Easy Survival Life Chapter 006 Humans vs Tiger



「 Speaking of which, where did the perverted monkey go? 」

I asked while we’re heading back to the cave.

The monkey burying his face on Mana’s tits disappeared before I noticed.

When we were in the sea, he’s already gone.

「 Perverted monkey? Do you mean Rita? 」

「 Rita? Did you give it a name? 」

「 We get along so it’s natural that I give him one 」

Mana looked up and shouted “Rita”

「 Ukiki!! 」

Then, the perverted monkey appears out of nowhere.

It jumped off the monkey dexterously and jumps to Mana.

The monkey used its limbs to cling to her and place it’s head to her breasts.

After all that sexual harassment, the monkey looked at me and grinned.

I’m jelly. That’s rude!

「 You look like you’ve been friends for years 」

「 It’s because it’s my special skill 」

Mana looked at Rita and showed a merry smile.

「 Mana, can you give that perverted monkey orders? 」

「 It’s not the perverted monkey, it’s Rita 」

She demands me to correct myself.

「 O-Okay, so, can you give Rita orders? 」

「 I dunno but I think I can. What do you want? 」

「 I want him to go ahead and check if the tiger is still in the cave. Also, it would help a lot if he could check if there are any more wild animals around the area 」

I have two requests.

But, the main one is to check the situation in the cave.

If the tiger’s gone from the cave, that will be troublesome.

As for the latter, there should be no problems even if we can’t check it.

I didn’t sense any wild animals that break twigs and weed on the ground.

I use the skills American special forces use and so it’s a safe bet.

That said, I’m still inexperienced in inspecting so I can’t assert it.

「 I’ll try it 」

After saying that, Mana pulls Rira off her.

Then, she wraps the monkey in her hands and speaks to it gently.

「 Rita, can you go to the cave over there and check if the tiger is still there? And if possible, check if there are any other wild animals around 」

「 Uki! Ukikiki! 」

Rita nods twice and gets off Mana’s arms.

Just when I was wondering what it would do, it jumped on me.

「 H-Hey! You?! 」

He scaled to my head as I was surprised.

「 Hey! You bastard! 」

「 Ukikikiki!!! 」

Rita peed on my head.

Then, the monkey jumped off my head and climbed a tree.

「 Gyahahaha! Ninja got hit by ninja art! 」

Arisa laughed out loudly.

「 It’s because it’s a perverted monkey 」

Mana looks fed-up.

「 Wash your head Hokage-kun or it’ll smell later 」

「 I guess a survival master is no match against an animal of nature 」

Eri and Kari are also laughing.

「 Geez 」

I sighed.

「 Well, if he’s going to do his job then that’s good enough 」

Whether I forgive the monkey or not depends on the results.

If the monkey did the job without any issues, I’ll let this wash away.

But, if the monkey’s a fool who can’t do that job, I’ll let him wash away on the river.

「 Ukikiki! 」

After a short while, Rita came back.

「 How is it? Was the tiger in the cave? 」

「 Uki! Ukikiki!! 」

Rita nods and then makes some gestures.

All while he’s speaking a monkey language.

I see. I don’t get what this monkey said.

「 The tiger’s in the cave and there’s no other wild animal around 」

「 You understood that? 」

I retorted unconsciously.

Mana’s aptitude with animals is truly wonderful.

Anyway, he’s done his job so I’ll forgive him.

「 Anyway, let’s head to the cave. I’ll tell you the plan when we’re close 」

「 Plan? Are we going to fight the tiger? 」

Eri looks surprised.

「 Of course. We need everyone or we can’t win against the tiger 」

「 But I’m just an ordinary JK. I don’t have any experience in fighting 」

「 Don’t worry. I’m not going to ask you four to do any punching or kicking 」

The girl group tilts their head and I tell them the plan

There exists this idea about an animal power relationship.

A quick way to make them surrender to power.

Animals have a high learning ability and so just beating them out is enough to keep you safe.

They’ll think that humans are dangerous and they’ll stop trying to get close to us.

However, we can’t use that method.

In case we had a contest of strength with it, we’re completely inferior.

Once we lose, it’ll see humans as easy prey.

If that’s the case, it’ll come attacking us every encounter.

Therefore, we will repel the tiger with another method.

「 Good, good, it’s asleep 」

We check the situation in the cave.

The tiger’s in there, sleeping as usual.

The time is about 1900, it’s getting darker by the minute.

「 Everyone, you know the plan, right? 」

「 We do, but is this going to be okay? 」

Mana asks worriedly.

The other three make the same face.

「 If we fail, the tiger’s going to eat all of us, right? 」

Arisa who gets carried away easily shows a serious look.

「 Well yeah. But, if we can’t repel the tiger here, no place is safe. Humans can’t sense the presence of animals who are crawling to get us. If we sleep in the forest, they’ll eat us before we notice them 」

I’m well aware of the odds.

However, we can’t escape from this.

「 We need to prepare for the worst. We’re going to repel that tiger for our safety 」

I take out an object from my bag.

This cylinder is my secret weapon for this fight.

「 Everyone ready? 」

I perform a final check.

If we get scared in this operation then it’s over.

We all need to go all out.

「 It’s okay 」「 I’ll do my best 」「 Good 」「 Anytime 」

The four replied with a tense face.

「 Let’s go 」

We all jumped in as soon as I gave the signal.

「 Garuu? 」

The tiger noticed us and opens up his eyes.

After sighting our appearances, it opened its eyes wide.

「 Now! 」

I threw out my secret weapon. A smoke bomb.

It created an intense light and colored smoke. It’s a modern convenience of modern society.

I have two smoke bombs in my bag, we’re going to use it today

「 Garuu?! 」

The smoke bomb starts releasing an intense pink blaze.

The surprise attack, in addition to the intense pink blaze, gives the tiger an intense shock.

I’m not letting that opportunity go to waste.

「 Let’s go! One two! 」

I give the signal for the next attack.

Everyone opened their mouth wide and then…

「 「 「 「 「 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! 」 」 」 」 」

Everyone screamed.

Screamed so much that it hurts our throats.

「 Gau! Garuaaa!! 」

The tiger’s fur all stand on their end then it jumped out, escaping as fast as possible.

It didn’t look back this way, it just ran away to the depths of the forest at full speed.

「 I-It escaped 」

Mana and the girls are surprised after confirming that the tiger backed off.

「 I’m worried about what would happen but it went smoothly 」

It’s a method of coping when you can’t fight in a contest of strength.

It’s to show how dangerous you are using other ways to attack the enemy.

A surprise attack, and fire, an animal’s natural enemy, and a loud voice. Etc…

Furthermore, since it ran away, it’s opponent is a threat in their mind.

It couldn’t make a calm judgment and just escaped thinking that we’re dangerous.

「 So, will the tiger not come back after us? 」

I nodded saying “Hopefully” to Mana’s question.

「 As long as we don’t lose in a straight-up fight, we should be okay. Although, it depends on how much the tiger fears us. For now, I can say that we’re going to be okay today, we can take it easy in our sleep 」

And so, we successfully took back the cave.