Isekai Taneuma Chapter 37 Christina 1



A reddish brown world.

The fishy smell of blood.

To disable the fog-like red miasma in hell, I used a skill from the Demons.

『 Evil 』

Looks like a skill that lets you eat the miasma in hell.

That’s the beginning.

One of the Demons said.

「 Ma-chan, your husband’s got stronger 」

And the other followed.

「 It’s that combo 」

My first job coming to hell is to disguise myself.

Indigo blue horn on the wig, wing feathers on my back, and a tail on my ass.

I got defiled. Sniff.

Looks like the greetings in hell is handshake and so Macurib takes the lead and goes around.

It’s also basics that you make your whole body bigger by using all skills so they don’t underestimate you.

The supreme ruler of the end of century is in here.

Next is area skills.

The combo Orzvute talking about is this:

Exp transfer, exp plunder, exp up (S,M,L,XL,XXL) exp auto gain (S,M,L,XL,XXL)

Looks like it’s an experience combo some other demons dreamt romantically.

I finished collecting skills, then Macurib, Orzvute, and I had a celebratory toast.

The location is Orz’ castle

It’s on the top floor of a Western-like palace.

Other than the three of us, there are also beautiful succubi standing on the sides of the luxurious room with an elegant expression.

Orzvute talked first.

「 I’m superior! Hell is mine! 」

「 Onii-chan, that’s a flag 」

The siblings laughed.

Right. That’s a flag.

I mean, I can retrogress you if I suck up your exp.

No demons, no threat.

If all their EXP get sucked out, they’ll turn to lesser demons.

That’s a good way to do that, but the problem is how fast can I suck out their exp?

It’s my win if I can suck it all out in a moment, but, the reality is, it’s not that convenient.

Macurib is level 124.

Orzvute is 135.

I never saw them sleep.

And so, should I steal their exp while crushing head like Ki-kun? Or do it slowly so they won’t figure it out?

Well, the former would be safer. In my case, I had to use a weapon though.

Regardless of my thoughts, the two are talking about how to use my exp up.

「 First would be to turn the Orc Hero to king, and strengthen my army 」

「 Yes, the king buffing everyone is strong, but Ma-chan prefers to strengthen Takkun and have sex as soon as possible. You reached the max earlier, Takkun, right? Then, I want you to distribute them. Besides, I can toss you to the dungeon with the orcs, right? You can raise your level easy 」

I’m glad that the orcs are safe.

In the end, exp got recorded and so the gains got split.

By the way, I didn’t have my share.

「 That’s rare, to think that Onii-chan would refuse Ma-chan’s request 」

Macurib looks like she’s displeased.

「 Ma-chan don’t want to talk to Onii-chan for now 」

She said then grabbed me and teleported.

We moved to her own castle.

The scene beyond the blind screen is reddish brown.

It’s a color that lowers your mood.

Then, this world has no morning or nights.

Macurib pushed me down.

Pink room. Pink bed.

The succubi in the rooms aren’t even moving.

「 Takkun, don’t feel so down. Onii-chan will protect you for sure, so it’s not like you to be quiet 」

Haa, I’m not that easy to figure out childhood friend.

I’m just like Milk. I guess so.

Humans who are feeling hopeless are the succubus’ favorite food, that thought is obscene.

Don’t aim at my ass, you perverts.

「 Even if you tell me that. I’m worried about my family, the women, my friends. Like the missing orcs. Is that strange? 」

「 Nfufu, it’s worries that Demons can’t understand. We can start over as lesser demons if anything happen to us, as long as our souls aren’t eaten 」

「 You’re exposing some weak point right there 」

「 I don’t mind. Demons desire to offer their everything to their loved ones. I don’t like you that much yet, Takkun, but I have a hunch that I will. It’s still in the distant future, but for now, how about you eat up Ma-chan? 」

I checked her name with Appraisal, she’s as she say she is, Macurib.

「 Ugh, I see that humans are drawn away 」

Macurb laughs.

「 Don’t get buried in the difference of values between races. If you understand, then you’ll accept it. Ma-chan will do her best to accept Takkun’s sense of values, and after a long time, we will love each other 」

Unable to understand half of what she said and still at loss of words, Macurib takes out a crystal.

She must be using it for appraisal.

「 What are you looking at? 」

「 Well… I’m just curious. Wondering what to do 」

「 You’re scaring me 」

「 Nfufu, look, it shows that your owner is Christina Rial Almeria… 」

It’s written in Japanese.

It surely is written there. By the way, it’s a section I can’t see on my appraisal. Maybe this crystal has appraisal+, and that’s the difference in the ability.

「 Looks like it’s a carved magic. I can erase it by either removing what’s written or killing of the woman Kira~☆ 」

Don’t Kira~☆ You really say something scary.

I’d like to share my values with her right now.

「 That woman is important to me, if you kill her, I’ll start hating Ma-chan 」

「 Okay. I’ll just erase the magic 」


「 Don’t make a move on Onii-chan either, okay? 」

「 Okay. I won’t. But if I do it, you’ll help me kill your brother and turn him to a lesser demon, won’t you? You’re watching anyone so I won’t meddle 」

「 Ma-chan, I love you 」

「 Ahn~ Do that when you’re at a higher level. Kyaa! 」

I hugged her and Ma-chan happily twists around.

I touch Macurib’s body. At that moment, her body reacted interestingly.

She trembled.

「 That’s a cute reaction 」

「 Don’t go so sudden. Ma-chan’s still pure, you know? Go with the step by step 」

「 Then let’s start with kissing? 」

「 No, we haven’t held hands yet. Everyone has different max levels, so let’s do lots of things once you get there, okay? But if you can’t get to lv80, then let’s forget each other Kira~☆ 」

You’re obsessed with levels.

I guess that’s the demon’s sense of value.

「 It looks that the exp and level counterstop is delayed. 」

「 Really? 」

「 Those that have hard times to level up have a higher max level it seems. Ma-chan took a lot of time before hitting 124 max 」

「 Oh, so Ma-chan’s superior 」

「 Ufufu, I’m quite the rare among the demons. Well, if you use gacha games, I’d be an SSR. Get it? 」

「 Yep 」

Macurib laughs.

Her indigo blue hair smells good.

「 If I can’t have sex with Ma-chan, how do I deal with this? I don’t like masturbating 」

「 You can just use the succubus we have here for that 」

At that moment, the succubus around bows their head at the same angle.

Saying “please use us how you wish”

「 Can I not have humans? I have some preference 」

「 Sure, you can, but, the succubus have pleasure increase skills so it feels good 」

「 Oh, then I’d try them by all means 」

「 You’re full of energy Kira☆ 」

I checked on the succubus and, sure they have pleasure increase (S)

I’m usually the one giving it,a nd so being able to receive it this time looks wonderful.

But, if only I could see Chris.

「 Then, how about we get some human females to vent out on? 」

「 Nfu~ Sure. When are you coming back? 」

「 About three days 」

「 Then, come back when I’m done with the games I piled up 」

Looks like there’s no concept of cheating for them. It’s only Yukari who’s being troublesome. Hahaha.

Now then, I got permission to so I tried to move, but I can’t fly to Chris’ room.

「 Ma-chan, I can’t teleport though 」

「 Hmm? 」

Ma-chan tilts her head.

Then, she thinks for a moment.

「 If you’re going Isekai, you need to walk on the gate. You can’t jump there since they’re interfering with otherworld magic. We walked to get there, you know? 」

Now that she mentioned it.

「 Geez, Takkun’s such a dunce, then you can come back when you reached the max level 」

She said then takes a game console.

I left the indigo-blue haired beauty and walked to Chris’ home once again.

In there is a princess with eyebags.

The knights are standing, lined up. I can perceive what’s in their heads.

Chris who’s sitting on the side of the bed beckons me.

Other than the shade, her face is still the usual beautiful face.

I merrily get within Chris’ reach and she stood up and hugged me.

At that moment, the maids and knights left respecfully.

Turna happily waves her hand.

Mira sent a wink.

Greyda’s thoughts…

(I’m the next one)

She’s got some impossible demands.

As soon as the maids and knights got out of Chris’ room, she holds my head and kissed me passionately.

Chris inserted her tongue and rolled it around, entwining with my tongue.

I coil my hands around her waist then enjoy the feeling of Chris’ soft skin.

This is happiness.

We enjoyed each other for a while, then Chris lets go. If she’s a bit sad, that’s how she always does it.

「 I heard it from Turna. You came home to Japan, and on the next day, you should’ve been back but you didn’t, I was worried 」

「 Yeah 」

「 Where did you go? And you even raised your level a lot, what happened? If possible, I can help 」

「 I have mountains to talk about, but my son down there is about to burst, can we deal with that first? 」

「 You’re right, I thought you grew a third leg 」

Chris invites me to the bed with a smile.

「 Well then, shall we talk about it after one round? I won’t be able to hold back if we put it in, so let’s do it with my hand 」

「 Okay 」

I take off my clothes and lie down.

Chris is wearing a white glove. She’s wondering whether she should take it off or not as it reaches until the center of her arm.

Then, she started giving me a handjob.

She sticks her body next to me. Her soft and springy breasts touch my body.

Then, our lips touch again and her gentle touch grabs my son down there.

That rubbing sensation and the pleasure blows away my thoughts.

Chris moans cutely from kissing and hand job.

「 Hmmm 」

The beautiful princess is starting to get aroused from just a kiss that her hand speeds up.

Then, she let go of my lips to check on my hips.

Showing a teasing smile, then she stroked with both hands.

「 That feels good 」

「 Hmm, Greydia taught me about this. Your hips are practically jumping. Here, cum! Oh my! What an amazing amount

It sure ended with a miserable voice, but Chris doesn’t stop stroking my penis.

She sure is trying to squeeze me out.

It’s been a while since I ejaculated so the pleasure is great.

「 Phew, I came too quick 」

「 Oh? Dissatisfied? 」

「 I’m satisfied. It was great 」

「 Fufu, I’ll practice using my mouth, look forward to it. Mira will teach me 」

「 If it comes to fellatio, Artesia’s the best. Mira’s great at it too 」

「 Oh? The elf has her skill. Then I’ll ask her to teach me next time 」

Get all the guidance to get better by all means.

It’s my turn to return the favor.

「 This isn’t a negligee this time 」

I said. Chris replied with a smile.

「 Indeed, I forgot to change. Let’s go with this. I don’t want them to bother us 」

Doesn’t feel bad.

「 It’s Takuma’s fault. I won’t forgive you for going somewhere I don’t know for several days 」

She said then she flips her dress and takes off her panties.

Then, she slowly open her crotch, waiting for my hand to come in.

It’s dripping wet.

It’s flooding.

Kucha, kucha, the sound of love nectar embarrasses Chris that she closed her eyes.

「 Hmm, ah, hmm 」

Her hips move as she leaks out cute gasps.

I kiss Chris and she asked for our tongues to entwine.

I wait for Chris to settle down from trembling in pleasure, so I push my penis to her.

「 Hmmm, that feels good. You’re going easy on me, are you sure that you’re Takuma? 」

「 Didn’t I promise to tell you my story? Did you forget about it? 」

I said. Chris’ face turned red.

I knew it from that much, but, Chris nods.

「 I want to fix that habit where I ask for more when I feel good. It’s awfully embarrassing 」

「 I’d never want to fix that since I love lewd women Here 」

「 Ahn~ Geez, I’m still the first princess. I need to prioritize the kingdom more than pleasure 」

Oh, that feels good. Her vagina’s the best.

Now then, time for the talk.

「 Then, can I talk about the past ten days? 」

「 Sure, tell me all about it, hmm 」

「 Orzvute got me 」

「 Hmm, hmm, Hmmm, so I heard, continue 」

「 Then, I gained skills and played with him. You’re not listening at all 」

「 Ahn! I just came, and yet I’m still cumming! Takuma! Ah! I can’t! Aaahn! 」

Chris trembles. She’s much more sensitive than before.

Her excellent vagina trembles.

「 Here, you like it here, right? 」

「 Ah, yes! It feels good! Aaahn! Noo! I’m feeling strange!!! 」

「 Go on. Where do you want it? 」

「 I want it deep! I want it on the deepest part of me! I want a child! I want your child! 」

The princess’ pussy twitched.

I grab her slim waist and slam in my hard dick.

And to match that, Chris’ voluptuous breasts sway, and Chris’ sweat dances in the air.

「 I’m cumming! 」

「 Ah, haa! It’s coming in! Y-Your hot stuff is coming in, there’s so mcuh coming in! Hmmmm!!! 」

My waist exploded in lust and I suck on Chris’ mouth.

The princess who greedily asks for pleasure has her hips twitching as she moves around her tongue.

Then, we both continued caressing each other until the pleasure ends.

I don’t need to increase pleasure when having sex with Chris.

It feels super-good even without it.

After enjoying the missionary position multiple times, got Chris to lie down and I insert from behind, then moved.

「 Haa, this is the best. It’s easy, and it’s also pleasant 」

I talked to Chris about the past few days.

Chris listens and replied.

「 I couldn’t even protect my own body. I don’t want any other man than Takuma, but I couldn’t do anything 」

SHe said. Unconditional surrender.

「 But, if Takuma wants it all, then, Turna, Mira, Yukari-san, and I. I don’t think that they won’t make a move here, but I wonder. The demons don’t know anything about tradition, nor they can judge about it. In any case, I wonder what to do? I have a magic tool to commit suicide just in case, but… 」

「 Treasure your life more 」

「 Indeed, I understand. I will bite off anything that gets inside this mouth 」

Just imagining it makes it painful. I should kill Orz as soon as possible and turn him to a lesser demon.

Nucha, nucha, the room is filled with sounds of our sex.

「 You can have sex with me as you please. I asked Turna to deal with the others 」

「 Then, I won’t hold back 」

I massage her breasts from the side of her dress.

I wish this happiness continues forever.