Easy Survival Life Chapter 046 Maintenance (R18)



Amane guided me to the habitats of various animals.

At times like this, I get to be impressed by Amane’s skills.

「If you want some prey in this place, then this route would be safe」

Amane isn’t just going to the destination, but she’s also teaching me safe routes.

The safe route meant that you can’t meet anyone from the Sumeragi team.

In addition to that, she also taught me the times where the team Sumeragi is likely to come.

On the other hand, this time is safe for sure.

「I didn’t know wild birds are included in these talents」

Among the wild birds are some ducks and chickens included.

These are some exceptions that you’d start to doubt that they’re imported from the Earth.

This one is a breed between Mallard and Duck, and the chicken has a white leg.

The white leg is an abbreviation for White Leghorn Variety.

The eggs with white shells sold in supermarkets come from this guy.

It’s a white chicken with a distinctive redhead and is a result of repeated breeding efforts.

Meaning, if we can catch this white leg, then we can eat eggs that are almost as good as in Japan.

「We need to come up with a plan to capture the white legs soon 」

「White leg’s eggs are very nutritious and Ojou-sama will surely be pleased by it」

After that, we look around the habitats of the animals.

We also visited the habitats of fierce animals like tigers and lions, but we have no plans on capturing them.

We need to know where they are so we can avoid them in the future.

「Is that everything?」

Amane nodded.

「Then, let’s go back. It went faster than expected」

「I want to make a stop first, is that okay?」

Amane asked.

「I don’t mind, what’re you stopping at?」

I asked. Amane replied, “cave” and nothing else.

I don’t know what cave she’s talking about. Is it Shinomiya cave? Or Asakura cave?

I didn’t get to name the cave to her.

For now, I just followed her silently.

「It’s this one」

Amane didn’t come to Shinomiya nor Asakura cave.

「Looking at it geographically, this is where Sofia and Amane started?」


Just as I thought, this is the cave where the two of them woke up on.

Far from the Shinomiya cave, it has less depth than the Asakura cave.

However, going a bit deeper inside and you can’t see the entrance anymore.

「Come here」

Amane walks further down the cave.

I don’t know her intentions but I don’t feel fear.

There should be no problem even if a lion attack since I’m with Amane.

「There’s nothing here though?」

There’s nothing when we arrived in the depths.

It’s just a flat structure, there’s not even light around.

It’s still daytime, but the darkness is almost night here.

「Shionomiya Hokage, accompany me in my trianing」


「I couldn’t do it when Ojou-sama was present」

Saying that Amane pushed my body.

I tried to push her back by reflex, but she defended using her mysterious battle technique.


During that moment of surprise, Amane began taking off my pants.

She drops it to the ground.

Then, this time, she touched my penis on top of my briefs.

「Kiryuuin house had been guarding the Heitsu house for generations. The mission of Kiryuuin house is to protect them with our lives, but with a far closer distance than bodyguards」

Heitsu house, that’s the family name of Sofia’s father.

The family that founded the world’s largest company, Micron Software, is the Heitsu family.

「That’s why I’m born with all the fighting skills I need. I’ve also been trained against poisons so even if I lick cyanide, I won’t die」

「That’s a monster」

Amane continued her act, ignoring what I said.

After lightly stroking my penis to make it swell, she lowered my briefs.

My half-erect penis shows up, and she slowly started to stroke it with her left hand.

「Kiryuuin house isn’t an ordinary bodyguard. We’re friends at times, and when necessary, we’re also used as tools for sexual urges」

「So you mean, sex?」

「If Ojou-sama was a man, and if she wished for it, yes. We’ve received special training for such. Unfortunately, Ojou-sama isn’t a man, but a woman, and she doesn’t want me to handle her sexual needs, so I’m still a virgin」

Amane speaks out the word “virgin” without shame.

「Therefore, it’s likely that my skills to take care of sexual urges have declined. You may have already guessed it but I’ll say it. Shinomiya Hokage, join me in my special training. Do you understand now?」

「So you mean to say that you want to have sex with me?」

「Yes. Just like knives, skills also need maintenance. I haven’t used my sexual skills in a long time」

「And so you want me to help out with your maintenance?」

「Do you mind?」

「I won’t allow doing it raw. It’s a problem if you get pregnant. We’re still lacking in hands」

Amane laughed.

「There’s no need to worry. My body can’t get pregnant」


「Pregnancy hinders my bodyguard work. Therefore, the women of the Kiryuuin house undergo the procedure so we can’t get pregnant. Thus, we adopt a more scientific method of reproduction instead of sexual intercourse. Now you have no reason to refuse, do you?」

「Well yes, but I feel sorry for you now」

「I often hear that, but if you ask me, I’m satisfied」

「I see」

Amane’s gentle hand job got my penis ready.

She doesn’t fear becoming pregnant so I had no reason to refuse either.

「Forgive me if I’m doing it poorly though」

I said, and I began foreplay.

I undressed Amane and leaned her on the wall.

I sucked on her breast and nipples.


Amane moaned.

That’s a surprise to me.

I thought that she’d be silent.

I think that she’s acting out those moans to please her partner.

Even thinking so, those moans get me excited.

「AS expected, just training is enough to tense me up」

「D-Don’t stare soo much, it’s embarrassing」

Amane’s embarrassed.

I don’t know if she’s acting at all.

If she’s acting, then her skills are enough to reach Hollywood.

It’s enough to deceive an amateur like me.


When I licked her navel, Amane leaked another good moan.

She holds her mouth with her right hand and swinging her flushed face left and right.

She’s now pigeon-toed that it’s like she’s going to fall off any moment.

「You’re really wet」

「Shut up, shut up」

I placed my finger on her pussy and she’s already wet.

She’s so wet that you’d think that one spread lotion on her.

I used my right middle finger to caress Amane’s clitoris.


Amane collapsed.

Her pigeon toes fall off and she fell forward to me.

Her wheezing disordered face is facing my penis.

「Suck it」

I ordered her, getting carried away


Amane followed the order without getting angry.


I think she’s asking if it feels good.

Were these instructions she’s following? Her speaking has become polite.

That’s intriguing.

「Yeah, it’s the best」

I watched Amane lick me for a while.

However, the satisfaction is gradually losing that I started moving my hips.

My 20cm magnum reached Amane’s throat.


Amane’s choked magnificently.

Saliva starts dripping from the corner of her mouth.

Even so, she doesn’t stop fellating.

「If this goes on, I’ll cum in your mouth」

The main objective right now is to ejaculate inside Amane.

That’s why she’ll be angry if I finished on her mouth.


「M-My legs」

「Just stand up」

I forcibly made Amane stand up.

Her legs are trembling like she’s a newborn fawn.

「Turn back, put your hands on the wall」

「L-Like this?」

Amane did as I told her.

「Raise your ass higher」

I put my hand on Amane’s hips and slowly pull it up.

Her upper body lowers and her ass sticks out.

「Here I go」

My fully erect penis pierces Amane’s pussy.


As soon as my penis went in, Amane’s body twitched.


I haven’t even swung my hips and yet, Amane’s body is twitching.

Maybe it’s the result of her training that it doesn’t hurt her even if she’s a virgin.

That just makes my heart happy.

「That’s a really lewd reaction」

I slowly swing my hips.

Amane moans loudly in response.

Her coquettish voice raises my tension.

「That’s great. Amane, Amane, Amane!」

Before I noticed, my swings are getting intense.

「I’m about to cum」

「Do it inside」

「Noo, I’ll do it outside」

I’m teasing her.


「I won’t let you escape」

Amane’s vagina clamped incredibly tight.

She’s already real tight so far, and yet, it got stronger.

She’s pressuring my erect penis.


The pleasure is too amazing that I really can’t escape from this

Just a bit of movement is enough to ascend me, that I ejaculated in the speed of sound.


I released a fearsome amount of semen.

「Now that’s a creampie, it’s completely different from using a condom」

After being dominated by overwhelming pleasure, I pull out my soft penis.

Then the mouth below that my penis was inside earlier is dripping out semen.


I sighed and sat down in front of Amane.

「That was amazing」

After ejaculating, I tried to put on my briefs and pants.

But, Amane stopped me.

「Give some on my mouth too」

Surprisingly, Amane started cleanup fellatio.

She coils her arm around my hips and attacks me intensely.

My penis that’s tired after its task is forced to regenerate.

Then, she brought it to ejaculation in a flash.


Amane squeezes my penis with her right hand and slowly removed her mouth.

After taking off her mouth from my penis, she stopped her right hand and opened her mouth.

Her mouth is filled with semen that you won’t think it’s the second shot.


Amane swallowed my semen without hesitation.

She’s soaked with semen in both her mouths, above and below.

The desire for dominance and monopoly was satisfied, and that wasn’t bad.

「Amane, I’ll accompany you in your maintenance next time」

I said. Amane replied coldly with “Can’t be helped”


  1. Kimochii Desuka? You can probably guess what that means anyway