Chapter – 15

“Interesting.” He commented as he observed the two people before him.

Francesca was scared, her tears had dried on her cheeks, and her eyes looked empty. It all meant that she had surrendered to what the fate held for her.

Rysar, on the other hand, had his head lowered. He was still wearing his hood, but Shazan could see that he was nervous. He was still young, 62 years old werewolf was equivalent to a 16-17 years old human youngster. He mentality was no different than any other teenager, but unlike humans, his personality depended more on his instincts than the interaction and experience he accumulated in his life. And earlier he had shown his interest in the show they had witnessed. Shazan had seen the lust in his eyes. Finally.

“Take off your cloak,” He said to him, and turned his eyes on the girl. “Do you know, I had planned for you to join in that play with Michael and his family?” He smiled at her.

Francesca had a scare when she heard his words. Her body trembled, but she kept her head lowered and didn’t say anything.

“You are lucky. I changed my mind when I saw that you were still a virgin.” He scanned her body. “And you are quite pretty.”

His words made her nervous, and her cheeks had a faint blush on them.

“But you did help someone hurt my family. You helped a guy, try to get his way with your classmate, my sister.” His voice hardened. “Don’t you think it was wrong? Would you have liked it if someone had plotted against you like that?”

Shazan didn’t continue his words and waited for her to answer. His eyes stayed on her, scrutinizing her. And her body trembled in fear.

“No…” She managed to give him an answer after a few moments.

“Of course,” He smiled at her. “And you will be punished for what you have done.”

“Please. No.” Francesca dropped on her knees and looked at him. “Let me go.”

“Do not be worried. Your punishment isn’t so severe.” He gently said to her. “His name is Rysar.” He gestured her to look at the boy who had taken off his cloak.

Rysar had golden eyes, and his auburn hair gave his sculpted features a touch of beauty. He was a handsome boy, and his figure had perfect lean muscles on him. His tightly fitted shirt was an allure to girls. Francesca was no different. She had her eyes glued on him. She was surprised to see that there was a boy under that cloak, only a couple of years older than her.

“Rysar,” He said to him. “What am I to you?” He asked.

“You are my Master, my Lord. And I am your servant.” Rysar answered respectfully and lowered his eyes. His voice was a little hoarse, but it wasn’t hard on ears.

Shazan nodded at him.

“Rysar was abandoned by his pack. He had no family, and he was mortally wounded. I had saved his life, and he, out of his selfishness, bonded himself to me. The bond he formed with me is eternal. He made himself my servant. And that made him an enemy to his kind. An alpha can never have a sire. It’s taboo.”

Shazan observed the expressions on Francesca’s face. She was lost as she didn’t understand his words.

“I was mad at him. His action had earned me more enemies.” Shazan laughed as he remembered a certain incident. “But I couldn’t stay mad at him. He was just a lost, and abandoned child. He calls me master. That’s what the relationship we have through the bond he formed with me. But he is no different than a little brother to me. And his name, Rysar, was given to him by me. A name dear to me. It belonged to my grandfather.”

Rysar listened to his words. It was not the first time he had introduced him to someone as a brother. But like every other time, eyes held pride and gratefulness. It wasn’t out of their bond. He was grateful to Shazan for providing with a family when everyone else had abandoned him.

“Your punishment,” Shazan smiled at Francesca, “Is that you will be his first mate.”

The words baffled the girl. She seemed lost for a moment. And her brain tried its best to process the words she had just heard. She remembered his words when he had said that they will be losing their virginities. She knew what was about to happen to her, but his words still surprised her.


“Yes, you will be his first mate. You will belong to him from this day onwards. And that is your punishment. You will belong to his world now, and you will give up on your current life.”

“You.. want me to marry him?”

“Silly girl… His kind does not have the concept of marriage. They take mates. Imprint on them. And the mates then belong to them, until someone stronger comes and defeats them, claiming those mates as his trophy.”

“I don’t understand what you are saying…” She apologetically lowered her head and finally said it. Her mind raced with her fears. His words were scaring her.

“Have you ever heard of Werewolves?” He teased her.

The words were like a whisper of terror in her mind. She scaredly looked at Rysar and fumbled up on her feet, retreating a few feet back. It took her mind only a few seconds to take the thought as something absurd. And she looked back at Shazan, ready to say something, but she was cut off.

“He is a werewolf. An alpha at that.” Shazan chuckled as he observed her reactions. “Yes, they exist.”

“You are teasing me, right?” She half smiled, but her intuition was telling her that it was not a joke.

“Rysar.” He said as he kept his eyes on the girl. The smile never left his face. “Would you be willing to prove my words to Miss Francesca?”

Rysar nodded, and then his eyes turned grave. He leaned forward as his muscles started to bulge out, stretching his shirt and then shredding it off his body that had started to cover itself in a coat of black fur.

To the horror of the little girl, the handsome boy had turned into a wolf before her eyes. It was a wolf, almost two meters in height. The wolf had a black coat of fur, golden eyes, and a mane of auburn hair. The monster before her was beautiful. But her mind couldn’t appreciate its beauty in its frenzy.

Francesca dropped down on the floor, and wet herself for the second time this day. Her eyes were wide with shock, and her hands supported her body, as she tried to crawl away from the monster before her.

“Calm down.”

His voice penetrated her ears, and her heart calmed down. Her breathing evened, and her body stopped trembling in the fear.

“Get up, little girl.”

The voice commanded her. And she complied to the order.

“Isn’t he beautiful?” He asked her.

The girl nodded to his words, as she finally reflected on the monster’s beauty. She was not scared of it anymore.

“You are allowed to touch him. Go on.”

She stepped forward clumsily, and her head rose with every step she took until she was right under the monster with her eyes locked in his. She reached her hand forward and ran her fingers through its mane. The wolf panicked as he felt her touch, and stepped back, making Francesca pout in displeasure.

Shazan laughed as he observed Rysar’s reaction. It was the first time in years that someone other than the family had touched his mane. He didn’t like it when people touched his mane. But he never complained to him, Arianna, Asaya, and little Rose. It was because his blood was his sire, and they had the same blood in their veins.

Francesa stepped forward again, but before she could touch the wolf again, it transformed back into his human form. Perhaps, she was mesmerized by how he transformed, that it took her a while to understand that he was now naked.

“Ehhh..” She almost cried and turned her head away.

“Look at him,” Shazan ordered her.

The girl, without understanding why she did it, turned her face back to the naked boy. Her eyes scanned his body, stayed on his ripped abs before gluing on the part of him that hung between his things. Her cheeks bloomed in her blush. But she didn’t take off her eyes.

Rysar couldn’t bear it anymore, as his lust started to break free in his mind. Blood rushed to the part of him that she was observing, and it rose to boast of its energy.

“Take off your clothes.” Shazan nodded to Rysar and ordered the girl.

Francesca helped herself out of the skirt that she was wearing. She revealed her ample bosom, and then her tight ass. Her skin was cream colored, and her physique was impressive for a 15 years old girl. Her raven hair draped over her shoulders, hiding her collarbones. And her light brown eyes were misty. Her plump lips shivered in the lust that was building inside of her. And her breasts shook lightly under her uneven breaths.

Shazan had already figured out what she had under her clothes. He had come to the point in life where he could imagine a girls physique even with several layers of clothes on it. She was a beauty. She was fit enough to be Rysar’s first mate. Her physique could handle a lot of pain. And that was why he had chosen her to be Rysar’s mate.

“She’s yours, Rysar.” Shazan took his eyes off the girl and looked at the boy. “However, I will punish you if you bruise her body or break her bones. Treat her with care, but do not hold back your lust on her.”

He said his words and sank back in the couch. He wanted to let this be Rysar’s private moment, but he knew that Rysar might lose himself in his lust and hurt the girl beyond repair. It was the first time he was going to have sex in his decades-long life.

Rysar, however, lowered his head and then looked at Shazan. His eyes conveyed his intentions.

“I will send you away if you voice that thought of yours, ever,” Shazan warned him. He understood what Rysar was about to say. He wanted him to have the girl first. “I do not want a man in my ranks that likes sharing his women with others. She’s yours. I gave her to you. And only you can touch her. Understood?” He said threateningly. “Now do not keep her waiting.” He sighed and said.

Rysar knew better than to offend him. He lunged at the girl, too fast for her to see clearly. And the next moment she was pinned under him on the bed. His looked her in the eyes, and then he started humping his waist on her. He rubbed his member on her folds, as he tried to savor the pleasant sensations he was feeling. But he could no longer be satisfied with just that. His eyes reddened as his body demanded more.


The girl cried in agony as his spear impaled itself deep in her virgin garden. Her cries didn’t stop. He moved inside her aggressively, not caring about her agony. His claws had dug deep in the bed, as he clenched onto the foam. And he thrust as the pleasure he had never experienced before assaulted his senses. He wanted to run his hands all over the girl’s body, but he understood somewhere in the back of her mind, that it would hurt her more, and that would result in him earning his master’s punishment. But he didn’t hold back with his thrusts inside of her. He enjoyed her cries. And he wanted to make her cry more, and so moved inside her harder.

Francesa bore the pain, but it was too much. He was too big for her virgin walls. Her blood dripped over of her valley and stained the inside of her thighs and the cave of her ass. She wanted to get away from him, but she was pinned under his heavy body. And so she could only remain there, and bear the pain. But soon the pain numbed down, as another feeling rose inside her. He felt pleasure mixed within his painful thrusts. And her cries in agony turned into moans. It still hurt her, but not as much as before.

Rysar’s body shuddered on top of her as he climaxed inside her, but he was not tired. He seemed to be even more energized, and he worked harder on her. The girl kept moaning, her body shivering in unknown sensations. She had been inseminated, and his genes imprinted on her body.

The wolf in his lust was a sight to behold. He turned her over and started ravaging her from behind. He tried every position he had seen earlier. He treated her as a tool to curb his lust.

Francesca survived five rounds of his assault, but then she dozed off. He didn’t stop and continued for two more rounds before gaining back his sanity. And when he realized that she had fallen unconscious, he panicked. The bruises on her body scared him. They were not too bad. But he had bruised her when his master had forbidden him to do so.

“I am sorry…” He apologized as he tried to separate from the girl.

“Don’t leave the bed,” Shazan said to him as he got up from the couch and walked over to him.

He ruffled the boys auburn hair and smiled at him.

“You have just imprinted on her. Hold her in your arms for a few hours. Stay with her.”

Rysar nodded his head, and held the girl in his arms, against his chest. He was gentle with his touch, and Shazan nodded appreciatively.

“I would have stopped you if you had hurt her too much, but these bruises are not bad. It’s common when you have a rough session with your mate.” He eased Rysar’s worries and placed his hand on the girl’s head.

He scanned her body through his aura. He wanted to see how exactly a werewolves genes behaved inside a woman’s body. The process fascinated him. His genes were a catalyst to her immune system. The new cells generating in her body were able to contain a higher amount of oxygen than before. And there was no resistance against what his genes were doing to her.

An imprint of a werewolf would make the girl have a higher sex drive. And she couldn’t be satisfied with anything other than the semen of her partner. It was like a drug to her now. And if Rysar would ever abandon her, she would search for sexual gratification at the cost of destroying herself, and then eventually kill herself, as she would no longer be able to live without him.

Shazan observed everything for a few minutes and then helped her immune system heal her injuries. The bruises on her body paled and almost disappeared. He didn’t heal her insides fully, as the pain of losing her virginity was her right and her reminder that she was a woman now. She needed to feel this pain when she woke up, and spend her few days in it.

“Here, I have helped her heal,” He said to Rysar and took off his hand. “Stay with her.” He turned around and walked out of the room.

When he arrived in the living room, Ilsa rushed to him and threw herself in his arm. Her reddened eyes looked at him. She had been crying. And when her eyes met him, tears poured out of them again.

“I will be fine.” He tried to assure her, but his voice wavered as he saw the pain his pain had caused her.

“Let’s go home.” She grabbed on his hand and led him out of the suite.

He didn’t resist her. He couldn’t. He had already made her sad. What he had done inside that place, was a vain attempt to ease his pain. He wanted to lessen the sadness in his heart by seeing Rysar happy. It didn’t work out.

Words cut sharper than blades, and it was what had injured him. Silna’s words had evoked the memories that he feared. He wanted to escape from this abyss of sadness, but he wanted to stay within it at the same time. It was his punishment.

Their words, their whispers, their confessions, their promises, everything was racing in his mind. The happiest of his moments were now painful memories to him.

His senses threatened to leave him, and he reclined back the seat of the car. He felt Ilsa squeeze his hand before he lost himself in the part of his life that was gone.

“Lyanna…” he murmured her name, and a beautiful face appeared in his mind. And even in his dream, he felt the wetness of his tears rolling down his cheeks.



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