Chapter 17: To the Meeting

“You will be coming along with me,” Nora says.  

Shit! What about my plan to think of a plan? Wait… is that even a plan?  

Anyway, I need to delay this…  

“I can’t, I am grounded. Let’s do this some other day,” I say.  

She just raises her eyebrows.  

Shit! It didn’t work…  

“Okay, but my mother won’t let us go through the front doo— don’t tell me we are going out of the window…” I say in surprise when she points at the window.  

“We are running late. Please cooperate.” Nora says while starting to move.  

“Hey, what if we both fall down and die. Let’s do this some other day!” I say desperately.  

It’s a bit too much of a lame excuse and I think Nora also agrees because she does not reply.  

“Hey! At least let me change into something else first,” I tell her.  

I am just wearing a loose white shirt and pajamas. I don’t think the mafia king would appreciate it if I show up to him looking like this.  

“You don’t need to worry about that. We will provide you with clothes later. Now, come.” Nora says.  

Fuck! I am out of ideas…  

Reluctantly, I start moving towards the window with her.  

“Hey, you might be a ninja but I am not. I won’t jump down from here no matter what you say.” I say in my last attempt.  

“There is no need to do that. We have a ladder.” Nora answers with her expressionless face.  

I look down from the window and see that there is a rope ladder attached just below my window. It looks like there is some sort of metallic hook at the end of the ladder by which it is stuck there.  

Man, this hook is digging into the wall deep and the ladder also looks really strong. I don’t think it will break or anything…  

Fuck you all!   

“You go down first,” Nora says to me.  

I look back at her with a frown.  

“Why? This thing won’t break, right? You go first,” I tell her.  


“You don’t speak much, do you?”   


“Ahh~ okay, I will go down first,” I say with a shrug.  

Carefully, I get out from the window and rests my feet on the wooden rod of this rope ladder.   

After I have gone a few steps down the ladder, suddenly the ladder starts to tremors a bit.  

Fuck! Don’t tell me it’s breaking!  

I look up fearfully and see that Nora is also starting to get down.  

“Hey! Go back! Go back! We will do this one by one,” I shout to her.  

She completely ignores me and keeps coming down.  


My face gets buried in Nora’s crotch. Even though she is wearing jeans, I can tell the softness of her ass.  

Fuck! I am getting suffocated and this Nora is also not moving at all now… what should I do?  

“You know, you can move down too,” Nora says in a low voice.  

Oh…I forgot.  

“S-Sorry,” I apologize to her after removing my face from her crotch.  

“Never mind. Please start moving,” Nora says simply.  

Getting down on the ground, I start looking around for any sign of my mother. If she finds us, there is no way she would let me go. Yes, this might work.  

Fuck! It seems like she is still in the kitchen. I don’t think I can yell…  

Mum, can’t you show up when I want you to? At least once? You always do when I don’t want you to…  

“Come on! We need to get inside that van,” Nora says while pointing at a grey colored van parked directly in front of my house before starting to move towards it herself.  

Shit! I cannot see any way out now…  

Silently, I follow behind Nora with slow steps. Stopping beside the van, she quickly opens the back door and gestures me to get inside, which I follow.  

“What?” I leak out a voice in surprise.  

There are no seats here, it’s just empty space behind the driver’s seat with just a fluffy matt spread on the floor.  

Well, I am not entirely sure if it’s totally empty because there is no light and the windows are tinted pure black and are not even letting a single ray of light in.  

“Move a bit forward, please,” Nora says from behind.  

I move aside and sit down on the floor there. Nora also enters the back of the van before closing the door shut. Instantly, it becomes completely dark inside the van; so much that I cannot see even an inch in front of me.  

A few seconds later, the van starts to move.  

“We can open the lights now, Nora.” A voice comes from the darkness.  

I jump from surprise from this sudden voice before realizing that this tone is strangely familiar.  


With a clicking sound, the lights switch on inside the van and make everything visible to me.  

“ZOE!?” I exclaim loudly in shock. 

Sitting in the corner of this van is the familiar figure of Zoe. She is wearing denim jeans which is a bit baggy and a really loose yellow colored T-shirt which is surprising to me because I didn’t think that anything would be loose on her with those humongous tits of hers.  

But why is she wearing such casual clothes?  

“How much time will it take to reach there,” Zoe asks Nora while completely ignoring me.  

“Around 20 to 25 minutes. We should start changing our clothes, I think.” Nora answers.  

Change our clothes? Here?  

Wait, before that…  

“What are you doing here, Zoe? Don’t tell me that you are coming as well…” I ask her.  

Zoe herself told me that the squad leaders are well known in the underworld, so, if she comes with me, won’t it totally ruin what we are trying to do?  

Zoe finally looks at me. I can tell just from looking at her face that she would like anything other than to answer my question.  

“I was appointed to this position just a few months back, idiot. Information on me should still be really vague, unlike Abigale or Clara. And also… Abigale thinks that it would be better if a squad leader is with you in the meeting.” She answers me.  

For some reason, her expressions are a bit strange. In her usual angry tone, when she is talking to me, I can trace a slight fear mixed in it.  

It feels like I have heard her talk like this before… wait, that day in the car, when Abigale called Zoe to tell her something! She must be asking her to come with me…  

Fuck! Even Zoe is scared to meet this King!   

This is making me even more nervous…  

“Hey, Zoe! What if he sees through us? What will he do?” I ask her, thinking that she might understand my concern as she herself is scared like me.  

“It does not matter. We will think about it when that happens. Now, don’t ask me any more stupid questions, bastard!” she says to me ruthlessly.  

Well, I thought wrong. But Zoe, I don’t think I can tell you this up front but I really hate you, bitch.  

And what is this shit about “we will think about it when that happens”, huh? That’s exactly how idiots die in movies, you know?  

“We should be really changing our clothes now,” Nora says urgently.  

After giving her a nod, Zoe picks up a cardboard box lying beside her and starts taking out a few smaller boxes from within it.  

“Hey, bastard, change your clothes!” Zoe says to me while handing me one of the boxes.  

There is no need to call me bastard every time, bitch.  

I open the box and see a very expensive looking black suit inside. There is also a pure white shirt here.  

Man, this may look good on some people but I am going to look like a waiter in it…  

“Isn’t there something else I can wear?” I ask Zoe.  

“Shut up!” she answers.  

Fuck you!  

I see that Nora and Zoe have also taken out their dresses. Both of them have a similar looking mini dress with the difference being only in size and color. Zoe’s dress is red colored while Nora’s dress is white.   

Simultaneously, out of nowhere, both of them start to undress out of their current clothing in front of me. Zoe takes off her loose yellow T-shirt and Nora takes off her white Cami-top.   

Nora removes her top a little faster and I find my eyes stuck to Nora’s large tits wrapped in a black bra. I can also see the smooth and dark colored skin of her slightly muscled and sexy stomach.  

Before I can get the full blast of Nora upper half-nakedness, Zoe also finishes removing her T-shirt.  

“Woah,” I leak out a small voice.  

Her tits are so huge that they are almost spilling out from the red bra which is wrapped around them. The deep cleavage she is showing looks so alluring and sexy that I find myself lost in them for a bit.  

What the fuck are they doing? Have they forgotten that there is a man with them here?  

I look at Nora again and see that she has already taken off her green jeans and is exposing her sexy dark thighs and her ass in a black panty to me.  

“Hey, fucker, we don’t have all day, change!” Zoe yells at me.  

I look at her again and see that she is also lowering her jeans. Her pure white and plump looking thighs show themselves. I couldn’t tell with Nora clearly, but Zoe’s red panty is digging into her crotch.   

“C-Camel toe,” I speak out unconsciously.  

“What did you say?” Zoe looks at me with a jerk.  

“N-Nothing,” I say while averting my eyes.  

“When are you going to start changing, fucker?” She asks exasperatedly.  

“I-I am,” I say while quickly lowering my pajama.  

I start taking unbuttoning the shirt too but stops after looking at Zoe’s expressions.  

What is wrong with this Zoe?  

Her eyes are staring down at something and are wide open as if in shock. Her mouth is also hanging open.   

I look around at Nora in confusion.  


She has also stopped wearing her clothes and her expressions are exactly similar to Zoe’s which is truly shocking for me because I thought that she doesn’t change her expressions that easily.  

My eyes trace their line of sight…  

“Fuck!” I speak out loud.  

My dick, which is half erect from seeing all this half-nudity is completely exposed.  

I totally forgot that I don’t wear underwear at night because morning woods are really uncomfortable for me due to the size of my erect cock.  

I quickly pick up my pajama lying beside me and cover my dick with it.  

Before long, both Zoe and Nora remove their gazes from my crotch with a jerk at the same time. Their cheeks are a bit red now.  

“Q-Quickly dress up, I-Idiot,” Zoe yells at me.  

None of us speak anything after that…  









“Man, that was awkward,” I mutter to myself.  

Right now, I am sitting on the backseat of a pure black sedan and trying to fix my hair with a comb.  

Nora is driving the car while Zoe is sitting on the passenger’s seat beside her.  

I thought we will be going to the meeting place in that van but for some reason, we change into this expensive sedan after some time which was waiting for us along the way.    

The reason I am combing my hair is that Zoe asked me to groom myself a bit before meeting the king.  

I don’t think that I will look much better but well, at least Zoe and Nora are looking presentable enough in their dresses. And yeah, I am feeling a bit relaxed sitting in the back seat, to be honest. I was having a hard time looking away from the deep cleavages they both are showing in their dresses before.  

“We are almost there,” Nora says suddenly.  

What? We are going to a hotel to meet them?  

I thought I have to go to the king’s hideout. Well, it’s better. I don’t think he will kill me if in a public place.  

This hotel is much smaller than the one in which we meet Abigale in, but for some reason, it looks high-class.  

It is only a triple story building but is spread in a really wide area. It looks like the design and theme of this hotel are inspired by the historic events of our country.  

We park the car in the open parking area outside the hotel and moves out.  

“Hotel Crown. Owned my Maxim Bosi himself.” Zoe says while straightening her dress a bit.  

“This hotel is owned by the mafia king?” I speak out, surprised.  

Zoe didn’t respond.  

Fuck! I am so dead…  

Moving inside the hotel, which looks even more grand to me now, Zoe stops to talk to the receptionist who is a small middle-aged woman.  

“We are here to meet—eh— the king,” Zoe speaks while whispering the last word.  

The receptionist’s eyes open a bit wider but her expressions didn’t change from her professional smile.  

“Please follow me,” she says politely.  

The receptionist starts walking towards a back corridor which is directly opposite to the one leading to the main part of the hotel. Me, Zoe and Nora also follow behind after her.  

The corridor is not long and before we reach a plain looking door at the end of it. On top of this door, there is a sigh attached on which it’s written in bold letters-  

“Staff only. Do not open.”  

Please, don’t open this…  

But God doesn’t listen to my prayer and the receptionist opens the door before she gestures us to enter.  

Zoe and Nora get inside first and I follow reluctantly.  

“Woah,” I leak out a voice again.  

There are no artificial lights here but the visibility is clear because of the fireplace in the corner of the room which is also giving it a strange and scary vibe. This room is filled with many expensive looking artifacts but the most noticeable things here are the weapons hanging on the walls. On the left side, there are many old and beautiful guns hanging neatly and on the other side, expensive looking and equally beautiful swords are hanging.  

My gaze then falls in the middle of this room where a sofa is placed. A person sitting there and watching us silently.  

Wait for a second, that looks like a—  

“I am the King of Yreles. Bow down to me. Right now!” A high pitch voice suddenly comes from the person sitting on the chair.  

I look at the person sitting on the chair with my eyes wide open in shock.  

What the fuck is this?   

The king is a…girl? 

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