Isekai Taneuma Chapter 30 Christina 2


Turna leaks out sweet sighs.

「Good morning」
「It smells Turna」
「Would you like some? I made a lot」

While rubbing cheeks, I question whether the scent would be sticking for long.
Well, fine.
Turna’s smell is very welcome.

「We going right away?」
「I’m okay until lunch」
「Then, let’s go as soon as Turna’s errands are over」
「Do you want to see Yukari-san that much?」
「Chris and Mira too」
「Muu, Is this the end of me monopolizing Takuma? I feel sad」

Turna complains. It’s obvious that she’s not serious.
After talking love for a minute, Turna went out of the room wearing her knight uniform.
I’ll go greet Umi and prepare.
Turna lies about the situation to Fumio-sensei to leave the village.
She explained to take Yukari back from the empire.
Well, if she says that, Fumio-sensei can only bow his head.

「Then, I will ask you of it」
「Please take care of our students」

Fumio-sensei lowers his head as he say that.
It’s Turna-like style to sell favor. She’s making a bad face.
How are they going to push the aristocrats from there, well, Turna will do something about it
Turna who finished talking comes to me.

「Then, shall we come to the empire where Yukari-san is?」
「Right. I want to see her soon」
「Your affair with the princess is coming soon too」

Yeah The best pussy’s waiting for me.
I go behind Turna

Turna seems to be riding the brown horse Pink-chan came back with yesterday.
I don’t have any ride so I’ll go barefoot?
Well, I can’t ride a horse anyway.
Turna rides a horse like it’s natural. She’s on her early pregnancy, I’ll give her lots of recovery later.
The horse steps forward.
The speed’s hurdling and gentle speed.

「It’s three days until the armed state?」
「It’s three days to bring pregnant women. Two people can afford it and arrive before evening. Shall we check the magic power on the way?」

Hmm, a magic power to check under the blue sky?
I thought that there’s more to be done but, Turna’s a serious thinker. That’s unfortunate.
Turna checks the sky and confirms the distance.
Then, the first prey has come.


A monster with an ugly appearance.
The dark brown skin seems to be sore.
Thin and sagging skin.
Turna gives instructions.

「Then, please use explosion magic」
「Sure thing」

The running goblins are three?
I imagine a blasting flame. Then, I executed it at once.

Explosion magic!1

Ranged flame attribute magic.
It’s a high rank magic that belongs to only a limited number of magicians.
I threw the basketball sized thing that appeared on my hand to the goblin.

The explosion magic flies at tremendous speed and hits the goblin amazingly.
Then, that area turned to scorched earth.
Along with an explosion sound.


Turna’s the one who made the stupid voice.
The flames burn up and hot air envelops.
The horse cries out upset.
Turna’s hair’s blown by the hot air and moves randomly.
I speak up my impressions briefly.

「Explosion magic is amazing」

Turna looked at me for a moment then turned back gazing at the scorched earth.
Then, she folds her arms in front of her chest.

「It’s quite diffetent from what Turna knows」

She tilts her head.

「Should we try it once again?」
「I agree. Please」

I imagined an explosion. Then materialized it at once.
The fireball’s as big as a basketball.
I threw it to the burning plain.
A thundering roar, Turna’s hair’s disheveled.
It’s a sea of flame before my eyes.
After the soil burns out, it soon shows a black color.
Turna silently kicks the horse’s belly.
Then, the horse proceeded to the pure black plain, sparks flying and unpleasant atmosphere of a land.

The trip’s going well.
When a monster appears, I use magic specified by Turna.
The sight of a gryphon crashing from the sky reminds me of a crash of an aircraft fighter.
I’ve gotten stronger.
Turna repeats her investigation.

(There’s too many that it’s unknown which skill affects)

Turna’s serious face is a good thing too.
Then, the day comes to an end.
Our objective city comes to sight.

「That’s the armed state?」
「Yes, it’s the sling armed state」

It’s quite close. Is that it? It might be the subdivision from the Muromachi period’s warring state.
I threw the requested magic to the goblin while thinking that.

Pacing forward, evening.
We stand in line of the entrance in front of the gate.
Then, Turna ignores the line and goes ahead.
As a Japanese I would be be confused as they’re lined up.
But well, this isn’t Japan, so I follow Turna and she gave money to the gatekeeper.
The gatekeeper looks happy.
Speaking of Japan, the SDF also takes bribes…it gets the mood ruined.
Furthermore, his thoughts are.

(That’s a nice woman)

Then, we come in.
Nobody complains among those who missed the order.
This world is too bad.

Passing through the gate, we enter a country of bricks.
Brown bricks, gray bricks, red bricks.
Then, something white used to connect it. Is it concrete?
There’s only people walking. And, there’s a drifting stench
The difference with Almeria is, there’s an area where commerce is developed? There’s stalls here and there, selling weapons and armor.
The western style thing I see far away, is the castle? The scale doesn’t seem so dignified to make Almeria’s palace look lonely

「Is there anything unusual?」
「No, I just thought that there are bricks in this world too」
「Well of course they do. This sling armed state is a country that carries the most summoning rituals along with the empire. They have acquired various technologies from various worlds so bricks are nothing. By the way, this country is focused on skills just like Almeria」
「I seeー」
「On the other hand, the perish empire is called a magic nation. There’s a thousand units made up of only skilkls, so it’s said that they don’t neglect skills but even those without skills train magic until they become strong to fight」
「The empire’s amazing」
「It’s the last hope of human race」

It seems to be a style to lift the empire.
Then, we come in front of a big building.

「This is the best inn in this country」
「We’re staying?」
「Eeh, you don’t want to?」
「No way, I’m looking forward to a night with Turna」
「I’ll satisfy you」

Turna leaves the horse to a guy that seems to be a slave then enters the inn.
The counter has a big guy behind it. His status isn’t high.
No compliments, no ‘welcome’
He looks at Turna as if he’s appraising her. His gaze only focuses on the face.

「I’ll ask for the best room in this inn」

Turna said then puts a gold coin at the counter.
The man’s attitude changes at that moment.

「My my, thank you for your patronage. Would you like a meal?」
「For night and morning please」
「Hahaー, then I’ll take you right away. Please use the farthest room on the third floor. This is the key」

Turna takes it and heads up the stairs on the right.
I walk behind her but, let me say it, it’s a good view.
The room’s clean. Well , it falls several ranks from my work room though.
Turna lies down on the bed and pats her own stomach.
Then, she lets out cute words.

「I was riding a horse all day. Are you not worried about your precious child?」

Turna shifts down the decorations on her knight uniform and exposes her stomach.
I put my hand there and use recovery as requested. Recovery. Recovery. Recovery. Recovery.

「It’s possible that recovery’s also reinforced with skills」
「On that remark, isn’t my magic amazing?」
「Fufu, it’s quite amazing. It’s so amazing that it made me think to have my lover exterminate monsters with magic when he’s free from work」
「No way. I love to swing my hips but I don’t like fighting. Ask Ki-kun to do that」

I caress Turna’s pubic are who pretends to be dissatisfied then refuse.

「We haven’t eaten yet. Really, Takuma’s so lewd」

The happy looking Turna fixes her clothes.
Then the meals came right after.
Bread and stew, it doesn’t look like a meal of a luxurious inn.
We ate it together. Turna doesn’t seem to mind the taste.
Then, I lied down on the soft bed after the meal ends.

「Being together this time is an unexpected incident so I think Mira will return to management of Takuma. It may be the last day you can freely use Turna’s body, so I’ll let Takuma do what he wants」
「Then, let’s start with your mouth」

Turna smiles happily.

Morning, the sun rises.
I rub her cheeks as thanks for the other day.

「It hurts so could you stop?」

Turna stares.
It seems that the facial hair has disturbed her sleep

「Good morning」
「Good morning. Turna understands. No need to use pleasure increasing skills!」

Turna speaks fervently as she wakes up. I ignore it of course.

「What’s the schedule for today?」
「We’ll going to the transfer gate and ask to go to the Empire. Takuma will be transferring too. Afterwards, we’ll be heading straight to the royal villa where the princess is staying」
「I see」
「I want to ignore the princess’ orders and make out here for a couple of days more」

That’s a nice idea. But, well, that’s impossible.
But, it’s my style to ride with the flow.

「Then, how about we stay here for a month?」
「Unfortunately, I can’t lie to the princess. I can’t answer Takuma’s wish. Furthermore, it’s possible that I will work for today so let’s stop lewd acts」

It can’t be helped, let’s endure from lewd things.
It’s an act that shows the end.

We left the inn and head to the stable first. Should I say toll parking lot in Japan?
Bidding farewell to the horse is sad, we both know that we’re lonely

「I’m a knight but I must thank the horse」

Turna told me.
Then, we head to our destination silently.
The transfer gate is installed in the castle.
Turna shows her family crest and pushes through. Her power’s also honored even by the sling armed nation.
It makes me misunderstand that Turna’s some big shot.
There’s an open space, and a reddish brown door frame.

「Then, please transfer us」
「How do you use this?」
「Err, please touch this brown gate」

Touching it as told, there’s eight similar gates of different colors appearing in my head.

「The empire’s the white gate」

I constructed an image of getting through the white gate and materialize it at once.
At that moment, the scenery changed.
In there is a beautiful city based on white.
Then, a big welcome comes loudly

「Welcome to Perish Empire」
「Our empire is invincible. The monsters are already driven out so you can be at ease in our hands」

「Propaganda right away?」
I tsukkomi in my mind.
Two soldiers stand by the transfer gate.
Their levels are both ten higher.
Showing a fresh smile.
Turna walks without even worrying about it

「Takuma, we’ll meet the princess soon. Please fire up」
「Ah, okay」

Going through the sanitary and soft airy city.
There’s a lot of people, and it seems to have a somewhat high-class atmosphere.
They resemble American stone areas, I guess. All the visible areas are the same, and the difference in scale is obvious.
Then, there’s a lot of slender beauties passing each other. It’s widely different from Almeria.

It’s been a while, Yukari.
It’s been a while, Chris.
It’s been a while, Mira.
Greydia’s a bonus.
The lust that’s going to begin from now on makes my heart throb.

Mansions are lined up in an area. Turna stopped in front of one of the mansions.
Then, deep breath.
The gate soldier waits for the words expressionlessly

「I would like to visit the princess. Please say it’s Turna Milanjol」

With those words, the soldier runs inside.
Then, the house grows excited in such a little time.
As expected, I don’t know what they’re talking about but I see a number of adults moving around.
It seems that Chris is the one coming to get us
The gate opens and Chris appears of course.
Apparently, Turna’s also expecting it, in half joy, half tension.

「Turna, well done. Come in」

Then, Turna entered, and the door closed.

…’What the hell’, as I thought of it, the next door opens and Mira beckons me.

「It’s a rule for slaves to not pass through the doors. Let it off」

I was told why the door was closed. Tough world.
Well, who cares about that.
I haste to embrace Mira.

「Fufu, what a spoiled boy」
「I was worried」
「I’m Garcia Shusted’s daughter. Oh death…I was worried about you. I’m glad that you’re safe」

We embrace each other.
Mira’s heartbeat is fast.
I enjoyed the platonic hug because I can’t do anything lewd in the garden.

Entering the mansion holding hands, there are four unfamiliar maids.
Checking them with appraisal, I can see that everyone’s a spy from the empire. Well, that doesn’t matter to me.
Then, I enter Chris’ room.
Inside are the usual members. Chris and the knights, and three maids. Mira moved to Varga’s side having a bright red face. Greydia’s grinning, thinking that we had a bout. Since when did I get premature ejaculation?

Then, Chris and Turna are facing each other at the glass table.
She’s already started reporting that the slaves with skills are all safe.

「My, that’s good news. To be honest, I gave up. I was just praying that at least Artesia-san would be safe」
「Many fortunes overlapped, we managed somehow. In that case, I have bad news so I must let you know」

The bad news is that there are four orc braves who hold a grudge against Almeria. And, their identities.
I’m getting bored around here so I decided to break into Chris’ bed and enjoy the smell.

When I woke up, there’s a golden beauty in front of me.
Then, we’re both naked.

「Fufu, you’re finally awake」

Chris pinches my cheeks.
The room has only the three maids. When I touch Chris, they bow deeply and left the room.
I grabbed Chris’ head right away.
Chris seems to have noticed what I want to do so she smiled and answered.

「I’m not accepting anyone but you」

Fumu, good woman.
I approach with a ready face.
Then, reach the big breasts and suck it with my mouth.
I entwine my tongue until Chris’ is satisfied.
The feeling of her breasts is wonderful.
Hot sighs leak from her mouth when I rub her breasts.
Then, a saliva thread’s made.

「I must punish you for sleeping in my bed without permission」
「I’m looking forward on what you will do」

Chris grabs my penis. Then strokes it.
Hmm, is this impatient feeling the punishment?
Chris who kept it for a few minutes, talks.

「You won’t touch me?」

In response to her request, I check out Chris’ pussy.
It’s flooding. Chris opens up her crotch bashfully.

「It’s strong, big, wonderful」
「We’re both aroused with each other」
「True. Use all of your skills hard…please」
「Sure thing」

I use all of my pleasure enhancing skills and thrust into Chris’ vagina.
Her dripping vagina winds up.


Holding one of Chris’ legs, I insert and pull back slowly.

「Aaaah, this feels good, hiii, nnnー, I’ve heard it from Mira…you did your best…enduring, amazing, hiiiiiiii」
「It feels more pleasant than usual」
「Nfu, I’m glad, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaー」

Chris is reaching climax.
Her vagina cramps violently and floods love nectar from the deep.
Then, she clings to me panting.

「Nnnnhaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…」

Light from Chris’ eyes faded away.
As expected, it’s too powerful

「Should I use recovery?」

Chris nods to what I said while trembling, I used recovery on her.
Light returned to her eyes and she whispers in embarrassment.

「…As expected, I’ll go with Turna’s idea. 」
「I heard that you like to take it slow with Nunnally-san in sitting position, do you get it?」
「I do get it」
「It feels so good that it makes one unable to stand, right? I look forward to it」

I didn’t knew that Turna was unable to stand back then.
In response to Chris’ desire, I insert my hard dick in her flodding pussy while having her sit in front of me.
Then, moving back and forth, Chris trembles and shouts.


A tide blows from Chris’ crotch and her body warped like a shrimp.
…I forgot to turn off my skills.
I often forget it.
Pleasure came unexpectedly.
Then, I wait for her to settle down and slowly move my hips. As usual, this is a good quality pussy. This undulating pussy is nothing more than art.
Normally, I’d make a woman cum again and again, then after she’s satisfied, I’ll release my desires but this one’s a masterpiece.
Even though I’m just slowly moving my waist, my breath rises as my waist trembles in pleasure.
Chris who has the composure as I turned off the skill swings her waist delightfully

「Nnn, this feels good, heey, you can cum inside」

As usual, the hip movements are awkward. But that’s enough to feel good inside Chris’ vagina that my voice leaked out.
Chris who heard that miserable cry licks her lips.

「Heree, you can spurt all of it inside the princess’ pussy…mmm, you can impregnate me again」

The pleasant makes me unable to stand.
I pour in a large amount of white liquid into Chris’ womb.

「It’s coming in so deeeep, my womb is tightening so muuuuuuuuuuuuuchー」
「It feels too good」
「Ah, ah, ah, aaaaaahnー」

I pour it into her womb and the lewd princess falls down.
Clinging to me, trembling.
That’s too cute and pleasant that I begin to move my hips once again. Second round.

「Nnn, wait, don’t move yet, this is an order, ahn , geez, please, listen to what I say, ahn」
「Convulsing this much, there’s no way I could endure. Raise your hips a bit, I’ll pierce you hard」

Chris lifts her waist as told even though she’s trembling.
She’s really a good woman.
I thrust mercilessly from below.
The room’s filled with the princess’ pants, echoing sweetly and beautifully in the room.

Chris lies down satisfied.

「I love this posture, being poked while lying down. Remember this」

I insert from the back of Chris who’s lying on her back and move my hips.
As bonus, I massage her plump breasts.
Though this is a hard position, I’m happy. Then, we enjoy our conversation.

「Hey, Chris. I heard from Turna that Yukari’s here」

Chris responds to me with cute moans.

「Nfuu, she’s on the vacant room on the third floor. Nunnaly-san’s safe too so be at ease」

Yukari and Nunnally are in the house? For some reason, there’s sweat flowing on my back

「Look, there’s a lot of people taking refugee and both of them don’t know the lefts and rights of this land so they were confused. The inns are full, and it would be a pity to let your favorite women stay at a big shelter, don’t you think? They gladly came when I told them that information about you comes to us first」
「I see, Chris is so kind. Thanks」
「I told you, we’re using each other. What do you think? There’s no loss being under me, right?」
「True. I’m grateful for Nanami and everything」
「Fufu, you haven’t forgotten. Well done. Also, I’d like some gratitude for letting you monopolize this body of mine」
「I really am thankful」

I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
When our conversation ended, the sound of love nectar echoes in the room.
Nucha, nucha, the sound of our wet genitals intersecting each other, feeling pleasure.
Then, Chris climaxed for god knows how many more times.

「Nfu, amazing…can you tell? I’m clamping you hard」
「It’s convulsing, it feels good. I’m about to cum but can I do it in your face?」
「Fufu, cum inside. I love being creampied」

Oh, I wanted to defile that beautiful face with my cloudy liquid though.
But, wanting a creampie, that’s the best lewdness.
We both enjoy climax together.

Then, when we’re about to start the next sex. Chris says that the best time’s ended with a smile.

「It felt good. Thank you」

Even though it’s just half a day.
Chris happily smiled at me who looks too shocked.

「Fufu, are you okay not meeting up Yukari-san and Nunnally-san?」

Oops, I lost to pleasure that I forgot.
This is definitely bad.

「Thanks Chris. Then, I’ll take your offer and say hello to them」
「Yes, take care」

Chris claps her hand.
Then, the three maids come in.
Then, they dressed me up.
They were done in an instant that I’m surprised.

「Then, good day」
「Yes, I’ll be sleeing. Call Turna. I’ll use her as a pillow」

Turna would be crying in happiness from that.
She said that she wants to touch those breasts after all.

When I leave the room, one maid bows.
One of the spies named ‘maid’ led me to the third floor.

「Which woman would you like?」
「That’s quite a lewd question」
「Is that so? Then, which woman do you prefer?」
「Then, Yukari」
「Certainly. This is Oda Yukari-sama’s bedroom, the other side is Nunnally-sama’s bedroom If you need anything please call me, I’ll be on the first floor」
「Sure thing」

The spy leaves the spot without changing her expression.
I feel my heartbeat growing faster and stronger.
I take a deep breath and ponder on the affair that’s about to begin.

I knock on the door.

Knock knock.

There’s no reply.

Knock knock.

There’s really no reply.
Well, since I’m the husband, I opened the door without hesitation and enter.

Inside reeks of alcohol.
Then, scattered liquor bottles. This smell, wine?


Hmm, well, she’s lonely drunk…let’s forgive her.

「I’m already full, ehehehehe」

No good.
She’s hugging a bottle of alcohol on her stomach.
I’ve already thought about it a lot of times but seeing it disillusioned me.
I approached Yukari and touched her stomach.

Pinupuni. Squishy.

There’s enough meat to pinch in there.
Just ten days ago, that meat didn’t exist.
I princess carry Yukari
4㎏ increase

「Ehehe, Takuma’s safe? Where’s Umi…?」

Looking at Yukari when she said that, she begins snoring.
Speaking of which, I didn’t have sex with her before going to work?
I gently drop Yukari and cover her with blanket.
Then, I left the room quietly.
I hear a voice from the other room

「Rose, want to see Papa?」
「He’s going to see us soon so look forward to it」
「We’re next to Yukari-san so let’s look forward to it」

That was the next place for me to go.


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