Zombie Emperor Chapter 15

Chapter 15 ☆

「Sakura-chan, you want this?」

I’m sexually excited, I displayed my penis while lying on the bed on the masturbating repeatedly Sakura-chan.
My superb article was on it’s maximum erection that the tip has precum flowing.


Sakura-chan nodded multiple times.
She expands the slimy estrus hole with her fingers just like the time when her virginity was taken away, her face is deep red and she’s gazing with expectation.
Good grief, where did she learn this?
…Violating her again in this position is nice, but I want to violate Sakura-chan in a different posture.

「Sakura-chan, can you put your hand on the wall…That’s right, like that」

Sakura-chan put her hands on the wall just as I instructed, then the cute small ass was projected to my direction
Sakura-chan shakes her ass as if inviting a man to put it in.
Her small ass makes a lewd movement, my groin reverbrate.

「Sakura-chan, I’ll mess you up from the back okay?」

I captured her cute ass, then applied my penis to the entrance.
Sakura-chan’s small ass is soft and it’s size fits both my hands.
The foreskin and the glans is wiping against the wet vaginal opening, Sakura-chan’s naughty nectar is smeared on my penis.
it should be enough.

「Sakura-chan, I’m putting it in」

The erect penis that’s on it’s limit, I inserted inside Sakura-chan’s vagina.
Since Sakura-chan was just a virgin, I should’ve inserted it gently, but because of the aphrodisiac breast of Aki-chan, I can’t endure doing it gently anymore.
It’s warm, tighter than Aki-chan, Sakura-chan’s vagina is slimy.
Apparently, my order to loosen has expired already.,
It’s pressing hard my penis tightly.
A different place is stimulated as the position is different it feels very good.
I can order her to loosen it again but…I’ll be moving violently and reshape Sakura-chan’s vagina.
I change Sakura-chan’s intravaginal form to my shape.

Is this the effect of Aki-chan’s aprhrodisiac? My penis is already sensitive, it’s about to come out soon.
Endure it, me.


Sakura-chan seems to be pleasured that she raised an animal cry.
It seems that I’m not the only one sensitive.
I catch Sakura-chan’s waist then began to move.
I pulled it out on the last moment…then thrust it in quickly!

「Shit…! Coming!」

Doku! Dopu…Gopu…dokun dokun……

Unable to endure it, I let it out after thrusting it…
Furthermore, the force and quantity is enormous.
*Doku Doku*, I continued to ejaculate, I feel that instead of pouring it to the womb, it’s being thrown into the womb directly.

「Oooo! Jin-nii…!」

Sakura-chan talked a little…
Is this the effect of my sperm as expected?

「Sakura-chan, it felt good, it’s the best pussy」

I pat Sakura-chan’s ass as I continue my ejaculation.
…Finally, the ejaculation ended.

But, my superb article is still hard.
Sakura-chan’s vagina is clattering.
…Her lust hadn’t settled yet.

「Again…! Jin-nii…」

I restart my piston movement.
I want to feel more pleasure in this pussy.
I want to make Sakura completely mine.

I throw my waist a lot of times, I violate Sakura’s vagina.
I didn’t mind that my penis is still sensitive and let out inside her vagina and just kept moving.
Her small vaginal wall expands and semen is plastered as it moves.
Did I cum? Did I not? That boundary can’t be seen anymore.

Whenever we move, the connecting part had semen and love nectar leaking from it, dirtying the sheets.
That sort of situation is erotic so I got excited again, I moved my waist over and over again and Sakura’s vagina wraps my penis as I ram it in.

This is my thing.
I’m teaching it to Sakura.
I carve it inside Sakura’s vagina.

「Sakura, Sakura, Sakura!」
「Jin-nii! More, More!」

I was attacked by a huge wave of pleasure.
I released the best amount of semen so fat and filled Sakura’s womb.
Her womb grinds and push my glans as it drinks the semen.

「Sakura, I love you1…I love you2

I pulled out from Sakura and spoke gently.

「Un…Me too, I love Jin-san…」

I can’t see her face but Sakura’s answered with a happy voice.
Sakura fell down just like that then slept.
She didn’t have the strength to continue as expected.

I can’t kiss her, but violating a woman from her back feels good.
In addition, I want to try another with Aki-chan as my partner.
Another sexual position again.

「Jin-san, are you done?」
「Yeah, I’m done, but I can still go on」

I show my erect penis to Aki.
Aki has a glass with something that seems to be a mother’s milk.

「How was it? Your impressions on having sex with Sakura?」

Aki finished milking and she noticed when she looked at us.

「That’s…I want to be violated by Jin-san like that…」
「That’s right, I’ll be messing you up right now, Aki」

I approached Aki and kissed her lightly.

「Yes! Please treat me like a tool…」

Aki’s masochistic character came out completely.
Okay, to the second roundー


  1. Daisuki
  2. Aishiteru