Isekai Taneuma Chapter 24 Mira 2


I see only little in the darnkess.
Mira’s sleeping face is next to me.

Now then, I’ve got some choices.
Should I embrace Mira or not?
Mira declined because she wasn’t in the mood.
But, it’ll be dawn in just a few hours and the words from a day ago are not counted.
Also, the handshake demon has been telling me “boy, a boy” repeatedly and the wife sends her regards. Or so I was told.
Needing to do it after being told that far, I took off the negligee Mira wore.

I lick Mira’s relaxed body then suddenly it got in strain.
It seems that she woke up.
Mira woke up but there’s ho resistance nor hate from it.
Rather her crotch is opening, feels a bit timid I guess?
I stretch my arm on the open crotch and put in my finger in her important place, then I hear a sweet sigh.
A sweet smell drifts.
Then, I gently caress her.

Kucha, kucha, the sound of love nectar being played is making me aroused.

I took off my clothes and go next to Mira, I put my hand on my son and squeeze it.
It seems that she’s pretending to be asleep

「What should I do?」

I whisper in her ears.
This is what I want now.

「I want to violate you with my skills」
「…Got it. Use it as you wish」

I can tell she’s boldly exposing her genital.
It’s a waste play that it’s dark.
I insert the thing that’s hard enough into that place.
Then I put one her leg on my shoulder.

「Ah, nnn」

Her waist turned a bow when I insert then when I pull out it turns to a く

「Nha, Haau…nnnーnnnnnnーnaaaaaaaaa…」

Mira seems to be enduring her climax.
I put my face on her ear and asked.

「Why are you holding back?」
「Because…I want to feel it a bit more…」

Her wet pussy is making light convulsions but she’s enduring it.
As she’s conscious, I’m holding back quite a lot but if she’s enduring it then I don’t need to hold back.
The tip of my glans kisses Mira’s vagina.
I push in up to the root.


Mira holds back while shaking her face side to side.
I don’t know why is she holding back so far but I repeat the same movement as before.

「Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaa, nnnnnnnnn, hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Mira’s scream echoes in the midnight.
A large amount of love nectar is discharged from her waist.
It seems that her climax has already exceeded. Her waist is still trembling.
Mira’s still holding her consciousness however.
My hips starts to move at a high speed piston from the desire.

「I’m cumming in deep」
「Hurry up and cuuuum…h-huryyyy uuuuuup…Ah, it’s coming in…my child…aaaaaah」

A violent ejaculation.
Then a noisy yet indecent beautiful sound reaches my ear to the other side of the door.

「Mira, that’s awesome…」

The sex with Mira who hold on to her consciousness is very pleasurable.
Then, I use recover on Mira who lets go of her consciousness while trembling in pleasure.
Now then, the mother is on the other side of the corridor during the climax.
If the husband of the mother wasn’t there then the door would’ve opened and it would be the second round.
The 34 year old ripe woman is still panting from the fun.
Because of the cute voice of the 34 year old woman turned my penis a tower.
We’ve got a very wet hole by our side so let’s have some self-control.
The hole who had it’s consciousness turned lose and I insert my rock hard penis.

Mira woke up and looked at her own negligee with sad eyes.

「Sorry but please wash this」
「Sure thing」

I clean it up as told.
Mira sniffs it.

「Well, this is good on itself」

She muttered to herself.
Now then, there’s something I’d like to ask.

「I want to ask about the Mirod recapture operation」

I speak and wait for Mira’s reaction.

「Recover my waist before, I can’t move」

It’s the first time Mira’s waist loosened.
Then, Mira made an excuse.

「It was amazing yesterday…so wonderful」

She praised and kissed me.
It seems that her waist got in pain from that movement alone.


「Thank you, you’re really convenient」

Mira thinks about something. Then leaks a sigh.

「…I come to understand the feeling of the princess when she said that nothing else matters as long as it feels good. I seem to have fallen where she did…」
「You didn’t notice it but I think Mira has fallen quite a long ago」
「…Umu, that might be the case」

She affirms and drops her shoulder.

「I’d like to live decently though…」
「A person who lives decently don’t spew semen I think」

Mira doesn’t seem to have heard what I asked.
But, there are things I want to ask.

「Sorry about interrupting the love talk but I want to know the current situation of Mirod」
「…Oh, Yukari-dono? I thought you were toing to ask about it so I gather information every day. Here are the documents so read it. You’ll be startled since it’s a military list」

Hearing her last words, I’m relieved to a surprising extent.
Mira takes the outside light regaining brightness by opening the window.
A beautiful naked body.
A firm body where I can’t make complains of.
Then, she pulled out sheets of paper from the desk drawer from the edge of the room and snuggled close to me.
She’s filled with sweet smell. She’s steamy with pheromones

「This is the latest one. Do you know the empire?」
「Well, it’s the the country in this world with the largest fighting troops. The latest information from two days ago. They seem to have caught up on the castle gate and continue to blow away the undead with a ranged explosion magic. The results, you can read it because it’s numbers」

I can see the letters that spell Yukari at where Mira points at.
Then the number next to it is astronomical.

「Is it three times the second best feat of our country?…I want to get this number at least once」
「What’s this number?」
「It’s an experience value. A magic tool that can confirm the experience value measures it before and after the battle. The reward is given depending on that number」
「…Then, levels go up too?」
「Right. Once you know the original level then you’ll know the current level」

As her self-proclaimed husband, I want to avoid the gap in our experience further.

「She said she was level 20 before going」
「In that age? That’s amazing. In that case. Wait a moment」

Mira sits down on a chair naked then calculated something with a feather pen.

「ー28. Since this number is from two days ago, she’s 29 right now? What a frightening woman」
「A 20 level difference?…」
「Don’t worry about it」

Such kind words.
She’s tempting me.
The scent is telling the same.
I stand beside Mira.
You may think that she’s only sitting down on a chair naked but somehow, her naked body is becoming more sexy than before.
In short, she’s saying she wants to be embraced.
The carriage is coming soon but I decided to act faithful to my desires.

I ride the carriage that’s on schedule in front of Shusted house.
I helped the woman who lost consciousness put on clothes but I made a mistake on one button.
Then she put on her guard uniform and put the footwear on her stomach.
Then, we left the room princess carrying her.
The maid at the entrance speak up.

「Take care, Ojou-sama, and her Danna-sama」
「I’m going」

The maid’s smiling.
I can hear Garcia and Carina’s sleep breathing from the back of the room.
I guess they had fun last night.
What will happen if the boy problem got solved by themselves?
Well, I don’t know even if I think about it.
I rode the carriage along with a woman lightly convulsing in my arms.

「We still haven’t prepared a slave yet…hmmー」

Mira declares while scratching her drowsy eye.

「Weren’t you going to buy to another country?」
「Turna’s connections will do that. It’s impossible for me to prepare for a transfer immediately. So yesterday we didn’t order from slave merchants」

Hmm, then it’s rest day today too?

「Then, let’s flirt?」
「Umu, it’s an exciting invitation but I have a job」
「That’s disappointing」
「Don’t make that face. You’ll make me feel guilty…」

Mira fidgets.
Just one more push.

「Please let me do you」
「…Can I finish my work first?」
「Make it fast」

Mira left the room cheerfully.

「It’s not fun to watch」
「What are you doing?」
「Writing a report what happened yesterday」
「The wyvern?」
「That’s right, perhaps you know it but the information came directly from you. The princess tends to like that kind of reliable information above all. I guess my rep would go up too」
「Hmm, but what are you going to do with Dadan?」

She ignores what I say and enter a certain room.
Is that a study? A desk in a large room and bookshelves lined on the side of the wall.
She enters the quiet room, picks up documents from the desk and took her seat.

「ーYou seem to be against retaliation to Milanjol」

Returning a question with another is unpleasant.
I nodded.

「Then, we’ll shut father and Dadan in one room and drink. He made Turna cry, this much won’t be allowed, would it?」

I can’t imagine how much but she has a much more softer atmosphere than I thought.
While I worry, Mira mutters.

「That was a joke」
「…That’s a hard to understand joke for an otherworlder」
「I see, well, I wonder if I can do something about his opposition to the princess and Turna. I can do better if father helped me but father doesn’t like this kind of thing. Well, I’ll just be cheer person for Turna and princess」
「Don’t forget that Dadan is the father of my beloved」
「You’re too naïve, you fool」

When Mira say that, she begin writing.
I wait for it to end quietly.

Mira leaks a breath of relief when she finished working.
I wrote a letter I remembered on Mira’s report.

『Please give me wages. Takuma』

Fumu, it’s a bad writing I can’t read it.
Also, Mira retorted.

「Money given to slaves is pocket money. It’s not a wage」

She puts in two horizontal lines on what I wrote and write unknown letters below
That’s quite long.

「What did you write?」
「To be brief, it says “Give me pocket money” Well, you are doing your best swinging your hips so I asked to make a proper step」

Oh, it looks like I’m going to get income finally.

「Thanks. I can now see Mira as a good person」
「…Just how did you see me before?…」
「A regrettable beauty」
「What the hell is that?…Well, I guess I’m being praised as a beauty…」
「Then? How much is it?」

Mira thinks for a while.
Then she said something sad.

「It’s about five copper coins in ten days?」
「…It’s like a child’s pocket money」
「That’s obvious on a slave, be grateful that you can accept some」

Because it’s recognized that a copper coin is a hundred yen, then my pocket money is 1500 yen a month?
It’s on a middle school level.

「How long will I be a slave?」
「The other day, father asked if I wanted to buy you, the princess is overcharging it so I don’t think she intends to let you go」
「A lifetime slave?」
「The princess is the one to decide so I don’t know」

Then, should I entice Chris?
It seems quite easy.

I nyan-nyan’d with Mira while thinking how to entice Chris.

I confirm Yukari’s stone and come back home.
I cooked and Naomi seems to be a bit lonely while arranging the table.

「I’ll come back tomorrow…this is my last meal with Takuma-kun」
「You’re right」

The plan was ten days so she’ll come back tomorrow.
And the topic of parting is sad.

「Takuma-kun’s a gentleman just as I’ve heard. I thought that you’d attack me more」
「You wanted it?」

Naomi’s expression darkened from my remark.
Then, she shot a dark remark.

「No way, sex is a lump of trauma for me…I remember various things everytime I pant」

You can understand her real intent when you look at her eyes.
Fuu, this is troublesome…

「Every time I ejaculate too, I remember the pigs and the VIPS. The pigs blows out a tide while wheezing. It’s disgusting」

Naomi looks sad but she smiled.

「Fufu, thank you for taking care of me」
「Half of it is a fact」

What a topic to talk about before a meal…
We enjoy our meal

The atmosphere has changed after the meal.
Naomi speaks out a funny topic.
The orc village has become wonderful different from what I know it seems.
No matter what you ask, living with Umi is a better life.
I know that the work of the nanny depends on good will.

「Maybe I should go over there again to play」
「Takuma-kun’s the only one who’s not coming The boys are angry because you’re not coming back even though you said you will」
「I’m determined to go but I just don’t have a specific date and time」
「Geez, talking back at everything」
「I’m just stating facts」

The air in this room got lighter.
Then, Umi is enjoying father’s nipple strike game in my chest for some reason.
Well, that’s okay.

Then, a sound reach my ears.


It’s Turna’s call.
Unable to hold back after a few days, what a cute one.
Today was with Mira so I was satisfied but my son started preparing.
It’s too early to calm down

「What’s wrong?」
「Sorry, I have work from now on」
「Is that so? I thought of having our last sex but, is that a no?…」
「Huh? What about your trauma?」
「I thought of overwriting it」

Naomi’s tempting me with a smile
I’m tempted but Turna’s a priority.

「Sorry, I’ll do my best next time」

Naomi smiles wryly

「I can’t count on Takuma-kun’s next timeー」

I think so too
Now then, I have to go to Turna.