Isekai Taneuma Chapter 29 Turna 3



Lamp Light.
In the biggest house in the village.
Ki-kun and the former roasted high orcs take distance with fear, they have a lewd look on their faces.
Ma-chan who’s a demon greets in Japanese and makes her breasts sway up and down.

「Sorry for trying to kill you. I’m Macuribe, a resident of Makai. My friends call me Ma-chan. I love Japan so please get along with me. I watch magic girl frame every Sunday without fail」

She winks amazingly then spins around.
I can only think of it as a sly move but, it seems that the big friends understood it.
Ki-kun who was alarmed until now is the same.
Then, half of the orcs around and the girls around seem to know what Ma-chan did.
It seems to be a transformation pose.
I don’t know it though.
That critical hit self-introduction seems to have made her overflowing personality easy to understand, Ma-chan has grabbed the heart of the otaku.
We blend in with the circle.

After that, there’s a serious discussion about reconciliation or peace or rather, the talk ended by having Ma-chan fully apologize for the『Orc village massacre plan』by the demon’s side.
Well, the demon seem to follow ‘strong is justice’ rule.

「Then, what about the apology goods?」

Ma-chan said then raises a black haze.
Then she sticks her hand in it.

「This is one of my prided collection. The three purchase for admiration, preservation, and propagation work is finally useful」

What appeared is a weekly shounen magazine
Everyone’s too shocked.
Unexpectedly, there are a lot of women subscribers that they swallowed down their saliva.
Then, Ki-kun demonstrates his outstanding memory.

「The 43-44 merged edition from two years ago please」
「I haven’t read that one before」
「Wait, I’m on the Wednesday group. Give me something from Wednesdays. No, please let me read it」
「Don’t rush, I have all in storage properly. Two years ago, right…」

The people are fighting for the weekly magazines taken out by Ma-chan.
Naomi won the first book. She roars in delight.
Naomi loves Manga after all. But, I think you shouldn’t roar like that in front of the man yoou like.

The room’s very lively.
And, the atmosphere’s nice.
Ma-chan’s also satisfied with the people enjoying Manga, She’s pleased with the otaku fellows. She’s harmless.

I want to read on my own pace after everyone’s done reading.
With that reason, I decided to leave place.

Now then, from the information I got from Ma-chan, it seems that the Makai’s air is poisonous to humans, so Ikemen and I would be going to Makai route and back and the women and children would be left behind.
Yet, this plan is NG.
I asked Ma-chan to create a gate to Japan.

「Do you know what it means to ask favor from a demon? It’s expensive you know?」

She declared with a smile so I gave up.
With that said, I asked Turna for a magic core.
While I’m searching for Turna, I heard Ikemen’s voice.


Sit-ups, hand-stand, or squats?
He’s doing his best.
Ikemen’s goodwill inside me went up again.

「Ga-chan, fightー!」

Huh? Now that I noticed, isn’t he and his childhood friend are in love with each other?
Huh? That’s strange.

Then, I found Turna.
Looking at the entrance of the village from the entrance of a cerain house.

「Who’s this?」
「Well, you hide the eyes, not the breasts. Are you interested in Turna’s growing breasts?」

Turna looks happy.

「Rather than that, what are you doing?」
「Err. I sent out the message to the princess who might be in the empire, but I thought it’s about time for a reply」
「Soon after coming here. I sent the highest level soldier but the probability of returning is never high so I’m filled with anxiety」

The gatekeeper with pink hair?
Speaking of which, I haven’t seen her since I came here.

「Did she die?」
「That’s possible but, it’s also possible that she’s caught by ruffians and turned slave. Worst case scenario, a goblin. She’s quite a cute girl, and travelling alone…I might’ve given a horrible order…」

Then, I hear the sound of horse running.

「She’s maybe close. I hear sounds of horse hooves」
「Is that so? Then that’s great」

After a few while, a horse comes back to the orc village.
Then, a female soldier ties the horse and comes running.

「I’m sorry for being late」

Pink-chan on her knees is breathing roughly but she seems healthy that there’s no particular problems.
Turna greets her with a smile

「I appreciate your efforts」
「Then, the report」
「I have confirmed the princess’ safety. This is the letter sent to you」

She presents a letter with both hands.
Turna takes that and confirms the wax seal.
Then, she begins to read the long letter.
When I try to peek, she moves so I can’t see, it seems that I shouldn’t look.
Pink-chan remaining on her knees, remembers the trip.
Was it a big adventure? She did well running.
Turna puts away the letter in her chest pocket then speak encouragement to Pink-chan.

「Well done. I appreciate your work and appoint you as knight of Milanjol」

The knight’s salary seems to have risen.
Pink-chan seems to be overcome with emotion.

「Mina, you have become a subordinate worth of my trust. I give you my best regards in the future」
「Then, this is the reward for your work this time. Give the princess your heartfelt thanks」

She passed a purple gem.

「Ah, aaah, I thankfully acceptー」
「I’ll give you skills later on so if you have a beloved one, do it with him first」

Seems to be work at later date. I’ve got to work hard.

「Then, take it easy. That’s the dining room」

Turna swings her hand and Pink-chan stands up and head to the dining room.
Pink-chan walks with her head filled with flowers.
Turna’s expression looks happy too.

「That was a treat」
「Now I need a single person under command. I’d like to pay as much compensation for her work as possible and earn her loyalty」

Wow, Turna’s so dry.

「Rather than that, let’s head to the room. I’ll tell you a good story」

Then that means, everyone’s safe

We enter the room.
The two of us sit on the bed.

「First, the princess is safe. The knights and the maids are safe」
「That’s great」
「Yes, Yukari-san’s next. She seems to be with the princess」
「What’s going on?」
「I wonder? For the time being, shouldn’t we rejoice that she’s safe?」

True, I’m glad that she’s safe.

「What else?」
「Let’s see. Do you want information about Turna’s father being safe?」
「True…what’s left is that we have to come back to the empire as soon as possible」
「Hmm, everyone’s going?」
「No, just Turna and Takuma. The march would take time as the number increases」

Then, this time, a question comes from Turna.

「Takuma, you copied the abilities of the demon, right?」
「Then, please teach me the magic and skills. I’m also busy studying the performance of skills so I ask you to speak it so I can understand. I’ll report to the princess when we meet so I’d like to do it right away」
「Hmm, then, let’s talk about the skill awakening has evolved to skill awakening ‘kai’」
「That’s a very interesting topic」

I explained things one by one in easy to understand manner.
Turna writes it off plainly.
Then, she stopped moving her pen on a certain magic.

Other world transition.

She tries to say something but stopped.
Then think.
The question Turna spent a long time to think;

「You’re coming home?」

It’s a short question.
I answered my true intention by reflex.

「I can’t though?」
「True…then, would you send everyone back to Japan?」
「Well, it seems that I need a magic ore but can you get it?」
「Magic ores are expensive. Furthermore, the empire has them. It’s very difficult to collect however…there’s a way to collect them just in case. The golems heart has the magic core Takuma wants so do your best to collect it」

Turna smiles.
I feel like the she’s telling the orcs to do their best. Well, I will.

(Then, before they leave, we’ll push beauties to the orcs and have them our country’s vassals. Kufufufu)
「If that makes everyone happy then I won’t complain」
「Geez, don’t read my mind. I’ll just make them on the same situation as Takuma Can’t I?」
「…No, I think that you should try it by all means」

Turna’s in great delight.
Then, she pulls my hand and place it to her lower abdomen.

「Oh right. It seems that having a lot of orc heroes is too painful to Artesia-san. I told her that Takuma lied to her, please clear up the misunderstanding next time」
「Lied? What, I don’t know which is it in my memory」
「When asked whether you had defeated the orc hero, I said that you’re alive. The elves are quite pure so please be careful」
「Okay, but that’s a misunderstanding. I didn’t tell Turna but, I encountered a brave orc on the west forest and subjugated it」
「…Why did you not report it」
「Well, you wouldn’t want me to go out, right?」
「True, I did prohibit going out but…by the way, when is it?」
「A few days after my balls were pulled」

Turna leaks a sigh.

「You’ve done well taking them down」
「Ki-kun defeated it. I just got the exp share」
「I see…then, Turna will be the one to talk to Artesia-san.」 Could you tell me the details?」

I talk about that day relying on my memory.
Turna summarized;

「Then, let’s say that we found the brave orc scout cooperated with our allies and subdued them. Then, that would convince Artesia-san. We’re not lying, well, it’s natural to exaggerate military exploits. Also, they’ll be able to somehow understand that the orc heroes are Takuma’s friends. Leave the rest to Turna」
「Thanks as always」
「Noono, Takuma only has to swing his waist」

Turna leans back on me
Then, she guides my hand on her abdomen further down.

「The princess says to come back soon , and let’s head back to the empire once we fix Artesia-san’s misunderstanding」

We then made out for a while.
Then, we had fun talking again.

「What should we do with the demon’s invitation?」
「Selling information of the empire?」
「Yes, that」

Turna’s love nectar is making wet noises but Turna who’s used to pleasure skills isn’t concerned at all.
Her waist raises, reacting to the pleasure.

「What should we do? I know the information Almeria knows about the empire. It’s certain that there are other aims but Turna doesn’t understand the thoughts of demons. Making a contract with a demon is a pretext pattern for a country to die, in the first place, demons don’t keep their promises」
「They don’t keep it?」
「Yes, they always turn over their hands on important occasions. The Glaran Blue heroic tales are famous but you don’t know them?」
「It’s a story of a hero with brave skills taken away by a demon who he thought as a friend. All his money, women, experience values」

No women pls, that’s a no.

「Takuma’s hands stopped」

She points and gently caress.
Turna leaks out a pleased sigh.

「Hmm, In short, demons desire you to leave as quiet as possible. She seems to have a strong bother so we can’t kill her. She try to be as friendly as possible then forget about us.」

Turna begins to take off her clothes.
Then, she goes with M shaped legs after a long time.

「Here, it’s Turna’s loli pussy」

How simple I am?
If she does this, I can no longer resist. I don’t intend to though.
I insert into the M shaped Turna who should be rigid.
And when I noticed it, A lunch box.
Using my skill to increase pleasure, I slowly move back and forth.
Turna’s love nectar sound and panting.

「Ah, Takuma, nnnーThis is amazing」
「It’s only『Increase pleasure (Middle)』」
「Nnn…Takuma, I love you, Nnn, nnnー」

I look in her face due to her unusual remark. Then, Turna forced a kiss.
I stopped moving my waist and entwine our tongues together.
Turna lets go of my mouth seeming satisfied, and then stares at me.
I stare at this 14 year old young looking female knight.

「…I want Takuma to release it inside」
「Roger that」

Responding to Turna’s request, I move my waist violently.
The tapping sound echoes in the room.

「Hyaaau…Hnnnー, sorryーI’m coing to cum ahead, nnnー…Hauuー」

Turna starts to spasm lightly.
Her vagina tightens up, wanting me to ejaculate.

「Takuma, nnn, hurry up and come…Aaaaaaaaaaaaahnnー」

Piercing the deepest part of Turna who’s enjoying climax, I unleased my sperm deep.

「Turna’s the best」

Turna who’s breathing roughly pants in a pleased high voice.
Then, she whispers to my chest.
She’s imitating Nunnally?

「It felt really good…」
「My compatibility with Turna’s also the best」
「Fufu, I’m glad that you say that. Turna is exclusive for Takuma so I’d be troubled if it’s not the case」

After we’re done, she still gulps down monopolizing greed.
It’s not bad. Turna thinks of having fun too.
Then, a word of promise.

「I can’t live without Takuma anymore. Please take responsibility」
「That’s an exaggeration」
「Unfortunately, it’s not」

Turna begins to talk after a while.

「If ever you want to return to your original world, please take Turna. I’ll abandon everything and follow you」
「What about Chris?」
「Mumumu, I’d be in trouble if you say that. Will I take the princess or Takuma?…」

Turna’s swept away by lust is so cute.
Now she’s only worrying though.
I fell asleep while patting the troubled Turna.

I woke up with Turna’s smell in the morning.

「Have you woken up?」
「What are you doing?」
「I wonder…?」

I feel Turna’s scent so much that I thought I got super sense of smell.
Cleaning up.

「Oh, even though I did my best…」
「Just what were you doing?」

She’s rubbing cheeks.
Hmm, Turna’s glossy skin feels good.

「Weren’t you cleaning up?」
「Takuma’s so sly. Now then, I’ll go see Artesia-san」

After saying, she wore her knight clothes.
Turna waved her hand.
Then, she came back after short time.

「That was fast」
「Yes, there was no need for Turna to persuade as others have already persuaded her」
「I see, that’s great」
「Yes, it was easy」

Turna takes off her clothes right away and come back to the futon.

「Want to sleep again?」

I agree with that idea
We fall into our dreams once again.