Zombie Emperor Chapter 14

Chapter 14 ☆

「Jin-san that’s lewd」
「But Aki-chan is the one who said that I should feel pleasure right?」

Aki-chan seems embarrassed.
However, apart from being embarrassed, the glimpse of joy can be seen.
After all this girl is a masochist.

「I did but…but your lust goes on doesn’t it?」
「I’m the one surprised there. Before I got infected, my lust doesn’t last that much」

Normally, it would wither after I masturbate continuously, but I don’t have that feeling right now.
Does being a zombie increase your lust?

First, I gave Aki-chan a light kiss and took of her clothes.
The bed feels narrow with three people in it.

「But, I was surprised that Jin-san’s arm turned to a knife」
「Actually, it’s not just my arm but also my feet, look」

I raised my leg that became a knife

「Waaーamazing…But, could this be…」

Aki-chan’s gaze turned to my son.

「Ah, no, the transformation is only up to the bone, that one doesn’t change!!」

There’s no bone because I’m not a dog.
I might cut when I move, it’s a grotesque development.

「T-That’s right! ahaha…」

「Sakura-chan, have you finished changing?」

Sakura-chan is on birthday suit.
I didn’t order her, Sakura chan took it off herself.
As expected, it seems her reason is coming back.

「I’ll give Sakura-chan a kiss as a reward for undressing by yourself」

I take Sakura-chan’s lips.
I put a tongue on Sakura-chan this time.
The tongues twine with each other, the two small bumps on Sakura-chan’s chest are stimulated.
The finger rolls her nipples.
Whenever I touch, *Piku!*, Sakura-chan’s body jumps.
Sakura-chan’s small breasts has are small but it has good sensitivity.
I stopped kissing then licked her nipples.
It had a faint salty taste.

「Ouch! Hey Aki-chan!」

Aki-chan pinched my thighs when I licked Sakura-chan’s nipples.
Aki-chan seems to be jealous.

「After you kiss Sakura, the next should be me, right?」

Angry Aki-chan is also cute.
It’s not scary at all.

「Sorry, Sorry. That reminds me, I did lick Aki-chan’s breast a lot on our first」
「Wai, that’s not what I mean…! Hyau!」

I jumped to Aki-chan’s deadly tits.
I wanted to bite her nipples immediately but I endured.

I circled my tongue on her left areola to stimulate it.
I massage her right breast gently, I rub it slowly.
Aki-chan’s breast has a wonderful elasticity.
Just with this, my pre-cum is already leaking.
I want to do Aki-chan right now, I want to caress Aki-chan more, those contradictions put me at loss.

The nipples of Aki-chan that’s not licked swelled.
I promptly suck it like a baby.
*Chuu Chuu*, sucking even thoughj there’s no milk coming out, I just kept sucking.

「Jin-saa, you can’t I’m going crazy…」

Before I noticed, Sakura-chan approached Aki-chan.
…for some reason, I understood what Sakura-chan want to do .
I beckoned Sakura-chan with my right hand that’s free from rubbing from the right breast.

「Eh? Jin-san, what are you…Hyuuuuu!!」

Sakura-chan answered to my call and she sucked Aki-chan’s right breast.
The two of us sucks Aki-chan’s breasts.

「Aaah, you can’t…Sakura, let goo…breast milk would really come out…」

Aki-chan’s eyes looks moistened.
Seeing that swollen face, I feel even more excited.
I want to please more.

I suck up Aki-chan’s indecent nipples as she make an odd sound.


Breast milk really came out!
I seperate my mouth in surprise, breast milk was sucked from the enduring Aki-chan.
…It had a strange taste.
I saw that breast milk is something close to blood, but Aki-chan’s breast milk had some sweet taste for some reason.
I want to drink more.

After a while, Aki-chan’s breast milk’s vigor calmed down.
My and Sakura-chan’s lips were white.

「W-why my breasts…Could it be that I’m already!?」1
「No no, you were a virgin days ago right?」

No matter how you look at it, it’s too early for her to be pregnant.
No, saying that she’s pregnant…

「Could it be that it’s Aki-chan’s ability as a unique mob?…」
「Eeeh! T-this!?」

Milk is still leaking from Aki-chan’s breast.
This is erotic.,

「Will it become a weapon like Jin-san’s? Isn’t this something like a beam like thing getting shoot out?」
「No, but, even though you’re not pregnant, breast milk came out so that’s the only conclusion」

Aki-chan didn’t take any strange medicine, then I can’t think of any other cause why her breast milk came out.

「Eeeh!? It feels shocking somehow. I wish I had an combat like ability to be able to support Jin-san」
「I suppose, but just having Aki-chan is enough support for me」
「I-Is that so!?」

I’m saved by Aki-chan in a mental aspect.
I can no longer imagine a life without Aki-chan.
No Aki-chan, no life.

「Also, Aki-chan’s milk was sweet and delicious」
「Ha, haa, but, Jin-san, your crotch gets violent somehow…?」

It is.
My penis is already at it’s maximum erection after drinking a from Aki-chan’s breasts.

「Perhaps, Aki-chan’s breast milk has some aphrodisiac effect in it, look Sakura-chan looks…」

Sakura-chan is masturbating like crazy.
Grasping her clitoris, her finger opened the hole over and over again.

「Ah, Ah, Aaaa! 」

From time to time, her body shakes greatly, but even when she reached the climax, she doesn’t stop.

「Uwaaa…My breast is dangerous」
「Yup, Dangerous. You see, Aki-chan, Can I do Sakura-chan first? it seems she’s in pain」
「True…I, uhm…am still leaking after you milked me…」

Thus, my plan earlier was to do Aki-chan first but I suppose I have to do Sakura-chan now.


  1. Pregnant!?