Easy Survival Life Chapter 034 First Holiday



Three weeks have passed since we came to this world.

Tanaka and Kageyama were poor and uneasy at first, but now they work skillfully.

It’s because they work on their specialties, and they grow, even if they are clumsy.

For example, that after-dinner time.

They continued training on how to start a fire without taking breaks.

At first, they were so bad at it, but…

「 Come! Fire! 」


「 Burn! 」


「 Who would’ve thought that you could start a fire 」

Nowadays, they could now start a fire.

They still have poor execution time, but it sure ignites.

Since they can do tailspin drills, naturally, they have the leeway for the bow drill.

It’s not just the two of them who are growing up.

Our civilization is also advancing slowly.

To be specific, we’re introducing bronze wares.

Bronze ware means creating some bronze weapons.

From stone ax and stone knife and tools to bronze made stuff.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin.

If it’s just copper, then the strength is low, so we add tin to it.

Although it’s inferior to iron, it’s simple installation and ease of use is great.

Everyone, other than Karin, doesn’t understand the difference between bronze and iron.

That’s how bronze quality outrivals it.

As for others, our diet is also starting to grow.

This island has some cheat level ingredients, and so you can make it luxurious as long as you know.

Since we made soba, we started making pasta too, now we’re enjoying feasts day by day.

The people in charge of cooking are my team, with Eri as our head chef.

Her cooking skills are also growing day by day.

She’s already accustomed to using the ingredients and tools in this world.

Even so, she’s making her arrangements.

The weather’s calm, and so it’s favorable for our work.

We have quite the amount of stockpile of ingredients that the work where we don’t have to rush has increased.

Work that doesn’t need rushing, for example, the bath.

I completed the bath several days after Tanaka and Kageyama joined in.

Our team’s bath is our original work.

It’s a rectangular bathtub with three lacquer paint.

However, this bathtub doesn’t have much heat resistance.

In times where you make it close to boiling water, it’ll hurt obviously.

Thus, we have a bronze water tank prepared next to the tub.

Bronze is corrosion resistant, and so it won’t get rusty that quickly.

The tank is placed on top of a rock stove.

Then, if we start a fire in the stove, we can heat the water in the tank.

The bathtub was easy, but the bronze tank was hard to make.

Even if the introduction was simple, preparing mass quantities of bronze is hard.

Even if several people tackle the task from the morning until evening, it still takes several days to complete.

As for how to use the bath, it’s how you do it;

First, you fill the bronze tank with water.

Then, when it’s boiling, put out the fire and transfer it to the bathtub when it’s a little cooler.

The tank and the bathtub are connected with a bamboo pipe, and so it’s also easy work.

You just have to open the entrance in both pipes, and water will pour itself.

Thanks to everyone’s skills adding up, our civilization’s growing well.

However, our team’s not the only ones growing.

My sex life is also going well.

I’m in the care of women other than Arisa and Hinako.

Especially Eri and Meiko, they have a lot of chances, I’m no match for them.

That said, my sexual experience hasn’t increased yet.

Meaning, I’ve only done it once after graduating from my virginity with Meiko.

Everything’s going well, I’ve got nothing to worry about.

Under the circumstances, the only biggest risk factor to us is the Sumeragi Team.

Their civilization is far late than us.

They’re still using fruits and roasted animal flesh in their meals, and sometimes, mushrooms.

They managed to make their own homes, but they’re having a rough time in their work.

After all, they’re still in the stone age, cutting trees is a hard job for them already.

Your knowledge from studying and knowledge from using survival skills in practice are different.

They have a history teacher in their team but he’s got no use.

In their situation, the more days that pass the stronger dissatisfaction they will feel.

Sometimes, I scout them myself, but, the overworked guys seem to be on the verge of dying.

But, the Sumeragi brothers own a gun so they can’t revolt.

I’m expecting an internal discord, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen.

It’s a guess but it’s probably because their food is still stable and huge.

This is a cheat environment, and so there’s no food problem if they cooperate.

We’re far off from the Sumeragi team.

I was expecting them to be looking for us desperately already.

However, the truth is that they’re already on the limit of living their life without a plan.

Even so, I can’t lower my guard because of Byakuya’s personality.

It’s the 22nd day.

This day, I instructed everyone that we never had.

「 We’re taking a break today 」

「 「 「 Huh? 」 」 」

「 It’s important, so I’ll say it again. We’re taking a break today 」

A declaration of a holiday.

We’ve been working so desperately for the past three weeks since we came to this world.

We worked hard to survive, and to make our environment better.

「 Our civilization’s reached stability. Our food stockpile is enough, and we managed to gather stuff that we need. Yesterday, according to Kageyama’s scouting, it doesn’t seem that Sumeragi Byakuya’s minions will come here. Thus, I think that we can have a holiday for today 」

「 Hey, seriously?! Then I’m going fishing for today! 」

Arisa jumped out happily.

“For today,” she says, but she’s always fishing.

「 Even if you say that, we don’t know what to do now 」

Karin seems puzzled.

「 I’ll still make food. I’m the team’s cook after all 」

Eri’s also cooking for today

「 I’ll help you, Eri-dono 」

Tanaka, who’s fallen in love with Eri no matter how you look at it, raised his hand.

Before anyone noticed, he’s already calling Eri by her name.

「 I’ll try challenging making shoes Shinomiya-kun already taught me how to make rubber 」

Meiko said.

She’s not talking about condoms, but actual rubber.

We found a rubber tree, so I taught her the simple method of harvesting and manufacturing.

You scrape off the rubber tree and the sap called “latex” comes out.

Once solid, it becomes something that resembles rubber.

However, it’s called “raw rubber,” and it’s different from the rubber products sold in the market.

Raw rubber is weak to heat, and it gets out of shape easily.

Therefore, they mix sulfur with raw rubber to create the elastic rubber.

Elastic rubber is the publicly used rubber.

「 I’ll also help you out! 」

Kageyama raised his hand to Meiko’s remark.

He’s not in love with Meiko, he’s just a good guy.

「 Hey, hey, Karin, since we have free time come with me 」

Mana said. Karin agreed without asking the details.

「 It’ll help if we can teach new skills to the monkey army! 」

Mana’s got a special skill that makes her friends with animals, especially monkeys.

Monkeys gather around Mana, and so she trains them.

Her monkey army is outstanding and they contribute to our activities on a grand scale.

To think that they’re able to harvest the shrimp trap we have in the river.

「 Somehow, nobody wants to rest 」

Ten minutes after breakfast, the hideout’s empty.

「 It’s just us left now, Hinako 」

「 Yes, that’s right, Shinomiya-san 」

Hinako who’s been extremely shy is now able to speak to some extent.

At first, she couldn’t do anything without her sister, but nowadays, she can have a conversation independently.

Therefore, Meiko’s been working on stuff away from Hinako a lot of times.

「 Hinako, what’s your plan today? I’ll help you out 」

「 T-Then… 」

Hinako speaks about her business, showing modesty.