Chapter – 3

There was smoke everywhere, and within it were resounding whispers of lust and love. She was in arms of a shade that she couldn’t see and only could feel the warmth of it. The whispers were echoes of the voices in her memories. The moans belonged to her and grunts belonged to the warm shade holding her in its arms. And then that warmth disappeared. Her heart panicked but no matter how long and hard she searched for, she couldn’t find it. All she now heard were moans of a girl that was not her. Her shade was holding another girl in its arms. It had abandoned her. Her pain poured out of her eyes.

Kaiya woke up, shedding the tears that contained her pain. She didn’t remember anymore why her heart felt so heavy. What worried her was her aching body and tired limbs that were unwilling to move. The tears that had stopped fell again. Her mind recalled everything that had transpired before she had fallen asleep, and the burning pain in her insides reminded her that it was all true.

His touch still lingered on her body. His words were still fresh in her mind.

“You are My bride.”

At that time, it was just like a fantasy, but now she realized how wrong it was. The man that claimed to be her fiancée had deflowered her on the same day they had met. And she had let him do it. She had even forgotten that she was only 13 years old. It was a lie. It was all a lie. He had hurt her and cheated her.

Kaiya felt cheated because she was now clear that her mind was under some influence. She would have never allowed him to touch her if that was not so. And now she was scared. Her eyes landed on the figure that was sleeping by her side and just stayed on it. It was not Shazan. The one lying inside the cover of sheets was Keira. And she was naked just like her.

“You are finally awake.”

Her heart skipped a beat when she heard these words. Keira’s eyes were now open and looked at her. She timidly curled up and took her eyes off Keira. Her body trembled and her tears dried away in her fear. She was just not sure what they had done to her and what they would do to her.

“Hey.” Keira gently stroked her head. “What’s wrong?”

Her voice sounded worried.

Kaiya subconsciously shook her head for she feared they would do something to her if she spoke.

“Don’t worry.” Keira sat up. “He had some work to do that’s why he’s not here.”

The image of Shazan appeared in her mind, and the yearning in her heart to see him only scared her some more. She didn’t answer to Keira and just closed her eyes.

“Come, let’s take a bath. You have slept for over 6 hours now. We have only a couple of hours left before arriving at our destination.”

She heard it and finally realized that they were still on the plane. Her mind was running wild with thoughts that scared her.

“Where are we going?” She asked.

“To our home.” Keira lightly laughed. “Where else would we go?”

The mention of home brought tears to her eyes. She was not sure if she could even consider it her home, and if these people could be trusted.

“Italy, near Florence.” Keira said and got up from the bed. “You cannot find that place on the internet since it’s not open to the public.”

Kaiya frowned at her words.

“Why is it….”

Keria picked her up before she could finish her question.

“Why is it not open to the public?” She said and nodded. “Because we do not allow it to be.”

Kaiya could not understand the meaning behind her words. However, it was not the most important question in her mind anymore. She was amazed at how effortlessly Keira held her in her arms as if she was feather light.

“Let’s freshen up.” Keira said and led her to the bathroom.

The bathtub was quite spacious. It could easily accommodate three people. The water was lukewarm and had rose petals floating on it. Kaiya saw the color of water dye a little red as the dried blood on her things and lower lips dissolved in it.

Keira entered the tub and sat behind her. She wrapped her arms around Kaiya and pulled her on her lap.

“Ehh..” Kaiya was taken aback when Keira pressed her hand on her mound and caressed it. “What are you…”

“Sssshhh…” Keira whispered in her ear. “Stay still. I will ease the pain a little.”

“I don’t…”

Kaiya wanted to say that she didn’t want it but then she felt the heat transmit in her swollen lips. Keira gently traced her fingers on her swollen lips. The pain eased a little. Her body started to warm up and trembled in a ticklish pleasure. She clamped her legs shut and caged her hand.

“Stop, please… It’s fine now.”

Keira ignored her words and traced the tip of her tongue on Kaiya’s ear. And then she lightly bit on her earlobe. Kaiya’s legs parted a little in her surprise. This time Keira targetted her clitoris and gently rubbed on it.

She struggled in Keira’s arms but then her resistance waned a little with every passing second. Warm waves of pleasure spread throughout her body. The technique Keira used was sublime, and the heat that her hand emanated was too comforting to resist.

“Please… Stop.” Tears flowed out of her eyes in her shame.

“I won’t.” Keira said sternly. “I asked you to not keep anything to yourself if it’s bothering you. But you stopped listening to me in just a few hours.”

“Lady Keira…”


“Aaii..” Kaiya’s body trembled in ecstasy as Keira blamed her clitoris. “Keira Sister… Please.”

“Ahan… Then tell me what is bothering you.” She didn’t stop her hands and kept working on her sweet spots.

She rested her head back on Keira’s shoulder as her mind started to go blank. The shame and the fear tortured her. She closed her eyes and bit hard on her lip.

“You are doing it again. You are playing with my mind.” Her voice broke out in her pain. “You drugged me with that wine. And he… raped me.”

“You think that I drugged that wine?” Keira lightly laughed at her words and planted a wet kiss on the nape of her neck.

“Y-yes.” Kaiya trembled as the pressure of her impending orgasm built up in her womb.

“And you think he raped you?”

“Y-yes…” The words sparked the pain in her heart. And with it, her shame and pleasure rose.

Keira’s fingers moved feverishly. And then the orgasm flooded her senses.

“Aahhh…!” Kaiya moaned loudly as her back arched forward.

“Silly girl.” Keira hugged her tightly in her embrace and let her regain some composure.

“I hate you…” She said with bitterness but her pleasure-soaked voice betrayed her words. She didn’t struggle in her embrace because she had already realized that her captor was immensely strong. She would not get free from Keira’s lock even if she tried her best.

“What do you two want from me?” She asked. Her heart ached at Keira’s silence as it only meant that her fears were right.

“You felt that your mind was being influenced?”

Keira loosened her arms around her and grabbed the hand shower. She gently showered Kaiya’s hair.

“Yes. Isn’t that how it is? You drugged me.”

“It’s true that your mind was under an influence. But it was not a drug.” Keira layered her hands in shampoo and then gently massaged Kaiya’s scalp.

“What was it then?” Tears slipped out of her eyes. Her heart ached as the image of Shazan appeared in her mind. How naive of her to have believed that it was all sincere.

“It was Shazan.” Keira said. “He has an ability where he can influence the minds of people.

Kaiya frowned when she heard her words as she couldn’t understand how a human could do it. But what mattered to her was that it was Shazan. And she only felt more cheated.

“Kaiya.” Keira’s voice softened. “He didn’t mean to harm you. And everything he said to you is true. We are a family, and you are his bride.”

The words were like a devil’s whisper. Kaiya’s heart jumped up to catch the ray of hope these words provided.

“Why did he do it then?” She wiped her tears and asked.

“Do what?”

“You just said that he did influence my mind.”

“Silly girl. He did influence your mind, but did you even for a moment feel like your mind was not functioning properly?”

Kaiya couldn’t understand her words. She had indeed forgotten how wrong it all was, and so it meant that her mind was not functioning properly under his influence.

“I am only 13. And he… Did that to me.”

The laughter of Keira chimed in her ears. And she frowned at why Keira was laughing at her words.

“Do you know how old I was when he had deflowered me?” Keira giggled. “I was 12.”

Kaiya was really shocked at her words and she tried to turn her head around.

“Stay still. Let me wash your head first.” Keira stopped her and then started to rinse the shampoo from her head.

“Isn’t that wrong?”

“Why? Because the world says that 12-year-olds can’t have sex?”

“No… Because he’s older than you?”

“Nah… I don’t think it was wrong and I still cherish that day. It is one of my most precious memories. And trust me, it hurt a lot.” Keira said and then whispered in her ear. “He still went easy on you. And you said that he raped you.” She laughed heartily as it was really amusing to her.

Kaiya lowered her head in shame as her cheeks warmed up. She remembered how it felt like when he was inside of her. She hurriedly shook away all the wild thoughts emerging in her mind.

“But he did influence my mind or I wouldn’t have allowed him to do that to me.”

“All he did was to keep away your negative thoughts and arouse your desires. You got what you truly wanted without thinking of consequences.”

Keira said and then started leathering her body with soap.

“And if he did truly want to use you, and if he did not care about you, you would have never realized that your mind was being influenced by him. He’s capable of turning a person into a puppet without them even realizing it.”

Kaiya didn’t know how Shazan could do all that, but everything Keira had said felt like the truth.

“I am not telling you all this to scare you. I am telling you all this because we are a family now and there can never be secrets between family. You will learn more about us when we arrive at home.”

Kaiya nodded her head and kept her head lowered.

“Never keep your thoughts to yourself if they are hurting you. I will always be there if you want to share some with me. Okay?” Keira said gently.

“I understand.” Kaiya said and then turned around to look at Keira.

“Did he do that to you too when you first had sex?”

“Keep away my negative thoughts?”

Kaiya nodded her head.

“No.” Keira shook her head and gently stroked her cheek. “Because there was no need for it.”

Kaiya felt a little uneasy at her words. She was still not happy that he had only done that to her.

“I was bought by him as a slave.” There was no sadness in the smile that crept on her face. “I wouldn’t have minded it even if he had raped me on the first night. But he made it really beautiful for me and like I said, I still cherish it to this day.”

“A slave?” Kaiya was shocked to hear what Keira had just revealed to her.

“Yes, a slave. He bought me for around 3.6 Billion Dollars.”

She didn’t know what to say to this. She couldn’t even imagine what Keira might have gone through her life. And how she must have felt like when she became a slave.

“I am sorry.” She lowered her head and apologized.

“Why?” Keira shook her head. “Life has given me much more than I could have ever asked from it. If I could turn back time, I would still choose to become his slave. He is my Husband now. I am his Queen and he’s the father of my daughter. I have everything.” A tear slipped out of her eyes and then she closed them.

Kaiya had thought that she was crying in happiness but there was pain reflecting on Keira face. She couldn’t understand why that was so. The words she had spoken were true from her heart and it reflected in her voice. She drew her hand forward and wiped off the tears from her cheeks.

“What happened?” She worriedly asked.

“I have everything but I still can’t take away the pain in his heart.”

It was almost a whisper, but it contained all her pain in it.

Just as Kaiya’s eyes were starting to get wet, Keira wiped off her tears and flashed a bright smile.

“It’s been a while since I last cried.” Her smile was clearly in an effort to hide her pain. “Come, help your Keira sister wash.”

She nodded her head and then massaged Keira’s scalp with shampoo. She didn’t know what to say or ask. All she wanted to do was cheer up Keira.

“You have a daughter?” She asked out of curiosity.

“Yes!” Keira happily answered. “She 3 years old now and she’s already way too mischevious. You will definitely like her.”

She was glad to hear the happiness in Keira’s voice. Her eyes ran over the body of this beautiful woman, and she was shocked at how perfect Keira was. And she looked too young to be a mother. There were no signs of it that she already had a daughter. Her figure was just like that of a girl in her late teens.

“How old are you, Keira sister?”

“Umm… To the public, I am 21 years old but in truth, I am 19 years old.”



“You are seriously only 19?” Kaiya asked doubtfully.

“Of course, I am 19. Why? Do I look old?”

“No, no. You look 19 from your looks but…” Kaiya didn’t know how to voice her question.

“Is it because I have a 3 years old daughter that surprises you?”

“Yes.” Kaiya nodded her head.

“I gave birth to her when I was 16.”

“Oh.” She was really surprised. Then a thought appeared in her mind and her cheeks warmed up. “Is he going to make me give him a baby too when I turn 16?” She asked.

Keira laughed when she heard these words.

“Nope. Not before 17, I guess… and that is only if you are ready for it. He won’t force you.” She said and sighed. “My case was different. The time was different and it just… happened.”

There was some sadness in her voice when she finished her words, but Kaiya ignored it. Her heart was already racing as her imagination ran wild.

“I wouldn’t mind though.” She whispered to herself.

She was too embarrassed when Keira started laughing and she realized that she had voiced her thoughts. She didn’t even look up to face Keira.

“Let’s hurry up, Okay? We have to get ready too before landing.” Keira, however, didn’t tease her.

She nodded her head and then busied herself in helping Keira wash.

When they arrived in the living room after their bath, Shazan seemed to be already waiting for them. Keira went forward and hugged him.

“Master.” She said and kissed him.

Kaiya saw Shazan grab Keira’s ass and squeeze it. He returned her kiss passionately and soon Keira was moaning in his mouth. She lowered her head as her body got warm, and she was too embarrassed to look at them.

A hand came into her view as she was staring at the floor and she lifted her head to look at him. He was smiling at her and there was gentleness in his eyes.

“Does it hurt?” He asked.

Kaiya shook her head and then lowered it. He had asked her such an embarrassing question. Of course, it still hurt. But she loved this pain. She placed her hand in his but didn’t lift her head up.

Shazan planted a kiss on the back of her hand and then came down on his knees before her. She saw him take out a small case from the pocket of his coat and then present it before her. She thought that he was going to take out a ring like it was done in the movies, but this case was too big for a ring. Her eyes shined in amazement when he opened it and a bracelet came in her view. It was beautiful. Her heart felt sweet, and she came to know what it truly meant to feel butterflies in your belly. It had their names on it.

‘Shazan ♥ Kaiya’

He carefully placed it on her wrist and tied it up.

“Do you like it?” He asked and smiled at her.

Yes, she did. But she did not say it. She threw herself in his embrace and buried her face in his chest. Her heart was finally at peace.



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