Easy Survival Life Chapter 019. River shrimp trap



We must secure a way of providing food where we don’t have to move.

Countermeasures on foreign enemies and Byakuya.


We have a lot on our to-do list.

And all of them are at max priority.

However, we can’t take them all at the same time.

I prioritized making my work much more efficient and securing food.

I can make work much more efficient by expanding my toolset.

To be specific, I started by making a river fish trap.

A box on with a dead-end to lure in shrimps.

In Japan, you make it using pet bottles.

You can make as many as you want and install it on the river.

This one isn’t as high-priority as others but I’m going to make soap.

I already gathered the materials and I’d like to reduce the stress of the women in this group.

Stress is directly linked to work efficiency and quality loss and so it’s a priority.

It’s easy to make soap by the way.

I use the seashells Mana collected and the seaweed I gathered.

If you know how to make it, anyone can do it.

「 It won’t have the scent of soaps in Japan but do endure that part 」

I show the completed gray lump of soap to everyone.

「 Now we can say farewell to our sticky bodies 」

Arisa shouts in joy.

「 I don’t want to just wipe off my sweat with wet sheets 」

Eri happily said.

「 I never thought that you’d actually make soap. Hokage, how is it possible that a man as clever as you attend in our school? 」

Mana’s going that far.

I just replied with a wry smile.

「 Our high school doesn’t have a low standard score. Or should I say that it’s actually above average? The Sumeragi Brothers have enrolled there, after all, 」

Yeah, our school isn’t dumb.

It’s not famous nationwide but the locals sure now the name.

I think their standard score is about 60.

「 True. Maybe we’re just stupid? 」

「 Not really, it’s more like we dropped down after entering? 」

Mana asks. Karin replies.

「 「 「 Gyahahahaha 」 」 」

Other than the Asakura sisters, the girls laughed out loudly.

(That’s a good smile)

The stress of the women group is visibly eased.

They’re not laughing out loud but the Asakura sisters are happy with the soap too.

Actually, their eyes are shining, looking at the finished product.

「 Now working itself will be good 」

I mutter while watching the girl group.

Asakura Meiko heard my monologue.

「 Working itself? What does that mean? 」

Meiko comes close to me and whispers.

So, I also hushed my voice so only Meiko can hear it.

「 It’s nearly a week since we arrived on this island, hasn’t it? 」

「 True 」

「 What do you think the Sumeragi brothers will do if the helicopter doesn’t arrive after a week? 」

「 They’ll give up on it 」

「 Yes. If that’s the case, Byakuya and his brother won’t go lower. They’re strong in this place with no law. Besides, if Meiko’s right, many guys follow Byakuya 」

「 Ah 」

It seems that Meiko figured it out.

「 Who knows if Byakuya and Reito will have an internal discord, will Reito give in? Who knows. We don’t know but it’s only a matter of time before Byakuya becomes the head of the group. When that happens, their first objective will be this cave 」

「 Yuuki-san and the girls are cute after all 」

「 Meiko and Hinako too. It’s no flattery, but you girls are beauties 」

「 Shinomiya-kun, you’re the frank type, aren’t you? That’s a surprise 」

Meiko’s cheeks blushed.

Hinako who’s a bit apart from her peeks at us.

Her face is saying “return Onee-chan to me”

Let’s end this talk as soon as possible.

「 So, everything has to work itself out. If they come to us right now, we can’t deal with them. So, we have to do more work and think of making sure that we’re safe 」

「 Do you have a plan? 」

Meiko asks worriedly.

On the other hand, my expression is clear.

I speak to reassure her.

「 I do have a plan against attackers 」

We made it through the fourth day without incident and now we’re on the fifth day.

We wake up without anyone getting sick today as well.

We eat breakfast in front of the cave then we assign work to everyone.

Our work is usual.

Mana’s collecting seashells, Eri’s gathering food, and Arisu’s fishing.

Karin’s making earthenwares and the Asakura sisters are in charge of handicrafts.

「 Be careful not to get hurt–okay, let’s start working 」

Everyone begins to do their work.

I also start my job.

My job for today is mostly investigating the surroundings.

It’s to discover the unknown in the south-west direction of the cave and find other places.

What I want to know are the wild animals inhabiting this place.

First, I’m sure that there are wild boars and deers.

If lucky, we might find pigs and cattle.

If there are tigers, there should be some preys for him.

「 Good, this is looking good 」

But, before that search, I went to the river to check on my trap.

Shrimps of various sizes are inside. Good results.

While at it, there were some small fishes inside too.

Being bored with meals, having new ones is exciting.

I put the shrimps I caught in the trap into the earthenware Karin made.

We grab water from the river and so it’s also used as a water jug.

Seeing lots of shrimps swimming feels quite complicated.

「 Ah, Shinomiya-kun 」

「 Meiko and Hinako. You’ve got time after making handicrafts? 」

「 Y-Yesh, that’s right 」

Hinako did her best to reply.

Her fear of strangers is harsh.

Meiko nods to cheer her up.

Seeing that Hinako’s doing her best, she supported her.

「 We’re making a change of clothes for today. We’re thinking of making inners and simple clothes 」

「 That’s good. Girls don’t want to wear the same clothing after all 」

I bring the earthenware I’m carrying inside the cave.

It’s lined up with the other preserved foods.

After working hard every day, we’re able to gather food that would last us a week.

「 There we go 」

Putting the earthenware down, I left the cave.

「 Shinomiya-kun, can I have some of your time? 」

Meiko approached me.

It seems that she’s alone, I don’t see Hinako.

「 What’s wrong? Wait, what are you doing? 」

Meiko kneels before me.

Her face is now close to my penis.

She’s in a distance where she could reach my pants and lower it down.

(Is this?)

I swallowed my saliva.

Really? Is this what I think it is?

「 Can I take measurements? I haven’t measured Shinomiya-kun yet 」


She didn’t say what I was expecting her to say.

My penis withered quickly after finding out that my delusion wasn’t going to become true.

My head goes “I thought so,” and I’m disgusted at myself.