Easy Survival Life Chapter 043 Mizuno’s Repayment



「 That’s a variety of food! That’s amazing muscle! 」

「 There’s a huge stockpile, then stone tools and even pottery, it’s like a whole new level. Over 」

「 I’m surprised that there’s even baths and soap 」

「 And even enough spare clothes. Shinomiya Hokage, you’re a good leader 」

The five newcomers in the hideout are all moved.

That just shows how bad is the environment in the Sumeragi team.

No, it’s not that bad, it’s just that there are no advancements.

「 Still, thanks Amane for letting us off the hook 」

「 My mission is to provide a better environment for Ojou-sama. So, I’m letting it go. No need for thanks 」

Amane is Sofia’s bodyguard, so she’s aware of our scouting.

She even told us the specific date, time, and location, so I know that she’s not lying.

Still, Amane didn’t report it to Byakuya because she was weighing the alternative.

Wondering which is a better environment for Sofia, this one or Byakuya’s.

Furthermore, she had no intention to attack us.

After all, if Amane reported us to Byakuya, we would be at a checkmate.

There’s also another thing that Amane’s talk taught me.

It’s that there’s no danger of the Sumeragi team moving south.

If Byakuya’s moving out of his base, it’s likely moving to the north, not south.

That’s because there are a lot of caves in the north, and animals too.

Above all, Byakuya doesn’t know about the hideout.

Thus, there’s no reason to go to the south side where the caves and meat are scarce.

Next Day.

It’s Monday, 12th of August. 25 days since we came to this world.

We had breakfast in our hideout.

「 We’re going to take a look at everyone’s skills 」

The first thing to do is check the skills of our newcomers.

Currently, I know nothing other than Amane’s combat skills.

What I want are basically generalists.

I appreciate specialists excelling in one area, but what’s important is the overall ability.

I want those who are strong enough to survive on their own when the time comes.

「 The first step is to make a fire using tailspin and bow drill methods. Next, bronze and earthenware production. Lastly, I’ll teach you about traps in rivers and forests. As long as you live here, you need to learn those things at least 」

Nobody’s going to argue with that. Or so I thought.

「 Wait 」

Mizuno raised his hand.

「 What’s up? 」

「 Can’t you just give me another assignment? 」

Everyone’s surprised.

I also thought “What are you trying to say?”

「 What do you mean? 」

「 You mentioned it during the welcome party yesterday, Shinomiya. Our current goal is to build a ship big enough to carry us all and go to the island across the sea 」

I did say that.

That we confirmed an island beyond the sea on our first day in this world.

That going there is our goal.

However, it’s likely going to require a lot of work.

That’s because once you reach a certain distance from this island, the sea starts to get rough.

I checked it for a few days and it’s always the same distance.

To be specific, it’s halfway there and here.

I tried going through multiple angles but the result was still the same.

Therefore, we need a ship that can survive the rough sea.

Not a small boat, but a sailing ship like pirates.

「 I’m going to swim and see what’s going on the other island 」

「 「 「 ! 」 」 」

Everyone’s shocked.

「 The waves are going to be a lot harder than they are around here you know? 」

「 No problem 」

Mizuno speaks with a mature look.

Seems like he’s not saying this to show off.

「 You already know it, but I’m the Japanese representative in triathlons. The triathlon includes swimming across the sea. Unlike regular swimming, you’ll need to swim through rough waters. We swim across waves that will make professional surfers back off 」

Mizuno looked at Amane.

「 I think you know that, right? 」

Amane nods.

「 There’s no better than a triathlete when it comes to swimming through rough waters. If it’s just simply swimming ability, then he’s better than the navy seals 」

「 That’s right. So, I’m going to scout out the island on the other side. Besides, I don’t know how to make bronze or earthenware, but this is something I can do. Shinomiya, just like you, I also love survival. I have enough knowledge to survive 」

Now that’s some unexpected proposal.

I would like to just say “Thanks” with open arms, but I’m troubled.

Even if he breaks through the rough waters, there could be new problems.

We don’t know what’s on the other island.

「 I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried about me. But, it’s a problem that will come sooner or later. If we build a sailing boat to cross the other island, it will be dangerous not just for me, but also for the rest of the team. It would be wiser to send just one person to scout first rather than put everyone at risk from the beginning. Am I wrong? 」

Mizuno has a point.

But, I can’t just say “that’s true”

The other members rely on my judgment.

「 I understood it yesterday. You’re amazing, Shinomiya. It hasn’t been a month since we come to this world, and yet, you built up this much. I take my hat off to your knowledge, but your personality is what stands out. The food was so good it brought tears to my eyes, and the bath was nothing short of heavenly. I want to repay the favor to the best of my ability 」

Mizuno gives a fervent speech.

「 So, Shinomiya, let me go and scout it. I’ll swim across to the other island and check the situation. If I return, then that’s enough proof that I’m safe, and if I don’t, that shows that I’m in some kind of danger. No need for everyone to carry that risk 」

Mizuno’s words moved me.

I nodded, saying “I understand”

「 Mizuno, you’ll be in charge of scouting. Do you need anything? 」

「 Can you give me a few day’s worths of preserved food and one of Shinomiya’s water purification bottles? 」

「 Okay 」

I helped out Mizuno preparing before doing work today.

Mizuno puts a box of lacquerware and a water purifier bottle into his student bag.

The lacquerware was something we made beforehand and its intention is to hide supplies.

Inside the box are preserved food for a few days as requested by Mizuno.

「 You’re free to use my belongings as you see fit 」

His personal belongings are his swimming goggles and a waterproof smartphone.

All the rest are left at the hideout.

That said, it’s just textbooks, an empty lunch box, and a broken headphone.

「 It would take two days to cross the ocean and back, and a few days to survey the other side. Consider that it’ll take a week or two. If it took more than two weeks, then you have to revise your plans 」

Mizuno dashed out of the hideout and jumped to the sea.