Lute Dragoon – Prologue


500 years after the dreadful war.

There were 2 persons hunting in a certain forest.

“Seriously, calling me to accompany you hunting. But let me remind you, if you want me to accompany you. Find a suitable place please. ”

“What? It’s fine. I’m so bored that I need a change of pace. Besides, we’re buddie,  right? ”

“Haaaa…. Alright, it can’t be helped but how about your work? ”

“As always, dealing with the aristocrats, managing the nations and others.”

“I see. So what’s the reason you called me, Willber?”

Willber Von Kesseling Arezal was the current king of the Great Arezal Kingdom… no, the current emperor of the Great Arezal Empire.

Because their ancestor was the winner of the war, many small countries subjected themselves to the Great Arezal Kingdom, which led to the creation of the Great Arezal Empire.

The current emperor’s appearance had a sturdy look with a scar on his left cheek. Willber’s ancestor, Arthur Arezal, married a person from another world who had black hair and black eyes; as a result, most of royal family inherited the trait.

“Nothing, I just want to hunt and chat… How about your side, Wallen? “

“Oh, all of them in are good health. “

Wallen Dragoon was Willber’s war buddy and he was also the descendant of Gilbert Dragoon. Handsome with crimson hair. Sturdy look and elegant. But during the war, people called him the Demons Slayer because of his ancestor and his power that could slaughter many people in 1 hit. It was said that this kind of person was seen in 1 out of every 10,000 people.

“My second wife will give birth soon.”

“Hoho, Sheila’s? I cannot wait see to your son? ”

Willber exclaimed jubilantly.

“Same goes to you. Though, we still do not know whether it’s a girl or boy. ”

“Okay buddy, we will celebrate your child’s birth later.”

“Oi, listen to me!”

Just like their ancestors, who were best friends, they also had become best friends.

They could speak without formalities.

Then both of them started hunting while chatting happily.


Wallen started talking about his daughter as he chewed on deer’s meat.

“I really need to go home now, I miss my daughter already. ”

“What a doting father, heh. ” Willber said while laughing….

“A great warrior that became a symbol of nightmare for enemies is nothing but a doting father and family man”

“Shut it,” Wallen snapped.

“But, I understand… Rosalin, my niece is a very adorable little girl!”

“My Rosalin is an angel! She heals me with her smiles!” Wallen said with great enthusiasm.

“Of course she is! After all she is the daughter of my adorable little sister.” Willber added as he approve.

Yes, Willber was also Wallen’s brother-in-law. Wallen was married to Willber’s little sister, Elizabeth, the former princess.

Wallen married Elizabeth because the previous emperor and his best friend recommended it to him strongly, which made it difficult for him to reject. At first he thought Elizabeth married him out of her obligations as a princess but he never thought she really loved him for a very long time until he saw her crying happily at the wedding, which made him think “Am I this dense?”

Wallen smiled bitterly as he remembered that.


“I’m home,” Wallen called out as he stepped through the door.

“Welcome back, dear. ”

“Welcome back.”

“Yaaaaaaaay, papa! Welcome back!!!!”

“Whoa, don’t suddenly rush to me, it’s dangerous.” Wallen warned.

The mansion of Wallen Dragoon was big. It had a red roof and whitewashed walls. It was a European-style 5-story fashionable building that had a big garden, and also a small pond on the side of garden. 

“I’m back, Elizabeth, Sheila, and Rosalin. How’s your day, did anything happen?”

Elizabeth Von Kesseling Arezal was  Wallen’s first wife. She was the former princess of the Great Azarel Empire, little sister of the current emperor and daughter of the late emperor. She had the appearance of an extremely beautiful woman with curly pink hair and a tall voluptuous figure, and was known as one of the most beautiful women in the continent. Not only her appearance good, she was also skilled in many other fields. She was strong in combat. Elizabeth once led a group that clashed with bandits, ending in Elizabeth’s victory due to her skill and command. 

The second wife was Sheila Dragoon. The daughter of a certain aristocrat from a neighboring kingdom. Although powerful, she had retired from active duty as a Mage due being pregnant and to nearing the time to give birth. She was called the “strongest” Mage alive.

A flawless and incorruptible beauty, Sheila is recognized as one of the most beautiful women in the continent with Elizabeth, she was of average height, and her body was young but fairly developed, being slim and curvaceous, and her white skin was very pale and far from imperfections.  But she’s not really slim as her stomach getting bigger.

Finally, their first daughter, Rosalin Dragoon, 2 years old. A crimson haired little girl with an innocent face, a very adorable girl and she already can speak fluently at such young age.

“Hehehe, you worry so much. We will inform the maids if anything were to happen. ”

“Yes. Besides, the maids are staying with us, so don’t worry. ”

“Papa, you worry too much. Have some faith in us. ”

Both of them chuckled, seeing their husband’s worry.

“Hahahaha, well, I cannot wait for another one since becoming a father. I still remember my late father’s advice to be great father,” Wallen remarked wistfully.

While talking with his wives, the maid served the tea. He also sat on sofa and said, “Anyway, when they grow up, we will celebrate and also plan for our future baby. Well, I mean education and training. That’s our family plan. I hope you two can follow it.”

“Yes, dear. I think so too. We need teach them about the world. Who knows what will happen in the future. ”

“I will. There’s no problem with me too. I just want my baby to grow up healthy,” Sheila agreed

“Oh my, then we need to support them,” Elizabeth mused.

“I cannot wait for either my brother or sister to be born!”

While the both of them giggled and talked about the future family plan, Rosalin’eyes sparkled and Wallen smiled upon seeing this situation.

I’m really happy with my wives and am grateful that I married both of them. Who…knows if I can handle this? Wallen thought.


Three months later, Willber’s wife gave birth for the second time. It was a girl named Asterea Von Kesseling Arezal. At the same time Sheila also  gave birth to a boy.

“Haaaaa, I’m glad you’re safe and thank you….. I really appreciate it.”

Wallen, with his face sweating a lot entered the operation hastily to confirm his wife’s safety.

“Thank you.”

She’s tired after giving birth, her face was pale but the doctor confirmed that both of them were safe and healthy.

“So, what shall we name our son? ”

“Eh, me? I thought you are the one who decided his name?”

“I want you gave him a name,” Sheila insisted.

Sheila smiled at her husband to convince him. After few minutes of waiting, Wallen opened his mouth.

“Then his name will be Lute Dragoon. How about that?”

When his wife saw how worried he was, she giggled. They just smiled and nodded, agreeing with that name. Wallen was relieved, then he went out of the operation room to let the doctor settle the rest of it. 

With this, the world witnessed the birth of a newborn.

A newborn named Lute Dragoon, who was fated to bring about a great change in the world’s history.

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