Isekai Taneuma Chapter 41 Yukari 1 Macurib 1



Hell, Earth, Abyss.

Among the three worlds, hell is the one with the loosest society.

Macurib’s room is filled with all pleasures.

She watches anime, read manga, read novels, play games.

She’s not inclined to do anything but fun. Macurib’s thoughts are simplistic and optimistic.

When she has spare time, she just destroys the energy of some young guy out there and takes their seed for pleasure.

Her thoughts are flexible and so she changes her opinion depending on the view of the people around her.

She’s my current Master and my eternal partner.

Then there’s her brother, Orzvute, and all the other demons.

In hell, you have to be cautious all the time, and don’t let others see your weakness.

Most demons and endless amounts of lesser demons are an unpleasant bunch.

According to Ma-chan, they’ve been short and small and premature ejaculators since the old days. They’re also siscon scums and guys who love betrayals.

And, their relationship with me is friends.

I’m a guaranteed source of exp to him.

That’s all I know.

Now then, with the new skills I gained from the two, and for the reason why I haven’t been in her room recently.

Oda Yukari.

Thinking that the pudding Yukari brought out is for my lunch, I ate it without permission while she’s in the toilet.

In short, she snapped a little bit.

「Then, you were coming to her room but you’re swinging your hips for Christina-ojousama’s sake?」

「Yeah, you know, she helped Nanami a lot, and she let me live with Yukari, right? I have a lot of debt to repay for」

「I-If you say it like that I can’t talk back」


It’s easy to make an explanation with Chris because of her habit. The princess’ authority is mighty.

Yukari expresses her displeasure with a pout.

「Then, are you going to meet up with her a lot?」

She speaks with a teary voice.

It’s sly, it looks like a natural gift.

「It’s okay, the job’s done in one week」

「Then that means you’re going every day?」

「Of course」

Yukari makes guts pose.

Well, I’m glad that you’re happy.

The place is Yukari’s room. Compared to the last time I came here, there’s a TV and laptop now.

Umi’s playing with her grandpa and grandma in their house so it’s just the two of us.

Then, Yukari talks about that it’s that day.

「You didn’t even return to your home. Kokoro-chan’s worried you know」

「I came back to show at least my face though」

「Hmmm, when was that?」

「Well, that’s ten days ago?」

She shows a fed-up look.

「It’s not just me you know. That’s not it…Haa, I guess we should switch the mood. I’ll bring some ice cream. What flavor do you want?」


Yukari relied on sweets.

Well, it’s true that you feel happy when you eat sweets and so I’m not objecting.

Then, she came back with an ice cream cup.

Eating ice cream while in a heated room during winter.

That’s happiness.

「You have it nice, Takuma. You can teleport wherever, what kind of skill do you need for it?」

「Magic talents. It’s quite rare」

「I see…」

It seems that the media covered the situation.

I came directly to her room with my teleportation but several people outside knew what happened using sound.

I tried to open the curtain shutters half-jokingly, then I’m greeted with dazzling flashes.

「Don’t open it」


「Haa, and here I thought that we can have a happy end but how long will this go on?」

She says as she opens the TV, and it shows a video of Yukari carrying Umi while shopping.

『The high-school student who have returned has regained her calm daily life. However, sympathy and assistance from the surroundings is indispensable』

Yukari changed the channel.

Then, the screen shows Hashimoto, the orc Hero.

The video shows that he’s running but the narration is heartwarming.

『He’s enjoying the nostalgic Japan roasted grills and the taste of beer. This gold Orc is enjoying his Japan life. As for the next news』

Nostalgic beer? What? That guy’s noisy but he follows the rules, I don’t remember him drinking at all.

Well, TV stations must be curious on how the orcs get accustomed to Japan life.

「Fufu, there’s also more over the net」

Yukari opens her laptop.

Then, she searched for “Isekai, high-school students, kidnapping”

My name’s in there.

It’s an aggregator site.

「Look, it says that everyone’s a first-year student, and how do you think they found out?」

「Umi is the child of the Almeria’s king, Oda Yukari is a beauty who the king kept in his bedroom, what’s this?」

「Dunno. Look at the other stuff」

In there are some details about goblin breeding stuff written in details, not even Nanami nor I know about this. SAN goes to zero. It’s much more horrible than I thought.

If I find goblins next time I’ll annihilate them.

Then, they also write that ogres are lewd guys.

「What the?」

「The policewoman asks and then she recorded the scene. It’s just dramatization, Nanami’s now a shut-in」

「I see. It’s dramatized, that was surprising. Right. So the part where they eat their own limbs human dead flesh is a lie, that’s great」

Yukari looked away.

Ugh, I shouldn’t read her thoughts. Don’t.

Oh, Naomi and Yukari took notes until they met up.

Oh, this is a slosh. Shoving an arm in? That’s horrible.

I’d like that to stay as a lie if possible.

Then, a TV show puts Japan and Almeria as topic.

To cut it short, there’s no brewing fight.

This is somewhat troublesome.

I feel like I should’ve closed the gate.

The geniuses should agree with it. I still have my route to hell so if I closed it down, it won’t cause trouble to Japan.

But, we have people here over there, how do I contact them?

Well, I should just ask my teachers.

「This has gone dark. I’ll bring another ice cream」

「Then, chocolate please. Got drinks?」

「Just cola and cream soda」

「Then I’ll take the cream soda」

Yukari goes to take ice cream.

I looked for some uplifting videos.

We watch some wholesome videos while enjoying our ice cream and drinks, then after watching a romance drama, we ate yakisoba.

I used my skill to just mix the sauce.

「Delicious, this is better than the Yakisoba shops. I can eat this every day」

「I see, then I have to earn money for that」

「Just the child support will do」

「Fufu, I can use my skills to get rich that I’ll prepare a hundred million yen for you」

Yukari laughs happily.

「I want you to get it honestly. What about an Izakaya which was famous at home? I’ll be the hostess」

「Your purpose is alcohol, right?」

「I got exposed」

She sticks out her tongue.

That’s okay on it’s on.

We’ll make the entrance big so we can deal with huge customers.

The romance drama reached a happy end before our eyes.

The main character and the heroine exchanged a passionate kiss and the curtains closed.

「Should we watch this movie next?」

「I think that I prefer this one」

I poked Yukari’s ass.

「Huh? Wait, you mean you want anal sex?」


「Ugh, you know that I’m in my period. What do I do?」

Just one more push.

「It feels better when you get used to it」

「I heard about that. What about your skills?」

「Of course it has it’s effect」

Yukari is still hesitating.


「Uuugh, it’s a hundred times better than you going to another girl」

Yukari sighed.

That’s a win. I’m glad my negotiation skill works.

Then, we looked up on anal sex.

It’s like we’re preparing for a lesson. I wait for Yukari’s permission while massaging her breasts.

I put on a condom and lubricant as Yukari asked me.

Anal sex is a sensitive thing and so I have to be gentle and careful with her.

This is weird, my knowledge has some intense deviation.

Yukari gives me a fellatio and I give her a loving caress.

We kissed, I touched her breasts and stimulated her clitoris.

It’s the turn of the expensive lubricant Yukari bought.

I smeared her ass and then used a condom for my finger.

「Then, I’m putting this in. Loosen up」


Nupo, nupo, nupo.

Nupo, nupo, nupo.

Nupo, nupo, nupo.

Weird, this isn’t the anal sex I know.

「How is it?」

「Hmm, I don’t know. I’m a little embarrassed, and I worry that I might leak it out」

「Hmmm, so we’re okay to continue?」

「Hmm, but this might be too much」

「I’ve read over the internet that repetition can make this pleasurable」


Nupo, nupo, nupo, nupo.

Nupo, nupo, nupo, nupo.

Nupo, nupo, nupo, nupo.

「You know」


「I might develop a liking to women who are trained in anal sex」

「Don’t, that site also has various mannerisms about becoming sexless, right? Work hard」

「Telling me that sounds weird」

「Don’t mind it」


Nupo, nyupo, nyupo.

I develop Yukari’s anus.

First, I’ll make her feel pleasure from one finger, then, I have to continue caressing her to stimulate her anus.

Then, this is where an idea comes in.

「I think I can shove my penis in your pussy then use my skill to tease your anus?」

「It’s my period」


I guess I’ll settle with anal. Hmmm, this is too different from my plans.

I did my best developing her anus.

The effect is not that good.

I gave up on anal and went back home after giving a half-assed excuse.

Yukari’s parents are over there. It seems that they intend to capture me.

And, they captured my family.

「I’m Umi-chan’s onee-chan」


「Say Onee-chan」

「Say Grandma」



Kokoro’s enticing her cute neice.

Everyone in the family does the same, besides, everyone knows that I love Yukari and they support us.

Then, there’s the discussion about marriage.

Our parents are already pushing it even though Yukari and I haven’t decided yet.

Oh well.

After some talk, I concealed the objective in the room.

Fufu, I’ll be taking Ma-chan’s first time.

The problem is if Orz sees this.

I guess I’ll go back off if that happens.

I head to Akiba route to hell.


Macurib’s room.

That demon is fashionable.

Her hair’s tied up and she’s wearing an indigo blue dress and stockings.

Her arm has an expensive bracelet.

Her neck has a necklace with some jewels in it.

I think the cap is knitted.

That looks soft.

Then, she looked straight to my eyes. The TV is currently showing a children’s anime. It’s nearing the climax of the story. The hero of justice punches the evil boss and knock him out with emotion.

Ma-chan doesn’t feel discomfort from watching that.

And, Ma-chan’s the first one to talk. Rare.

「Welcome back」

The pitch is higher than usual, I mean, that was shrill.

Then, she’s waiting for me to speak.

「I’m back」

As soon as I say that, she breaks a smile.

It’s like she’s a girl who’s in love. Her cheeks blushed and she shows a broad smile on her face.

Then, her hips are wrigling.

「Got to the max level?」

「Not yet」

「Hmm, that’s unfortunate」

She drops her shoulders. That’s easy to understand.

Then, her thoughts say;

(I thought that today would be the day)

She feels disappointed.

I used appraisal and it shows my name among the people she loves.

I guess we can do it if I force her but the thoughts that she might hate me if I force myself to her pure thoughts is holding me back.

I pressed the magic seal collar on my neck, took off my shoes and placed it down.

Then, I got close to Ma-chan.

「Want to watch anime together?」

Ma-chan’s pointing at the reserved seat in front of the table.

Ma-chan’s grasping her knees as she sits down.

Now then, I wonder which is the right choice?

So far, I sat next to her until yesterday.

I feel like embracing her from behind is the right choice.

I picked the latter.

Then, as soon as I touched Ma-chan’s body, I feel trembling as if I got an electric shock.

「Ehehe, that was a first time」

Saying that, she looked back and closed her eyes.

I know what she’s asking for. Her breathing is rough and her shoulders are moving from tension.

After a few seconds, I took her lips and swiftly invaded my tongue in.

In response, she entwines with my tongue.

We seek each other then after letting go of our lips, a bridge from our saliva is made.

「Feel free with my breasts」

「I guess you’re lifting the band」

「Nfu, eat up」

I assume that her objective is just rubbing.

Her braless plump breasts loses to the gravity and points downward more than usual.

I can feel the heat across the dress of hers and then I bury my hand on her breasts.


「Hmm, Takun’s hands are lewd」

「It’s like marshmallow」

「Ah, ah, ah」

It looks like Ma-chan’s breasts are her erogenous zone.

Her body’s twitching is unconscious.

Electricity seems to run from her body to her head.

I’m enjoying Ma-chan’s breasts and lips, but she’s definitely a lewd girl.

Ma-chan’s rubbing her ass to my hard penis.

「Ah, ah, ah, ah」

「Ma-chan’s reactions are so cute」

「Hmm, Ma-chan’s got no experience. Don’t say that」

Ma-chan’s face is dyed in red from shame.

She’s thinking that if she stopped me I might hate her. What a pure girl.

I grab her marshmallow breasts, entwine our tongues, and rub my penis on her.

The succubus are watching us.

I blew wind to Ma-chan’s ear.

「Do it until the end」


There’s no need to read in between the lines in that one. I just nodded in acceptance.

Viva naked body!

Then, a hindrance came in.

「Takkun, don’t do that. Don’t go beyond that


His face shows a blood vein bigger than when I killed Sazaland.

(This will cost you a lot)

He’s angry.

「Ma-chan, don’t get blown by pleasure」

His attitude towards Ma-chan is cold.

「Haa, Onii-chan, you’re just a siscon」

「But you want your first time with a high-level man, don’t you? Make him reach his max level」

Ma-chan’s head is in chaos.

Will she let the pleasure take her? Or will she hold it until I’m high-levelled.

It’s a rivalry between two ideas.

Well, I have to obey since it will cost me a lot if I don’t.

Then, Ma-chan’s decision is…

「It’s coming soon anyway, Ma-chan will hold back」

She said.

「Siscon, her breasts aren’t off limits, are they?」



I enjoy her marshmallow breasts for the time being.

「Ah, Takkun, ah」

「It’s so soft that I might get addicted to this」

「Hmm, I’m glad. Ah」

Orz vanished.

Then, I continued enjoying these marshmallow breasts.

After we’re done with that, I got some succubus to fellate me.

I entered sage mode.

I just enjoyed a movie anime next to Ma-chan.

Movie anime are good.

We hold hands while watching. Then, we talked.

「Sorry about Onii-chan」

「I don’t mind. He’s a good brother when it comes to his sister」

「Though he’s a gambler and a siscon」


「He’ll do anything when it comes to gambling, next time he comes in I’ll toss him out of the room」

「Hold back」

「Nfufu, I love you」

Hearing that illogical confession, I felt my heart throb.

Then, a name enters the entry. I think that this is the way.