Easy Survival Life Chapter 029 Peeping Tom, and a Visitor



It’s easy to make olive oil.

First, you harvest olives and then crush it until it gets pulpy.

After doing that, it’ll create a grape juice-like purple liquid.

Next, is to filter the oil.

You just have to bundle it in non-woven fabric and then wring it.

I received one from Meiko.

It shouldn’t be a problem even without it but it raises the efficiency of work.

Then, you repeat that multiple times.

Once we’re done with the oil straining, the grape-juice-like will be split into layers.

The upper layer will have that beautiful golden color, and the lower one will have the grape-juice violet look.

The upper part is what we call olive oil, and so we scoop that out.

「 –And that’s how it’s done 」

I’m teaching Eri how to make olive oil in the morning of the 8th day.

We harvested chili and olives, returned to the hideout, and then we started working.

「 So you make olive oil like that 」

Eri says “wow” repeatedly, and she claps her hand repeatedly.

「 Now you know how to manually extract it but, the volume isn’t that much. It also takes a lot of stamina to do it so it’s better we use olive oil in moderation 」

「 You’re right. I feel like my arms are gonna get limp if I do this everyday 」

After explaining the method, I let Eri do the remaining work.

I watched her for a while but it doesn’t seem like she has problems.

「 It’s almost lunchtime 」

Our body clocks have become accurate since coming to this world.

The actual time should be around 10AM.

At first, I use my smartphone to confirm the time but I don’t need it nowadays.

And so, we turned off our phones in case of emergencies.

「 I caught some river fishes today! While at it, we also collected shrimps!

Arisu brings in her haul.

Inside the earthenware bucket are some fishes and shrimps tightly packed

「 We’re done gathering all the ingredients 」

Mana came back next.

She’s leading an army of monkeys starting with Rita.

According to Mana, Rita’s the boss of the monkey army.

Hence, when Mana orders Rita, the followers also move.

They’re perfect as monkey-wave tactics, like gathering ingredients.

「 Hinako, were you able to do it today? 」

Lastly, Karin and Meiko return.

Today, Meiko had training with Karin-sensei.

「 I worked hard! 」

Hinako’s in charge of the handicrafts.

That said, she hasn’t made anything this morning.

She gathered materials for clothing.

「 Everyone’s gathered here, so why don’t we eat lunch now? 」

When the biological clock said that it’s already 12:30, we started lunch.

Afternoon, I’m acting alone.

The work is to investigate the outskirts to grasp an understanding.

Gathering information about the terrain, plants, and animals.

Also, trees and rocks, items that have the qualities to be made a tool.

This time, I searched from the east-center side of the hideout.

We solidified our scope of activity on the west side but we hardly know anything on the east side.

For example, I didn’t know the exact location of the large hole that connects the lake to the hideout.

First, I went to the hole. My goal is to look for a surface path.

「 It’s there, the hole 」

The hole is a gravel path surrounded by vegetation.

It looks big from below but looking at it from the surface, it’s bigger.

You’d get sucked in if you’re moving absent-mindedly. It has that eerie feeling.

「 Hmm, hmm 」

I approached the hole while being careful of my surroundings.

I peeked inside the hole and found a lake below, as expected.

「 If we jump in here, it could be a shortcut. 」

A foolish idea.

The lake has a good depth that you won’t get injured if you jump in.

But, that doesn’t mean that I would be jumping down there when there’s no need.

Of course, it’s just my thoughts but I won’t do it in practice.

I can’t work if I get drenched now.

There’s also the fear of catching a cold. It’s dangerous.

「 Ah 」

While I was watching from above, I found a girl entering my view

「 It’s Meiko 」

Meiko’s approaching the lake.

She doesn’t seem to be retrieving the laundry.

Does she intend to enter the lake? Or maybe I’m wrong?

She veered off from the lake.

What is she doing?

「 Oh well, I should just ask her 」

I formed my right hand into a megaphone shape and then shouted.

「 Meik– 」

I was about to call her name but I stopped in a hurry.

After all, Meiko sat down near a rock and started masturbating.

That rock is where Eri fellated me a few days ago.

Now, Meiko’s sitting in the very same place and is masturbating.

She slips her hand inside the cloth, plays with her lower half, and releases small moans.

She’s feeling pleasure that her thighs and legs are twitching.

「 Lewd…. 」

It’s my first time watching a woman masturbate.

It’s quite lewd that I got an erection from watching…

I also want to masturbate while watching Meiko masturbate.

Then, at that time.

「 Who’s there?! 」

The lewd thoughts got blown away.

I’m the one who called out.

「 Huh?! Shinomiya-kun?! 」

Meiko noticed my voice.

She’s looking at me, her face is bright red.

She noticed that I was watching her masturbate.

「 Why is Shinomiya-kun- 」

「 Leave that for now, just tell everyone this ASAP 」

I’m glaring at a grassy patch in the area.

「 It’s an enemy 」

I’m confident about it.

I turned over and glared at the person in the grassy patch.

And that guy’s peeping this way.

The movement’s different from an animal so I’m sure of it.

「 Okay! 」

Meiko runs off in a hurry.

「 Of all places where I could encounter a person… 」

Taking refugees in the hideout would be useless.

Confronting them there would mean that they discover the location of the hideout.

「 Come out, I know you’re hiding over there 」

I said while showing my survival knife.

「 If you don’t come out, then I’ll come after you. Sorry, but since you found me, I don’t intend to let you go back. Surrender obediently, or else…

Before I could finish my speech, the other party showed change 」

「 Don’t kill me! Shinomiya-dono!! 」

「 Please!! 」

Two boys come out from the thicket.

Both of them are small guys and one of them is wearing glasses.

As for the other one, he surprisingly doesn’t stand out that much. He’s like a ghost.

「 Oh, there were two 」

Yes, he didn’t have any presence that surprised me.

I thought that only one guy is hiding in the bushes.

It surprised me that there’s two of them.

「 I beg you! Shinomiya-dono! Please help us! 」

The glasses guy said.

I know this guy.

It’s the otaku in the class if I recall, his name is…

「 Tanaka Mantarou, was it? 」

「 That’s right! I’m Tanaka Mantarou! 」

I knew it.

It’s him, the guy the class bullies.