Easy Survival Life Chapter 023 Cultivating the Successors 


After everyone confirmed the hideout spot, we started working immediately.
We have a lot of work to do today.
First is transportation, in other words, moving.
The Asakura sisters and Mana are in charge of this work.
Their job is to move the goods from the Shinomiya cave to the hideout.
We’re not leaving the cave behind completely so we’re leaving some stuff.
Two-day amount of supply.
Not only ingredients but also wood, stone, and other supplies.
Right now, Eri’s procuring wood, and Eri’s gathering ingredients.
Arisa should be fishing by now but we have no time for that.
Wood has a lot of use so it’s just as important as ingredients.
Leaving that with Karin and me, we’re checking the traps I set up yesterday.
Traps to capture wild boar and rabbits.
It’s on the west side of the Asakura cave.
「 There, looking good 」
The trap seems to have a good catch.
The pitfall got a young wild boar, and the falling rocks trap captured some rabbits.
「 I see, so you had traps laid out here. 」
I brought Karin with me to teach her about traps.
Just setting up traps isn’t good enough.
You need to plan it so it’s easy for the prey to get caught in it.
I’m cultivating knowledge by instructing Karin.
Training Karin like this is a preparation for the future.
It’s just seven of us right now but we might get more people soon.
On that occasion, it would be too inefficient to have me teach everything.
Well, it’s also likely that I get in trouble and lose function.
Knowing that such situations could come, it’s absolutely necessary to train the replacement.
If I drill knowledge necessary for their daily life, then they could be useful in case of emergency.
Karin is the replacement I’m eyeing for.
She has a fondness of history that she has minimum knowledge.
If I teach her the specifics, she’ll learn it right away.
「 Even so, this is a great harvest 」
I was expecting one wild boar and three rabbits.
But the reality is we caught two young wild boars and five rabbits.
It’s enough to lightly occupy the bamboo baskets we’re carrying
「 Are we going to bring the harvest to the hideout? 」
Karin asks as she puts the prey in the basket.
She combs down the blueish hair she’s been calling natural hair for three years.
「 No, let’s process it before that. We’d like to get them processed as soon as possible, besides, it must be harsh for girls to watch a scene where I process the animals, right? 」
「 I’m also a girl though 」
Karin looks at me with a serious face.
Startled by what she said, I apologized right away.
「 That’s not what I mean, or should I say… 」
I can’t find the right excuse.
「 I’m just kidding. I know what you’re trying to say 」
Karin laughed after seeing me get into a panic.
After clearing up, we returned to the topic.
「 If you want to process it then the river on the south-west will do 」
「 Huh, so there’s a river there? 」
「 I’ve never gone there but it’s just a hunch 」
「 How do you know? 」
「 The movement of the animals. I can gather such information by looking at the weeds and twigs on the ground 」
「 You’re teaching me that amazing skill? 」
「 I sure want to but it’s hard so it might be impossible 」
「 That’s unfortunate 」
For now, we head southwest.
After a short while, we found a creek of flowing water.
It’s a quiet place where various animals are relaxing.
I spot a deer, the highest grade feast.
But, let’s ignore him for now.
「 Do you know how to process this? 」
「 No, I don’t 」
Karin shook her head.
「 It’s not my specialty either, but… 」
I carefully dress the rabbit.
Karin works quickly in harvesting with the stone knife.
There are three parts you have to take out when processing animals.
The edible parts, the inedible parts, and the pelt.
When processing outside, it’s generally okay to remove only the inedible parts.
In the rabbit’s case, that would be the internal organs, and the intestines and the likes.
Also, you shouldn’t forget to cut an artery and drain the blood.
This time, it doesn’t stop there, it has to be done with care and attention until the end.
I’m worried that Karin might vomit halfway but it seems that it was an unfounded worry.
She continued to stare at my work without complaining.
「 And like that 」
「 Good job. Can I try that out too? 」
「 Sure 」
This time, Karin does the processing.
She does it slowly and carefully while recalling my movements.
I’m just watching her, only speaking when she’s making a mistake.
「 You have good instincts. I’m amazed 」
「 It’s only because Hokage’s a good teacher 」
Karin is on the second one and she’s already mastered it.
On the third one, she completed the task without any more hesitation.
I’m a little jealous because she learned things far better than I did. Just a bit.
「 It’s basically the same with wild boars. First, drain the blood, then, wash the whole body. Then, you take out the intestines and the blood cluttered on their stomach. After making the prep work, you can disassemble it the same way you did with the rabbit
「 So, with wild boars, taking out blood is first 」
「 It’s okay not to take out the blood with rabbits. Draining blood is fast with them. It’s just that I took out the internal organs first. That way, it’s easier to process. That’s my reason 」
「 Got it 」
It helps that Karin is faced paced when learning.
She doesn’t ask “What’s this, what’s that?” repeatedly.
It gives me the illusion that I’m good at teaching.
「 We don’t have time, so let’s split up the remaining work 」
It’s better to have two people work here.
Karin can take care of the rabbits, I’ll take care of the young wild boars.
「 As expected, it’s hard unless you suspend it midair 」
Dismantling wild boars need it to be suspended in the air.
You hang them from a tree or something with their heads facing down.
Can’t do that in our situation so I had to lie it down as I dismantle it.
「 Now that’s good enough 」
Lastly, I wash off the meat I dismantled using the river water.
After all the work is done, we put the parts we’re taking home to the basket.
「 Now, let’s go back 」
「 Why don’t we drop by Asakura cave before we go? 」
「 Asakura cave? Not Shinomiya cave? 」
Karin nods then repeat “Asakura cave”
「 Why go to Asakura cave? 」
If it’s Shinomiya cave, I get it.
We still have a lot of stuff there and so we can transport them while we’re at it.
However, we have nothing on the Asakura cave.
The hemp clothing Meiko created is already collected and is staying at the hideout.
I don’t know what kind of business we have there.
「 I just thought of giving Hokage pleasure, if you’re into it 」
An unexpected remark.
「 Pleasure, you mean massage or something? 」
「 Naturally, It means ‘this’ way 」
Karin’s hand reaches to my penis covered by my pants.
It’s not a great stimulation but my penis immediately got erect.
「 You sure? 」
I swallowed my saliva.
That’s a heaven-sent suggestion.
An 18-year-old boy has so much lust.
It’s on the same level where one has to let it out several times a day.
This is why I’m happy to hear that she’s willing to extract it.
Furthermore, Karin’s a cute girl so it’s better.
「 I’m okay with it. But in exchange, make me feel pleasure too, this time 」
「 Huh, you mean? 」
Karin nods, looking up at me.
「 I meant I want to do it 」