Chapter 13: First Time Ruined

“Hey, everything alright?” A voice calls out to me.  

I look up and see Luke standing beside me with his eyebrows raised.  

“Y-yeah, why do ask?” I ask him, a little shaken.  

“Oh no, it’s just that I saw you staring ahead, grinning to yourself stupidly, so, I thought something must have happened?” Luke answers with a laugh.  

“N-Nothing, it’s nothing, I just remembered something funny, that’s all,” I say to him hastily.  

“Oh, well, tell me about it later, okay? I should be going now. I need to give this book back to my friend who’s in your class.” Luke says while waving the book in his hand, before moving to a guy sitting on the front seat.  

Fuck! That scared me for a second.   

It is lunchtime now and I am currently inside my classroom, sitting on my bench. I was happily remembering what happened yesterday before Luke showed up.  

After I came inside Lily and tried to take my dick out of her, she frowned and stopped me by tightening the grip of her soft white legs around me before pulling me into another deep kiss. She also started moving her waist slowly such that my sensitive limp cock got simulated inside her pussy.  

After a few minutes, where I sucked on her nipples while playing with her huge boobs, I became rock hard again inside of her. Lily then told me that she wants to do it again. My lust for her had gone up from the little play with her body to say any different, so, then we began our next session of fucking.  

This time I was a bit rougher with her. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks with both of my hands, as I plummeted my cock deep inside her pussy and start pistoning so hard that her tits swayed with my every thrust.  

Lily too moaned loudly and got continuous small orgasms from my rough fuck. She even sucked hard on my neck this time and marked me with her hickeys as I did with her. She even pulled my hand and sucked on my fingers as I continued to plow her pussy.  

When I got close to cumming this time, she again begged me to cum inside… which I obliged again and we both came at the same time.  

After repeating this whole thing again for the third time after a short break, we both tiredly fell asleep after kissing one last time, with my dick still inside her vagina.  

When we woke up, it was already getting dark outside and both of us felt extremely hungry too.   

When I finally started taking out my limp dick from Lily’s pussy, she looked a bit dejected but her expressions changed suddenly to a panicked one.   

My cum was dripping down her pussy while tracing her beautiful white thighs. She hastily covered her vagina with her hand to stop the leaking out cum.  

I laughed so hard from seeing her sullen face when she wore her panty in determination to stop my gushing out semen and instead, all she was left with was a panty fully soaked with my semen.  

I remember when my laughter stopped and my face got red instead when she gave a wink and started wearing her clothes without taking off the semen-soaked underwear.  

For some reason, I don’t feel the fear of her getting pregnant now like I did after I raped her.   

Maybe it’s because Lily returned to how she usually is after we woke up or maybe it is because she is now my girlfriend? I don’t know.  

After that, I walked Lily to her house and told her to skip school tomorrow to rest properly. Before she could oppose me, I gave her a very rich and dense kiss and left her with a dazed red face there in a hurry.  

Last night, even in my dreams, I was fucking Lily. Though for some strange reason, that bitch Emily was coming frequently to take my dick out of Lily’s vagina and forcefully sucking it.  

But unlike the other times that I have dreamt of doing it with her, this dream didn’t convert into a wet one. Well, there was never even a chance it might.  Lily so thoroughly emptied even the last drops of my seamen, that even my balls must have needed to work extra hard to fill up again.  

But thought all that happened yesterday, even though I don’t regret in the slightest, two things keep nagging me inside my mind.  

First, I haven’t told her about anything that I originally planned to. I don’t think that I had it in me to watch her happy face gets ruined.  

Second, tomorrow I have to meet the mafia king of Yreles and my whole day yesterday got by without thinking of any plan of what am I going to do…  

“Kyaaaaaa,” A hear a girl’s scream, which takes me out of my thinking again.  

I look around and see the girl, who sits on the seat next to mine, staring at something below me with her face bright red.  

I too look down in confusion and to my shock, see my erect dick making a huge bulge in my pants.   

Fuck! I got a bit too excited from imagining my sex with Lily yesterday.  

“I am sor—”  

I start to apologize but stop in the middle as something catches my attention suddenly.  

In the space under my desk, there is a white colored envelope lying on top of the books.  

On top of the envelope, it’s written: Open when alone.  

What is this?   

Open when alone? What does that mean? Don’t tell me it’s from Zoe or her crowd and they want to give me some information. But this envelope is really thick.    

How much information do they have to give? And more importantly, how the heck do they know where I sit?   

Fuck! I need to get out of here…  

I take the envelope out and stand up to go out.  

Hmm… I can get some privacy in the washroom…  

“Kyaaaa!” the girl next to me screams again.  

Shit! My dick is still erect!  

“I-I am just going to the washroom,” I tell her.  

“Idiot! Don’t even dare thinking about me while doing that in there,” she yells at me.  

Come on, don’t freaking yell!  

My classmates are starting to look into our direction.  

Without saying anything further, I grab the book lying on my desk and run out of the classroom while hiding my erection behind it.  

Entering the washroom, I get inside a cubicle and sit down on the seat after lowering the lid.  

Running in the corridor with an erection…  I just hope something worth is inside this letter for the shameful thing I just did. If this turns out to be some sort of prank…  

I open the letter and from inside, a thick wad of photos comes out.  

“WHAT THE HELL?” I shout in surprise.  

The first photo I see has a naked figure of Lily hugging a guy, who is also naked, as she lays on top of him. The face of the person cannot be seen because his head facing the other side.  

My anger starts to boil rapidly before I noticed the thing beneath them.  

“I-It’s that matt from yesterday…” I whisper.  

My anger resides the next moment and I again breathe easily as I start noticing other familiar things I saw yesterday.   

Shit! How can I don’t even recognize my own body?  

But my momentary relief gets drown in a wave of fear which washes over me.  

With shaking hands, I start to flip through the photos and see that these are just us sleeping naked together from many angles. One photo even closely shows our connected genitals.  

Who the fuck took these?  

At the end of this queue of photos, a small piece of paper shows itself, on which there is something written in small letters.  

“Meet me on top of the roof after school if you don’t want me to send these photos to every guy in school,” I read out to myself in shock.







The school looks strangely empty as I walk up the stairs towards the roof.  

After tearing all those pictures to pieces and flushing them down the toilet, I got back inside the classroom to find myself so distracted that, forget the lessons, I didn’t even care to took notice of the girl on the next seat as she glared at me.  

How did this happen? Wasn’t the door locked?   

Yes, I myself saw her clearly locking it with the spare key she got from the female athletic club’s captain before…  

Then how the heck did someone entered? And even fucking took photos of us?  

I can tell from looking at the photos that they were taking after the actual sex was done and both us were asleep. Someone must have taken advantage of that us being unconscious…  

And why are they calling me on the roof?   

Yes, it must be money! It’s always the money. They will ask me to pay them to keep quiet. But if they ask for something else…  

Out of nowhere, a thought enters my mind. I suddenly find myself unable to move because my whole body starts shaking from anger.  

What if it was a guy…  

Another man saw my Lily naked? Someone other than me? And we were both sleeping then, right? What if… what if he touched…  

Then it’s also possible that he asks to… to… with Lily… 

With a sudden burst of extreme anger and rage, I punch the wall beside the stairs I am standing on.  

Blood starts to trickle down from my knuckles and dirties the wall in red color.  

“YOU FUCKER!” I yell.  

If it is a guy… if it is…   

“I will freaking cut off your dick and stuff it down your throat before stabbing every inch of your body and flaying you alive in front of your whole family. I will fucking make you wish you were never born,” I yell, while continuously punching the wall.  

No… Fuck… I need to stop… I don’t know yet… It can be a girl too…  

I sit down on the stair while trying to calm myself down from the previous burst.  

I reacted a bit too much just from a mere thought…  

My right hand badly hurt now. I somehow take out my handkerchief and wrap it around it to stop the bleeding.  

But I need to find out… I need to make sure…  

I get up and almost ran through the remaining steps before bursting the door of the roof with a kick.  

“COME OUT!” I yell when I see no one around.  

I move around a bit trying to get find the person.  

“Looking for me?”  

Suddenly, a voice call to me from behind.  

I turn around and my rage explodes.  


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 Note: 1)Some development of a character in the next chapter 😉

2) And yeah, things can go way different than you think sometimes.