Isekai Taneuma Chapter 28 Great Demon Invasion (End)


Using the magic seal at the collar, we attached it to the collar.
It’s muddy in a different meaning and we washed it up.

Demon, Macuribe.

Indigo blue hair and jet black eyes looking down on people coldly.
Her skin’s slightly brown.
Her big breasts is as soft as marshmallow.
The line of her hips and the woman’s charm drifting from her is splendid.
And, her glaring eye is different from her thought.

(Fueee, Onii-chan…gusun. Ma-chan got caught by an orc and got beaten up!!!

Looking at it closely, her hands and feet are trembling.
She thinks of herself as a little sister.

「With this, she shouldn’t be able to use magic. What should we do with this demon? Should we make her a babymaking machine?」

Turna said, the demon trembles.
Ki-kun who’s asked, feels troubled?
He must be thinking ‘I’d be troubled if you ask me’
Turna who understood that there won’t be any reply thought of having this demon be disposed of somehow.
She’s in deep thought that she doesn’t react even if I touch her ass.

「Then, I’ll go over thereー」

Ki-kun’s stamina is already at the end.
There’s nothing for me to do.
When he returns to the high orcs, would they be afraid when they see him?

Besides, the orc village is burning.
Well, someone will fix it.

Then, Milk came over. She jumps to my chest. What a cute girl. I smell woman’s scent from her light blue hair.

「I was scared」
「There, there, nothing to be scared of anymore」

Milk seems to have recovered a spirit point from embracing me.
Unexpectedly, I’m also recovering SAN values.

「The gray pig protected Milk」
「That’s great. Let’s thank him next time」
「Should I give him my first?」
「No, that’s for Onii-chan so no」

I must discipline her properly on this regard.
We head to the dining room while rubbing her back.
I don’t have that much appetite but, I have to put something light in my stomach to prepare for tonight’s love work.
There’s already Almeria people get excited due to chicken cutlets.
The first person who called out to me is Mie-chan who I promised to do today

「There was noise outside, what happened?」

It seems that the information of the demonーkind invading hadn’t reach this far.
I told her what happened to Milk Mie reacts『Hmmm』 You can’t realize the crisis of the village of being annihilated?

「Then, it’s okay now?」
「Yeah, the golden pig did something」
「That’s great」

The talk somehow ended, then she whispered to me in a way Milk won’t hear

「Everyone wants to have skills but, how many can you do?」
「I can go with a lot」

I have the skill for that.
The second half becomes more energetic…no, since I have automatic recovery, it’s fine.

「Are you sure about that? We’re quite the technicians though?」
「That just increases the things I look forward to」
「Then, the girls who expect their day will come too?」
「I don’t mind if it’s their day」
「I don’t want that though」

MIe-chan leaves while laughing.
And now, they’re playing message game.
Now then, today it’s chicken cutlets and bread roll?
Milk eats burgers that it makes her mouth dirty, I also started eating while watching her.

The young night has started from there.
First, Mie-chan.
Her thin and small body makes me worry if she’s eating her food properly.
I hold her body and put my half-erect penis in her dry vagina.

「Nn, you can be rough!」

As soon as she said that, Mie-chan’s face turned red. I use all my skills.
Just putting in the tip, putting it in and out, she was surprised by the pleasure and ran away.
I silently grab her hips and do the same action again.

「Eh, ah, nnnnーwhat what, this is strange. Aaah, aaah」

Normally, I would use lotions.
Then, I inserted it while teasing her clitoris.


The same reaction as the locals.
Then, I swing my hips to Mie-chan who’s finished.

「I don’t know thiiiiis, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…」

Hearing Mie-chan’s voice, the girls waiting on the corridor turned noisy.
I pierce violently the hole that has turned dripping wet to my liking, and finished my first job.
Then, choices appeared.

『Sword Talent』『Cooking Talent』『Body reinforcement I』

There was no skill at the time of awakening so it must be the influence of it.
If I pull out my penis without making a choice, it would seem that, unfortunately the first one『Sword Talent』would be chosen
Normally, I would make women up to let them choose but, it’s troublesome to explain so I let Mie-chan be in charge of cooking. Cooking Talent is fine.
It can’t be helped if she gets sword talent but I don’t want her to grow like a gorilla.

Takenaka Mie. 『Cooking Talent』

Since the first job is over, recovery barrage.

「…aaah, good morning…」
「Did you feel good?」

Mie-chan’s face turned bright red.
Then, she nods.

「It was amazing…you’ll take care of me until I become pregnant, right?」
「Until you get pregnant」

Then, the door opens.

「Next is me.」
「I feel sorry for Mie-chan but…」
「Yeah, that was a treat. Next time again」

White liquid leaks from her vagina.
Now then, the next job came.

I pour into the womb of the last one.

『Physical Reinforcement I』『Charm up (small)』『Attack power up(small)』『Spear Talent』

The choices was from two to siz.
I was at trouble on choosing for the last one so I decided to use recovery and made her decide for herself.
Explaining each skill one by one, she chose one

「Then, physical reinforcement」

At the moment I add the skill, she’s become a macho with a gorilla feel.

「Huh? It’s thinner than what I heard? Is this okay?」
「Yeah. Stomach feels good too」
「Put your finger in and check it」

Her vagina’s tightening.
This is quite good. But, why would she do that?

「Thanks. With this, I’ll do my best for everyone」
「Yeah, then, good nightー」
「Good nightー」

Saying that, the last woman faints.
I also did my best today.
It’s the same wherever I go. I swing my hips and give skill seeds.
Then, a maid who understands the story comes as addition.

「I felt like I was called」
「How many more for today?」
「Fufu, let’s just sleep together」

I see, I feel like that.

「Should I clean it up? Or would you like me to wash it?」
「Clean it」
「Yes, Certainly」

The maid licks my lower body.
I fell asleep while feeling soft pleasure.

When I wake up, the maid’s using my arm as a pillow.
I feel sorry that I don’t know this maid’s name.


Glossy silver hair. Her fair skin is meticulously polished. Her age seems to be 17 years old.
Her breasts are the size of an orange. It has the tension and it feels good to touch.
Then, it seems that she yearns for me.
The girl with『Charm Up (small)』slowly opens up her eyes.

「Want to have sex?」

She tried inviting me for sex right in the morning

「Sure, come」

With that said, I brought my face closer to her front.
Turning her hand on my back, she’s may quite be skilled.
But, she doesn’t look like she has previous experience.
Now then now then, I came kissing her mouth while thinking that.
I stare at her pale yellow eyes. And then, I invaded her bottom. The movement feels like I’m being invited?
She takes my tongue and entwines with it.
Leaking hot sighs, a sweet pant comes down

「Anna, you’re cute」

Anna shivers from the words I whisper to her ears.

「I’m honored to have my name read by Takuma-sama」

Anna who smiled saying it so cute that I took off her clothes and turned her to baby suit.
Is it embarrassment or cold? Anna puts on the futon quickly.
I pat her silver hair and hugged her.

「Aaah, to think that this day would come…」
「You seem happy…」
「…It’s okay, I’m happy after all」

She seems pleased by the words said in teasing manner.
I touch the body of the 17 year old puffing her cheeks.
Using my skills, I treated her slowly and didn’t rush just like how I do with Nunnally.
Licking the neck, making kiss marks.
Does it hurt a bit? Anna rubs off that part.
She looks very happy.
Caressing her smooth body, gradually approaching her genital area.

「Nn, Takuma-sama…」
「Anna, you’re beautiful」
「Geez, you’re too good…nn」

When I touched her vagina, it was moist and ready for insertion.

「What lewd movements…」
「I’m a pro after all」
「But unlike the usual, it feels very kind…」

I see, then I’ll treat her even more gently
Normally, I’d make her pant so hard already

「It’s thanks for Anna being kind yesterday」
「NnnーThank you very much Embracing this maid me, nnnn, no gratitude is enough」

Anna’s waist cutely swing.
It seems she’s got no composure anymore, she begins to leak out hot sighs, facing sideways

「Ah, no more fingers…」

I stopped caressing from what she said.
Anna seems to want my penis.
Anna’s eyes are shining with expectation.
I put my penis on her vagina. Slowly putting it in, Anna curls like a shrimp.
Then, her vagina convulses interestingly


Oops, I was still using my skills. No, not good…oh, it’s too late though.
I present a slow piston to Anna who’s whips are convulsing.

「Aaaaaaaah, aaaah, Takuma-sama, Takuma-samaaaaaaaaaaa…」

I feel uneasy that she uses “Sama” but, the servile character must be ingrained deeply.
Since it’s a rare chance, let’s tease her clit too.


Intense gasps, tide leaks from her waist. Her eyes lost color and her body’s the only twitching.
I stop using my skill and enjoy using the tight hole that has become an onahole.
Is this unused?…But there wasn’t blood back then…I pour in my cloudy liquid inside Anna’s womb while thinking as such.

When Anna woke up, she’s in quite a good mood.
SHe’s hugging me and doesn’t move.
I ask her a question while patting Anna’s head.

「Hey, Annna」
「Were you a virgin when we did it before/」

Anna stiffen at that moment.
Then, she shook her head.
Oh, what a regret.

「I’m not a virgin because I have done the righteousness of penetration. Takuma-sama is my first outside my relatives」
「…I see, I want to learn about that righteousness of penetration」
「Eh? You don’t know?」
「Err, the current emperor has said that virgins are troublesome, so it’s been decided that women working in the royal court must have her membrane be split by a man close to her」
「What’s that? I didn’t take Anna’s virginity because of that?」
「Being touched by his Majesty is an honor in the noble world…」
「I see, by the way, who did Anna give it to?」
「Onii-sama…I-I had him insert a vegetable…」

Hmm, then that’s not counted.
Then, in that case.

「Sorry that I’m not his Majesty then」
「No, this is the best result for me. Normally, slaves are treated as livestocks. I really hated to see it…」

I know. I super understand that

「But, thanks to Takuma-sama’s balant hate to the treatment, everyone’s able to live their lives happily. Besides, I yearn for you…so I may be annoying but please forgive me」
「Anna-chan’s easy to fall in love」
「No, it’s my first love」

Hmmm, I wonder if it it comes out of the face when one hates it.
Well, this has moved to quite the good direction.
But still, Anna’s quite cute.

「Want to go one more round?」
「Yes, as much as you want」

I didn’t notice that such a cute girl is on my side, I’m still ways to go.
The lust of my crotch is increasing more than ever.

Morning, I pull out the weeds feeling refreshed.
The orcs are raising levels in the morning but, I saw them off with a smile.
Leveling? It’s meaningless to me who just swings hips.
That’s how it is.
I ate Anna’s mouth who brought us breakfast, she loos a bit troubled.

「Uhm, everyone’s watching」

She told me.
After work, the leveling group leaves the village in the afternoon.
Ki-kun’s working seriously hard today.
Aya-chan who’s waving her hand, has a woman’s face.

Then, I go to the second floor where the demon Ma-chan is isolated.
Oh, Turna’s here too.

「Oh, Takuma also has a business with this demon?」

Turna smiles. Of course the word bad sticks to the head.

「There’s things I’d like to ask her」
「You didn’t come to have sex?」

Ma-chan trembles from what Turna said.

「Hmm, my principle is to not do it with girls who don’t want to」

Now then, I must Ma-chan with magic while she’s relaxed but, Turna’s in the way.
I shorten my distance with Turna.

「Eh? Eh? Here, eh?」

This isn’t forced, because, Turna’s always willing.

I made Turna’s eyes turn white.

「Takuma…this is too much…」

Turna parted with her consciousness. Seeing that, Ma-chan’s frightened.

「Wait a second. I haven’t climaxed yet」

I swing and raise Turna’s vagina and spray it on her body.
It’s my kindness to not cum inside pregnant women.
I’m so wonderful.
Now then, Ma-chan seems to be horribly scared of sex. Then, that makes it easier.

「Now then, if you don’t want to be like this, you’ll answer my questions honestly」
「Yes, I’ll talk about everything so please spare my virginity」

That’s quite an attracting word but this is a different world resident

「Okay. If you lie, I’ll steal your virginity. If you don’t answer, I’ll take your virginity. Get it?」

Ma-chan nods intensely.
Or rather, the orcs didn’t do anything with this beauty.
They’re not too lame, aren’t they/
Well, fine.

「Ma-chan used a different world transition, but, that used a lot of Mana, right? How do you use that?」
「We use a magic ore to deposit mana」

She nods multiple times, showing seriousness in her eyes. It’s visible that she’s desperate to protect her virginity.
Magic ore, that must be a magic tool.

「Can you deposit hundreds of thousands?」
「Yes, once you open the gate, it’s easy to maintain」

Oh, then, we just have to prepare a magic ore?
That will solve the problem of the huge mana consumption. The『Mana origin ‘kai’』seems to be a great success.
While I was thinking of what I should ask, Ma-chan comes to talk, in Japanese.

「Ah, yeah That’s right」
「Ehehe, I’m a fan of Japanese anime. I like giants, space battleships, magical girls」
「Oh, I see, if you can travel on different world, you can go to Japan too?」
「Of course, Japan and Makai are always connected via a gate」

The sense of intimacy increases with the topic of anime.

「But, how did you know that I’m Japanese?」
「Black hair, black eyes are unusual. Besides, Japanese people have a peculiar accent」

Ma-chan laughs.
I didn’t notice that my local language accent was perfect.

「I see , then I don’t intend to dispute with the dwellers here. I’ll talk about how I came here」
「I roughly anticipatd it so it’s okay. The orcs are also reincarnated, right?」
「Ah, yeah」
「They’re quite strong. I suffered so much…」
「That was just a bad incident」
「…Yes, it’s my first time having my head crushed continuously…uhm, can you take this off?」

She points at the magic seal.

「Sorry. I don’t have the key」
「Is that so? That’s a shame」
「We’ll ask her later」
「Please. I said that I’ll be back in 10 days so if I don’t come back, I’ll be picked up」
「What an overprotective family」
「That’s right. Onii-sama’s a worrywart, ah, but I’m in a troublesome situation that he has to worry about」

Afterwards, we talk about anime excitedly.

The orcs reports the level they raised for today happily. The demons seems to be delicious.
Lesser demons and demons go to Makai when dead, knowing that lesser demons restart at level 1 when they die, I think we’re doing horrible things to them.

「It’s fine. Demons got long life so leveling is fun」

Ma-chan who has no collar already doesn’t look particularly angry.
And to answer her, is Turna who’s in serious mode coming back from the pleasure.

「Demon world is very hard too. But, please stop attacking Almeria from now on」
「I understand. I will tell everyone. There are dangerous orcs so please stop, I’ll say」

Turna makes a guts pose inside her heart.

「Instead, could you tell us the strongest country in the world? Ani said that he wants to fight a strong enemy so, how about me and Turna-sama make an agreement? A country of humans with no orcs would be good」

Ma-chan smiles.
Sweat flows to Turna’s neck.

「If you sell the empire, Almeria won’t be bothered by the invasion of demons until the end of the world, right?」
「Yes, if you want, in case you were attacked by some other forces, I can come personally for help. Even if I look like this, I’m quite the top of demons you know?」

Ma-chan smiles radiantly.
Turna drops her shoulders.

「I can’t judge without consulting my boss」
「My, that’s a fun development. I’d like to see the people on top」

Did you defeat a upper demon, Ki-kun?
We can just rely on Ki-kun when something happens so it’s fine.
Now then, there’s something I’d like to ask.

「How long with the great demon invasion continune?」
「Err, once it’s over, it’ll be done right away. But, the orcs wants experience value so it’s fine to continue like this, right? We came here to play after all」
「Then, the great demon invasion will continue for the time being」

I didn’t think the orcs’ desire for experience would end.
Turna, next to me seems to understand too so she’s staring at the distance.
Rather than that, I noticed something good.
Even if you don’t create a gate from Japan to another world, we can visit Makai from this world and go to Japan from Makai