Isekai Taneuma Chapter 35 Yukari 2 


When I returned to the village, everyone was still awake, so I reported the situation of the war.
「 Listen, everyone. The empire collapsed overnight, and Sensei and the boys turned King Orc and now humans 」
「 Seriously? Everyone’s back to human? Amazing
「 Aya-chan, Ki-kun became human again. Congrats 」
「 Yeah, I’m very happy 」
The girls hug each other, making a lovely picture.
On the other hand, the orcs hugging each other is NG.
Ikemen and Nanami also express joy with a passionate kiss.
Now then, I look for Yukari as she’s not present.
She’s on a vacant room. She’s gently patting the sleeping Umi.
「 Welcome back. How did it go? 」
「 The four look human now 」
「 I see. What about the Almerians? Were they able to escape? 」
「 They escaped to safety 」
「 Okay 」
Now then, I need to please her. I meant: I have to please her.
I’ll go directly.
「 Do you not want to hear about how I found Izuha-chan dead and Claude resurrected her? 」
Yukari opened her eyes wide. Then she holds my hand. Then, she stared at my face.
「 Details please 」
「 Do you want to hear the details? 」
Yukari nods.
I explain in details.
「 I found Izuha-chan’s corpse by Almeria’s transfer gate. I knew that there’s a possibility of resurrecting someone a day after death, so I decided to freeze her in ice. Then, I begged priest Claude to use his resurrection magic then. The two got along and transferred to the armed state holding hands. Happy ending 」
The story I dramatized seems to be fantastic that it echoed in Yukari’s heart.
「 I’m glad. I’m really glad 」
Yukari’s smile shows the color of excitement.
I heard that exaggerating military exploits is natural. It’s okay, right?
Then, I explained and tested the new skill “Increase pleasure (XL)”
Yukari’s showing a lewd expression, but it turned to a look of pain after the start.
「 Wait 」
I just inserted it.
「 What’s up? 」
「 Sorry. You used it all, right? 」
「 Yeah 」
「 It’s only nothing but inexpressible pain. Perhaps. The pleasure is going beyond. Put it in once more. Slowly this time 」
I slowly thrust in as I was told.
「 Ah, I can’t. It doesn’t feel good at all. It’s only painful. Too much pain. The type you can’t bear 」
She twists her hips and expresses her pain.
Wow. The shock is greater than I thought. I don’t need you “Increase pleasure (XL)”
Well, I can use this for torturing or on cheating women. Greydia might like it. She’s a pervert after all.
「 Then, let’s use the three that Yukari likes when having sex 」
「 That’s also good but, don’t you want my breasts as thanks for Izuha-chan? 」
Of course, there’s no other reply to that.
「 I’d love to 」
No. Helping people is really nice.
Yukari puts on her cardigan.
Then, she sandwiches my penis in between her breasts.
Munyuuuuuu. Surisuri.
Tapu Tapu Tapu.
Then, she puts my glans in her mouth and licks it.
「 Did you practice? 」
I asked. She nods.
I wonder how she does practice Paizuri.
Tapu tapu tapu tapu.
The relaxed pleasure is intoxicating.
It’s a pleasure I’d like to experience for hours.
Then, Yukari who worked hard for a long time turns red and lets go of my glans from her mouth.
That’s a lewd popping sound.
「 Are you not feeling good? You don’t like you’re about to cum anytime soon 」
「 I don’t feel like cumming but keep on going, it feels good 」
「 If it feels good then I’ll do my best 」
She puts my glans in her mouth and licks it.
The pleasure of stroking my rod with her breasts is heavenly.
Churu, jurururu.
Tapu tapu tapu.
We continue our activity as I use recovery on Yukari who shows tiredness.
Yukari continued to serve me until morning, and I finally poured it into her womb.
「 Nnn, I’m tired 」
「 Then I’ll use recovery 」
「 Thanks 」
「 Whee 」
Yukari lies down on the bed wearing only a thin cardigan.
I hold her chin and keep using recovery.
Yukari stretches herself and talks to me.
「 Hey, do you know the hero of Garland Blue? The one that ended in the bad end? 」
「 I don’t know the details but, it’s the story where the demons ended betraying him 」
Then, his woman was taken away.
「 Yes, that. That also makes me curious. Isn’t the two too suspiciously friendly? What do you think? 」
「 There’s no problem in particular. They look like cool demons with no duplicity 」
「 Is that so? Then that’s okay. Look, this world deceived us multiple times, right? I was working freely just recently, that’s why it makes me worry, sorry about that 」
「 No, there’s nothing wrong in being careful. I think that’s a good thing 」
Yukari got up and kissed me lightly. Then she started wearing clothes.
I thought that the room is cold, so I warmed it up with fire magic.
That’s a pleasant temperature. It feels 25℃.
I change the topic.
「 Do you want to go to the armed state after sleeping? It’s quite close if we use Almeria’s transfer gate 」
「 Agreed, I want to meet Izuha-chan 」
I have to take care of the girls too.
First, as Mira’s man. Then, I also need to keep on pumping Turna’s hormones, so her breasts grow bigger. It’s troublesome if I can’t play with Chris’ exquisite pussy. Also, it’s about time I do anal with Greydia, or she’ll run to another man.
Fufu, I’m getting busy. My dick’s craving.
「 Then, I’ll sleep first. You should rest too 」
She goes “you again” I need to advise her as her husband.
「 I want you to call me by my name, I don’t want “you” 」
「 I-It’s embarrassing to say it this late though 」
「 Please, I’ll call you by your name too 」
For some reason, her face turns red.
「 Takuma 」
「 Nice. Good girl 」
Now then, time to sleep.
I indulge in inactivity until morning. Freedom’s the best.
We let go of our consciousness while holding hands.
A woman’s voice woke me up.
It’s a familiar voice. One I hear a lot.
「 And then. They were gone in three days. It seems that she worked three times more in the royal palace 」
「 It’s an event where she came back full of spirits 」
「 Yes that. Her skin was so smooth, and she was smiling. 」
Umu, I’ll sleep a bit longer. I feel like things are gonna go wrong if I wake up now. Joining the conversation between neighbors from the kindergarten is reckless.
Someday, I’d like to flirt with the three of us.
I want to play with those apples and melons until satisfied. Well, I can do them individually at any time. For now, I’ll sleep again. Good night.
I feel the weight in my chest upon waking up.
My beloved daughter’s sitting on me.
Looking at the culprit, she gently looks away.
I get up and greet Umi. I give her light pecks.
「 It’s already noon 」
It’s Naomi.
「 Should we bring Umi together? 」
「 Of course, I made her feel lonely. Let’s move together 」
「 As long as she’s safe 」
「 I’ll protect her, so it’s okay 」
Saying that Yukari deploys six flame magic.
She shows a self-satisfied look.
But, I can do the same as my mana increased to 50 now.
Her smug look turns to a suggestive look. Then, her eyes became thin like a fox.
「 I thought that Takuma’s ability is useless except for lewd things 」
「 I know 」
「 Isn’t that just unfair? 」
That’s how Yukari sees it.
Now then, time to get up.
I embrace Yukari and sandwich Umi in between.
For some reason, Umi doesn’t understand this happiness, so she cries.
You’re making Yukari angry.
I use cleansing on my whole body.
Now I’m all ready. Magic is all-purpose.
I receive a stacked lunch box from a woman.
「 I put in rice balls there. Fuhihi 」
The girl laughed has cooking skills, she could start a restaurant when she returns to Japan. Full of hopes and dreams.
Not to mention the high orcs always grind levels, so food doesn’t pile up.
Someone even kicked a soccer ball group from somewhere. Then, groups who talks about dreams and groups who speak about manga. Oh! There’s also a group that’s confessing. I’m rooting for you guys. Forcibly thrust it in.
Those who have skills only look at their manga. Raising cheers. It seems to be an eat-all-you-can meal. I’m worried that I’ll get fat.
That lively scene is thrilling, but Yukari’s looking outside, worried.
「 Hurry up. Let’s go! 」
「 Yes, yes! 」
I left the village trotting.
The trip was easy.
Yukari releases fire magic once she sees a monster.
Does it have homing capabilities?
The watermelon-sized fireball draws an arc and burns the monsters.
「 Gigyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 」
Yukari doesn’t even glance at the burning dead goblins.
I also threw a fireball, but it didn’t hit, so I blew them away with explosion magic.
「 You goblin, to think that you could avoid my attacks over and over. You’re good. But, die 」
A roaring sound and flame dances, the field is burst with hot air.
Yukari’s disarranged long black hair is so magnificent that I’d like to take a photo of it.
「 Was that explosion magic? Isn’t it a bit too powerful? 」
「 It’s strengthened with skills 」
「 Muu 」
Fufufu, I win. Even if I can’t pop them with flame magic, I can burn the whole ground instead.
The problem is that Umi’s scared and she doesn’t stop crying.
The flame continues until the earth is black.
Almeria’s royal capital can be seen from a distance.
The outer wall’s broken. Soldier’s are standing in the vicinity, preventing the invasion of monsters.
We come back to the kingdom through the broken main gate.
When we reached the magic guild, everyone greeted Yukari.
「 We were worried about you young lady. Your stone was gone, we thought that you were dead 」
「 Kaaaaaa. Seriously, you haven’t said a word. Don’t let old people worry 」
Then, Izuha-chan jumps to Yukari’s chest.
Breasts. Bounce.
What a passionate reunion. Words were unnecessary. Is that what it is?
Then, she told those who don’t know that I’m her husband as I carry Umi.
She’s suddenly excited to be in Papa’s chest. She seems to be in a good mood.
I’m not good with serious talk, so I sit down on a nicely shaped rock and look at the sky.
The clouds move slowly.
The magician’s bonds are deep that they’re happy to see each after a long time.
Then, it’s time for the sorrow before restoration.
Some people shed tears, some are at a loss.
Then, an individual person walked towards me.
「 Oh my, why are you here Takuma? You seem to be taking it leisurely sitting over there? 」
「 Takuma. It’s Turna 」
「 Turna. I’m talking 」
「 Ha 」
Turna looks cheerful.
Chris stares at me. The people around are on their knees, bowing their heads.
The only one who’s not kneeling to Chris is the old man and me. Yukari’s already on her knees.
(I believe you would come)
(I had no choice, I want to see Chris)
(Thanks. Then, could you wait there, I need a favor)
(Is it sex?)
(If you beg me then I’ll play with you)
My mental conversation with Chris has ended.
Chris’ objective wasn’t just me, but the magicians in the guild.
She requested the magicians around for restoration.
「 Priest. Please. I’ll give you a kiss on the cheek. I’ll keep on poking your weak side on the belly until you agree 」
「 N-No first would be the restoration of the magic guild, the streets and then. Hau hau hau 」
「 Princess, a bit lower 」
「 Thanks, Turna. Ei 」
「 Hauuu 」
「 Just another breath away 」
Looks fun. I want to join too.
Then, Yukari hugs Umi.
「 Then, I’ll check the damage on my house. It feels like it’s completely destroyed though. If there’s a souvenir left there, then I’ll bring it 」
「 Take care 」
I wave my hand.
Yukari also waved her hand.
And it seems that Chris has triumphantly won the battle against the magic guild.
The old man’s leaking a happy voice.
Then, Chris comes after a while.
「 Thanks for the wait 」
A beauty with golden curly hair.
「 What I want you to do is medical treatment for the poor. Recovery 」
「 After that, three times? 」
「 Fufu. Sure. But, only after you cured all the injured and sick. You can embrace me as much you want. Oh, wait. That would go wrong. Let’s see, you can do me as you wish until the restoration’s settled down 」
「 I’ll do my best 」
「 Turna, come with him 」
「 Ha 」
After saying all that, Chris leaves elegantly.
I immediately press Turna forward.
「 Let’s hurry up and finish this 」
「 Takuma seems reliable today 」
It seems it’s showing on my face.
『 First Princess Christina free treatment charity 』
I activate recovery on a place that’s just a roof.
I’ll work hard to fuck Chris’ excellent pussy.