Isekai Taneuma Chapter 23 Mira 1


I only went to Turna’s place two days and got bored with the hidden dates after.
I noticed that it’s not that risky.
Therefore, I’m having Mira suck me in the work room instead.

「You’ve gotten better

Mira is sending me an upward glance.
This girl’s fellatio face is beautiful.
She just sucks without caring if there’s hair entering her mouth.
Then, she holds the ejaculation in her throat when I ejaculate and spits it on a maid.
Though her stomach would be hit splendidly, the maid’s complexion doesn’t change.


When Mira says that the maid will clean up.
It looks like that she hates it but the maid’s thought is different.

(Job, job)

She’s strangely much more pleased than usual.

「Suck it again」

There’s only around twenty who would be pleased when you tell them that.

I came three times from mouth alone.
It’s totally wasted but that’s not a problem at all.
Female slaves that are in need of creampies are out of stock.

「Sorry about that. I’ll prepare some women」
「I’m fine doing with Mira’s mouth everyday though」
「Hmm, it makes me feel relieved when you say that. But, where did Turna buy the female slaves?…It has completely disappeared from the market, have you heard anything about it?」

For the few days Turna was gone, the creampie female slaves have dried up.
The women according to my taste prepared until now has disappeared.
Today, it’s been a while since I embraced the loli dwarf.
I shook my head as I don’t know where to purchase them.

「Hmmm, if this continues then we’ll prepare a daruma tomorrow」
「Please spare me from that, Daruma’s a trauma」
「Oh, I’ve heard it from Turna. She said you were swinging your hips while crying. But weren’t you erect back then?」
「The brave skill was a big success that time」

Mira nods as she’s convinced.
Then she changed the topic.

「I see that you bastard have recovered from swinging your hips to Turna these past few days. Are you already okay?」
「When did I get rejected?」
「When you were rejected by Milanjo house, that’s how you look like. Then, what about now?」
「Well…I’m a stud with no income. Any parent would oppose if they treasure their daughter. Rather I think that he’s a parent with a reliable thought」

Mira thought of something then nods.

「A no income stud, your value is horrible」
「This is because you were giving such a treatment There’s no way I can accept the treatment I want right now!」

Mira turned her eyes of doubt.

「Then are you saying that you were dissatisfied by the treatment of princess and us the first time you embraced us?」
「Hey, say if you’re dissatisfied. Considering all the skills that have been manifested in the princess and Turna, you can be out of the bottom. Hora hora, what will you do? You can get out of the bottom you know」

Mira pokes my nipples.
Nothing comes here even if I get stubborn.

「I look forward to your long relationship」

It’s frustrating but I bow down.
Mira seems satisfied.
She stands up and said.

「If you bastard play too much, the numerical difference with Turna will increase. It can’t be helped, I’ll ask Turna directly」
「Yeah, about the slaves」
「Umu, you’re free even though it’s still morning. I will be going to Milanjo house」

Mira wears her clothes.
Then, she went out of the room without saying anything.
What’s left is the maid and I.

「Want to lick? Want to put it in?」
「Then, how about putting it in after licking it?」

Even though it’s the first time, that was my talk with the maid.

A short time after Mira went out of the room./
Furthermore, I haven’t taken lunch or talked with Artesia and others.
Naomi and Umi are taking a nap when I return home so I massaged her apples.

I think while massaging…I’m bored.

「Hmmm…don’t surprise me. Takuma-kun…do you want a fellatio? It’s bad if I get wet while lying down」
「I’m tired with mouths so no, I’m bored since work’s done」
「Is that so? That’s rare. Then, go to the orc village and embrace everyone. How about that?」
「Hmmm, but the former high school girls aren’t that arousing」
「Wow, what luxury」
「But, you know don’t you?」

Naomi agrees while yawning.

「I know that there’s a lot of beauties here. Their standard score is high」

The talk ends from that.
It’s an awkward air but the other side is blunt.
She’s still half-asleep
I’m in the way so I’ll go somewhere else

「I’m bored so I’m going to check Yukari’s stone」
「Take care, I’ve been sleeping recently…」

Naomi goes back to the dream world again. The idea is happiness itself.
I go to the magic guild.

When I enter the magic guild building, the Onee-san receptionist is looking at me with a grin.
Then, I move up and enter that room.
Ten or more shining stones are proof of lives.
A bright red stone is shining remarkably.
Confirming her safety, the sighs of relief has increased.


Me, Umi until twenty years old, and Naomi, it has increased to three.
I feel strange than relieved when I look at this.

But still, this stone in this room has a much more number of people than before.

「Mira, do your best」

Is what those people pray.
As half of the stones are being prayed on, it’s somewhat creepy.
I tried to grasp the situation by reading their minds but they’re only paying, and talking only to air.
Then a stranger came in.


It’s a girl who used cleaning magic when I was in prison.
She’s Yukari’s friend.

「Please let me pray too」

Izuha-chan says then she claps her hands and stand on her knees in front of Yukari’s stone.
Then, she closed her eyes.
And made some mutters.
She’s praying to god.
It seems that it has some blessings so I will copy it.
Izuha-chan who prayed enough stopped, rose and tried to leave.
I detain her.

「Sorry, Izuha-chan」
「What is it?」

She tilts her head and makes a strange look.

「I’m wondering because the atmosphere is different from when I came here before」
「So you came without knowing. We can’t talk here, let’s go somewhere else」

Izuha-chan goes outside. Then, we occupied the empty space we found.

「Yesterday, the life stone of a quasi-second class wizard was broken. Since they were participating in the Mirod recapture operation, the officials are gathering people in the same operation began to worry」
「I see. Then is Yukari okay?」
「The battle line is collapsing when I checked the guild just now, perhaps something unexpected happened」
「Thanks for the information」
「No problem, please let Yukari be safe」

Then Izuha-chan prayed again.
I waited for her to end.
Once again, we go back to the room and look at the stonr again.
I’m free anyway so I’ll spend it in this room.
The people watching over hasn’t reduced but continue to increase.
I stay in that room until dusk but not a single stone broke.

「It seems that today was safe」

Saying that, I left the room.
The other people imitated.

On the way home, in front of the Shusted house.
That was sudden.

「Gahahahaha, what a coincidence. Stop by and be welcome」

At the moment my shoulder was grasped, sweat flowed from my back.

Garcia Shusted.

The handshake demon
A lump of muscle was there.
I wonder if his equipment are ax breastplate and a waistcloth.
He’ll equip those casually.

I don’t have the courage to say that I’d decline.
Let’s see the real intention with my mind’s eye. I want to be safe.

(Gahaha, I picked up a toy)

I can’t be relieved!

I was let go to a room different from the previous one.
What’s there is a woman looking like Mira’s elder sister.
A mole under her eye, and even her dress is sexy.
She called Mira her daughter so she must be the mother.

Carina Shusted

A black wavy hair.
I can perceive her feeling in her chest.
A slender woman, is her fortune a little bit thin?
She’s 34 years old but I can only see her at 20’s.

「Gar, who’s this man?」
「You wanted to see Mira’s lover don’t you? I found and captured him」
「That’s no good. Don’t do that」
「Sorry. But, I thought that Mira would be pleased too」
「Fufu, right. Next time, please invite him without capturing him okay?」

The two are flirting.
It’s exactly like beauty and the beast.
Carina thanked by slightly raising her skirt just like a noble.

「I’m Garcia Shusted’s wife, Carina Shusted」

A beautiful smile.

「Soumoto Takuma. An otherworlder that came from the country called Japan and a slave and lover of the first princess, Christina」

She’ll going to look at me like a trash, I thought.
But, Carina returned with a smile.
There’s no color of contempt there.

「Thank you for being polite. I was also a slave until I was 15. Gar picked me up and became a noble, but since my insides haven’t changed, please be at ease with me」
「Thank you for your concern」
「Right. For the time being, please meet Melmy.1 She’s very cute.」

It’s Mira and my daughter.

「By all means」

I, Carina and Garcia made perfect marks.
This room has the nanny and Melmy.

「Thanks for your hard work」

Carina says then takes Melmy
A black haired girl.
She doesn’t look like me at all.

「She’ll be a beauty like her mother in the futue」
「Right, how’s the breast size in your family line?」
「It’s quite large」
「Then, I want her to resemble that」
「Idiot, isn’t it obvious that she’ll have flat chest」
「You’re the only one who says that. You should be able to understand it」
「What about you boy? You like Mira’s breast don’t you?」

If you ask me then I’ll say I love it. It has good sensitivity.

「Of course I do」
「My, I wonder if it’s demanded enough?」

Carina’s seriously worried.
But still, Melmy’s status is completely a muscle brain.
Her skill is『swordsman』
And a beauty.
She’ll definitely become a beautiful female knight.

Then, fun time without shaking hands, without drinking alcohol begins to pass.
Then when they got bored, they threw me on Mira’s room.

「A boy okay? A boy!」
「Good luck」
「Why did you enter from there?」

Unable to respond to the three people’s simultaneous attack, I sighed.

Combing her hair carefully.
It’s my first time seeing that white negligee.

「I see. Father caught you?」

Mira closes the open window

「You look good in that」
「It was expensive. I’ve splurged a bit. That’s why I’m happy that you praised it」

The wooden bed can never be called fluffy.
She sits there and beckons with a soft smile.
I enter the futon and hold hand and face each other.

「About the slaves, it’s said that they go purchase on other countries using a transfer gate. Tell me your preferences」
「Oh, my preference?」
「Yeah, my style would be perfect if I had big breasts」
「Turna’s got some observant eyes」
「I wish I had bigger chests」

Troubled to react, Mira looks at me with a serious face.


I was shocked when I hear that word.
It’s something I want to hear
What’s the situation in the Mirod recapture?

「Do you remember the talk about Mirod?」
「The recapture operation?」
「No, the talk and explanation with the princess before the recapture」

Oh, the lecture Turna had on the bed?

「The defensive line?」
「Oh, you remember?」
「Of course, that remained in my memory. The undead attack and the political strife. In the meantime, the they crossed the castle and it was their ruin」
「That’s right. It’s said that the troubles between the nobles was a love affair. It seems they had a dispute which house will welcome the most beautiful noble daughter in Mirod」
「Then, they didn’t care even if they were destroyed?」
「Isn’t that right? But, our country’s been laughing too much. In the case of our country, the royalty and the noble are in a heated argument on whether accepting the marriage of a noble lady and a lover. I’m not interested but it just made a disaster in Mirod. The royal family and Milanjol marquis family had a deep connection that there are quite a few inquiries. The anxiety emerges out of the nobles」
「Hmm, that’s tough…」

Though I’m the lover coming out of that story but that doesn’t matter to me.
The most beautiful noble lady in Mirod must be feeling like this too.

「Then could you tell me what happened?」

Even if you asked me what happened.
I just tell her about the whole thing that happened that day

「Was Turna crying?」
「I’ve never seen her shake that much」
「Kuh, Dadan, you’re unforgivable」
「She said “Sorry Takuma” in a thin voice that’s about to disappear」
「W-What is he making my Turna say. That pervert」
「No, it’s not just you but me too」

Where was the noble-like Mira standing a while ago?
Now she’s just chewing my molar and wrinkling her eyebrow in anger

「Then, I littered in the night town crying and that’s all」
「What? What’s that? Didn’t they intend to kill you completely?」
「You haven’t noticed?…They tried to let the wyverns kill you…wyverns attack mercilessly when they find a barehanded human」
「Oh, speaking of which, I remember killing a wyvern」
「Haa…tsk, either way, the princess is in high spirits」

Oops, Mira looks like she had enlightenment.
Her body looks like it’s vibrating.
I have to put it in and piston right now.
When I try to take my hand to her vagina quietly, Mira rejected for the first time.

「I’m not in the mood. Tsk, I’ll have father cooperate I guess…」
「Calm down. Wyverns aren’t a foe to me」
「Shut up!」
「Yes yes」

I spent a platonic night with the angry Mira and we both went to sleep.
I wanted to hear about the Mirod recapture operation though…


  1. Previously Merumi