Easy Survival Life Chapter 027. Ace Reward (R18)



When Japanese craftsmen make lacquerware, they take some time.

It’s a repeated work of coating, drying, then sharpening to improve the quality of the lacquerwares.

There’s no need to do something that troublesome in this world.

We’re not seeking industrial crafts.

Eri’s making lacquerwares in the hideout.

It’s just Eri and me in this place.

I thought that Meiko’s also here but it seems that they went out.

「 There! I’ve done it Hokage-kun! 」

「 Perfect. Looks like I have nothing left to teach you 」

Eri made plates for everyone.

She made it into consideration that we’re using chopsticks, but it’s looking good.

You can place a hot meal here and there won’t be a problem.

「 I managed to make it before lunch but we can’t use this right away, right? 」

I nodded.

「 It’ll take a few hours before it dries up. You can show it off during dinner tonight 」

「 Will they be happy with this? 」

「 I’m sure they will. We’re going to make soba to increase the impact 」

「 Sure! 」

Eri’s happy.

She nods with a bright voice I haven’t heard before and embraced me.

「 Thanks! Hokage-kun! 」

「 Oh, ohoho. Sure 」

Her breasts are squeezing on me.

Her bra’s in the laundry so I can feel her raw breasts over the thin clothing.

My penis got erect due to the different sensations I had from before.

(Oh shit)

This is where the problem shows up.

Since we’re sticking too close. Eri noticed that I got erect.

Though it’s across my briefs, she should still discover that.

「 Ah 」

Actually, she just did.

Eri immediately parted from me as soon as my penis touched her.

She looked down and fixed her gaze on my crotch.

「 Hokage-kun 」

「 Well, your breasts touched me 」



「 I see. I guess it’s been five days since the last 」

Eri said.

It’s been five days since ‘she’ did it.

Eri took care of my need the second day after coming to this world.

「 R-R-Right 」

But, the thing is, other girls extracted it from me too.

Mana on the third, Karin on the fourth, then Karin from yesterday.

The truth is, the only time I didn’t cum after coming to this island is on the 5th.

Although, I can’t tell Eri that.

「 Why don’t I squeeze it out of you as thanks for this ace you gave me? 」

Eri looked up at me.

「 Thanks. It’s been accumulating already 」

I accepted her offer.

I carry the lacquerware together with Eri.

It would be a mess if they become aware of the lacquerwares during lunch.

Therefore, we hid it inside.

The hideout has forks in the road above.

We’ve confirmed several of them but we still don’t have a full grasp of it.

We used the dead-end of the first crossroads we went to.

If it’s in this small space, it’s unlikely to be found.

「 There we go 」

We placed the lacquerwares into the side of the tree and we’re done with our work.

We left the place and head to the emerald green lake.

「 Okay, it seems that they’re dying the laundry 」

I confirmed that they’re already done with the laundry.

I don’t have to worry about Hinako coming here.

Besides, we have sunlight so I can see Eri’s face.

It’s finally time for the long-waited squeezing.

「 Eri, if you’d please 」

I sit down on top of the big stone.

The height of the rock is the same as an ordinary chair.

I sit down over there and unhook my belt.

What’s left is Eri’s job.

She kneels before me and stuck her hands into the hole in the cloth.

Then, she pulls down my underwear.

My towering penis is exposed and it rises from the cloth.

「 Hmm 」

Eri sticks her head to the cloth and started putting it in her mouth.

She strokes it with her right hand and moves her head up and down.

However, the cloth is in the way, I can’t see her face.

「 Can’t help it 」

I took off the cloth

I moved my head off the hole and tossed it to my back.

I feel sorry for Meiko and Hinako who made this.

But, I can’t win against my lust.

「 So, does this feel good? 」

Eri skillfully attacks me with her hand and mouth.

As soon as she starts her intense hand job, she then follows it up by sucking on my glans.

She makes lewd slurping sounds, sparking in my brain.

「 It’s not just that. This is the best 」

「 That’s great 」

Even if I’m a virgin, I’ve been getting squeezed out nearly every day now.

I think that I also leveled up that I no longer ejaculate prematurely like the first day.

I can somewhat willingly control when I will ejaculate.

Jupo, jupo, jupo.

「 Ooh, Eri. That’s really good 」

I said that I could control it but turns out that was a mistake.

Eri who played with my penis using her tongue had me fall for it uncontrollably.

(If this goes on, her mouth…)

I feel like I’m about to cum already.

I’ll finish it at the same time Eri’s putting my penis in her mouth.

「 Since it’s a rare chance 」

Saying that she put my penis inside her mouth.

However, she released her hand.

「 What are you? 」

I stared at her dumbfoundedly and then Eri took off her clothes.

She tosses off her belt while sucking on me.

Then, she stopped sucking and took off her clothes.

Then, she also undressed her innerwear, tossing it above the clothes.

She’s now wearing nothing but her panty.

「 You can splash it on my face or my body 」

「 Huh?! 」

「 We can wash it off since we’re near the lake so there shouldn’t be a problem, right? 」

「 Oh! I get it! 」

I understood why.

And I’m impressed.

By Eri’s spirit.

「 Thanks, seriously. Thank you 」

With my endless gratitude in my heart, I prepare to ejaculate.

(I wonder where should I pour it? Her face? Her breasts?)

Those are the two ultimate choices

If possible, I’d like to experience both.

However, I should have only one center to splash on.

Going for both will make it half-baked.

(But, I don’t want to cast the other for one. Now that it has come to this-)

I readied for action.

I’m sure that Eri won’t get angry at this timing.

If she does, then we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.

My lust is boosting me that I can’t stop anymore.

「 Kyaa! 」

I stood from the rock and pushed Eri down.

「 Hey, Hokage-kun?! 」

「 Just let me 」

「 Hmm 」

I first get on top of Eri and kissed her.

I pushed my tongue forcibly and entwine with Eri’s tongue.

Even if she’s surprised, she accepted it quite easily.

I knew it, she’s not refusing.

After kissing for a while, I licked her breasts.

My tongue goes from her neck then down and sucked on her plump breasts.

「 Ah, hauu 」

Eri moans.

Man, that moan is so cute that it’s foul play.

I enjoyed her breasts to my heart’s content.

「 Eri, I’m cumming 」

It’s finally time for the finisher.

I straddle over Eri and approach my penis on her breasts.

Eri didn’t say anything and yet she guessed my motive.

She placed her hands on her breasts and sandwiched my penis in between.

Then, she moves her breasts intensely.

Furthermore, she moves her lips and licked my penis.

「 Yes, good! 」

A perfect full course.

It has a weak stimulus, but the visual impact is definitely making me reach climax.

「 Cumming! 」

I said and came at the same time.

My penis twitched and sprayed semen.

The cloudy liquid splashed on Eri’s face.

「 That’s some amazing volume you had there 」

Eri scoops out the semen on her face.

Then, when I thought that she’s tossing it off, she licked it. What a surprise.

「 Hey, you didn’t have to do that 」

That just arouses me more.

My withered penis recovered in an instant.

「 Lewd. That’s too lewd, Eri 」

I stroked my penis on top of Eri and ejaculated for the second time.

It ended with me pouring a great amount of semen on her face.