Lute Dragoon – The World


Luveria had changed a lot ever since the war that happened long ago. About 10,000 years ago, this world used to be a very fertile haven. A haven without war, violence or bloodshed. All races lived comfortably and peacefully side by side. They lived innocently without caring about

But one day, a God descended.

The God granted the races, Mana and knowledge how to use it…

Thus, all Races began to utilize or practice mana in a way that will be useful to their lives. Few used it to enhance their bodies so they can live in harsh environment.

As time passed..

All of the races that practiced mana began to research it for its many different uses.

All Races that used to be together started distancing themselves.

Since then, the Fertile Havens had changed a lot.

All Races that used to be together start waging war…

Especially Humans, Demi-Humans, Beast-men and Demons.

They kept going to war with each other, with each war ending in great casualties and repeat.

They had been fighting countless times for a hundred years.

The reasons for war were various.

Be it resources, be it God Artifacts, a godly device that God granted to them or strongest metal mines that even God was unaware of.

Each of them wanted it. Each country used whatever method they could to conquer the land they wanted just to get those.

Luveria was slowly dying and the races know this. But they couldn’t stop the war.

Humans realized this and out of desperation they created summoning spells.

To summon a being from another world.

According to a mysterious ancient book, Otherworlders, beings of another world are power were very powerful.


By summoning the Otherworlders, they believed the war would end. But it’s only making it worse.

Otherworlders proved to be too powerful. Be it their knowledge or their power.

The knowledge from the Otherworlders allowed the Humans kingdom to advance, but the war still did not end even though they had unlimited resources.

With these Otherworlders fighting on the side of the Humans, the latter were able to gain the upper hand in the wars and corner the Demi-Humans and Demons.

Having seen that the Humans were becoming a great threat to them, the other races started expanding their military and creating more offensive defensive magic for an unavoidable war with the Humans.

With the Demi-Humans and Demons slowly losing, the other races finally participated in the wars after 400 years. The Demi-Humans who had more knowledge about the current situations of the Humans than the other races began to warn the other races, especially the Beastmen and the Demons about the impending danger. They then formed an alliance in hopes of repelling the threat the Humans posed.

The Humans race that had grown overconfident saw this alliance as just a minor threat and waged war on the other races and began their march.

The Demons who were nearly losing the war managed to capture the otherworlders with their king.

The Demons king who held so much power invoked another catastrophic spell in his palm as if his mana pool was infinite defeated many Otherwolders.

They extracted their overwhelming power and knowledge mainly for military purposes.

Then created a weapon of another world which turned the wars upside down.

As the Humans advanced with their army, a sudden red light hit the ground. It shone a bright red light, then a sudden thunderous roar could be heard when the ground split in half, causing the humans to be in a disarray as nearly of half of them to fell to their demise.

The Demi-Humans, the Beastmen and other races, awed by this sight, were terrified of the Demons’s new weapon but they knew this would be the best opportunity to finish off the humans.

They charged, only to receive the same red light from Demons.

With that, the alliance broke; the other races except Demi-Humans and Beastmen decided to return neutrally

As the Alliance broke, Demi-Humans and Beastmen decided to follow the humans’s method.

Summoning the Otherworlders.

But unlike humans, who treated them as partners, Demi-Humans and Beastmen saw them as barbaric.

They used Absolute Slavery Magic on Otherwolders, which was very effective against them.

The Otherworlders were being forced without a chance to argue or run away and they only used as cannon fodder.

With Humans and Otherwolders fighting together, Demons with their otherworlder technologies and theirs power, then Demi-Humans and Beastmen using Otherwolders as slave.

Then wars continued waging for another 400 years…

During Wars, a new small kingdom was founded, the Great Arezel Kingdom.

This kingdom was very different from other Humans kingdoms as they were not participating in the war.

They were aiming to end the wars. They used other methods to counter their problems together with the help of Otherworlders’s knowledge.

This was the kingdom that became the role model for the entire continent.

They successfully solved the problem. That was by conducting diplomatic, trading and establishing alliances with other kingdoms and other races; the frequency of war slowly decreased.

But the wars with demons still continued as the Demons race continued to increase their military. Especially within their military, there was a bunch of people claiming to be reincarnates. A being that was reborn from another world to Luveria.

They were more powerful and more knowledgeable than otherworlders.

Thus the wars continued.

But Arezal was allying themselves with other races to stop wars against the demons, not to win the war but to stop the wars.

This war had more causality than previous wars.

As servant of Gods, The Angels who knew that this war would cost a lot of lives prayed to the heavens for that the almighty to stop the chaos but their prayers were unheard.

So the angels finally found this war disturbing and decided to intervene.


As the Demons king hurled the red burning ball of inferno at the army, a bright light suddenly emerged from the sky, causing all the race to watch it in awe. The massive fireball that was supposed to char the bodies of thousands of men collided with a powerful divine shield that the leader of the angels invoked to protect the lives of the alliance. As the burning inferno collided with the divine shield a crackling sound could be heard while the blazing inferno started to dwindle in strength and began to shrink until it completely vanished.

It was then that the King of Arezal, like a beacon of hope, stepped forth in his lustrous silver armor and spoke aloud for all to hear. “Fear not my brethren, for we have found the key to winning this war” As the king unsheathed his sword, which shone in a white light as if the future and hope was contained in the sword itself. The alliances looked in awe, their eyes filled with a glimmer of hope, they watched the king as if he was a shining ray of light that will show them the path of victory and triumph.  

The Demi-Humans and the Beastmen, knowing what the Humans king was planning, were all awed.

King of Arezal, Arthur Arezal fought the Demons King.

The fighting was on par. As the debate of logic and ideology went on, so did the battle between the two warriors. From a distance, the whole alliance and Demons armies became the audience, fearful of the fate that was still to come.

The Demon King, who had proven himself to be overpowered when he massacred the human armies, was no easy foe.

Even King of Arezal had a hard time fighting him.

With his magic, he annihilated the armies of alliances that had already retreated.

But amidst the corpses of armies, rose a single Humans man, to the top of his fallen allies and brethren.

He was Gilbert Dragoon, a half dragonian and half Humans warrior who fought alongside his best friend, the King of Arezal.

He charged toward Demons Kings with his war cry.

He then slashed his sword, Matilda towards the Demons King, who was completely caught off guard and suddenly an immense golden light shot forth which engulfed the entire battlefield, temporary robbing the onlookers sense of sight.

The light from the Sword type God Artifacts, Matilda, desolated the lands where the Demons army that lay upon its path used to stand. Even the mighty life of the Demons King was not spared.

The Demons, seeing that their king had been killed, immediately retreated back to their land.

The Alliance did not bar their retreat for the Demons King had been killed and they didn’t want to shed more needless blood. Also, they knew very well that the Demons had been weakened and would therefore think twice before declaring war once again.

A few months later, the Demons sent envoys for peace agreement.

The Alliance agreed without a second thought.

Thus it’s the end of the era known as Holy Great War Era.

The otherworlders and reincarnated people cooperated with the citizens of Luveria to restore the world. They poured in their knowledge, energy and time to help the citizens of Luveria.

Technology that was only used for war war now used for daily life. Now, science was no longer being rejected on this world.

Technology continued to improve until today. After that, the rulers of each kingdom decided to send back the Otherwolders.

Otherwolders who were summoned by Demi-Humans and Beastmen werealso sent back with many compensations.

The result was some of them returned to their original world, leaving their knowledge and legacy behind, while the rest who stayed behind got special positions in the kingdom, some even built their own families in Luveria.

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