hundred, years ago, she was a charming young lady, then she was now an irrisistibly alluring, adult woman.

“Do you have a base nearby?”

“Yes, I do. It’s an abandoned dungeon mine East of here.”

“Lead the way. The scenery out here is captivating, but we can always sight-see and reminisce later.”

“As you wish, Master.”

Selina stood up and finally revealed the full extent of her sexy dress.

Not only did it expose her entire back, it also split right down the middle, all the way from her neck to her belly, revealing much of her deep cleavage and ample twin mounds. Furthermore, the dress’ lower half also split on both sides, flaunting her beautiful legs.

It was designed to be risque, but also defy the laws of physics. In other words, the dress was a magic item that couldn’t be moved by the wind, unless the wearer wished for it. With that, it was impossible for Selina to accidentally show her most secret parts to some random passerby.

“You’ve grown more beautiful.”

“It is also my duty to prepare a body that could please you in every way.”

Selina blushed, yet she seemed quite happy and confident.

“I look forward to it.”

“Whenever your time allows, Master.”

I followed Selina across the vast grassland. We talked about the past and discussed the future.

My gaze was, most of the time, fixated on her derrière. She was fully aware, yet decided to play along, cat-walking in an exaggerated manner to entertain my eyes with the jiggling of her buttocks.