Isekai Taneuma Chapter 34 Re: Great Demon Invasion with Orc Heroes x4 End



『 Impression operation 』

The old man’s skill seems to be effective for the soldier at the castle wall.

「 It must be cold there. Here’s hot water 」

「 Thanks 」

「 Don’t’ mind it, we’re allies 」

It seems that the information is leaked to the empire as well.

The top of the wall is full of soldiers.

Speaking of which, there were spies around Chris too.

They surprisingly went unnoticed.

Or could it be that the information was leaked out of persuasion?

Well, they’re going to fight, not escape, so it doesn’t matter.

The empire will resist until the end.

Archers and wizards are lined up on the walls.

I decided to blend with them and wait for the otherworld transfer gate to appear.,


The light of the day is dyed orange. A black haze appears in the forest a bit away from the empire.

「 Listen, everyone, the rumors of the great demon invasion is true. We will enter a crusade! This will be a great historical battle with our race’s survival. Hold your weapons, strengthen your hearts, we will not lose. We will win. We Philistine empire is the strongest magic nation! We’re not allowed to lose no matter what. Let me hear the war cry of victory! 」

「 「 「 Uooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 」 」 」

What I just heard was the encouragement from the commander-looking soldier. The men respond in a shout.

The surrounding units repeat the same thing. They must have a manual for this.

「 Our God, Amadeus will not forsake us. God, please give us power 」

「 Let’s all survive this. They’re not on a level of an enemy as long as we have His Majesty’s power! 」

「 I’ll marry my childhood friend once this war is over 」

Put me in the childhood friend seat too. We’re friends.

Well, I haven’t received permission though.

The gate looks distant.

The big gate is well beyond the trees of the forest. Then, lesser demons flood the gate one after another.

Then, I hear the sound of trees cut down.

Then a huge demon appears.


「 T-There it comes, what a monster 」

「 Can we win against that? 」

「 Strengthen your resolve. Don’t ask if you can win or not. You have to win! 」

Every time the demon steps forward. The earth shakes.

Then, four huge warriors wearing jet black armor appeared on the battlefield.

There’s a huge jet black sword on their back. Their eyes are glowing red, and then they raised their war cry.

「 Buoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! 」

「 Buoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 」

「 Buooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 」

「 Buoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 」

The air trembles and the earth creaks.

Having a massive sword in hand while running makes you think of them as heavy tanks.

The people on this side hasn’t noticed their identity yet.

They pull the bow with their hands trembling.

The heroes act together, they charged into the castle gate not far from where I am.

「 Fire! 」

Hearing that, they released their arrows and magic.

It seems that Ki-kun is in charge of being the meat-shield.

He busts through ice blades, countless flames, and even lightning. Then, he rushed through the arrows.

Ki-kun turns most of it futile by mowing down his big sword.

But still, the large number of attacks were able to hit Ki-kun and the orc heroes.

Their endurance decreases.

That’s right, the orc heroes took damage.

Small damage.

If they repeat this for 20 more times, then someone might collapse. It’s that kind of damage.

Of course, nobody assumes that they have Recovery.

「 Second row, hurry! Those who are ready, make an attack. Hurry! 」

It’s the voice of the commander.

But, he’s incompetent.

While they were focusing on the Orc heroes, the lesser demons approached the range they can’t fire.

Lesser demons can’t fly. They can jump in a swarm, which is almost similar to flying.

It seems that they received a buff that increases the distance their jumping power could reach that they barely made it across the wall.

This is also under Demon Orzebute’s calculations. The orc heroes will receive the first shot, and the lesser demons will reduce it.

Lesser demons come in without mercy.

「 E-Eep This guys can jump at this height! 」

「 Gua! 」

The first casualties appear on the human side. A male magician’s chest was pierced with a trident. Then, he’s thrown down the wall.

「 Gigigigigigigi! 」

The lesser demon seems to be happy.

Then, the lesser demons attack one after another.

The soldiers on the walls are already confused. The commander issues a manifesto but the people around were archers and magicians in the first place. What can they do in close-combat?

The wise archers fled immediately.

Then, a thunderous roar comes.

「 The gate has been broken. Evacuate. Start moving! 」

The orc heroes broke through the gate.

The massacre has just begun.

I look at the orc heroes crushing down humans.

It must be because of the distance. I can’t feel anything.

Then, the two demons appeared.

「 Takkun, you came too. Raising levels? 」

「 Takkun. Yahoo! 」

What friendly demons.

「 I just thought of helping out if anyone gets in trouble 」

「 Oh boy, that’s like an anime protagonist. Ma-chan, I’d like to do that too! 」

「 You two won’t join in? 」

「 If Ma-chan joins in then you can’t distribute exp to everyone, right? We don’t die either way 」

「 We primarily don’t participate and just watch 」

The demons sit on the uneven parts of the walls.

The topic of the two is about what would the empire’s stocked goods would be used.

I see. I didn’t know the purpose that well but, they were looking for gold and silver treasures.

「 Onii-chan, let’s make a sequel to space battleship Sakura if we’re melting money 」

「 I told you it was a masterpiece because it’s already over, didn’t I? Besides, I’ll win next time 」

「 The information was definitely leaked out. Onii-chan needs to have leverage, you’re not allowed to be bankrupt. It’s already a South Arfica land, should we stop in the pyramid? 」

「 I’ll return the 100yen, then we’ll buy the world 」

「 Onii-chan’s definitely an idiot. You’ll visit banks, take loans, get bankrupt, and drown in alcohol, aren’t you? Ma-chan can see the future 」

Ma-chan shakes her head while shrugging off.

It must be hard having a useless brother. Surprisingly, his status is high, yet he’s a bit of an idiot.

No, it’s possible that this man sees something I can’t. Like he knows what he’s doing or something.

「 Hey, Takkun? 」

「 What? 」

「 Were you listening? 」

「 Sorry. I was thinking 」

A dark blue hair and a soft floral fragrance come near.

Then, the brother flies away.

(The humans there are doing their best. I’ll go take a look)

-Were his thoughts. Speaking of which, Ma-chan also flew to Almeria. She was watching over.

「 Should we watch from above? The opening is the best part. The empire’s frontline seems to be fighting Ma-chan’s demons so I’d like to watch 」

「 Yeah 」

I replied, Ma-chan holds me from behind then she flaps her wings and fly to the sky.

Her breasts are hitting me, but it feels like she’s wearing a bra. That’s unfortunate.

「 Oh, it’s Ki-kun. Kufufu, why is he glaring at a demon, protecting a woman and a child. That looks cool though 」

「 Oh it’s true, the demons are confused 」

「 Okay, let’s do things thoroughly 」

With Ma-chan’s orders. Ki-kun vs. demon didn’t start.

It seems that the demons have the right to veto as well.

「 He refused because he hates to lose. Oh boy 」

「 Hey now, can you distribute the exp with that? 」

「 It’s impossible with those hateful. But, I think there’s a pretty good number which follows. Kira☆ 」

「 Kira☆ 」

Somehow, she’s fun to be with.

We get along.

And on the frontlines, humans and lesser demons fight to the death.

「 Why don’t we watch from the roof over there? This is the second gate. It would end as soon as the orc heroes come, but my kids might not be able to hold it fast 」

「 By the way, what happens if Ma-chan enters the field? 」

「 Fufufu, the dark flame will burn and kill everyone. Either way, the orc heroes participating this war signals the end 」

The brother is cheering from a roof a little far away.

「 Idiot. Don’t go alone. Match with the timings. Yes, that’s right. Ah! So close! 」

The human side is in all-out-war mode too. Those with high-level skills are lined up. Mindlessly taking down demon seed raises the level, it might be the raising orcs live on.

Then, the four orc heroes appear. They look black swordsmen.

The empire side seems to have people with an appraisal.

「 The four swordsmen in front are orc heroes. Defeat them in short time with a concentrated attack 」

That’s also Turna’s opinion on how to take the orc heroes.

But, the number four is just hard, it spreads unrest to the empire side.

When the lesser demons open the road around the gate, the four orc heroes push through.

Then, countless attacks flood from the empire.

The fast decrease in endurance makes my heart throb too.

「 Don’t worry, it’ll be okay. When push comes to shove, I’ll use a super-potion that can regenerate from any condition. As long as we have this, even garbage will become okay. Kira☆ 」

I leak out my honest thoughts.

「 Looks expensive 」

「 Of course it is. Yeah, if it were an insurance fraud in Japan, it would cost you a hundred times more 」

「 That’s an example hard to understand Kira☆ 」

「 Nfufu, Kira☆ 」

The orcs easily broke through the castle gate and invade. The demons follow behind.

Then, the humans fight back while withdrawing because the castle gate is destroyed.

Killed after a blow. Died after a strike.

Then, the magicians burn down even their friends.

The mountain of dead bodies stacks up.

Then, Then the weakest orc hero, Yamamoto came to the point where his endurance was cut to 1 percent cuts through, and his status jumped five times.

His defense is too high, and damage doesn’t go through. Well, some magic attack seems to be penetrating and have an effect.

It seems that Yamamoto saw it as dangerous and separated from the battlefield and jumped over the roof where Ma-chan and I are in

「 Takuma. Recovery 」

「 Sure thing 」

「 Ma-chan will cast it too 」

Ma-chan casts recovery repeatedly that she used 200 high magic consumption recovery. The cost is 500. Higher ranking has poor efficiency.

Then, Yamamoto speaks while recovering.

「 Ma-chan, can I not take this off? Are we still not on the scene to show our true power? 」

「 No, you promised to take it off only when a strong enemy comes to fight you one-on-one, and you’re about to lose, right? 」

「 Well, I did, but 」

Hmm, so the cool black armor acts as a restraint.

“Do you want to see my true power?” Or “I still have another transformation left” am I wrong?

Yamamoto returns to the frontlines with his strength back to full. He’s killing off humans, but he doesn’t feel anything in particular.

「 Takkun can only use low-class recovery. Furthermore, you’ve got a large quantity of mana. Amazing. What’s your level? 」

「 It’s in 20 now 」

「 Hmmm 」

She lost interest when she heard my level. To demons, level 20 is low.

We talked about insignificant things.

Then, when an injured orc comes, we cast recovery. Then we talk. Recovery. Talk.

After repeating that, it seems that the empire recognized us as enemies.

「 Enemies over there are the highest priority, long-distance fire attacks 」

「 Ehehe, Ma-chan will show you something good. Flame or darkness, make everything, even dust disappear! 」

The black colored flame burns off the arrows and magic attacks.

「 Cool. Ma-chan’s amazing 」

「 Fufufu, that’s just ten percent of the real deal. Ma-chan doesn’t need to take things seriously. Then, Ma-chan also has three transformations, Kira☆ 」

「 You tried to hurt my sister. You’re all dead! 」

Ah, Ma-chan went easy on them and just intercepted yet the older brother burned down the enemies with the flame of darkness mercilessly.

There were screams and writhing. Gruesome agony.

「 Higyaaaaaaa, it’s hot!!!!! It’s hooooooooooooooooooott!! 」

「 It hurts! It hurts!! 」

The frontline collapsed from the flow.

It was Ki-kun who came first.

Ki-kun who’s an orc hero shining like gold is wrapped in a dark black aura.

I want to press the B button repeatedly as I watch over patiently.

His body is getting smaller than usual, and his status doubled.

King Orc.

Ki-kun who’s now a King Orc tosses off the jet black armor whose size no longer matches his.

Jet black orc.

His evil appearance has an intimidating aura.

His body is tightened, and he carries a golden chest hair.

His skills also changed dramatically.

『 King 』 『 Increase Pleasure (XL) 』 『 Transformation 』 『 Hero 』 『 Berserker 』『 Talented 』

I’ll touch him later.

Ki-kun who’s now a king orc flies away from the frontline to here.

His superb leap destroyed the roof on landing.

「 Congrats 」

「 Congrats, Kira ☆ 」

「 Thanks, let’s transform right away 」

It would be good if he just gets wrapped in light and returns to the original Ki-kun.

His body moves flexibly and makes some creaking sounds. His color gradually turns to skin-color, that was quite gross.

Then, his status went down. Well, it just halved.

A beautiful human figure was completed.

Now then, how should I retort on this?

I touch Ki-kun’s shoulder. For some reason, it’s too hot. Well, fine.

「 Hey, you’re no model. Why did you transform into an ikemen? 」

Ki-kun smiles wryly. It seems that he’s aware of it.

Ki-kun transforms again.

Ki-kun turned to look more handsome than before. Well, this is on a tolerable level at least.

「 I can tell who you are now. Welcome back 」

「 I’m home 」

Ma-chan silently hugs Ki-kun who’s holding back his tears.

The crying man who buries his face on her breasts is also a monster with overwhelming power.

We waited until he calmed down and he joined us watching his friends.

(Soft. Boobs are amazing. Aya-chan doesn’t have those)

Ki-kun seems to be worried.

Breasts are important. I might talk about it with him some other time. I’ll tell him how amazing breasts are without a bra.

The war continued without problems. It seems that the soldiers and commoners who were trying to escape and the aristocrats are also in collapse.

Either way, the emperor and his relatives must’ve run away through an escape tunnel.

They’re hunting survivors already.

The young women and children seem to be useful for the demons, so they’re allowed to live.

Will they be sold as slaves? Their hands are bound behind their back.

「 Women and children don’t have much exp yield anyway. It’s much more convenient to use them on other things 」

Ma-chan said. Is that the smart move?

But, if the woman is a knight who tries to fight, then the orc heroes mercilessly turns them to exp.

The lesser demons cut out the limbs, the female knight turned to a daruma with blood dripping out of the severed limbs, they brought her to Yamamoto, and he cut off her head with a big sword.

The head of the female knight rolls down.

Yamamoto doesn’t even look at the eyes slowly losing light as he searches for his next prey.

Ki-kun who’s watching from the top mutters.

「 I was excited when I was doing it, so I had no problems but looking from here, it’s grotesque 」

Ma-chan replied.

「 Is that so? Japanese people eat a lot of fish and livestock, right? It’s the same. Isn’t raising livestock to slaughter much worse? 」

「 I’m grateful to what I eat 」

「 Isn’t that unrelated to the slaughtered side? 」

Are we getting philosophical?

Then, the two start their debate.

The two having such trivial topics shows that they’re already friends.

Then, another evolves into King Orc.

The racial skills seem to be 『 King 』 『 Pleasure increase (XL) 』 『 Transformation 』

Then, naturally, the black pig flies to our roof.

The roof partially destroyed by Ki-kun can’t bear Fumio-sensei’s charge, and it opened a hole. Below was the bedroom.

Fumio-sensei climbs up from the bedroom in a human figure. Gross.

「 The demons were right, people with a lot of experience were delicious for leveling 」

He puts his palms together and prayed.

Reading his thoughts. He seems to be aware that he has crossed the line of things priests mustn’t do.

Then, at the same time, his heart trembles from the happiness of returning all the students to Japan.

「 Isn’t that right? Humans crowd themselves so you can level up all at once 」

「 There’s no words of gratitude that would level for your help. I’m really thankful 」

「 It’s okay, Onii-chan’s full of motivation too 」

Ma-chan smiles and slaps Fumio-sensei’s shoulder. What a good girl. She’s the main culprit of this massacre though.

Then, the third, fourth became all black pigs, and all jumped to the roof in joy.

「 I really became human. All we have to do is to raise everyone’s levels 」

「 Everyone worked hard. Sensei’s happy 」

「 Sensei encouraged us after all 」

「 Sensei 」

By the way, I’m not interested in hot blood high school drama at all.

Ma-chan isn’t interested either so we just happily watch the lesser demons fight the remnants.

Then, the elder brother we didn’t see for long brings a beautiful mother.

Elizabeth Danatole Philistine

Seems to be the empress of Philistine Empire.

Her hair is crimson red, and her eyes are azure. Her clear skin doesn’t look like she’s at age 32.

She seems to have given birth to a lot of children. There’s a long list no the children field.

Her breasts are enormous that you’d want to massage them.

Her level is 45. It’s nothing great.

Then, she holds sword talent, sword master, and pole sword skills. Those are talents I’d like to touch.

The Empress seems to be paralyzed. Her body’s twitching.

「 Hey, Ma-chan. This matched peerless with a lesser demon, what’s her level? 」

「 Wait a sec 」

Ma-chan takes out a crystal and looks at the empress over it.

「 Only 45 」

「 Okay, I’ll keep her as a pet. They’d laugh at me if I take a low-level pet 」

「 Didn’t you have a pet you like before? What about that one? 」

「 The other day, I was playing with her grabbing her heart, she big her tongue and died. I tried to use recovery a lot of times, but I gave up 」

「 Ma-chan wants a high-level pet. And a man too of course 」

Ugh. I don’t want to be a pet.

Then, the elder brother found the bedroom.

She throws the woman on the bed and gets down on the room.

I enter the room because I want to touch her before she dies. Then, for some reason, the orcs and Ma-chan also come to the room.

For now, I touch the trembling body and gain the skills.

「 Takkun, do you want this? If you do, then I’ll give her to you 」

「 It’s not that I do. I have no problems with women 」

「 Wow, that’s nice. Then, I’ll have fun first 」

「 K-Kill me 」

Was she a female knight?

Her equipment looks more luxurious than the ordinary, even if she’s the empress, I can’t get see it right away.

Is she unexpectedly frugal, or is she choosing equipment by stats instead of appearance? Who cares anyway.

The empress’ clothes were peeled off one by one.

Then, the boys slouch in battle formation. Well, raping a beauty in a battlefield really makes one erect.

Ma-chan seems to be watching his brother have sex while licking her thumb.

The Empress trembles.

The body wrapped in black cloth becomes exposed to Orz’ violent hands.

「 Kuh, kill me 」

「 I admire your will-power to speak even under my paralysis. I like you. I’ll make you bear my child 」

Orz shows the pink slit to us.

Then, he inserts his raw dick.

「 D-Dammit! 」

「 Hyahahahahaha, now you’re my pet. Enjoy this to your heart’s content 」

He swings his waist.

Then, he ejaculates his first shot not long enough.

「 Fuahahaha looks like you’re feeling so much that you can’t speak anymore 」

Yeah, it feels like I’m watching a porn actor.

「 Okay, do her, Ki-kun 」

「 Huh, me? But 」

He can’t read the mood at all.

「 You won’t regret being faithful to your lust 」

He stood up silently when I said it. Then, Ki-kun starts rubbing the empress’ breasts.

Then, he terrorized her with his thick cock and thrust it into the empress’ mouth.

I wonder when my turn will come?

I waited.

The black pig thrusts on the vagina below.

A black pig is poking the hole behind too.

Lastly, another black pick is swinging his waist on the woman’s mouth.

「 Tsk, I don’t want this pet anymore. I’ll search for a new one 」

The elder brother flew away.

When the brother flew away, Ma-chan wriggles on the floor, touching her important part.

The fun banquet is in here.

「 Ma-chan, I’m free you know 」

「 Nfu, Ma-chan’s still a virgin so no 」

「 Just the tip, okay? Please 」

「 Even if you kneel, my answer is still no. Ma-chan already decided who’s her partner for a lifetime! 」

I feel like I can have sex with her in one way or another but since she refused, I gave up.

The empress is no longer moving, even a twitch due to the increased pleasure (XL)

The black pigs don’t intend to stop the bestiality anytime soon.

As expected of orcs.

I chose to just watch over them. Sometimes, it’s okay just to watch.

Ma-chan trembles on the floor cutely.

「 Hauu, I need to find a good man soon. A guy who knows otaku culture, the level’s above 80, and has no life-span, a splendid man who can satisfy Ma-chan 」

「 That’s a high hurdle 」

「 Ma-chan’s not cheap 」

Still, these black pigs copulate. They keep on swinging their waist.

The Empress also had given up, she surrendered herself to pleasure, and her thoughts turned pink.

She’s drowning in pleasure she never experienced before.

Now then, after coming this far, my worries were just needless anxiety.

The orc heroes can’t get in trouble!

Well, I’ll go home.

「 Ma-chan, I’d like to use the transfer gate 」

「 Where are you going? We don’t need Takkun who’s level 20, should I send you home? 」

「 Sure, to the orc village please 」

「 Okay, I’ll send you over there then. Transfer, transfer, magical transfer. Fly to the orc village! 」

At that moment, I arrived at the orc village.

I should level a bit more and increase my mana so I could use some convenient magic.