Chapter – 2

Kaiya didn’t know how much time had passed as her mind was still a mess. She felt glad that neither of them had disturbed her and let her take her time. She was already nervous about the situation she was in. She didn’t even ask why she was his fiancée. Something about him made her feel that he was dangerous, but the fear never truly engulfed her heart and mind. It was just like a notion that faded just as soon as it appeared. But she knew very well that something was influencing her mind. However, she couldn’t understand what it was as she found her thoughts working just fine.

The only thing she was certain about was that his words were not a joke. She was his fiancée and would be his wife. There was no room for her to even consider denying it. And somehow, the idea of being his wife did not repulse her. On the contrary, she was really thinking about it.

She had always questioned her beauty because it was a mismatch. Her platinum white hair was the same as her mother, but her eyes were nearly black. Her friends and other students at school would always comment on how these two features did not complement each other. Everyone would tell her that she was beautiful but unfortunately, had the wrong set of eyes. These comments had always bothered her, but today they had made her heart tighten as she recalled them.

She glanced at Keira before lowering her head again. Just one look, and you could see how perfect she was. Her black hair and her greyish-blue eyes complemented each other. Her small body was not even a match for Keira. Then there was the other girl she remembered seeing with him on the internet. She was blonde and had pretty green eyes, and was just as beautiful as Keira. They were both fitted to be his wives.

Her eyes looked at Shazan who was again reading a file and sipped on his wine as he did so. He was just like a prince, and it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a black prince because he only wore black and his hair was lustrous black as well. Her cheeks warmed up and she lowered her head again.

She felt sad as she imagined herself standing next to him and having people say how she didn’t match to be by his side. Then all the questions for why he had chosen her to be his bride appeared in her mind. And she thought that perhaps he was also being forced to marry her. There was a possibility that it was true, and it seemed like the only logical possibility to her.

“What’s bothering you?” Keira lightly asked. “We are family. There’s no need to keep things to yourself if they are bothering you.”

Kaiya controlled the tears that were welling up in her eyes and straightforwardly asked.

“Please, tell me the real reason why I am his fiancée. I promise I wouldn’t go against your will.” Her voice was half crying. “Please just tell me the truth.”

“Ssshhh” Keira wrapped her arms around her and stroked her back. “It’s not something to cry for. Come on.”

“It was your Father who had engaged you to me. That is why I came for you today.” Shazan replied but did not lift his head from the file.

His words were like a hammer to her heart as she felt like her beautiful fantasy had shattered. It was really not her beauty why he wanted to marry her. She was after all a flawed beauty. She was nothing like a princess in all those stories and movies. He was marrying her because of her father.

“You do not have to marry me if you don’t want to.”
This time he did lift his head, and there was a hint of surprise in his eyes.

“There’s something you must always remember. No one can make me do things I don’t want to do.” He gently said to her and smiled. “And I do want to marry you.”

“Isn’t it because of my father?” She sternly looked at him. “You are only complying because he has something you need?”

“Lady Kaiya, you think a lot.” He chuckled at her words and shook his head. “Yes, it’s because of your father but not because I need something from him.”

“Just so you know. I hate my father.” She said and lowered her head. “And the smile you show to the world is not what your eyes hide inside them.”

Her words were like a whisper, but the silence they brought for the rest of their ride was painful. She had not looked at him again. Perhaps, she had hurt him and made him angry. But she was really mad at him right now.

Kaiya knew who her father was. Her mother had told her. He was the head of the richest family of Japan, Kaizuki Kou. That man had never once come to see her. Not even after her mother passed away. The sadness her mother bore in her heart was all because of him. And now he had engaged her to a man as if he had observed the responsibilities of a father all her life. But did she even have a choice now?

At least, the thoughts of having her life turn into a tragedy vanished from her mind. She knew that he would never mistreat her in respect of her father.

When the ride came to a stop and they exited it, she saw that they were on a runway. There was a Private Jet in front of them, and only two people in black cloaks and masked faces stood by the stair-bridge. Silverstein Empire was written on the plane, declaring who it belonged to.

Her eyes scanned the surroundings and to her surprise, they were in the middle of nowhere. This was not the airport she had been to before. It was not even an airport because there was no other plane. There was not even a building.

When they entered the plane, she saw the two masked fellows head to the cockpit. And a thought appeared in her mind that there was no official pilot of this plane. These two, who were his guards were pilots as well.

The plane was spacious and unlike what she had thought it would be when she had seen it from the outside. There was a proper living room inside it with couches and all the necessities.

“Come. I will show you around.” Keira grabbed her hand and led her further into the plane.
There was a kitchen, two bathrooms with attached toilets and a bedroom. It was just like a home that could fly.

Keira took her to the bedroom and sat next to her on the bed.

“Kaiya,” She said gently, “The words you said to him in the car earlier, don’t say them to him again, Okay?”

She really felt bad now that Keira had mentioned it. She knew that she shouldn’t have done that.

“Don’t feel bad.” Keira wrapped her arms around her and placed her in her lap. It was all so effortlessly done that Kaiya hadn’t even realized it.

“There are some things that must never be spoken off before him. You will understand things better with time. Just tell me if you are mad at something or if it’s bothering you. Don’t take it out on him, Okay?”

Kaiya could only nod to her and kept her head lowered.

“I just hoped that it wasn’t all because of my father that he wanted to marry me. But it is.”

“Silly girl, don’t think about it. It takes time to develop feelings for each other. And he has only met you today.”

She felt a little better in her heart after hearing these words and nodded her head.

“So tell me, have you ever been with a boy before?” Keira whispered in her ear.

Kaiya’s cheeks warmed up as she understood what Keira was trying to ask. She shyly shook her head.


“Never?” Keira nibbled her ear lightly.

Kaiya burst in fits of giggles as her ear tickled.


“Good. Stay here, I will ask him to join you. And yes, don’t be scared. You are his going to be his wife, so, be brave.”

Keira patted her head and placed her back on the bed before leaving the room. It was then that she felt the plane take off. It was so gentle that she couldn’t believe it and wondered about what kind of a plane this was. The temperature of the room automatically set to the ideal and the green illumination that signaled the take-off vanished after a couple of minutes.

Her eyes caught her reflection in the mirror and she stared at the girl in the mirror. Even she had to admit that her black eyes didn’t match her platinum white hair. She wished she had her mother’s grey eyes. She was lost in her thoughts before her eyes fell on the figure that entered the mirror and sat by her side. He smiled gently to her.

“It’s a sin to marvel at your beauty, lady Kaiya.”
Her heart thumped hard against her chest and she lowered her head.

“I am a defected beauty.”

There was no reply from him, and her heart tightened as she thought he believed it too. But before tears could well up in her eyes, he picked her up and placed her in his lap.

She was surprised and tried to escape but his arm locked her against him.

Kaiya looked in the mirror and saw him inhaling the scent of her head before pressing his lips to it.

“There’s no such thing as a ‘defected’ beauty. You could say that you are unique.”

He whispered in her ear, and her heart loosened and warmed up.

They both locked their eyes in the mirror and she felt his free hand roam on her body. He traced the nape of her neck with the back of his fingers and led them down. He unbuttoned the top buttons of her blouse but to her relief, he didn’t place his hand on her bare chest.

She had seen some romance scenes in the movies, and it all seemed to her like she was in a movie of her own right now.

It was not until he pressed his lips on the nape of her neck that her entire body shuddered. It tickled. Her heart raced like a rabbit on the run for its life.

His hand playfully stroked her belly and her body started to warm up. She struggled in his embrace but couldn’t get free. The smile on his face as he planted kisses on her neck gave birth to a sweet and inexplicable feeling in her heart. She had not felt safe in an embrace like she did in his. It was as if she belonged there and only there. It was her true home.

“You are my bride.”

He whispered and she imprinted his words on her heart and mind. Her mind could now only focus on the sweet and warm sensations his touch brought her.

He then squeezed her soft waist and she whimpered. She rested her head back on his shoulder and gave him full access to her neck.
He nibbled the nape of her neck with his lips and then placed his hand on her thigh. He traced his way under her skirt and her body trembled in the sweet ticklish ache.

“Have you ever touched yourself here?”

His words embarrassed her and she shied her face away. She had, but only once and that was out of curiosity. All the girls in the class talked about how it made them feel so good so she tried it too.

However, the feeling she got when she felt his fingers trace her lower lips, sent chills all over her body. It was totally unlike what she had experienced before. She shut her eyes tightly and tried to clamp her legs but the strength of his arm didn’t allow it.

“You are not allowed to close them.” He said and rubbed her clitoris from above the cloth.

“Eehh” Her eyes snapped open and looked at her trembling self in the mirror.

She felt her insides get wet, and the juices wet her panties. His fingers traced the wet cloth, and her eyes welled up in tears. She didn’t want him to think bad about her.

Shazan didn’t seem to mind it. He hooked his fingers in her waistband, and then his hand grabbed her naked mound. He played with her folds and wet them in her juices. The movement was getting too unbearable for her and moans leaked out of her mouth.

“S-stop.” She moaned. “My mind’s going blank”

“Sshh… I am here. Don’t refuse the pleasure I provide you.”

She moaned as she left herself at his mercy. What she saw in the mirror, she loved it. She was like a doll in his embrace and he seemed happy to have her in his embrace. He licked her ear and played with it. The burning pleasure building up was fueled by the ticklish sensation it brought her.

“Mmmhmm” She moaned as her mind went blank and her entire body shuddered in pleasure. She thought this was it but then he pinched her clitoris and the orgasm hit her again with the same intensity.

She dropped back in his embrace drained of all strength and panted for breath.

“You are beautiful.”

His words were like the only truth she wanted to hear in this world. When her eyes regained focus she saw his eyes locked on her.

Shazan picked her up and sat her in his lap, facing him. His hand cupped her cheek and he traced her cheekbone with his thumb.

She didn’t know what happened then as she rushed in and captured his lips. Perhaps she had done so to hide the embarrassment as his eyes observed her face with a passion that sent butterflies in her tummy. However, she regretted having done so, as she didn’t know how to kiss. She just kept her lips pressed on his, and hoped that he would lead her. And he did. He sipped her lips gently and let her get used to the feeling. She loved how his burning lips left against hers. She loved the sweet and mellow smell of his breath. His hands were now undressing her. She knew it and adjusted her posture to make it easier for him.

By the time he left her lips and placed her on the bed, she was only wearing her panties. She looked at him with her misty eyes and tried to cover her nakedness. But his chuckle soothed her worries and didn’t let her feel embarrassed.

She watched as he took off his shirt and his lean but toned body came in her view. He was just perfect. He wasn’t like those muscular hunks on the internet. He didn’t look muscular at all but still had abs that were well defined.

Kaiya only stopped marveling when he had taken off his pants and boxer. She was scared now. She knew what was about to happen and what needed to be done to make love. But this member was never going to fit inside her. Her throat dried as she tried to get up but he was already on top of her.

He pressed her down and planted kisses on her chest. His lips caught her budding breast and his tongue lapped on her small nipple. The familiar feeling that had assaulted her a while ago, started building up inside her womb again.

She felt grateful and dejected at the same time when his lips left her breast. But soon he trailed kisses down her navel and plunged his tongue in it. Before she could cry out in surprise his fingers hooked in her panties and pulled them off.

His hands spread her legs wide open, and all her efforts to close them proved futile. When she gave up, he let go of her thighs and locked his gaze on her lower lips. His fingers traced them and opened them for him to look inside. She didn’t know what he was looking for but she was just too ashamed right now.

She ardently looked at him when his eyes left her flower. She didn’t know what she wanted to hear from him but she just wanted him to say something.

Their eyes locked as he got between her legs and she felt something hot press on her flower. She was scared. Just a touch and she knew that it would never fit inside her.

“Shazan.” She called out his name in almost a begging voice.

He smiled at her and kissed the tip of her nose.


“Yes.” She nodded her head.

“Why?” He asked and chuckled.

There was just something about it, his voice penetrated her ears and her worries eased a lot.

“It will hurt.”

“Yes. It will hurt a lot.” He affirmed her fears. “It’s the pain a girl has to bear when she turns into a woman.” he said a chuckled. “And I will make you remember this moment when I turned you into my wife.” He whispered near her ear and then sipped her lips.

He didn’t even give her a chance to reply and pushed against her flower. He tore his way inside of her.

“A-Ahhh.” Her breath got stuck in her throat, and tears spilled out of her eyes uncontrollably.

“Hurts!” She screamed. “It hurts!”

She tried to push him off her but her arms felt soft and powerless.

He didn’t stop just there and kept entering her. It was then that she felt something really tear apart inside her and she screamed louder than she had ever done in her life.

Her eyes looked at the place where they were connected and watched as the rest of him kept disappearing inside her until he hit the entrance of her womb.

However, perhaps it was his mercy that she saw him not push a remaining couple of inches inside her womb.

“It hurts” She looked back in his eyes and complained.

He didn’t answer her, but sipped her lips and engaged her in a gentle kiss. When she got adjusted to his length, he moved. He moved slowly about it brought her agonizing pain. Her eyes kept spilling tears and stayed locked in his eyes. What she saw in them was care for her and his face contorted in an expression that was worried for her. She felt the pain but she didn’t complain.

The pain inside her burned more as his thrusts grew fiercer and pleasure dressed his face. She thought she would break apart under his assault. The pain was truly agonizing and she just wished for it to end. But then she saw his eyes get wet and felt his thrusts become gentle. He leaned in and pressed his lips on her forehead. It still hurt her but now her insides leaked juices to ease his movement and lessen the pain.

Soon his grunts were layered in her moans and whimpers and his face was soaked in pleasure. She felt a shot of pain as he fiercely pushed against her cervix, and then he erupted inside her. A warmth spread in her womb, and she clung on his shuddering body tightly. But soon her strength drained away. Her vision darkened and the last thing she remembered before falling asleep was his satisfied and gentle smile. And she felt good to have held on for so long to see it.



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