Isekai Taneuma Chapter 25 Great demon Invasion 1


I prepare as I hear the metal sound.
I put away the food and clean the room Umi is sleeping at.
A young child is easy to get sick so I did it thoroughly.
Naomi pulls my clothes lightly.

「Hey, are you going out?」
「Yeah, I’ll go to the house next door」
「You better stop. At least, please delay until this sound stops」

I noticed it when Naomi pointed it out.
The metal sound is so loud that I don’t need my super-hearing.
I was excited with the affair with Turna that I didn’t notice that.
Then this means that the possibility of being called by Turna is low…?
I hear a voice that made me convinced.
I can’t hear it clearly but it’s something like a shout.
Is it fight or training?…Well, Turna’s not there so it doesn’t matter…

「The work was a misunderstanding. Should I sleep here today?」

Naomi tilts her head.
In just a small time, she understood about the affair in the future and her cheeks dyed red.

Naomi sleeps satisfied.
She was talking about trauma so I handled her gently that even I was surprised.
I handled her like pottery.
Well, I feel like this is the last.
It would be the last time that I would be a good and gentle person.
That might be fine in that meaning.
For the pleasure, I feel disappointed.

Now then, I feel uneasy from the commotion outside.
The metal sound grows bigger and bigger.
I already know that it’s not a training nor a fight.
I open the window that can see the garden of Milanjol house and checked outside.
Then, I closed it gently.

I saw it under the starry sky.

A reddish skin.
Red congested bloodshot eyes and sharp pointed ears.
The stomach is plump and loose.
On the back is a bat like wing.
The height is about the same as a goblin.
A strange man with a three pronged spear was fighting the guard in the garden of Milanjol family.
Then, I locked the window and picked up my beloved Umi to my arms.
Then, I lay down beside Naomi.


No, what am I doing?
I get up quickly and shake Naomi to wake her up.

「Fufu, one more round?」

A woman who can’t read the air.

「Tsk, just wake up already」
「There’s a monster I’ve never seen in this town」
「Eh? What? What’s that?」

Judging that it’s faster to see, I open the window and show it.
What Naomi saw was different from what I did.

「What’s that…」

A huge gate is before my sights.
A black haze that seems to reach the sky.
That’s a vertically long door.
The root is the slums? Naomi’s at loss from how big it is.
Of course, me too.
I react to a foreign voice I’ve heard from the garden of our house while watching it.


Looking that way, the voice emitted was enough to chill your heart.
Then, Naomi noticed it ahead.

「I-It’s calling allies. The same one’s are gathering」

I appraise the demon I can see under my eyes.

Lesser Demon.

All of it’s status surpasses an adult male.
The only salvation is its low intelligence.

Wings began to flutter from the back of the demon.
Looking at it, Naomi closes the window in panic and holds it down.
At that moment, something seems to have crashed into the window and fell.

「Nice judgement」
「Key, key」

Ignoring what I said, Naomi locks the window.
She’s reliable.
I took the only weapon I have at home.

A spear without name.

This spear decorated with yellow dragon is only a decoration and the only decent weapon in our house.
Then, Naomi picked up a kitchen knife.

「Better than none…is this a sword?…」

Naomi mutters.
She has a wonderful ability to adapt, and yet I’m the one in hurry.
I lift Umi on one hand and the dust covered spear on the other.
Then Naomi called me out

「Yukari asked me to take care of Umi-chan…」
「Then, I’ll leave her to you」

I leave Umi to her and thought.
How should we act?
If the demons come out of that huge gate, the number will keep on increasing.
It seems that escaping as soon as possible is good.
The lessser demon knocks against the window while I was thinking.
The wooden window doesn’t look like it’s going to break.
But, it’s not a situation where I can relax.
That’s when Naomi spoke her idea.

「Let’s go to everyone. I think we’ll be fine there」
「Right. Everyone’s strong」
「Un, then let’s rely on Yukari and others.」

What Naomi means is Yukari, Ikemen and Nanami.
In my head has Turna and Mira added. And the slave children who has skills.
But, I erased all of it.
First, survival comes as a priority.

「I can’t think of anything else from that」
「Un un」
「First we beat those around us」
「Takuma-kun, can you do it?」

I read that she thinks that I’m only a stud who gives skills.
I don’t think it’s bad to worry but time is precious now.
I ignored Naomi and advanced.

「Then, close it as soon as I come out」

Naomi follows obediently
I left the door and confronted the lesser demon.

Iron rust skin, a strange laugh and a sharp tusk exposed.
It cuts down the distance to show that it has the absolute power.
But, I’m not afraid even though I’m in such a situation.
Anyway, I have the room to afford to make carefree thoughts as my brave skill is doing it’s best.
A hole similar to a bowling ball opened the chest of the lesser demon who came to the range of my spear.

I haven’t done anything yet though?

「Father, he’s a top priority defense target」
「Tsk, I know」
「Right now, please forget about Turna」
「Eeei, I said that i know!」
「Of course, please forget about Varga too!」
「Eeei, you’re noisy. I’ve already said that I get it!」

A voice of a fighting daughter and f ather.
Then, holes open in the lesser demon’s chest one after another.
Green blood drops down.
As expected, if you’re about to go down then you’re going to charge with your spear.
But, a big hole opened the lesser demon’s chest before he made contact.

…I hate Dadan Milanjol.

「Takuma, if you can hear me then please come over」

Turna calls me with a cheerful voice.
I look at the entrance and check on Naomi who’s peeping out the window.
I collect the usable arrows and guided Naomi.

「That was amazing. Takuma-kun’s actually strong」

It seems that Dadan’s feat was mine according to Naomi.

「Well yeah…」
「Show it to Yukari too」

It doesn’t seem that the arrow in my hand is visible.
Naomi’s eyes are turned to hearts so I pay attention not to pour water on that euphoria.
It’s okay, I didn’t steal Dadan’s exploits.

I leave the door and head to Milanjol house.
Along the way, I cut a flying lesser demon to half.
It feels like Chris cutting a cake.
As expected, I’ve got composure.
I only have a grasp on『Spear talent』『Spear Expert』『Spear Master』but let’s use some all purpose skills.

The archer Dadan shoots a bow in front of the wall.
The power is tremendous and deadly accurate.
Every time he releases an arrow, the life of a lesser demon disappears.
The skill『Bow extreme』has a wonderful power.
It’s so cool that I thought I want to buy a bow next time.

I avoid the lesser demon’s corpse and enter Milanjol site.
There’s a heap of corpses here.

「Takuma, could you save this person?」

What’s there is a young knight.
His intestine is popping out of his belly and he’s breathing faintly.

「He’s my brother」
「I’ll try my best.」

Turna’s brother is also my brother so I’ll do my best.
For the time being, the intestines returned to the stomach automatically while recovering.
Then, the blood vessels leaking blood seems to have clot.

「Out of mana…」

My magic disappears after one recovery.
But, it’s Turna’s brother. I have to help him.
I fired myself and noticed something out of place when I try to use magic.
I’ve got mana.
I’ve checked it with appraisal, there’s 5 written in there.
My mana decreases little by little.
As soon as it gets to zero, I stop recovery and the number goes to 1 in a few seconds.
Then, it recovered to 5 in no time.
I recalled one skill.

『Magic Origin』

Hmm, I thought that it’s useless but it’s quite convenient.
It really helps me as it doesn’t make me hungry.

「Onii-sama, are you okay?」
「…Yeah…It seems that I’ve narrowly escaped death…Kuh, what about the battle?」
「The situation has improved with father’s participation. If you’re fine then don’t sleep and fight. Still, aren’t you the next head of Milanjol house?」

Onii-san raised his body from Turna’s words.
Then, he looked at me with scorn in his eyes but that’s only for a moment.
A metallic armor sound. Onii-san stood up.
Then, he headed to the frontline with a too decorative sword.

「Takuma, thank you for overdoing it.」 Time is precious right now so please sympathize」

Turna stood up with a smile
Then, she started a powerful speech I heard before.

「Listen carefully, our Almeria is under attack by the demons. There’s no human who has successfully resisted a demon invasion in the history. I heard that the royal family had already evacuated to the empire. There’s no meaning if we were defeated by demons who spawn infinitely so we will abandon this country and evacuate to another country. If you understand then make preparations. Use the underground paths」

As expected of a genius, she easily understood what to do.
Naomi also nodded, so I guess there’s nobody who didn’t understand.
Then, Dadan nods while shedding tears satisfied.

「Takuma is on top priority for protection. Please understand that」

When her speech ends, Turna also enters the mansion.
It seems that she’s giving instructions.,
Naomi and I made preparations.
I borrow the slender sword from a corpse of a fallen female soldier and handed it to Naomi.

「Can you use it?」

Naomi replied, our preparation is over.
Naomi and I decided to wait in the garden of Milanjol house.
Then, Turna comes back a little time after
There’s no change other than carrying Rick1 on her back.

「Then, let’s go」
「Father, I’m going ahead」
「I pray for your safety」

Dadan’s fighting alone
I see him waiting for the soldiers refilling his arrows. There’s no hostility in his gaze but his mind…

(It’s too late…)

I don’t get what he’s thinking. Give me a subject.
Turna turned a smile on me.

「Then, I will go ahead. Please follow me」
「Sure thing」

Turna moved on immediately.
I run behind with Naomi.
Then, bigger demon appeared on the mansion.


All of it’s status makes it suitable to say that it’s a monster.
It has a skill『evil』and『Increase Mana(small)』
It’s a usable magic with a dark attribute on name.
I want to learn that so I can『Dark flame』or something chuuni but I don’t have the courage to touch ig.
Even if it’s just the upper body, I can see that the demon is a very dark and evil existence.
Sharp tusks and a buffalo like horn.
When I saw it, Turna warned me.

「It would be the end if you were seen by that, please be stealthy」
「Is that a legendary demon?」
「That’s the second rank. The legendary class devil…muu, an enemy. Could you please」
「Sure thing」

The enemy is a lesser demon It’s flapping it’s wings flying on a straight line.
I pierce its brain and took away its life.

「That’s wonderful」
「The weapon or the skills?」
「Both of them are Takuma’s abilities. Hurry, the next one came」

It seems that Turna became a guard of Umi and Naomi.
As expected of a genius, she uses those who can as a guard. I yearn her flexibility.
But still, it’s a soft enemy.
I cut, punch, crush the three lesser demons.

「Well done」
「Let’s just go」

Turna ran satisfied
If Naomi lags behind then I use recovery and support on her physical strength.
We arrived at my work place.

「That’s a luxurious mansion」

When Naomi said, I felt it again.
Turna opened the door closed from outside.
There seems to be a method to unlock it.
Then, what’s waiting when we opened the closed door is a lesser demon attacking.

「Bring some barricades!」
「Someone help out, it’ll break if you don’t hold it down」

They seem to be fighting a defense line in a progressive form.
I chop down the lesser demon and proceed to the front door.
Un, it’s refreshing.
I might be as strong as Ki-kun.
Then, lesser demons gathered.
They’re filled with confidence as if they’re going to crush ants.
When cleaning up the lesser demons around was done, Turna talked to the people inside.
Then, the door was opened.

「Takuma, are you Takuma?」
「Artesia, I’m glad you’re safe」
「Yes, it’s thanks to the god of the forest」

Artesia jumped towards me when she found my voice.
It would’ve been perfect if she had a chest.

Turna give instructions to the surrounding people and proceed to the study I went for the first time for today.
There seems to be a hidden stairway that shows by moving the heavy desk in the room.
Turna feels like she’s relieved.

「We’re 90% safe if we’ve come this far. What’s left is to take goods」

Saying that, the surrounding air turned to calm.


  1. Is this her child?