Easy Survival Life Chapter 033 Right Person in the Right Place



I’ve settled that the new guys, Tanaka and Kageyama are incompetent.

That doesn’t mean that we will leave them as such.

Since we’re spending our time together, it would be a problem if they’re not doing anything.

「 With that said, I’m going to check your aptitude in things 」

After breakfast, I checked on Tanaka and Kageyama’s skills.

If this was a game, I can check on their status screen, but that’s not possible in reality.

We have to test out various things and find out which things are they good at and not.

「 Now then, I’m doing my best in fishing today too! Wait, hey, what?! 」

Arisa falls down magnificently while talking.

Seems like her balance was thrown off after bumping into Kageyama.

「 Ooh?! It’s Kageyama! So you were here 」

「 I’m sorry! 」

「 No need! I’m the one who bumped into you, sorry! 」

Arisa stands up and then goes out of the hideout while humming.

「 You sure have a low presence 」

「 They often tell me that 」

Tanaka’s incompetent, but Kageyama’s got a trait.

He’s surprisingly low-profile. In other words, he has almost no presence.

Maybe not like Arisa, but some fail to notice Kageyama at all.

「 Kageyama, how are your reflexes? 」

「 Kageyama-dono’s a fast runner! He’s in the track and field club in middle school 」

For some reason, Tanaka’s the one making a smug face.

「 Kaichou’s right 」

「 I see. Track and Field Club 」

「 My reflexes are bad, but I’m confident in my speed 」

「 How about your stamina? Do you run long distances? 」

「 I’m confident in that too! I’m a long-distance athlete 」

「 That’s promising. Okay, let’s have a race 」

I decided to have a little contest with Kageyama to confirm his abilities.

We left the hideout’s entrance and went to the Shinomiya cave.

「 Are you ready? 」

「 Anytime! 」

「 Let’s go. Ready, go! 」

Kageyama and I started at the same time.

For some reason, Tanaka’s also running, he should be watching.

「 This is no good 」

But, Tanaka dropped out in an instant.

He couldn’t run even before entering the forest.

「 You’re fast 」

In the forest, Kageyama and I are an even match.

「 Shinomiya-dono, you’re also doing well 」

「 I can maintain my pace in the forest after all 」

Ordinary people would slow down when they’re running in the forest.

I’ve conquered training in survival but that’s rare.

Kageyama’s running at the same pace as me.

For someone who’s an amateur in survival, his speed should fall off.

But, we’re at an equal pace, so if we’re in a flat area, he would be much faster than me.

By the way, I run through 50m in 7 seconds.

「 Goal! 」

「 That’s a great run 」

The match ended with a draw.

Kageyama and I didn’t put out more than 80% of our strength.

If we both go all out, it might have a different result.

「 Kageyama, you don’t stand out and you’re fast. We can capitalize on that 」

「 Roger that! But, what do I do? 」

「 You’re going to do reconnaissance tasks 」

Let’s correct that.

Kageyama’s not incompetent.

His speed and inability to stand out is a necessity for us.

「 Reconnaissance? 」

「 You’re going to peep on what’s happening in Sumeragi’s team. And, if they show any signs of attacking us, you’ll run and report immediately 」

「 I see! That’s something I can do! 」

「 Rather, only you can do it 」

「 Only me? 」

「 That’s right 」

Spying on the movement of the Sumeragi team is essential.

That said, we can’t leave that job to the girls.

If they’re caught, then they’ll be in trouble, and above all, the girls are talented.

I can leave this work to Kageyama in peace.

There’s no fear that he will be raped when caught, and he can’t do other things.

「 From now on, you’ll support us as a scouting professional 」

「 Me? Scouting professional? 」

Kageyama’s trembling since earlier.

I was worried about what’s with him, then…

「 This is making me fired up! 」

He shouted suddenly.

「 Shinomiya-dono, you keep making me happy, saying things that only I can do it, or that I’m a professional in scouting! It’s different from Sumeragi Byakuya-dono! This Kageyama Hakumei’s going to fulfill Shinomiya-dono’s expectations 」

Seems like he’s happy.

After Kageyama’s fast talk, he started running to the Sumeragi team’s hill.

「 Kageyama found his work… 」

But the other newcomer, Tanaka, seems to be incompetent.

I returned to the sea and Tanaka came with me.

Just like Kageyama, people have their specialties.

We should find a use for Tanaka too.

We tried everything to find what his special skill is.

Ingredient harvesting, fishing, making traps, cooking, and so forth.

As a result.

「 You really are bad at anything 」

「 I’m ashamed… 」

Tanaka’s average at most.

It’s not that he has a bad ability to learn, he’s also putting in some effort.

That makes me feel sorry for how bad he is.

「 It’s not like you suck, but it’s just awkward? 」

「 That’s right 」

Tanaka’s problem at heart is that he’s clumsy.

In survival life, you have to use your hands on anything.

Therefore, everything Tanaka did had bad results.

「 What was your life in japan? 」

Even so, I didn’t give up

Tanaka’s got bad results, but he’s got the spirit

Therefore, I have to find some talent in him.

And for that, I’ll have to check on his private life

「 PC 」

「 PC? 」

「 I’m an otaku, and so I watch over the internet all the time 」

「 What were you watching on the internet? Youtube? 」

「 Youtube doesn’t upload anime so I don’t watch them 」

「 So, you’re watching anime over the internet? 」

「 That’s right. I study anime and manga, wanting to make one myself someday. Ah, I often hear people saying “I want to see your manga,” but I’ll say this beforehand. I never showed my manga to anyone. I’m still bad at it, and above all, it’s a problem if the internet steals it. Oops, this time, you’re going to ask if “will you become a pro like that?” However, I… 」

「 No, that’s enough now. I got it 」

It’s surprising how much otakus rattles on.

I stopped Tanaka from talking like a machine gun.

「 Anyway, you’re in your PC all the time? 」

「 That’s right… 」

「 Then, you’re probably suited for monotone work 」

「 Monotone work? 」

I nodded.

「 For example, breaking the shells we gathered into calcium or extracting olive oil. A lot of boring things done repeatedly, which are necessary for our survival

「 That’s… 」

「 In here, we don’t have to worry about your clumsiness. You’re full of spirit because you have low skill. For monotonous work, we need someone with patience, and someone who won’t complain, do you think you can do that?

Tanaka replied immediately.

「 I’ll do it! 」

「 If that’s the case, you’re going to work from inside the hideout. If you could break the shells, that’ll make me happy, and if you make olive oil, that’ll please Eri 」

「 Leave it to me! 」

After that, I taught Tanaka the essential work

Tanaka started working, without complaining about it.

「 Like this? 」

「 Yes, good 」

Tanaka’s able to do monotonous work thoughtlessly.

「 I think that I can do this! I want more work like this! 」

He’s asking for more work now.

「 Extracting olive oil takes a lot of time so it helps a lot 」

Eri’s happy.

「 Gufufu, Futagawa-dono’s smile makes me a hundred times more lively 」

Eri’s happy and Tanaka’s also happy, he perseveres on his work more.

He’s simple, but it’s good that he’s going at it.

「 Now nobody’s a burden anymore 」

Tanaka and Kageyama found their calling.

The word “The right person in the right place,” comes to my head.