Chapter 14: Blackmailer’s Demand

“You did this shit, Ava? You fucking bitch!” I bellow seeing the laughing figure of Ava standing behind me.  

“Yeah, I did it, so what? What can you do about it?” Ava asks me a teasing smile.  

Without even fully realizing myself, my body moves on its own and my bleeding right arm grabs her neck. I then pull her body close to mine.  

“If you show those pictures to anyone… I will forget that you are a girl… and…” I speak with every word full of extreme anger.   

“A-And what? Y-You will beat me?” Ava says while trying to break free from my grip.  

“No-one has seen them except y-you and me till now. B-But if you continue like this…they w-will”  

“Not even that pig?” I ask while tightening my grip around her neck even more…almost choking her.  

“N-No,” Ava says, her voice hoarse now.  

My hand releases her neck which is now painted with my blood, as my anger starts to subside. My heart also starts to calm down as a sense of relief washes over me.  

So, no other guy has seen my Lily like that…  

I look at the coughing figure of Ava who is clutching her throat.  

“What do you want?” I ask with disgust in my voice.  

Though there are still tears left in her eyes from what just happened, her face curls up into a mean smile.  

“What do I want? I will tell you what I want,” Ava says while taking out her cell phone showing some sort of timer going on there.  

“You see this? After this timer hits zero all those photos will be uploaded on the internet for everyone to see—”  

Seeing my face distort again Ava quickly continues.  

“— But I can stop this if you just listen to whatever I say.”  

I look at the timer and see that a little more than two hours are left there.  

“What do you want me to do?” I snarl at her.  

Ava didn’t respond. But her smile disappears from her mouth and a little angry look takes its place.  

“You guys did that yesterday, didn’t you? You fucked that cow, right?” Ava asks, her voice has also a bit anger mixed in it.  

“You have nothing to do with it,” I tell her.  

“Oh, yes I have. I have everything to do with anything which makes that bitch happy,” Ava tells me.  

What is she saying?  

“Getting herself a boyfriend and then happily milking out his cock in the school… sounds a bit too good for a filthy cunt like her.” Ava says, her voice growing in anger.  

“And what an idiot she is. Does she think that she’s the only member of the athletic club who can get the keys of that room? Hahaha, I got lucky when I decided to go there for practice yesterday even after the regular one got canceled.”  

So, that’s why no one else disturbed us yesterday… 

“And what did I find there? Both of you, naked and wrapped together with your cock inside her filthy pussy. It was like my birthday came early.” Ava says while laughing hysterically.  

Why are you so jealous of Lily, Ava?

Well, Fuck it!

“Just tell me what you want. It’s money, right? I don’t have any with me right now. You will have to wait.” I say, not wanting to stay here with her any longer than necessary.  

Ava starts laughing even more.  

“You-you think that I want money? Thankfully, I have that more than a guy like you. No, what I want…”  

Ava stops laughing and looks at me with a mean smile forming on her face again,  

“…is you”  


“What do you mean you mean by that?” I say while looking at her in suspicion.  

Ava says nothing but takes a few steps closer to me. Then in a low voice, she whispers,  

“What I mean, is that I want you… to cheat on your girlfriend… I want you… to fuck me.”  


Ava backs away from me again.  

“Hahaha, it sounds so good! That bitch’s boyfriend cheats on her the next day they had sex. I love it!” Ava says while laughing.  

What the fuck is wrong with this girl?  

“There is no way in hell I am doing that!” I tell her.  

Ava starts laughing again and takes out her phone again.  

“Thanks for telling me that. Now then, I will be sending the proof of your lovemaking to everyone in the school. And maybe next time, someone else will blackmail her instead of you.”  

She opens her phone…  

“WAIT…” I yell.  

There is no way I am going to let that happen.  

“… I will do it… I will do it with you,” I say.  

“Hmm… you are fast to make decisions. I thought you will be more difficult,” Ava says while putting her phone away again, “don’t tell me, you actually want to do it with me?”  

“There is no way in hell that’s true!” I bellow at her.  

“Hahaha, anyway, follow me,” Ava says while turn in her back to me.  

We start to climb downstairs and reach the second floor where Ava takes me to the infirmary. She takes out another key to open the door.  

She has the infirmary’s key too? What the heck? Is she taking me here to treat my hand treated first? No way… 

“Now listen,” she says while turning to me again, “if you say no to even a single command of mine, I will upload the photos. And yeah, don’t even think about destroying my phone… the photos will be uploaded once the timer hits zero anyways if I don’t stop it.”  

Ava then grabs my hand and pulls me to closer to one of the beds. She immediately starts unbuttoning her shirt to make her black bra appear, which is barely hiding her big breasts.   

She then turns her back towards me to lower down her skirt, revealing her plump butt and sexy white thighs in a bold laced black underwear. She then sits on the bed and opens her legs wide so that I can trace her slit from above her underwear.  

“Like what you see? I know I am better than that cow at least. Now, you will remove the rest of it,” she says with a mean smile.  

Reluctantly, I got down and move my hands to her back to open her bra. The moment my body gets close to her, she grabs my hair and with a jerk pulls me into a kiss.  

“Mhnnn,” I raise a muffled voice while tightly closing my lips to prevent the kiss.  

“Open your mouth,” Ava says, removing her lips slightly.  

I close my eyes and open my mouth a bit. Instantly, Ava’s tongue enters my mouth and our full-blown kiss starts.  

“Hey, you are really bad at this,” she finally says after separating her lips.  

Yeah, like you are the one to talk.  

To my surprise, Ava is equally as bad as me. Though our tongues intertwined and a lot of saliva was exchanged but it was almost exactly like the one with Lily. As it was mine and Lily’s first kiss yesterday, we were both a bit sloppy. Though I didn’t care about it at all that time and was happier than anything.  

But shouldn’t it be different with Ava? Isn’t she experienced?  

Well, who cares…?  

“Now, continue,” she says while lifting her arms a bit.  

I unbuckle her bra and removes it to make her breasts appear before me. They are no huge like Lily’s but are perky and fairly big enough that I think they would overflow between my fingers if I grab them. Her nipples are small and cherry red in color. And for some reason, they are already erect.  

“They are much better than that cow’s humongous meat bags, right? Now, suck them,” Ava says, her cheeks are slightly red now.  

Wait, why are her cheeks red?   

I grab hold of her tits with both my hands. My fingers dig into the soft white flesh and then attach my mouth on her right nipple.  

I get an idea, let’s punish this bitch a bit…  

I start to increase the power of my grip on her tits making my nails dig deep and instead of sucking, I bit on her nipple.  

“OUCHHH,” Ava screams.  

“You fucking bastard! Do it properly or I will make you pay,” she says threateningly while hitting my head.  

“Oh sorry, I am new at this, so…” I tell her with an innocent look.  

Fufufu, I feel a bit better now. But I will have to wait before I can do something like this again…  

I now start to properly suck on both of her nipples while simultaneously massaging her tits.  I lick her whole breasts while also sucking on her white soft flesh.   

“Ahaan,” Ava leaks out a moan.  

Grabbing my hairs, she quickly pulls my head away from her tits.  

“Enough,” she says, “now, take my panties off and lick my pussy.”  

Fufufu, there is my chance again…  

I lower my body such that my face is now directly in front of her crotch. I grab the sides of her underwear and instead of moving it down, I pull it towards me.   

With a tearing sound, her ruined black panty now rests in my hand.  


Ava slaps me before I can speak anything.  

“You fucking idiot! That was a branded one!” she yells, her eyes fixed at her at my hands.  

“Oh! I am sorry. I did that with Lily too, so I thought…” I lie while trying my best to suppress my laughter.  

Ava’s angry expressions suddenly change.  

“Y-You did that with that cow too. Hmph… then it’s okay, I guess,” She says while looking away.  

Really? You are fine if it’s done with Lily’s underwear too?  

Oh shit! I totally forgot that her crotch is bare now. Ava’s legs are still open wide, so I can fully see her small slit. It is light pink in color and is tightly closed. She is also hairless down there but it does not look like she has shaved.  

There is also a strange sweet smell coming from her crotch.  

Wait, there is no way it’s her natural scent. She has put perfume there… Why?  

I look up at Ava’s face and see a triumphant smile there.  

“Everything is better there, right? From that hag?” she asks me.  

How much has she been planning for this?  

Suddenly, my already close face jams itself into her crotch as she wraps her soft thighs around my head, locking it in place.  

“Now, suck it,” Ava commands.  

My fingers dig in her thighs as I grab them unconsciously.  

Hahaha, a chance shows up again…  

I start to lick her pussy with my best. I even dig my tongue a bit inside her closed pussy to reach her clitoris and then roll my tongue around it. I shake my head while tightly pressed around her crotch making the stimulation even stronger.  

“Aaahann… Aaaahann…,” Ava starts to moan loudly from the pleasure I give her.  

Her body also starts shaking a bit as she gets close to an orgasm.  

I suddenly stop my movement completely.  

“W-What are you doing? Don’t stop… don’t fucking stop!” Ava yells angrily.  

I suppress another urge to laugh as I feel her body which was close to cumming settle down.  

I again start licking her pussy and then, again stop the moment I feel her close to an orgasm.  

“You…You fucking bastard! You are doing this on purpose.” Ava says with anger filled voice.  

Her face is looking extremely frustrated and she is breathing really hard now.  

She opens her legs again and pushes my body away from her crotch.  

“I was going to do this a bit later… but I strongly feel the need to punish you now,” She says while standing up.  

“Get naked and lie on the bed,” She tells me while picking up her bag lying in the ground and rummaging inside it.  

It’s finally here…  

I get out of my clothes and lie down on my back. My huge cock is rock hard and hitting my stomach now.  

Ava finally takes out something from her bag and looks at me again. Her eyes get open wide in shock.  

“T-That thing got inside of her?” She asks in a weak voice.  

“Yeah, Lily cried in pain. You don’t want to put it inside you,” I warn her in a hope to make her back down.  

“If the bitch can do it, I can too,” Ava says.  

Fuck! She got even more determined.  

“What is that?” I ask her, noticing something in her hand.  

“Oh, this?” She answers while taking the thing completely out of her bag.  

Ropes? Why?  

“I am going to tie you up with this,” Ava says nastily.  

“But I am not even resisting,” I say in confusion.  

“You will understand,” she says while laughing.  

What is even the point of this? Is she into bondage and stuff?   

Well, I personally would prefer to tie a gir— I mean, I don’t like these kinds of things. At all.  

But I don’t resist when she moves to the corners of the bed and tie my arms and legs there.  

Then, she herself gets on top of the bed and over my head such that both of her knees are against my ears, such that I get a clear view of her wet and naked pussy directly above.  

“Now, how about we make a call to our little friend?” Ava says, her smile increasing.  

She is holding a phone in both of her hands.  

“Hey! That one is mine!” I speak in surprise.  

When did she get it out of my pants?  

She laughs and turns them both around to show their screens to me.  

On her phone, there is the familiar timer going on. And on my phone…  

“What the fuck are you doing?” I yell.  

This fucking Ava is making a call to Lily.  

Ava laughs and puts the phone on speaker moments before someone picks it up.  

[Hello, Caiden?] 


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Note: 1) How Ava wraps her thighs around Caiden:-