Isekai Taneuma Chapter 27 Great demon Invasion 3


The orcs were welcomed back.
I’m surprised that the there are three gold pigs and all the others were high orcs.

「Golden pig triple star」

These people made a pose and they seem to be enjoying this world.
Ki-kun is the four heavenly king brave orc?
That’s unexpectedly cool.
The topics of Ki-kun’s brush wholesale and other topics blown away are a big news for the village it seems.
I don’t get it somehow but I entered the circle and had fun.,

Then, after some chat, it was time for dinner.
The menu is fried chicken and Yakisoba.
I shed tears.
The yakisoba soy sauce feels a bit out of place. It’s complex taste is nostalgic.
The fried chicken are simple like chicken breasts. But, the super existence called mayonnaise compensates for it.
My tears don’t stop when I tasted it.
Then, the two menu seem to be pupular among Almeria people.

「This taste is very strange. Turna doesn’t hate it」

The 14 year old says while devouring.
The other girls seems to have same good evaluations.
A certain elf,

「Surely, with the aphrodisiac I put in…tonight…I’ll be eaten deliciously…」

She says in desperation while slurping down the yakisoba
It’s a secret that I thought it was cute.

The meal advanced with women negotiating for the girls who seem to want refills.
It seems that you can eat as much fried chicken as much as you want.
With that said, everyone’s eating a huge pile of fired chicken on their plates.
As everyone’s too hungry for Japan food, a loud voice comes from the outside.

「Ogawa, Nanami, are you okay?! Are you hurt?」
「Heeey, bring Nakadachi in Recovery, recovery」

Going outside due to the voice, Nanami’s getting close to an Ikemen who’s body is red.
Nanami calls Ikemen, Ga-chan, Ga-chan.
She’s a good wife.
Then, Nakadachi who’s an expert brewer casts recovery.
The son of liquor store owner, Nakadachi’s magic power isー32ーit seems that my turn won’t come.

「Medium recovery magic, activate」

Nakadachi’s mana becomes 2 and ikemen’s resurrected.
The orcs get excited.
Is it an orc’s hobby to jump when happy?

「Yes, you’ve done it. I went through that harsh situation with Nanami!」
「Ga-chan, you were cool. I can’t see anyone but Ga-chan anymore」

The two exchange a passionate hug
Then, one orc said

「Fall in Love!」

Even though it was such an emotional embrace, it looks like a gag, strange.
Well, if the two of them are passionate about it, who cares.

At night, each begins to take a break.
In a big room with a fireplace, the orcs and Turna decided to exchange information on the current state and talk with each other.
I became Turna’s interpreter.
Turna’s tells the information about the demons and I conveyed it so they understand.
The orcs who understood the situation expressed their opinions.

「Tsk, then Almeria’s not yet destroyed?」
「It feels like a disasterー」
「Rather than that, let’s do something abut the poor Ogawa and Takuma」
「Turna-chan so cute!」

Their reactions are mixed.
They seem confident that there are no literal demons.
Meanwhile, Turna’s desperately gathering information.

「Then, what does everyone plan to do?」
「A demon came but, what are we going to do?」

The orcs reply to my precise translation

「The same as before?」
「Work on the field in the morning, and hunt wyverns when we run out of meat, leveling when free?」
「We have more time to afford since the girls came」
「They’re really helpful to the internal affairs group. Look, we’re clumsy. We’re pigs after all」

Why do they laugh when they say pigs
I don’t know so I’ll stay silent.
I feel like I shouldn’t laugh.
Turna made her decision after listening to it.

「Then, what should we prepare as thanks for being taken care for the time being? We’ll respond as long as it’s of equivalent value」

Slight tension can be seen.
To which the orc’s reply was direct.

「You can work?」
「We’re in a situation where we would welcome help even from a cat so I guess it’s okay?」

Labor compensation.
That’s how it is.

I go to the room after the talk is finished.
Turna’s with me in the room alone as she wants to talk to me.

「Haa, I’m tired for today too」
「Thanks for the hard work」
「I should have remembered Japanese language. I still have ways to go」
「Then, what do you want to talk about?」
「Please read my mind」

Hmm, she wants to be turned syrupy and wet.

I flirted with Turna.

Morning, everyone wakes up as the sun rises.
There’s a clanking sound, I wonder if they’re banging a frying pan.
I woke up and started work right away. I follow the instructions on the field and pull the weeds.
It seems to be a hard task for the orcs.
Milk was happily pulling out the crops. Of course, the adults around her are supporting.

The pregnant women seems to have a relatively easy job.
They say that they’re spinning threads but I don’t get it.
And, the children in charge of the dishes brought in the food to us who are doing our best to pull out the weeds.
Steamed potatoes and warm tea. Then, dried meat? It’s quite bulky for morning but it’s distributed to everyone.

「Having breakfast after morning work is delicious」
「True, it’s delicious. If only this was rice balls instead of potato, I won’t complain」
「I heard that rice would become the staple food for next year」

The high orcs said.
They look the same but it’s hard to tell.

I ate breakfast and then get back to work.
It feels good to do work other than swinging my hips.

The sun rises and it’s noon I guess?
The sound of the trumpet shell signals the end of work.
After that seems to be free time so an orc hold me on the shoulder and took me away

「Everyone agrees that you and Ogawa needs level. There’s a demon right now so we’re going to share some exp」


「We’ll increase your level until you can change the landscape. I recently learned automatic recovery recently so I can cure a broken bone from just sleeping. Ki-kun’s『Polar sword』cut most things to two like he’s slashing a fly「」
「Eeh, automatic recovery and polar sword. I would like to learn that by all means」

As long as I can touch.

「There are individual difference but most people raise until 20, it’s recommended to learn skill if you go that far. Takuma’s skill is the type that bestows to others, right? I think you should learn some skill for the time you want to escape from the binds of that princess someday

Hmm, Yukari seems to have kept the copying ability secret.
It’s unknown where information leaks and I might suffer because of that so it was the right answer to keep the information.

「Right. Yukari and I thought that we shouldn’t be led around anymore. Take care of me then」
「Heey, Takuma said he’ll participate. What about you guys?」
「Ogawa’s coming too」

With that said, I went out to raise levels with everyone.
We ate lunch lightly and left the village.
At that time, a girl asked me to get some skills to night so I noted it.

Takenaka Mie.

She’s a cute and tiny girl.
The level of charm is about the same of the average value of the class so it’s somewhat acceptable.
She had no breast in the past but now there’s some that can be felt.
Her hair is a little frizzy.
Checking it with appraisal, the person she likes column is blank. It’s not cheating…it’s late to say that though.

Now then, though it’s level raising with the orcs, it’s got 7 high orcs, me, ikemen and the center orc, with a total of 12 people.
In addition, it seems that Ki-kun has turned to a monkey, doing his best in the room.
It seems that Aya-chan got a special holiday for today.
Our formation, the Hero Orc is equipped with big swords and the high orcs are equipped with spears.
By the way, my job is to use recovery on injured orcs.

「So you can use recovery Amazing」

That’s what they said.
Then, Ikemen’s attacking with a bow.
His attack power seems to be high and it looks like his accurate blows bring considerable damage.
Well, in the end, the orcs stab them to finish them up, but it wasn’t useless.

「My skill『Bow Talent』has grown to『Bow Master』」

Ikemen said proudly.

But still, the weather’s fine. There’s not a single cloud. For someone who always swing his hips inside a room, this slaughter disguised as a healthy excursion is quite good.
Every time a demon dies, I feel something entering my body.
It must be exp.
And I feel something uncomfortable when it reaches a certain level. Should I say that I feel like my body’s growing fast? It’s stretching. This is the sense of a level up. Then, checking myself with appraisal, my level’s gone up to 11.
Having done hardly anything is more wonderful.
I have good friends.
If you guys were women, I’ll give you two skills no matter how ugly you are.

Then, a boss chara appeared.
A demon that appeared in the plains.
It’s size is taller than the big tree. Ignoring the overwhelming power, the three Heroes run.
Demon is showing his back, preparing to escape.
His big body moves desperately.

「Huh? He’s escaping?」

Ikemen grumbles.
I thought of saying the same thing.
It’s a desperate demon but, the the orc heroes are faster and it’s foot chopped off.


Should I say that it was the shout of death? The demon raises a sorrowful voice while collapsing. Then, the three heroes chop it withouot mercy.

「Gyaa, gyaooooooo, gyagyagyagyaー」

When the head was chopped, exp comes to me.
I can feel it’s an amazing amount.

「I saw the legs of this big guy from the castle’s gate」
「Great, then let’s go to the next objective」

My level went up by two just now.
It is as Fumio says, it’s delicious
We head towards the next demon.
It seems that they have intruded Almeria’s castle.
We charge to the demon while hunting down masses of lesser demons.

The demons desperately ran way.

「Tsk, you coward」
「No, I think they made the right choice」

I gave an accurate tsukkomi to the frustrated orcs.
The outermost part of the castle is the fields and the slave market.
The demon who were around those area escaped too the gate made of black haze to the slums.

As if watching sports, if one loses overwhelmingly, I cheer for the loosing one. That’s how it feels.
I was rooting for the demons a bit. Secretly, of course.
My level’s already 15, with this, my difference with Yukari’s only 15. It’s within acceptable range.
Then, my skill awakening has become skill awakening ‘kai’
The natural skills improve the quality of the skills at a level.

「Hey, there’s something I want to check, can we go that way?」
「I don’t mind. Are you in a hurry?」
「No, there’s no need for it. I just want to check Yukari’s safety」
「Eh, you can do that? I think that Oda-san is absolutely safe though」
「Right. Oda-san who’s forced us out of extinction can’t lose」
「Hey, don’t raise flags. Besides, I want details on what happened to Yukari」

Seriously, I don’t know it at all

「What, Takuma you don’t know the『magician of flame who seem to have exploded the orcs who saw their friend』? Should I tell you the details?」
「…No, I already know what happened from the title of the incident」
「Well, don’t say that. Please listen on how I ate Oda’s long distance explosion magic and how I was resurrected」
「That was amazing. If you didn’t evolve at level 20 at that time, you would’ve been dead」
「Hey hey, stop the spoilers」
「Oh sorry. But, who knows what would happen if the wyvern didn’t attack at that moment」
「Heey, that was the best part!」

That was a horrible spoiler.
Even so, there’s a lot of things I don’t know about.
Then, the adventure story of the high orc has began. Haha, they started with reincarnation.

We arrived in the stone area.
The street without life, the former houses are now stones scattered just like dead bodies of people.
I thought of giving them memorial offerings but we don’t have the time.
We advance ahead while praying to the lying down people I don’t know.
Then, we arrive at the tower like magic guild, and get inside with ikemen.
Inside are lesser demon’s corpses, knights, soldiers and magician likes’ corpses rolled around…there are also some children I’ve seen before…
Yukari would grieve for this…
She did say there’s a lot of good children among the magicians…
I can’t even get their name even after using appraisal.
I don’t know their names, at least I’ll remember their features and tell Yukari…

The feelings are down to the bottom but, we’re now in front of the desired room.
Even though the tension’s low, my heart’s noisy, I’m thinking things I shouldn’t think about this late.
I resolved myself and head inside.

…It’s a relief.
There was a bright red stone.

「Yukari’s stone is safe」
「I’m glad」

Ikemen’s words are frankly pleased.

「I’ll take this」
「Yeah, that’s way better」

The stones around have decreased a lot.
It seems that there are a lot of victims as the crumbled powder scatters.
I leave the tower as I’ve achieved my purpose.
Outside, orcs have defeated the lesser demons as if they were crushing ants.

「There’s a lot of exp, but it’s good to have numbers」
「Yeah, it’s wonderful to have them call their half-assed friends. It feels like a duck carrying a spring onion and jumping into a pot」

Well, it’s fun to have my level increase fast.
But, I also want my unmoving mana to increase.
Then, the orcs continue to hunt.

By the time the sky begin to color, Fumio-sensei told us that it’s the end of hunt.

「Okay, that’s enough for today, what’s Ogawa and Takuma’s level?」
「If I’m not mistaken, it’s 24」
「I’m 19」
「Well, there are individual differences on how the level rises. ーAs expected, the demons were delicious」
「It seems idiotic that we’ve been raising our levels steadily so far」
「Right. I just went up by one in a day, so I might take a break from morning work and try to hunt demons」

Ikemen and orc approves.
I’m already satisfied. I’m stuffed.
But still, I didn’t meet the beautiful demon girl in the end.
I wonder if she went to an expedition somewhere. If she’s lying idly on the side, I’d touch her and it’s over.

When we came home, my level’s reached 20.
And, my magic’s suddenly doubled.

Mana 10.

I made a guts pose unconsciously from too much happiness.
Ikemen reacts, not letting that go.

「You seem to be happy that your level went up. With this, I won’t feel guilty if I can do my part」
「No, aren’t we like freeloaders?」

Now that I’m told, I feel guilty
The orcs followed us up until here.

「Don’t mind it. We’re equal in times of trouble, right?」
「Besides, of you guys die and become orcs, we’d be sad」

That’s Ikemen’s answer.

「Saying that saves me」

It seems true that if we die, we turn to Orc.
It’s a groundless story but it’s likely.
Will the skills or levels be taken over?
I thought of such nonsense.

When I return to the village, a scent drifts.
It seems to be yakiniku today.
Then, Turna found me and came running.
Hey, don’t run while on early pregnancy stage!
Recovery’s in need…it seems that Turna’s in a hurry

「Takuma hurry up and come, it’s a pinch. A super pinch!」

I leave the group as told and go to Turna.
Then, there’s grilled pigs lined up ahead of her.

「Is this all?」
「Yes, all of them are still alive so please secure their air ducts」

They’re not people but pigs, I don’t have time to say that.
Our allies are wheezing painfully.
Their breathing turned to normal, and said『Thanks』

「Nakdachi-san is already out of Mana so he’s doing his best in meals. He was doing his best until you came back」
「This guy」

I’m out of Mana but, recovery.

「Guh, I’m alright now…」
「Next one is this…do it once your mana’s restored. If you’re down the lives you can save will disappear」
「Got it」

I wait for my mana to restore and use recovery

「This is quite the burn」
「That woman suddenly rampaged when she arrived at the village」
「Calm down, Kei-kun’s beating her up now」

I use recover once mana’s restored.
I hear some striking sound at the back of the village.
Oh, I want to touch her before she dies.
But, it’s priority to help friends.

「Next is this person. Nakadachi-san, please take care of this person」1

Nakadachi and I work hard with our recovery magic.

「Fuaaa, that was horrible this time」
「I survived. I’ve crossed the Sanzu river ten times」
「The lack of sense of pain helps but…I’ve gone through horrible things」

Orcs don’t have sense of pain?

「Then, I’ll go to where I can hear the sound of blows」

Feeling sense of fatigue, I head towards the demon who’s supposed to be ground beef now.
It seems that Turna’s coming too.

What’s in there is a hellish picture.
A golden pig is burned to black.
The pure black pig doesn’t stop beating the other to the face while taking a mounting position.
That face breaks down, bones shattered and brain scattered

「Takuma, use recovery on Hero-san」
「Sure thing」

Recovery Recovery Recovery
No recovery at all.
Looking at the appraisal, physical strength had four digit was reduced to three digits.
This is a hero skill on rampage.

「Everyone’s safe」

Ki-kun who’s breathing heavily, took a deep breath when he heard it.



I’m able to appraise her so she must still be alive.
Let’s touch her.
Then, Macuriberi regenerates while saying something conspicuous.
When she recovers, Ki-kun shatters the head with a one-two combo.
I don’t have gore resistance so my legs are trembling.

「She won’t die, but…」
「It’s troublesome that she wont」
「Hmm, it seems that she has a skill. 『Immortality』? Check it out Takuma」

First, three recovers.
She won’t recover unless I do it three 100 times strong ones. Hmm, it’s a pity. The whole body can’t recover unless I do it thirty more times.

Now then, appraisal.


All of her status aren’t that much different from other people.
And, her charm’s amazing. She’s minced, I guess it has influence.
There’s hundreds of money she knows.
Skill and magic lined up.

「She does have immortality」
「I see, then let’s put a magic collar her and seize her up? Magic tools to seal skills also exists in the empire so if we use those, it’s possible to end her breath I have magic sealing collars. Please keep her minced until then」

I explain it plainly for Ki-kun who didn’t understand.

「Just keep crushing her head」


But still, I got some good skills.

『Magic power Increase (Large) (Extra Large) (Maximum)』『Magic Growth (Small) (Medium) (Large) (Extra Large)』『Magic Talent』『Magic Source Recovery』『Automatic Recovery ‘Kai’』『Immortality』

I can change my job from breeding horse to a magic job.
Yukari and I, magicians…that’s also good.
Due to the skill, my mana has increased from 10 to 50 at once.


I try using medium recovery magic.
…I see, medium recovery is 200 recovery.
In that case, if we think about recovery efficiency only, recovery barrage is the right answer.
Recovery barrage ends at the point where mana restores.
There’s no longer Mana shortage. I can’t thank Macurive enough.



  1. This is in Katakana, Turna trying to speak in Japanese