Isekai Taneuma Chapter 26 Great demon Invasion 2


The people move food and precious metals according to Turna’s instructions.
While doing such work, I am appointed as the security in the garden.

「We’ll talk in the basement later so please protect Turna and others for now」

When told, by all means.
The demon I can see from far increased to two.
I hear the sound of someone working hard and fighting.
Thanks to them I’m taking it easy, thanks thanks.
Oops,. one of them came though.

Instant beheading.

I tried to appraise the second demon but it seems that this demon is also a muscle brain.
Unable to use magic, this demon has twice the attack and defensive power to the demon next to him.
Even though it’s a weak demon, it’s equal to two high orcs.
I can never win so please don’t come here.
A roaring sound echoes every time the two demons go forward.
It’s clear that the mansion is trampled.

Zudon, zudooon. Then, screams.
It really feels like the end of the world.
I guess I’ve work three more times with Chris.
Then, I thought of something like a flag.

Then, A flying person jumped to my eyes.
There’s huger wings growing on her back, this looks like a succubus outside.
Those breasts are big enough for me to want to be buried on it.
But, I was disappointed when I appraised.



It’s not a succubus but a devil
Is this the third stage of the demon species?
Most of it’s status can be called stale than other demons.
But, there are two very high status.
Charm and Mana.
It’s charm is completely the same as Chris who had the highest so far.
When it comes to Mana, it has a digit difference compared to Yukari’s master who had the maximum value so far.
Then, I feel dizzy from all of it’s magic.
There’s one magic that took my eyes.

『Different world transfer』

I’d like to touch her by all means.
If I learn different world transfer, I’d like to be pampered by my family by returning to Japan.
I’d like to enjoy the takoyaki restaurant and the mayo-octopus in the neighborhood.
That huge gate must he a different world transfer magic.
Will my Mana be enough?…
I feel sad from my delusion.

Turna called me out and passed a baggage.
Perhaps it’s water, it’s making sounds like it.
I use a skill to strengthen my muscle because it’s heavy.
It would be easy with this.
Artesia’s carrying something.
And even Milk has a load.
I wonder if they’re forcing themselves…well, let’s support them with magic?
The pregnant women are desperate too.
We go downstairs to the underground with only one lamp.

The underground has a height where you’d reach the width of the road if you extend your hand.
Spears are hard to use here.
I feel moist but it’s not water, it’s just a bit chilly I guess.
It feels a bit dusty but it’s an environment that makes me think that it’s a washed long-lived dungeon
While being criticized by Turna for using useless magic, forty people with more than half of them pregnant began the escape.

Then, Naomi speaks in dissatisfaction.

「I’d like to go to the village though…」
「Give it up, we don’t know where we’re going either」

The talk was cut and we just followed Turna’s lead.

I use recover on women who are about to drop out.
Then, I repeat the same thing.
Turna’s pace is fast, it feels like she’s in a hurry.
Then, the group stopped when they reached a location.
I made a sigh of relief, Milk, Artesia and Naomi are the same too.

「We’ll definitely be safe if we’re here. We’ve already succeeded escaping outside the kingdom’s premises」

The owmen grows exited from Turna’s words.
Milk seems like she’s about to dance any moment.

「Then Takuma, please use recover to the people with bad conditions. People who can clean up should do the surroundings and those who can use fire magic should prepare warm food. We’re going to spend the night here so please figure out how to warm yourself up」

Each of the people begins their action from Turna’s words.
I turn each person fine while checking the recovery of my mana.

Then, the last one comes.

Turna Milanjol.

The lovely braid-haired girl touch her lower abdomen.

「Feeling strange?」
「No, just in case. Is that a no?」
「It’s my child. Let’s do it carefully」
「Fufu, Takuma likes children. I have to do my best to protect it then」

Turna said and lean her body to me.
The surroundings smack their lips to the meal. There are some who are already sleeping.
After applying recovery, Turna was worried about my Mana so I show her that the useless manifested skill being of use.

「1……2……3……4……5。 It’s recovering quite fast isn’t it?」
「Stop talking about your Mana being 5 at level 9」
「Hmm, my current level is 10」
「that’s worse, but fine. 『Magic Origin』is an amazing skill isn’t it? If you recover at that speed, then it’s a monstrous skill that produces 4000 mana daily. Takuma’s convenience has increased. If this is reported to the princessー」

Turna leans her body while talking.
A lot of thing happened today, I pat Turna’s head while expecting that we can go ahn ahn on a place where there’s no one.
A soldier who can’t read the mood brought meals here.
Turna receives it while sighing, then she hands the other to me.
Hot water and bread? Well, it’s too good for this situation.
I feel relieved that Naomi who’s an outsider was also given some.

「I want to replenish my Takuma supply but should we do it later? Let’s take a meal and sleep for now」
「We’re really going to sleep here」
「It’s night outside, if we wait for a bit then the tranquil would end. Takuma has to work hard in the fights. Please take it easy」
「Then, I’ll take a rest as you say」

Turna smiled and went back to eating.

I hold Umi in my chest.
Turna on my right. Naomi cuddles on the left and Artesia holds Milk and uses my thighs as a pillow.
It’s a strange sight but they’re all beautiful so it feels strangely promoting.
If there’s a regrettable point then the biggest breasts here have a size of an apple.
I take out my dick and touch Artesia’s shoulder.
Artesia seems to understand then, she grasped my dick with her hand and put it in her mouth.
Then she begins licking.

「Even though Turna could’ve given you one too…」

Turna feels dissatisfied.
Naomi’s making cute sleeping noises.
Umi is sound asleep on my chest.
And Milk who seem to have noticed the lewd stuff ran away to her favorite maid.
What a cute one.

Artesia’s sucking without making noises.
Then she moved her head intensely when she felt my waist bouncing up then she sucked out my sperm not long enough.
What an excellent technique.
Those words come up my mind.

Goku, goku, goku, goku.

She drinks all of my sperm then cleans it all politely.

「Thanks for the meal. Then, let’s sleep. I wish Takuma’s protection from the God of the forest」

Artesia said then she fell asleep quickly.
It seems that she tried her best to lift my list.
Then, I slept satisfied as well.

「They say that men have this as their erogenous zone. It’s no good if you rub it too hard. Therefore, you adjust it while looking at the reaction, then when you think that it’s growing then ignore the previous rule and stimulate it strongly. Like this」
「Ooh, as expected of Artesia-san!! That’s a good lesson」

I had such dream.

I woke up languid.
I feel like the women are glossy.
I look for Umi, found her hugging Milk on her chest and I felt relieved.
It’s been a while since I woke up with my body hurting so I feel nostalgic.

Turna’s on full arms already.
She seems to be doing some exercise.
Is this what they call radio exercise in Japan?
She seems to be quite relaxed but the women are already waking up and putting away the cold outfits.
I woke up Naomi who’s still in the dreamland.
I shook her body and the short haired girl wiped her saliva.

「Good morning」
「You were sound asleep」

(This isn’t a dream is it?…Haa)

Naomi thought.
Then we continue our escape after a short while.
This time, we walk slowly.
The pregnant still follows desperately.
Then after a small distance, Turna stopped.

「We’re going up from here. We’ll be checking the situation first so please w ait」

Turna beckoned me after speaking.
When I closed up, she told me what to do.

「What’s up is an abandoned building. Please confirm safety then return. If there’s a lesser demon around then let’s go somewhere else」

Huh? I’m the one going to confirm?

「Hey, wasn’t I the top defend priority?」
「Yes, isn’t that right?」

Turna tilts her head.
The one protected the most is on the frontline…
Recently, Turna seldom looks worn out.
Well fine.

「Then, I’m going」
「Take care」

Worry cannot be seen on her face at all.
I crawl out of the basement, it was a deserted building. A lesser demon was there.
That lesser demon was cut into two by a splendid sword handling

Gold pig and gray pig.

「Great, that’s some exp!」
「These ones are good. They’ve got some moderate strength」
「Okay, let’s go hunt there too」

Looking at those who speak Japanese, I somehow know who they are from what they say.
I check them with appraisal.
Ki-kun, Hashimoto, and Miyaji
…Now then, how should I talk to them.
Well, now that this happened.
I approached and talked to them.

「Yo, it’s been a while」

What’s left is to do something with the flow.

Brave orc.

There’s nothing but fright over there.
Turna is standing with a trembling feet.
Among the other women, there are poor soldiers who can’t stand up so Turna’s doing her best.
Artesia has fainted when she heard that a brace orc is in front of me.

「Then, you ran away from Almeria kingdom?」
「Then, you ran away from Almeria kingdom? He asks」
「Yes, she said」

Turna and the high orc Miyaji are talking. Naomi’s interpreting it.
Turna looks like she needs help but that’s not my job.
My job is to swing my hips.
Since the talk hardly progresses, I start a chat with Ki-kun.

「I’ve heard about it. You’re dating with Aya-chan?」
「Un, it seems she liked me since long ago I thought that I was just bullied」
「Don’t think that it’s bullying when she’s slapping your back with her cheeks blushing」
「Even now it’s the same but I was troubled at that time」

A nostalgic topic.
My mind’s being healed.
But, I have to ask this one.

「Now then, how far have you done with Aya-chan? Oh?」

Ki-kun’s face looks triumphant.
Then, he whispered to my ear.

「Yesterday, I slept with Aya-chan」
「We took a bath together, drank a fruit milk then went to sleep holding hands. Fufun」

So they did it in the bath? Naomi’s info seems to be different.
It’s troublesome so I grasped his head and used my skill.

『Outcome judgement』

「You had sex with Aya-chan?」
「T-That…I haven’t…」

Hmm, are you a middle school boy…?
I want to ask why you look like you have won.

「And yet, Aya-chan said that she’s happy with our relationship right now…」

This guy’s not lying. Using the skill is useless so I let go of his head.

「If you say that then a stud would take her」
「If that person is a good guy then I don’t mind…」
「I don’t think studs are good people…」

Wow, I got damaged from my own remark for some reason.
But still, even though he has 5000 attack power, what an effeminate guy.
I decided to let him know the wonders of a female body.

Ki-kun’s face turned bright red.

「T-Then, Aya-chan would be happy if I embrace her?」
「Aya-chan would be happy, Satou will also know the pleasures of life. Then, you’d be a monkey for a year」
「I-Is that how it is?」
「There’s no exception」

My skill『speech』is making a wonderful effect.

「Make Aya-chan feel good and Satou would feel pleasure the same. It’s an act where nobody loses」

Ki-kun has already turned to a red pig.
Hashimoto raises a thumbs up with a smile from the back.
I know it.
He says good job.

「Time is limited. Go right now and embrace her」
「Go go!」
「Good luck, Ki-kun, tell me the details later」

Fuu, that was fun
Watching Ki-kun go away, I turn back to Turna who’s struggling.
It seems that we’ll be indebt with the orc village for several days.
Well, I thought of going there so it’s probably safe.
Naomi’s very happy so there’s no problem.
Well, I don’t know about the 1 elf who fainted away.

Halfway, Hashimoto masters my spear.
We’ve encountered lesser demons here and there.
They’re just delicious easy marks for the orcs but most of them are working hard to earn experience.
Then, Turna who’s confused talked to me.

「I can’t keep up with the story…but the friends of Takuma who were killed by our country are now these brave orcs?」
「They are」
「Does Takuma know?」
「I knew it a year ago」
「Why didn’t you tell me?」
「You didn’t ask」

Turna becomes speechless from my splendid template reply.
Then she comes back.

「Are they enemies of Almeria?…」

What a hard question.
I don’t know so I asked Hashimoto.

「Is Almeria enemy to you?」
「Isn’t that obvious that they are? Give back my human body」

Turna’s face is in half expectation and in half worry.

「He said that they’re enemy」
「…Right, then is it okay if we don’t run away? Won’t Turna and others be raped by the orcs?」

Ooh, didn’t think of that.

「hey, Hashi」
「Are you going to make a move on them?」
「Hmph, there’s nothing more painful than having sex with someone you don’t love. We’re tired of swinging our hips」
「Speaking of which, you’re right」

My work is swinging my hips overnight.
This is a chance to raise favorability of Turna.

「We’ll definitely protect you so don’t worry」

The stocks are raising high.
Easy, too easy.

.We went to the newly maintained road and was invited to the orc village.

「Wait here」

Then, it was the room where girls were attacked on two holes the other time.
There are signs of women slaves captured felt on the second floor.

「Is this choice correct?…Turna doesn’t know…」

Except for the genius who are her wits’ end and the elf that’s still on her dream, there are a lot who felt relieved from the calm environment from the roof.
There are lovely voices of women having sex with men heard from afar.
The number of houses has increased and there’s a corridor covered with a fence connecting the houses.
I guess it’s consideration so the women can move freely.

「Then, should we tell everyone we’re back? Takuma-kun, you going?」
「Un, let’s go」
「P-Please let Turna give her greetings too. At this times, the start is important」

I guess it’s the secret to success of nobles, Turna stood up and came with Naomi and I.

First, we greet the women.
Those who cook. Those who weave, and those people doing internal job I don’t know well.
Those who take care of the children and those who are writing too.
It’s visible that everyone’s doing something.

「I’m homeー」
「Nao-chan welcome back, Takuma-kun, welcome, I guess?」
「Sorry to bother」
「Where’s Yuka? Nakadachi​-kun said he found some good alcohol」
「Ah, the alcohols were secret? rrysorryso」

The girls have no gloom in their face, they have a fun atmosphere.

「Yuka hasn’t come back from migrant work. Then we’ve encountered a demon’s great invasion more than that」

The topics were Yukari, the demon invasion skill, the children and other things.
Then, when Naomi’s talk ended, I remembered Turna and greeted everyone in fresh Japanese.

「I’m Alteria’s Turna, please to meet you. Please get along with me2
「Turna-chan? You’re so cute like a doll. Let’s get along too」

They’re mainly favored.
Naomi greets each and everyone around then Turna and I follow around.
The greetings ended except for Aya-chan then we waited for the orcs to return.
Then, the flowers bloomed in the chat of Naomi and Turna during the free time.

「Turna-chan, what would you do if we couldn’t evacuate here?」
「I’ll run away to sling arms nation then join the princess by transferring through Perish empire. I haven’t abandoned that plan yet but, I feel like that it’s safer to be receiving your favor until the demon disappears. It’ll take three days to go to the armed state I’m prepared to take considerable damage so I feel luck has fallen from heaven」
「I see, that’s great. But, let’s keep Turna-chan being a noble a secret. We had various hardships too」
「I thank for your advice. Milanjol is unrelated to the otherworld transfer but I will do as you say」

Let’s dig deeply what I want to hear from the current talk.

「The demons disappear?」
「Yes, according to the records, ten days would be the shortest. It’s said that they disappear without a trace in a few months even if it’s late. The correct action meanwhile is to run away. The demon is said to come for experience value gain. No race can resist such a large scale destruction by the inhabitants of the demon world」
「I see, ten days at least…」
「They say that the weaker the resistance the shorter the time they will disappear so it’s estimated that they will have the shortest days for our country」

Hmm, before that happens, I’d like to touch the beautiful demoness.
I want to learn that otherworld transfer by all means.
It’s a foothold to return to Japan.
I thought of relying on Ki-kun for that muscle brain.
My skill『Genius+』says that there’s no chance as it attacks one-sidedly from the sky.
That’s regrettable.
Naomi continues her question.

「What happen if the demon disappears?」
「Of course, the reconstruction begins. There won’t be any remnants so it won’t become like Mirod. Almeria is immortal…well, there’s quite a lot of people who went down but…I hope everyone’s okay…」

Mira, Ikemen, Nanami-chan.
Those people come up to my mind as I worry.
Then, Yukari.
I can do nothing so I just think around.


  1.  マキュリベ。
  2. This is written in Katakana