Chapter 18: Meeting The King (Part-1)

“What are you waiting for? Bow down to me, now!” The girl says with a superior look.  

What is this?  

She does not seem like a mafia boss at all! In fact, she looks more or less my age. She has an average height with a pretty good-looking face. Her hairs are black in color and tied up in double ponytails with a few bangs loose on her forehead. Her eyes are beautiful dark pink colored eyes which looks even better with her small nose and thin lips.  

She is wearing a black tank top and blue jeans, above which I can trace her curves. Her boobs are on the smaller side but they are enough to clearly show their existence. In contrast to that, even though she is sitting, I can tell that her butt is round and meaty.   

I remove my gaze from this girl and look at Zoe and Nora in confusion and see both of them looking back with similar expressions.  

Suddenly, Zoe fixes her confused look and turns to the girl again…  

“Can you please call Mr. Bosi?” Zoe says.  

To my shock, she sounds surprisingly polite, unlike her usual tone.  

Oh yeah, I remember, she and Nora are posing as the members of my gang and also my secretaries.  

“Bosi? Of course, I am Bosi! My name is Chloe Bosi!” the girl says smugly.  

What? She is related to the King? I need to be careful with her then…  

“We are here to meet Mr. Maxim Bosi, madam,” Nora says with the same polite voice.  

Woah, these guys can act well…  

“I am Maxim Bosi’s right-hand woman who can call herself the king as well!” she says with another smug smile.  

You should at least call yourself, right?  

“Okay, can you please tell when will Mr. Bosi come to meet us?” Zoe asks again.  

Zoe, you don’t sound like yourself when you speak this politely.  

“Come to meet you? Hahaha…Who do you think he is? He won’t meet any small fries like you, so, he left me in charge!” she says excitedly.  


Well, thank god! I don’t have to meet the actual king for now…  

I remember that Zoe was scared too so I look at her face to see a similar relieved expression as mine…but it is not there.  

She and Nora both are staring at this Chloe.  

“But I heard that Mr. Bosi always do the matters related to the other gangs himself. Is something wrong with his health?” Zoe asks.  

Yes! Please let something be wrong with his health!  

“No, there is nothing wrong with his health. And you are not even important enough to talk to me, so don’t ask any questions anymore, okay? I will only talk to your leader!” Chloe says while turning her gaze to me.  

I can tell that Zoe is starting to get angry at this girl but her face shows nothing.  

“So, what is the name of your gang?” she asks me.  

Name of the gang? What?  

Is a name even necessary? I don’t think I have heard of Zoe’s gang’s name… they always call it “our crime organization”.  

I look at Zoe and see her staring at me as if telling me to say anything fast.  

“Well?” Chloe asks while tapping her feet on the ground.   

“W-Well, the name of my g-gang is…ehh…” I start to speak.  

“The name of your gang is “Ehh”? That’s a strange one…” she says suspiciously.  

“No! The name is… The Blue Cross!” I say.  

I think I remember a similar name of a gang like this… But I can’t remember where…  


Everyone is just staring at me now with their eyes wide open.   

“Seriously? The Blue Cross? But it is similar to the name of our gang, The Black Cross…” Chloe says with a frown.  


Zoe is glaring at me as if she would like nothing more than to hit me right now…  

“Y-Yes… That’s where I got the inspiration for the name of my gang,” I say pathetically.  

“You don’t stress your brain much, do you? Well, it’s kind of expected from the wannabe small-fry gang like you… trying to copy the more powerful one’s name… hahaha,” Chloe says with a laugh.  

I am not liking this Chloe much, to be honest…  

“By the way, you don’t seem like a gang leader to me at all, you know? You are too young to be one and I can also see it in your face and the way you talking that you are scared right now…” she says suddenly.  

I can see suspicion building in her eyes.  

Shit! I am doing this really badly!   

If it keeps going like this, then she will guess the truth!  

You know, that’s why I wanted to think of a plan.   

It is obvious that this Zoe and Nora came prepared, only I don’t know how to do this properly…  

Suddenly, a strange and reckless idea hits me.  

Wait… it’s just acting, right? Zoe and Nora are acting as my subordinates, so, I just need to act as their gang leader, right?  

This is it! I have seen enough movies to know how a gang leader’s behavior should be… let’s just act like them!  

I straightened my back and form a wide smile on my face.  

“Hahaha… you fell for that, huh? I expected better from the right-hand woman of the King,” I say with a fake laugh.  

Both Zoe and Nora look at me with a jerk.  

Chole is also looking at me in confusion.  

“I fell for what?” She asks.  

“Oh, you still can’t guess it? Well, it’s a pity… I was just trying to test if you can guess the real me or not. But sadly, you failed,” I answer her with another small fake laugh.  

All the three women in this room are staring at me in surprise.  

Even I don’t know how I am speaking this confidently now. Maybe it’s because I know this is just acting? Well, I will think about it later.  

“The real you? What are you talking about?” Chloe asks.  

“Oh! I was just acting like I was scared of you before to see if you can tell or not. In fact, I am not scared of you at all!” I say confidently while raising my arms a bit.  

Nora is looking a bit impressed by sudden confidence and even Zoe is raising her eyebrows slightly at me.  

Fuck yeah! Even I am impressed with myself!  

“Well, you do seem different than before… but if you try to test me again or something, you will regret it!” Chloe says angrily.  

“Okay, I get it, baby,” I tell her with a wink.  

“Don’t call me baby!” she bellows at me.  

Shit! I got too far with that movie’s dialogue.  

But well, though she is really angry, she also doesn’t look suspicious anymore  

Yes! Maybe I can make it out of here alive if I keep this act up!  

“Hey, by the way, why are there only women with you? I saw through the cameras that only these two arrived with you here. And even in the file of your gang members we prepared, there were only photos of women in it. In fact, you are the first guy we have seen in this gang, who also turned out to be the leader,” Chloe says.  

This time, her expression turns even more suspicious than before.  

Wait, didn’t Abigale said that they still don’t know much about their gang?   

How can that be possible when they have a freaking file on the members?  

I look at Zoe for help and see that even she is looking a bit agitated now.  

“Well, that is beca—” Zoe starts to speak.  

“Shut up! Didn’t I tell you before that I will listen to only him.” Chloe cuts in-between angrily.  

Hey, at least let my subordinate speak!  

Fuck! I cannot think of anything to say here?   

Hmm… how about, that there are other men but I keep them hidden?   

But wait, why would I keep them hidden? And all the time?  

No, that sounds pathetic as hell.   

But still, what can be the reason for there being a single man in a gang filled with ladies?  

“I am waiting for your answer, you know? Don’t tell me that you are trying to test me again!” She says in anger.  

Fuck! I cannot think of anything! I am dead now—  


I look around and see the faces of Nora and Zoe. They both look as if they have prepared themselves for the worst thing now.  

I know, this situation is somewhat similar to what I saw in that movie… but if I did what the hero did there… I don’t even know what Zoe and Nora would do to me afterward…  

Fuck it! I will do anything to get out of here!  

I regain my previous confident posture and look at her with a smile again…  

“Oh, the reason is simple… don’t you see it?” I ask her mockingly.  

“Just tell me, bastard!” Chloe yells.  

“Okay, okay. You see, I am a playboy, baby!” I say with a wink.  


“I said, I am a playboy!” I repeat with another wink.  

“Playboy? What kind of explanation is that?” Chloe asks while giving me an exasperated look.  

“I am a playboy! I love women! And I don’t want any man except myself around them, so, men are not allowed in my gang.” I say with a laugh.  

Fuck! Now that I say it out loud, this sounds even more pathetic than hiding my men for no reason…  

“What? Wait a second, so, you are saying that you take only women into your gang, right?” Chloe asks.  

“Y-Yup!” I answer.  

I can feel cold sweat forming on my forehead.  

“Even if I agree that you somehow manage your gang with only women in it but still, there were a lot of women therein that file. You are telling me that all of them agreed to be with you?” She asks while looking at Zoe and Nora with a frown.  

“Because it doesn’t look like that these two here like you that much…”  

I look around and see that both Nora and Zoe are standing at a considerable distance from me.  

Fuck! This was not in the movie… I need to think of something else.  

I need to up my game a bit and directly move to the part after which Zoe and Nora might kill me…  

I again give Chloe a confident smile.  

“Well, to be honest, girls like me too much, that’s why they all agree to be in my gang. Hahaha… And even these two, they are just being shy…come here!” I say while grabbing Nora’s hand and pulling her towards me.  

In the next moment, her body slams against mine as her huge tits get pressed against my chest.  

Come on! I can do this!  

Moving both my hands around her back, I hug her tightly…  

…and start fondling her ass.  

Her white skirt lifts up a bit as my fingers dig into her soft flesh.  

Damn! Such a great ass…  

Nora’s eyes are opened wide in surprise as she stares at my face. She opens her mouth to speak, but before she could say anything…  

… I move ahead to kiss her straight on her soft lips.  

After a few seconds where I even licked her plump lips once, I separate my mouth from hers.  

Nora is staring hard at my face with stiff expressions.  

“Please don’t say anything and just follow what I do,” I beg to her in a whisper.  

It seems like Nora understands what I am trying to do because her stiff expressions loosen a bit she does not resist when I kiss her again.  

After a few more seconds of passionate kissing, I separate my lips while still fondling her ass and look at Chloe again.  


I spank Nora’s ass sharply.  

“Ahan,” Nora leaks out a small voice.  

“Hahaha, see this?” She isn’t resisting at all, is she? By the way, this one loves the kisses I give her…everywhere in her body,” I tell Chloe with a wink.  

“N-No, I g-g-get it!” Chloe says. Her face is bright red for some reason.  

“Wait, let me show you something else as well,” I say while separating myself from Nora whose face is slightly red now…   

…and pulling Zoe closer to me this time.  

Like Nora, Zoe’s extremely soft body also crash against mine.  

Fuck! What is this!?  

Her heavy and huge tits are squashed against me such that they are even spilling from the sides of my chest.  

The extreme softness of these bountiful meat pillows is transmitted to me directly…  

Zoe is looking at me as if she couldn’t believe what is happening.  

Fuck! She is going to kill me later but still…  

I move my hands’ behinds her to hug her as I did with Nora and start fondling her ass as well…  

Damn! It is even bigger and softer than that of Nora’s!  

My fingers are going in so deep inside Zoe’s plump ass-cheeks that a different kind of pleasure is taking over my senses.  

Again, I start moving my face forward… but Zoe comes out from her shock before I could do anything.  

“I get what you are trying to do so I won’t resist much, but if you kiss me, consider yourself dead already.” She whispers in my ears.  


I change the direction of my head mid-way and make it go down a bit towards her neck.  

There, I start kissing and sucking on the smooth and white skin of Zoe’s neck.  


“Ahan” Zoe leaks out a small voice as I spank her ass as well.  

“See this one is not resisting as well,” I say to Chloe with a laugh.  



I again spank Zoe’s ass.  

“I-I get it! T-These girls like you!” Chloe answered.  

She is looking a bit uncomfortable and her cheeks are bright red now.  



“That’s right, they all like me very much! This one never leaves the bed before sucking me dry!” I answer with another wink.  

“O-Okay, okay,” Chloe answers while stuttering.  



Fuck! Zoe’s ass feels so nice and soft against my palm when I spank it…   



What an amazing feeling…  


“Hit me one more time, bastard and I will kill you,” Zoe whispers to me.  

Shit! I got carried away.  

I quickly separate my body from Zoe’s. I can tell that she is somehow controlling her extreme anger for me right now.  

I can see that Nora’s cheeks are still a little red too.  

“W-Well, I guess that—”  

Chloe starts to speak but stops in the middle suddenly.  

Her bright red cheeks turn white in an instant and her eyes open wide in surprise.  

She quickly stands up from the sofa and bows down deep in my direction.  

“King,” she says softly.  

What? You think of me as King just from this much? Don’t tell me that you would like your ass spanked as well!  

No, that’s would be a bit too much…  

I look at Zoe again in confusion, but our eyes don’t meet. She is staring behind me with a mixed expression of shock and fear is on her face.  

Instinctively, I too turn around…  

Standing at the doorway from which we just came inside, is a man wearing a pure black suit and a black hat which is hiding half of his face from my view.   

He seems like an average man with medium height and a thin body but for some reason, I can already tell from the strange aura that is filling this room right now, that this man is as far away from normal as anyone could get.  

Slowly, the man lifts up his head a bit, such that his face comes into my view.  

“What the…” I leak out a voice.  

His sinister-looking eyes are dark red in color and have a strange glint into them. There is also a large scar covering his whole forehead which is making him look even scarier.  

Just by looking at him, anyone can tell who he is…  

“Let’s talk, shall we?” the King of Yreles says while directly looking at me. 


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