Easy Survival Life Chapter 053 Shredder and Sorting



Making a thousand-tooth thresh is easy.

To put it simply, all you have to do is build in a tree a triangular prism shape and then put some bronze spikes at the top.

If we’re being specific, then…

Assemble four sticks so they’re leaning against each other and fix the intersection with another wood.

Then, you insert numerous bronze spikes into the wood used to fix and you’re done.

It’s better if you could make a step stool so you can easily use your legs when working.

Making it is easy, using it is easy too.

As the name implies, the tooth-like bronze spikes are used to pinch the rice from the roots.

Then, you pull back as hard as you can so only the seed rice will fall out.

It’s a good idea to place a basket in front of this for easy retrieval.

「 And that’s how you use it 」

「 「 「 Oooh!!! 」 」 」

I demonstrated how to thresh and they all cheered.

「 I feel like I’ve seen this in some historical dramas 」

「 Yes, that, I thought so too! 」

Eri said. Mana agreed.

So even normie girls watch historical dramas. I thought to myself.

「 We only have one of these at the moment so I’ll do the threshing 」

「 What do we do? 」

「 Mana will have the monkey army collect various materials. Especially since we’re running out of Bronze, make them gather more copper and tin 」

「 Ryo! 」

Mana runs off the hideout.

At the same time, I hear voices saying “Ukiki” together with the waves.

She’s already called the monkey army.

「 Hinako can focus on her crafts. Eri on cooking. Yoshi Okada, you’ll support Eri. Once you’re done and have some extra time, you can start working on your blueprints 」

「 Okay, Hokage-san 」

「 Leave it to me 」

「 I’ll do my best! Over 」

Everyone started their assigned work.

「 Well then, what’s left is to do my best in threshing. 」

You need more strength in threshing than you imagine.

I’m wondering if there’s any flaw in the structure since I only made it from imitating.

Naturally, it was my first time ever making it.

Since the desert survival tours are only a few days long at most, we’re not going to start growing rice there.

「 Shinomiya-sama, can you let me do it? 」

Sofia comes over while I’m silently threshing.

I misunderstood that she meant sex so I got a light erection.

I look at myself objectively and thought that I’m such a sexual predator.

It can’t be helped. I’m a high schoolboy.


I thought to myself “I’m saved.”

The work of handling the threshing was quite demanding for me.

It uses already a lot of my strength, furthermore, it hurts my hips.

The platform isn’t too high so I had to bend down.

Maintaining that posture will inevitably cause back pain.

「 Do you know how to use it? 」

「 Of course 」

Sofia’s much shorter than me.

She’s about the same as Hinako, which is about 150cm.

I think that her height is just perfect for threshing.

「 This is fun 」

Gikogiko, gikogiko.

Sofia’s threshing the rice with a joyful expression.

Meanwhile, I bend my back, healing my hips.

「 Did handicrafts not suit you? 」

I asked obliquely.

I wanted her to be in the handicrafts group.

But, if she doesn’t want it, then I’ll have to reconsider.

「 No, that’s not it 」

I see.

「 It’s just that I want to experience more things. Back when we were on earth, I can’t do and move as I please 」

「 You’re a young lady of one of the world-renowned manager after all 」

「 That’s why I transferred to a school in Japan, where it was safer and there was less risk of kidnapping, but I still felt pretty bored. Perhaps it’s because I’m selfish by nature 」

Sofia transferred only several months ago.

If I recall, it was when the new school term was just starting, about April.

She probably never thought that she’d experience an otherworld transfer within six months of transferring schools.

「 This world is amazing. You can live on your own, and working together with friends can be fun too. Amane’s giving me a lot of freedom and I’m happy to be able to do work on something I’ve only seen in books.

Sofia uses the thousand tooth thresh with a face that’s having genuine fun.

That’s why I said, “I see.” With a soft smile.

「 Man, I made you do the rest of the threshing, sorry 」

「 No, I’m the one who asked to do it. Please do not mind 」

Sofia finished threshing.

The wide mouth basket in front of the threshing is full of seed rice.

I carried the basket.

「 I’ll sow the seeds. Sofia, if you could do some work in the hideout, that would be great. I’ll let you take care of the minor stuff, but if you don’t like it, just go with handicrafts. We only have the Asakura sisters as our handicrafts so it’s a problem when we’re at an emergency 」

「 Certainly 」

I finished my conversation with Sofia and went to the farm outside the hideout.

On the way, the wind blowing from the sea blew some of the seed rice away.

While I feel sad from that, another feeling arises.

「 It’s beautiful 」

The seed flying in the sky flew in circles, and it’s beautiful.

Combined with the golden sunset, it’s kind of a work of art.

「 Oh right, I forgot 」

I was reminded of this when I saw the rice that flew away.

We shouldn’t sow the seeds in the farmland as they were.

That said, we can’t develop them like modern-day rice beds.

「 We’ll have to sort them out 」

I forgot to sort the seeds.

They may look the same but in fact, they’re different, there are superior and inferior seeds.

It’s easy to find out which ones are better.

「 Hokage-kun, did you forget something? 」

Eri called me out when I returned to the hideout.

I nodded to her question.

「 Do we have excess salt? 」

「 We do, you’re using them? 」

「 No, I’m going to use the seawater we’ve been saving for salt extraction 」

I move to the bucket where the seawater’s pumped in.

Then, I dumped a large number of seeds into the earthenware.

「 Eeeeeh?! Is it okay to do that? 」

Eri’s shocked.

Sofia and the Asakura sisters, who were working on handicrafts, stopped and took a look.

「 It’s a necessary process. We’re sorting the seeds 」

「 Sorting the seeds? 」

「 Take a look, can you see it? 」

I show the bucket to Eri.

She’s startled for a while, then she realized.

「 Some floats, and some sinks 」

「 Right? The floating ones are bad seeds 」

The only way to tell the difference between superior and inferior seeds is to soak them in seawater.

The floating seed rice is of low quality because it has no substance, and the sinking seed rice is the good stuff.

That’s why we’re removing all the floating seeds.

「 The more we sort and sow, the better the crops will become 」

「 Did we learn that in school? 」

「 Of course not 」

「 Thought so. It’s also different in survival. Why do you know this? 」

「 Well, I wished for a kind of life like this. My dream is to buy a deserted island and live a primitive life there 」

「 Ahaha, Hokage-kun’s so humble, this is amazing 」

I sorted all the seeds.

Once again, only the seed that passed the test remains in the basket.

Thanks to submerging it in seawater, it’s heavier and it won’t fly away in the wind.

The bad seeds we removed will be used to feed the animals.

「 We sorted them out now, I don’t think I’ve forgotten anything else 」

I muttered ‘good’ to myself and left the hideout.

I went to the rice field and sowed the seeds.

This is a primitive method of sowing seeds directly without relying on a nursery bed.

Just a bit more before dinner.

It’s a little early, but our work for today is over.

I look at the paddy field after sowing the seeds with the farmland group.

「 It’s now a rice field!! 」

Arisa said smilingly.

Her eyes follow the flock of ducks swimming in the fields.

「 The ducks stopped running now 」

「 They gave us a hard time! 」

Tanaka and Kageyama made the ducks learn their territory.

Their hard work kept the ducks from the paddies.

Whenever they move to the edge of the field, they turn around and change the angle.

It’s like they’re running into a transparent wall in-game.

「 What’s left is to return to the hideout and have dinner, but before that 」

I waited.

For someone to come back.

「 I think that she’ll come back in ten minu-oh, she’s back 」

Nice timing.

「 How was it, Amane? 」

I was waiting for Amane.

She went and scouted the area where she heard the gunshot.

Amane’s making the same blank face.

But, she speaks something shocking.

「 Sumeragi Reito pulled the trigger 」

「 Not Byakuya but Reito. So, who did he shoot? 」

「 His brother 」

「 「 「 Eh? 」 」 」

Everyone’s shocked.

「 Sumeragi Reito shot Sumeragi Byakuya 」