Isekai Taneuma Chapter 45 Elizabeth 1



Mahou shoujo stories are monotone.

The enemy is evil, creating monsters from the darkness in human hearts.

The magical girls shows their underwear as they transform, return the monsters to humans, then take down the enemy with a cliche line and a cliche finisher.

This is indeed a girl’s Mito Kōmon if you ask me about it’s story but it’s still fun.

Although, seeing just one volume of it is enough that I left the room.

I returned to my room and my genius partner said something.

This skill let’s me speak any language and give suggestion out of insight.

For example, if it’s hungry, or itchy, well, something like that.

Now then, I wonder what is it this time? Then Genius-kun asks me to show Orz.

I used the distant view magic tool to check on Orz and then I see the Queen vampire having a love affair with a demon.

As usual. That’s all I said.

Then, the queen vampire giggled while doing it.

I can’t sympathize for a fellow men but it helps that the guy seem to be feeling pleasure at least.

Orz seem to not care about it. He’s not saying anything.

Now then, I watch Orz with the magic tool but it’s quite hard to answer the details he’s seeking.

With the splendor of language, I can somehow understand that he wants me to see it’s magnificence but I just match my opinion.

That’s the Queen vampire.

Her golden hair, is more of yellow.

Her flat chest is a little bit of a disappointment.

Her face looks refined however.

Well, looking at her again, this woman is just an elf-tan in appearance.

Her hair is curled and her body is of an elf on her latter half of teens.

Still, I feel like she has an elf ancestry.

In short, she’s like Artesia with two protruding tooth and give her five years of age.

Genius-kun, is that what you’re looking at?

Since he didn’t know that, Genius-kun gave orders to check within the range of what I can see.

Orzvute is converting his mana helplessly, even if it’s risky.

Then, there’s also a proposal of turning Macurib powerless too.

They judged that the two are dangerous unless they’re both powerless.

Then, a succubus enters the room.

Elizabeth Danatol Mirod.

She’s the philistine empress of Mirod Royalty.

Crimson hair and blue eyes.

Her huge breasts is a vivid reminder of what men loves.

She came in after hearing the plan of turning Macurib powerless and so I became wary since she might use a skill or magic to read my thoughts.

But, my caution wears off right away.

「 I feel aching here 」

Eliza is touching her genital areas.

She comes to the bed and sits down.

「 I’m having sexual desire problems ever since the orcs raped me. I can’t be satisfied with normal sex anymore 」

「 You’ve become lewder? 」

「 I still do remember my husband’s existence. Is that bad? 」

「 Not really but don’t feel too much pleasure that you’ll fall for me 」

「 Fufu, that’s a lot of confidence. I’ve experienced three orc penises inside me, I will not have problems if it’s just a little bit. You might lose your confidence as a man, but sorry if that happens. Ufufufu 」

She looks like she’s in her 20s.

Well, if she says that she’s in her 20’s, she might fool me.

She took off her clothes. Doesn’t look like she enjoys stripping.

「 Did you not have a husband back in the day? 」

「 Of course I do. I have four husbands when it comes to physical relationships. But if it’s a husband in name, I don’t remember them since there’s too many 」

「 What a slutty empress 」

「 That’s rude. However, it’s the truth. In this world, women who can give birth to children are the superior ones. I use lovers and such 」

Saying that, Eliza finally got naked.

That’s a beautiful body with no spots.

Cute horns and a tail extending from her tailbone. Then, wings coming from her hips.

Bouncy ass and voluptuous breasts.

She’s showing her body line from the most beautiful angle she’s confident at.

「 Geez, reacting already. What a monkey 」

That’s embarrassing

I take off my clothes and Eliza kneeled.

She’s going to use her mouth.

「 I don’t kiss with men I don’t love. Therefore, will you allow me to kiss this place? 」

「 Sure 」

「 Fufu, then, I’ll use my mouth since I want your semen in my face. Onii-chan 」

Saying that, Eliza puts my rod inside her mouth.

She kisses the tip then sucks on my penis daringly. Her mouth is filled with warm saliva.

Juru, jupo, juru, jupo. She makes fellatio sounds and white bubbles form from her saliva.

Her skills are not quite.

I managed to hold it out. It doesn’t have the same sensation when Mira or Artesia sucks me out.

Well, it still feels good.

Eliza who moves her head forward and backward with her best is careful not to drink the precum leaking from the tip.

「 Puha~ How is it? 」

She strokes my rod after releasing it from her mouth.

Eliza who’s jaw is tired might belong to the group that’s weak when it comes to sex.

But, I won’t allow herself to leave this half-finished.

「 I’ll borrow your mouth 」

「 Eh? Fugo 」

I grabbed the back of her head and shove in my penis in her mouth.

Then, I forcibly use her hole and use it to ejaculate.

I swing my hips and Eliza glares at me with teary eyes as I rub her throat.

Looking good.

「 I’m cumming. Where do you want it? 」

「 Hmmm 」

A gasp of protest.

I ejaculated on her face as she asked for it.

Eliza accepts it while glaring at me with her teary eyes.

She’s creating a lewd woman’s atmosphere. She seems to worry about her smell, Eliza who cleanses herself has returned with a smile belonging to royalty.

「 That was great, Eliza 」

「 Well, sure. Putting that aside, let’s end this. I have lost interest. Please stop forcing it to me next time. It makes me remember my first time when Father and Brother took away my virginity, it’s an annoying past 」

Woah, that’s a hardcore story so sudden.

「 Now I feel sorry 」

「 No, it’s how the royal family enjoy themselves. Everyone in the Philistine Royalty all offer their first time to His Majesty and his crown prince. I thought that you would be surprised instead of sorry 」

「 What a troublesome world this is 」

「 It’s nothing different from other royalties. Takkun-sama, it should also be a habit of the people of Almeria, the place you always talk about 」

「 Oh, I know one. She was kissing her brother 」

「 That act is an act to sense if someone’s hiding sentiments of betrayal. It’s to check whether they have any spirit of rebellion or not. Philistine uses sex to make sure, Almeria uses kissing to confirm. And in Mirod, men have anal sex with each other. I never heard about women, I wonder what is it? 」

It’s been a while since I got shocked by cultural differences.

I’m glad Chris isn’t from Philistine.

And since the motivation is zero, the hero skill is flourishing.

It kept us waiting before soaring up again.

「 Fufu, you’re interested in incest? You’re getting hard 」

That’s a sad misunderstanding.

Oh well. After we’re finished, Genius-kun started planning Orz’ destruction plan.

I used pleasure increase x3.

This should be stable.

Eliza’s waiting with her finger in her mouth.

Eliza who draws the penis inside her pussy whispered happily.

「 Aaah, it’s been a while since I had a penis. Hmmm~ 」

Her eyes opened wide in surprise from accepting my penis.

Then she sticks out her right hand seeming flustered.

「 W-Wait! Something’s strange! Ah, hii, hiii, hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 」

Wanting to end it sooner, I slowly rub the empress’ pussy slowly.

「 Wait! Aaaaah! This is! Nooo! Noooooo! Aaaaaah 」

She wriggles her hips, trying to stop me from moving.

I pin down her abdomen and then stopped Eliza’s hips from moving as I make thrusts.

She’s twitching intensely, she squirted.

Her moans belong to an animal.

「 Which is better, the orc’s dick or mine? 」

「 Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Higyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 」

「 Ora ora ora ora 」

「 Aaaaaaaaaah! Hyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! 」

She squirts a lot and it has a slight smell of ammonia.

Her body loosened up and I use her hole to pour in some white liquid as she leaks out a weak voice.

That was a moderate amount, I got satisfied, more or less.

As bonus, I got to choose a rare skill thanks to “Awakening Kai”

『 Sympathy grasp 』

I used appraisal and it says that it’s a skill that makes it easy to gather loyalty from the people.

It’s basically distributing food and presenting recovery as gifts and it makes it easy to make friends.

The other is “Sword Talent” evolution, “Swordsman,” and “Beauty Enhancement II” but looking at Eliza’s job, I decoded to pick “Sympathy Grasp”

Well, I prioritize skills that I don’t have yet.

There were some awkward statements about incest halfway but since skills increased, I can say that I’m satisfied.

Eliza who’s unconscious is also leaking out a voice of pleasure.

Her thoughts are filled with eroticism. For some reason the beautification turned me bright red like a rose on a date. This hurts for those in their 30s.

Well, women are creatures weak to pleasure and she’s the proof of that.

My bed.

I accompanied Eliza who is sleeping satisfied and used the magic tool again.

I just finished my battle here and yet, Orz is still swinging his hips.

The results of his effort is that the queen vampire is grasping the sheets with a flushed body and is nearing her limits.

I send my compliments as a man.

Orz did his best to his limits that he’s clinging to the Queen vampire, twitching.

I was thinking why I had to see this but the reason is the genius-kun over there.

He’s talking that once the two are at their limits, summon an orc and crush their heads and that’s a win.

That’s true.

When they reach their limits, they can’t move their body.

As expected of Genius-kun. They’re naked, and so they have no equipment to prevent summoning.

Even if the Queen Vampire is immortal, it’s settled once her exp is sucked out.

The winning chances are about 60 to 80, but, we shook hands.

It’s a win.

The loss chance is just 8%.

Only one in eleven chances.

Genius-kun says that we should take this much risk at least.

Okay, let’s go with the flow.

That said, I should prepare a gate for Ki-kun first.

I accumulated mana, and since there’s still time, I came after Eliza next to me.

Eliza’s naked, making an expression that she’s looking at the other side of the wall.

She’s staring at a distance, then leaked out a woman’s sigh.

「 What’s wrong? 」

I say then touch the crimson hair of hers reaching her shoulder.

For now, I massaged her breasts and her face dyed red.

「 I don’t get what’s going on, but… 」

What’s with that crossword line?

Now then, Eliza leaked another sigh.

「 What’s wrong? 」

I concentrate on the tip of her breasts.

「 I wonder if I never loved someone before? What do I do when my heart is throbbing even when you’re just next to me 」

「 Oh, most of the women I had sex with have that thought. Somehow, they feel like I’m a prince on a white horse because of the pleasure 」

「 Y-yes. That. Then, Takkun-sama has become the prince on a white horse for me 」

「 No, why did you come to that conclusion? 」

Only the high-class think of that way for real.

Even so, she has some nice breasts.

I’d like to have Yukari, Chris, Ma-chan, and Eliza line up and compare them next time.

Well, that’s not possible though.

「 Men do seem to love breasts. W-What do you think of Eliza’s breasts? 」

「 It’s springy and it’s pleasant 」

「 It’s an honor. It’s an imitation because I created it with recovery magic but please enjoy it as much as you want 」

Eliza’s an empress with various disappointments.

「 Then, I won’t hold back and massage them. By the way, what’s the size back then?

「 Err, I think it’s about half 」

「 That’s still good 」

「 I’m thankful for your praise 」

It’s just an imitation? I guess I’ll try out the C-cup deep in her thoughts next time.

Next time.