Easy Survival Life Chapter 050 Kitchen Garden



We placed the planter near the lake.

It’s become the atrium and so sunlight comes in, and it is easy to water too.

We don’t have to worry about the sea breeze stirring it up either.

「 We’re to water them every morning. I think that the first bloom will be in a month and a half, and in another two months, it’ll be ready for harvest 」

I explained how to take care of the planters to everyone.

Watering only needs to be done once a day and we plan to take turns

「 So, what can we do with them once they grow? 」

Arisa asks.

Nobody other than me knows what we planted.

So, I kept it a secret.

That said, I think some of them already found out what it is.

Karin and Sofia are both experienced gardeners.

Also, Amane, who serves as Sofia’s bodyguard.

「 The hint is this stick 」

The planter has a wooden stick piercing it.

「 As the crop grows, we’ll tie the main branches to these sticks with string. Otherwise, it won’t grow straight up, and the quality will deteriorate greatly 」

「 That means the fruit is heavy. Then, is it eggplant? 」

Mana is on the right track.

It won’t be weird to answer eggplant with all the hints I gave them.

Eggplants need support to fix them.

「 The correct answer is tomato 」

「 「 「 Tomato! 」 」 」

Everyone cheered.

Especially the head chef, Eri.

She’s already imagining the new color of food she could add.

Karin and Sofia makes a face that says “I knew it”

「 Tomatoes are easy to grow, even for a novice vegetable gardener. Not much to learn, and you don’t need much time either. After all, just water it in the morning and you can leave it alone 」

「 You also have to pick the shoots in the middle of the day, but that’s also easy 」

Sofia added.

I nodded, saying “that’s right”

「 The harvest is about four months from now. It’s August 20 today so December will be the harvest time. If the climate is the same as Japan, then winter will start around that time, and so it will be great to add variations to our preserved food 」

「 It would be nice if we can go back to Japan by then 」

Arisa said jokingly.

「 Didn’t we promise not to talk about that? 」

The back of Mana’s hand slaps Arisa’s chest.

Arisa’s huge breasts jiggled from that.

The boys, including me, let out a stupid voice.

「 Don’t look you perverts! 」

Then, Arisa gave the bastards a good beating.

The waterway building finished the evening on the second day.

The VIP in this one is definitely Amane.

Cutting down the bamboo with her hand knife was a great contribution.

Thanks to that, I sent everyone but Sofia and Amane to the waterway team on the second day.

As a general rule, we bury the bamboo tube for the waterway with soil.

The exceptions are the entrance to the river and the exit in front of the farm.

「 What’s left is this… 」

I make a slit on top of the bamboo on the exit part.

Then, I put a round bronze plate I made in advance.

The hole in the tube is snapped shut.

「 With this, we can control the water in the tubes 」

「 When did you make these boards? 」

Meiko, who’s standing behind me, asks.

Everyone on the team gathered around her.

「 Yesterday. I was the only one working on the hideout yesterday, remember? I made it back then. Hinako helped me out a bit. 」

Hinako nodded with her hands forming a fist.

「 Now we can regulate the water in the canal, and all we have to do is run the water to check it 」

We all moved to the river.

Then, I connected the bamboo tube at the entrance.

「 「 「 Ooooh!!! 」 」 」

Everyone cheered.

The water from the river flows in.

「 I hope this goes smoothly 」

We just arrived but we’re going back to the farmland again.

The sun is beginning to set and so we rushed to the site.

(Oh, this sound…)

I’m already sure of our success before we reached our destination.

I can hear the sound of flowing water.

Even so, I’m impressed when I saw it.

「 There’s river water flowing in! Wow! 」

Arisa shouted.

「 We built a canal without using heavy machinery! 」

Tanaka’s also excited.

It’s not fake, but a heartfelt excitement.

「 It’s amazing! Shinomiya-dono! You really made a waterway! 」

That’s rare, Kageyama shouted.

「 It’s not me but everyone did this 」

I used my hands to scoop the river water flowing from the bamboo tube.

I sniffed, and there’s no unusual odor.

Nothing was mixing along the way, which is proof that the water is flowing smoothly.

「 The waterway is complete. Tomorrow, we’ll be making arable land. We’re still doing preliminary work, but let’s keep up the pace 」

「 「 「 Roger! 」 」 」

Crop cultivation started extremely favorably.

Besides, we know that team Sumeragi is in a crushing state.

According to Kageyama’s scouting, the cold seems to be more prevalent than we imagined.

Those who were healthy at the start are also getting infected with colds.

It’s only a matter of time before their civilization is destroyed.

Even so, there are still some grounds for concern for us.

Even when the crops do well, and team Sumeragi destroys itself, the anxiety is still there.

If that’s the case.

「 He didn’t come back today either 」

「 I’m worried 」

「 How long has it been since he left? 」

「 It’s the eighth day today, Ojou-sama 」

-Mizuno Eitaro hasn’t come back

Mizuno said that he’ll return in one to two weeks.

That’s why it’s not weird if he hasn’t come back today.

Still, it wasn’t weird that it’s time for him to return.

(I’m having a bad hunch)

For some reason…

I think that Mizuno won’t return, I think.

Or so my perception tells me.

But I don’t have any logical reason.

Unfortunately, my intuition is often right.

(I just hope that it’s a miss this time)

I pray for Mizuno’s safety, and we retired in our beds.