Chapter – 14

The look in the woman’s eyes gave him a bad premonition. She looked at him as if he was a monster. There was fear in Michael’s eyes, and there was fear in his son’s eyes. But there was no fear in this woman’s eyes. On the contrary, she was wearing a mocking smile on her face. It was unlike the woman he had once remembered as his classmate. She used to be a playful one. And her beauty was still the same, just with a mature touch to it. Her blue eyes and raven black hair made him remember her. Her name was Silna.

“It’s been a while, Miss Silna.” He smiled at her.

The woman didn’t answer his greeting and only hardened the expression in her eyes.

“I apologize for the inconvenience my son caused to you, Young Lord Shazan.” A middle-aged man with a chiseled jawline said, with all the humbleness a clever man like him could conjure.

“Inconvenience, you say?” He was disinclined to talk to any of them. However, he had stayed his hand after he had seen the look in the eyes of Michael’s wife, Silna Angelo.

“He’s young and dumb. He didn’t know what he was doing this to…”

“Everyone in this world knows who Arianna Silverstein is.”

He said his words as softly as he could. And the palpitating hearts of his captives proved that they knew what their fate held for them. They were doomed.

“I don’t know what to do to appease your anger. I was about to come to see you and propose a marriage between my son and your sister. It was how things should have been, but your men captured me.”

“Stop it, Michael.” To the surprise of everyone present in the room, Silna spoke in a hardened tone. “You are only making a fool of yourself. You gambled, you lost. A man like him will never let you go.”

Everyone in the room now had their eyes fixed on Silna.

Ilsa’s brows furrowed, and her eyes scanned this woman with interest and a bad premonition.

“You have been with her?” Ilsa whispered lightly, and only the Azeros in the room could make out what she had said.

“No,” Shazan answered truthfully.

“What do you mean?” Michael asked his wife.

Silna scoffed at his inquiry.

“You think he would ever allow his sister to marry another man? If I am not wrong, she is no different than her older sister, that crazy bitch Lyanna, who was sleeping with her brother.” Her words were sharp, and she wanted to enrage him, but Shazan didn’t show any change in his expression.

Ilsa was not so easy going, she knew the moment the name of Lyanna came out of the mouth of this woman, that things were bad. She was about to end the life of the woman, but Shazan caught her hand and kept her on the couch with him.

Michael was astounded by the revelation of his wife. Everyone knew that Silverstein Family preferred to marry among the cousins. It was their long-standing tradition. Though it didn’t happen in every generation, such cases appeared from time to time. His concern was not that Shazan was in an incestuous relationship with his sister. What he feared for was his life, and he didn’t want to do or say anything that would enrage him.

“You knew… And you still didn’t warn my son!” He lashed out on his wife.

“Your son is just as stupid as you. Your greed governs your mentality, and his lust governs him.” She laughed at her husband. “I failed too. I gambled, and I failed to make this man suffer.”

Silna locked her eyes at Shazan and seeing that he still showed no expression of angst, she continued with her sharp words.

“I wanted to see the look on his face after he found out that his sister has been raped and defiled.” She smiled coldly. “I wonder what he would have done. Perhaps another plane crash?”

Her words piqued the curiosity of every person in the room. Ilsa had tensed. Rysar had his face covered in a hood, but he was attentive as well. Caius had his usual callous smile on his hardened face, but his mind was trying its best to link things together with the accounts he had received before starting to work for Shazan.

“Why do you look so tensed young lady?” Silna looked at Ilsa and smiled. “Don’t you know that the man on your arm is a murderer? The kind of murderer who kills his family first.”

“Shut up!” Ilsa glared at her threateningly and unleashed her Aura to suppress her. But again her husband interfered and dispersed the aura she had released before it could touch Silna.

“Stay calm.” He whispered.

The words of Silna were a taboo for him. But he kept his cool, as he wanted to make a few things certain.

“Do you think you can fool everyone?!” Silna suddenly cried out, and her rage reddened her eyes, as tears slipped out of them. “Do you think that no one wonders how the grandson from the second child ended up inheriting the empire?” Her voice turned grave. “You killed your family! Your grandfather, and even your cousin who treated you as a brother! You didn’t even spare your twin, and killed her too.”

Her words finally succeeded in making his heart tremble. His chest felt congested, and the memories he had locked away came running back in his mind. But he didn’t let any of it appear on his face.

“You are the same as your father. He tried to murder his brother for the empire, failed, and died. But you succeeded in making your dream come true.” Silna laughed madly. “Your cursed family, and their fascination with plane crashes. You always come up with that excuse to cover the murders in your family. Do you think people believe that? Do you think I believe that your grandfather, your cousin, and your sister just died in a plane crash?! People know you killed them. I know that. But unlike them, I do not fear you!”

The moment she ended her words, it was as if everything she had been holding onto these years, burst out. She looked like a grief-stricken widow.

“Everyone in our class knew that Lyanna loved you. The way she behaved around you, and the way she never cared what the world thought and kissed you in front of everyone. But no one stopped her, who would want to mess with the Silverstein Princess? And she was crazy, downright crazy. And she was ungrateful. She never accepted his love.”

Silna contemptibly looked at him.

“You didn’t even spare Jenaira Freston. And where is she now? She was your childhood friend, and your first wife, right? Did you kill her too? Or did she kill herself after she realized what kind of a man you were? She was so pure.”

“That’s enough!” Ilsa got free from his hold and stood up from the couch. Her eyes were misty, and her breaths were unsteady. She couldn’t imagine how much pain the words of Silna had caused Shazan. The cold expression on his face reminded her of the time she had first met him. It hurt her to see him in such pain.

Silna didn’t pay attention to her warning and looked sternly at Shazan. “Tell me. How did he die? I want the truth.”

“Who?” Shazan smiled at her and asked.

“Damien. Your cousin.” Silna whispered the name, and the tears stream out of her eyes. “Did you kill him because of Lyanna? Did you kill them because she had finally accepted him?”

“Damien Silverstein. You loved him?” He asked as his smile paled.

“I still love him,” Silna said without hesitation.

“He must be pleased.” Shazan chuckled and then sighed. “Yes, I killed him. I held his heart with my hand. I squeezed it hard, as it begged to beat for its life. His blood pooled around where I stood, and then I ripped his heart out. He had begged for his life. He begged me in broken words, in whispers. He begged with his eyes and expressions. My naïve brother still believed that I would spare him, even when he saw me holding his heart.”

His words were casual, devoid of any emotion. And the evil reflected in them turned the hearts of everyone cold. Ilsa felt a shiver run down her spine. She knew him, and the moment her eyes met his, she knew that he was not okay. And she feared him.

Silna’s tears stopped when she heard his evil words. She finally feared him. Her body trembled in her fear. And she reached her hand behind her.

“You once asked me, what your father meant when he told you, ‘A woman touched by a Silverstein can never be sane again’, this is what he meant.” Shazan smiled at Ilsa.

The room reverberated with the sound of the gunshots. The sound brought back their senses that had been drowning in the cold abyss, but then they were pushed in another trance.

Silna held the gun, as her eyes widened in fear. Her lips shivered as the words wouldn’t come out. And the pistol in her hand dropped on the floor as her mind tried to make sense of the scene before her.

The teenagers had wet themselves, and Michael’s face was pale as a corpse. It was a sight that they could have never imagined in their wildest imagination. The bullets that were meant to pierce through him stopped a few inches from his body.

Shazan shook his head and picked up the bullets that were caught in his aura shield. He held the bullets in his hand as the heat emanating from them diminished. And then he placed them on the table in front of him.

“The world is not as simple as you perceive it to be.” He looked at Michael. “You always wanted to know what the secret families were, and that was why you were so ardently trying your best to gain the favor of that Arabian Prince. And what did he tell you, when you told him that it was me, that you had offended and that you needed his help?”

“He… he ended the call after saying that he had nothing to do with me,” Michael answered subconsciously.

“Of course. He is clever. But unfortunately for him, I have decided to end his life as well.” Shazan picked out his cell phone and dialed a number. “Nonetheless, you now know what you always wanted to know.”

“Khalid al Dozar. Erase him, and every other link regarding the information you sent me earlier. Save it in your database temporarily, until the task I am going to assign to you is complete. Olivia will live, and I will be taking care of Michael and his family with my own hands.” He said to the person that picked up the call and then looked at the laptop placed by the bedside. “I will be linking a device to you. Make sure you record everything that transpires. You will know what you have to do.” He ended the call after his brief instructions.

His eyes scanned the people in front of him. Silna was looking at him as if he was a monster. But this time, it was not out of disgust, but fear. Micheal and his son were no better. And the girl named Francesca was shivering uncontrollably.

“Why did you help him?” He asked the scared girl.

“My father wanted me to get close to Marcus before he proposes our engagement to his family,” Francesca answered subconsciously, not realizing that her mind was not under her control.

“Come here and stand behind me. I will present to you a play that you would never forget.” He ordered her, and she complied.

“Shazan…” Ilsa worried called out his name.

“I want you to leave the room. Wait for me outside.” He didn’t look at her and asked her. He was not in the mood to talk. And he was not in the mood to wait. But he couldn’t just use his powers on Ilsa. And so he could only ask her.

“I won’t…”

“Please, leave the room.” He said again, interjected what she wanted to say. “And you are not allowed to make a call back home.” This time he looked at her, and his expression conveyed to her that he wouldn’t tolerate anything other than what he asked for.

Ilsa was unwilling to leave him alone. She knew he was hurt. Silna’s words had made him recall his saddest memories. Words cut sharp. He didn’t show that her words had cut him, but she knew him. And she knew that he would never reveal his scars in front of strangers.

“Please…” She begged him. As tears slipped out of her eyes.

“I won’t be long.” He told her as he caressed her head. “Go.”

Ilsa nodded her head and walked out of the room. The door behind her closed. And Shazan walked over to the bedside and opened the laptop placed on the side table. He picked out a chip from the case of his phone and inserted it in the SD card slot. And then he placed the laptop on the table facing the mirror on the other side. He set the angle on the bed and returned to stand in front of Michael.

The middle-aged man sank back in the couch, cowering in fear.

“You see, Mister Angelo. I planned on killing you from the start. The moment your son tried to lay his hands on my sister, my wife, you and your family were dead in my eyes. It was just out of my rage.” He said and observed his expressions. “But then I found out some information that baffled me and upset me even more. My wife Ilsa said that she didn’t care what I have planned for you, she wanted to kill you with her hands. Of course, I wouldn’t like to have my wife taint her hands in the blood of filth such as you.” He palely smiled at him. “You are about to face the result of the sins you have committed in your life. I didn’t tell your truth to your daughter. I didn’t want her to hold the hate in her heart even for you. The man who sold his wife to capture a business deal. Her mother didn’t die of a heart attack. She killed herself out of the shame for what you had forced her to do. You killed her. And now it’s your time.”

Michael was on the verge of losing his mind. The influence of his presence was too strong for a weak human like him. And the truth he had revealed had raised his fears beyond he could control.

“Calm down. You can’t go out like this.” Shazan said as he forced Michael’s mind to curb its fears. And then he turned to the woman that was still lost. “You see Silna, the man you married is the kind of man who would sell his own wife and his own daughter.”

The woman didn’t look at him. Her body still shivered in fear. She was too scared to look at him.

Shazan then looked at Marcus, and couldn’t help but be disappointed. The kid was in shock. He was no longer aware of what was happening around him.

“Alright. Get up.” He walked over to the other couch and sat down.

The three of them stood on their feet, as they relinquished the control on their bodies.

“Now you will perform a play for me. Lady Silna is the star of the show.” He scanned the three of them and then continued. “You three will now forget whatever happened here. You will not remember anything that has happened after you were captured by Caius.” He pointed at the man beside him, and seeing them nod to him, he continued. “Alright, now then, the three of will be making love.” He smiled palely. “You two will do your best to satisfy the lust in Miss Silna’s body, to the best of your abilities, and you will cooperate with each other. There’s no need to hold back, unleash your desires.” He gave his order to the two men. “And you, Miss Silna, will hate what they are doing to you, but you will not show a hint of it on your face, and in fact, you will be encouraging them to do more. Got it?”

Silna nodded without any expression in her eyes.

“Good girl. Now go on, to the bed. Neglect our presence here. Enjoy yourselves.”

The three of them walked over to the bed and started their play. It was Marcus who grabbed Silna from behind, as his hand snaked its way on her mound. Michael went forward and kissed her, as he started to undo the buttons on her blouse. The two men worked her out of her clothes, and then Michael ripped off her panties. He went down on his knees, and he buried his face between her thighs.

Silna moaned as she felt his tongue play on her. Marcus kept his eyes on her body, as he undressed. She was a beauty, and the hidden desire Marcus had held in for her, unleashed.

“Aren’t you a sexy bitch.” He smirked and slapped on her ass.

“Ahhh.” Silna cried out. And looked at him with misty eyes. “Come here!” She invited him to her bosom.

Marcus pulled her bra down and sucked on her breast as his hand fondled the other. He was not being polite, as Silna’s face grimaced in discomfort, however, she moaned his name, and Michael’s name as they both worked their techniques on her.

“Ahhhhhh.” It didn’t take long for her to reach the peak under their assault. And then she slumped down on her knees as her legs gave up.

Her hands fumbled as she tried to pry out Michael’s member from its covers. And then she took it in her mouth and sucked on it with impatience. Marcus was not going to just stand there and watch, and so he grabbed on her waist and pulled up her ass.

Silna didn’t even get the chance to protest in discomfort. He had already thrust his tool inside her wet garden. And he moved as if his life depended on it. His expression was soaked in pleasure.

She tried her best to keep sucking on her husband’s member. But the urgent thrusts from behind her made her lose herself in ecstasy. And she moaned as she let out the member from her mouth. Michael grabbed her head and plunged the hard tool back where it was as he ravaged her throat. It was as if two savages were letting out their lusts on a prostitute.

There play continued for more than an hour, and when they were spent and done, Silna was covered all over in wet and dried fluids. Shazan then made the three of them fall asleep, curled in each other’s arms.

“Caius.” Shazan smiled as he looked at him.

“Yes, My Lord.” He replied apprehensively.

There was fear in his eyes. He was scared for he had just witnessed his Master’s power in all its glory. There was a reason why some Azeros called him the Devil of Whispers. His words were like whispers in the minds and hearts of people. And the scariest part was that the victim would never realize it if he doesn’t allow it.

“The words she had spoken. You were quite interested in them.” He said and ceased his smile. “Tell me what you think of them.” He said and turned his face to the people on the bed.

Caius took his time and chose his words carefully.

“I have been with you for some years, and I know that you don’t do things without reason. And I am your servant. I chose this. It was my decision. I would do as you command, until my last breath. And yes, I do not think that her speculations were true. All I saw was a woman being controlled by something invisible.”

Shazan shook his head and sighed.

“Be at ease. I never harm the people that I cherish.” He then looked at him and lazily said. “The words she had spoken were planted in her mind by Damien Silverstein. He must have spoken ill about me at some point. And clearly, he had not hidden his desires from her.” His voice hardened as he spoke the last sentence. “He always prided himself for the power he had over other people. He was the kind of man who would have made his family his puppets if he had enough power. I spared his life once. I was warned to not to, but I spared him. He was my brother after all. And that proved to be my only regret in life.”
He got up from his seat and walked toward the door.

“Let’s move to the other bedroom.” He smiled mischievously and looked at the girl that had her cheeks burning, and body shivering in fear and anxiety. “Little Francesca and Rysar are going to lose their virginities today.” He chuckled. “Caius, I need you to contact The Line, I have already instructed Hexis on what needs to be done. Cooperate with him.”

Caius was curious when Shazan had mentioned Rysar losing his virginity. He wanted to see the play, but he couldn’t neglect the order of his Master. And so he decided to take his leave.

“The two of you are coming with me.” He said and walked out of the room.



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