Chapter 53

We lay there beneath the blankets, feeling the other’s heartbeat and warmth. Sleep was elusive as the silence of the night shrouded us, broken only occasionally by the sound of the wind rustling the curtains through the open window.

In the absence of the light from the smokeless torch, the only source of illumination was the dim glow of the smouldering ashes on the brazier and the soft moonlight streaming through the window, filtered by the gauzy curtains into silver beams that caught the dust in the air, making them shine like tiny stars against the dark backdrop of the ceiling.

After what seemed like hours but could have only been minutes, Ceres spoke, her soft voice clear in the silence. “You know… I-I didn’t expect my first time to be like this… for you to be so considerate, so restrained.”

She paused and I remained silent, letting her gather her thoughts and put them into words. “Actually, in all the books I read, the man was always so forceful… he would slam the girl against the wall, caging her in with his arms. Then he would lean down and kiss her… she would protest at first but soon, she would give in, letting him have his way.”

As she spoke, her words flowed smoother, her hesitation waning as she gained confidence. “It was then that the man would pick her up, hugging her like a princess and then throwing her on the bed. Then… then, he would have his way with her despite her protests. It would hurt at first, but then, it would feel good.”

The blankets rustled as she shifted beneath them, turning around to face me. Her large eyes caught a sliver off moonlight, shining in the dark. “What you did, letting me take the initiative, giving me control during the kiss. It was so much better than my fantasies. When you picked me up, my heart skipped a beat because I thought I knew what was coming.”

She reached out with her hand and fumbled on my face till she found my hair with her fingertips. Gently twining my locks around her fingers like the first time we met, she continued. “Once again, you proved my books wrong. But, you know… I-I wouldn’t mind if we went a… bit… further.” Towards the end her voice was barely a whisper and even in the darkness, aided by my night vision, I could see her cheeks flush darker with embarrassment.

I laughed. I couldn’t help it. I mean, what was this cute creature I had married?

“Uuu. Don’t laugh at me! It took so much courage to say it too.” She ineffectually punched my chest in mortification and when that only made me laugh all the harder, she bit my arm.

My Barrier glowed with a soft radiance as it blocked her teeth, illuminating her red face. Her eyebrows were scrunched together, her eyes closed and her button nose wrinkled as she tried to sink her teeth into me with all her might. In one word, adorable.

If she was the one asking for it, it made no sense for me to hold back. Coating my open palm with a film of wind mana, I brought it down upon her backside with a crack. The mana amplifying the sound and nullifying the impact.

Startled, Ceres’ teeth loosened their hold on my arm and I took the opportunity to throw off the blankets and flip her onto her front. Locking her knees with my legs, I spread them apart and pulled her up to all fours with my arm around her waist.

Phobos and Deimos didn’t much prefer this position since they couldn’t see my face. But, with Ceres’ sexual fantasies, I believed she would quite enjoy it. And, it gave me access to her two magnificent tails. Deimos wasn’t the only one excited by them.

Ceres yelped when she felt my hand combing through the fur of her tails and they twitched within my grasp. “W-wait.”

Moving my hand from their tips to their base I grinned. “No.”

She shivered as I ran my finger up the thin line of fur that ran up her spine from the base of her tails, arching her back as she bit her lower lip to stop her voice.

Now, that wouldn’t do. It wouldn’t do at all.

Leaning over her back till my chest pressed up against her skin, I used one hand to knead her breasts while the other which had been around her waist made its way down to her crotch.

I felt her body warming with renewed lust as my fingers stiffened her nipples and moistened her slit. Her defence lines broke when I gently bit down upon her sensitive ear, releasing the floodgates of her arousal.

“Hyann.” With a prolonged moan, her body convulsed from her climax, leaving her breathless and sweaty.

My member which had been softening from neglect had regained its former glory and I wasted no time in coating it with her fluids and taking her from behind.

Her eyes widened in surprise as she felt me prying her open, her breath gushing out of her in a gasp. Her two tails moved agitatedly, brushing against my sides, only serving to heighten my arousal.

Shallowly at first, then deeper with each thrust I thoroughly explored her moist cavern, leaving my mark there. “S-top… slower… ahn…”

Taking a page out of her book, I caught her chin with the hand that wasn’t playing with her clit and turned her face so I could stop up her lips with mine.

Once my waist was firmly cushioned by the pads of her back, causing ripples to run up the flesh with each impact, I began varying the speed of the strokes, guiding her steadily up the ladder of climax.

The thing about the Taming ritual was that it was necessary for both partners to orgasm at once. It synchronized their mental states and made it easier for the contract marking to act as a conduit to transfer Vita’s divine power from the female to the male where it would lose its minacity and temper his fleshly body.

Over the years, I had gained much experience in my explorations with Phobos and Deimos and right as Ceres reached the edge of the cliff, I met her there, took her hand and jumped off together.

Feeling the warmth of my lust suffusing her insides, Ceres orgasmed the hardest she had in her short life, shuddering and letting out a loud wail.

So, she could raise her voice if she tried.

The both of us collapsed breathlessly onto the bed. I felt the mark on my foot grow warm as a familiar energy flowed from her to me. Vita’s divine energy. It wasn’t quite mana, yet it was just as mystical, scattering into tiny grains all over my body, imbuing supernatural strength.

Over time, within an average of three days, it would diffuse out of my body and into the world, probably in search of some female infant to inhabit, but while it was still within me, it gave me access to my Barrier and greatly strengthened my body.

It acted like a multiplier to my strength. The more I had, the stronger I would be based on my base parameters.

Many had tried, but all had failed to unlock the mystery of this divine energy. Some said, within it lay the secret to Godhood.

Whatever be the case, the only thing I was interested in right now was its ability to alleviate fatigue. Ceres had hardly recovered her breath when I pulled her into my arms, setting her down facing me on my lap.

She grew startled by my erection pressing up against her stomach. She hadn’t expected the second round to come so soon.

The moonlight shimmered on her sweaty skin and tousled hair. Her expression, a mix of apprehension and anticipation, lit a fire within me.

The night was long. But once the silence was broken, it took a long time to return to our nuptial chamber.

My wife had asked me to fulfil her fantasies. All I could do, was try my best.


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