Chapter 19: Meeting The King (Part-2)

The King of Yreles; Maxim Bosi slowly move inside the room and leisurely sits down on the chair where Chloe was sitting moments ago.  

He did not even take a glance at Chloe who is now just staring down at the floor beside his chair with a grim expression completely unlike the one she had before.  

“So, you are Caiden Black, huh?” The King asks in his deep voice while removing his hat.  

For some reason, I am feeling an instinctual fear of how this person looks. His hairs are short and pure white. The scar on his forehead scar is looking even more sinister now that the light from the fireplace is reflecting on his wrinkled face. Even his voice is heavy and scary.  

Fuck! I am so going to stutter if I speak to him now…  

And I know for sure, that unlike Chloe, this man would easily guess my lies if I make any mistakes in front of him.  

I take a deep breath to calm myself down before speaking again…  

“Isn’t that obvious? Well, I am the only other man here… That is dumb, to be honest,” I say with a fake sneer.  

The whole room freezes.  

Holy shit! What the fuck did I just say!? I totally forgot to come out of my movie persona!  

No one speaks any further. Zoe and Nora are staring at me as if looking at a madman. Even Chloe is looking at me with a pitiful glare as if looking at someone who recently died.  

I look at the King’s face again and see that his eyebrows are raised and his mouth is formed into a slightly surprised smile.  

“You are better than I expected. I cannot even remember the last time someone had talked to me with such confidence,” the King says.  

W-What? Seriously? You are not angry about the insult? And you even though of that as speaking with confidence?   

Well then, should I continue like this?  

“Hahaha, I talk like this to everyone! Why should you be any different?” I say.  

Another frozen silence.  

I can already tell that all the women in this room are close to fainting with shock. Even I can feel cold sweat forming all over my body.  

Man, I am just babbling everything I heard in the movies because if I try to think of anything by myself, it will surely end with my death… not that this is going in a different direction right now.  

“Well, you seem like an interesting man, let’s talk,” King says with a smile while gesturing at the sofa in front of his chair.  

… is this guy for real? Don’t tell me that he is playing with me…  

I reluctantly start to move forward but then I remember my act…  


I tightly slap both Zoe’s and Nora’s meaty asses.  

“Come one, girls!” I say while grabbing hold of their butt and pulling their bodies close to mine.  

Man, Zoe is glaring at me like mad now. Well, she did tell to not hit her again…  

But you know what? Fuck you, bitch! I will do everything I can to make it out of here!  

With a fake smile, I guide Zoe and Nora to the sofa and make them sit beside me.  

All three of us are jam-packed here because this sofa is clearly made for only two people to sit and even though there is an extra chair right next to us; I do not let Zoe or Nora sit there.  

I can feel the angry glare of Zoe intensifying on me.  

Removing my hands from both of their asses, I put it around their waist.  

Yeah, this is necessary. I said I am a playboy; I need to act like one…  

To my surprise, before I can do anything else, Nora herself leans her body on me such that her large and soft tits press sideways against my chest. She also puts one of her hand on my back and the other one on my left thigh… and start rubbing it lewdly.  

Holy shit! What the fuck— no wait, I think Nora is trying to act along with me…  

What a fine and understanding woman she is…  

I see Zoe looking at Nora in shock but in the next moment, I find her tits squashed against my chest as well and she also starts rubbing my right thigh lewdly like Nora.  

Really, Zoe? You will act along with me as well?   

At least you are useful when necessary…  

By the way, do I need to do something more to look like a playboy or this much is fine?   

In that adult movies I have seen, wasn’t it a bit different? Shouldn’t it be more like…this?  

I move my hand up from the waists for Nora and Zoe… and grab both of their tits above their dresses.  


Both of their boobs are extremely soft and Zoe’s one is especially huge and heavy as well.  

This time, Nora is not much affected but Zoe surprises me by giving a huge smile and moving her head closer to my ears as if trying to whisper something loving to me.  

“I see, so, you like to take as much advantage of the situation as you can, huh, bastard? Looks like I will have to teach you a few things later,” Zoe faintly whispers.  

Yeah, say what you want, I am not backing down this time.  

I give Zoe’s tit a strong squeeze such that my fingers dig deeper inside.  

“Aahan,” she leaks a voice before looking away frustratingly.  

Yay! Finally, my win!  

“Are you done now?” A voice calls out to me.  

Shit! I forgot about the king!  

“Ha…Hahaha… you need to wait like everyone when I play with my women!” I say daringly again.  

Chloe, whose face had turned red from my little play with Zoe and Nora before turns white again, but the king looks unperturbed.  

“Understandable,” The king says simply.  

Woah, really? This is going better than I thought.  

To test one last time, I massage Zoe and Nora’s soft tits again…  


Well, the test is successful… I guess.  

They both are staring at me… 

Okay, okay, I couldn’t resist, fine! 

“So, I heard you talking to Chloe before,” the King says while lightly glancing towards a camera attached to the wall.  

“And I just want to ask you a few questions, after that, you and your ladies can go,” he continues.  

Really? Just a few questions? Okay, this is it! I will answer them quickly and get out of here.  

“So, it’s obvious that you are really young. How old are you and how did you come to be the leader of a criminal gang?” He asks the first question.  

My grip tightens on the tits and even Zoe and Nora don’t react to it at all.  

Seriously? You are going to ask that right off the bat? What the fuck?  

Hmm… I don’t think I can lie about my age here…  

Somehow keeping up my fake smile up, I open my mouth to speak.  

“Well, I am 17 now, but does it really matter how old I am? I got into the underworld early and my gang is because of my own hard work,” I lie with fake confidence.  

The King just stares directly into my eyes and even though I am feeling scared, I do not turn away my eyes from his intense gaze…  

“Good, I will believe you… for now. Even I got into this work when I was just 9, but to become a leader of a gang? Let’s just say that you might be even more gifted and lucky than me,” He says with a nod.  

Me? Gifted and lucky?   

Yeah, right…  

I cannot read his face that well, but I think he is not getting suspicious yet.  

“So, I have another question, why are all the members of your gang women? Were you serious about what you said to Chloe?” he asks.  

Fuck man! Can’t you ask something simple like what my grades were last time?  

Well, here I go again…  

“I-Isn’t it obvious? I love women,” I say while hugging Nora and Zoe tightly.  

Fuck! My voice shook there…  

Please believe this one too!  

The King says nothing but turns his face towards the fireplace. The light from the fire dances in his dark red eyes and makes his scar on his face appear even deeper and grotesque.  

None of us speaks. Chloe looks from my face to the King’s and to mine again after every few seconds. I think even Zoe and Nora have completely stopped minding my hands on their tits.  

“You know, a few years earlier—” suddenly, King speaks again while still staring at the fireplace.  

“—an organization tried to attack this city of mine. Twice, they give their all to try to invade… but I stopped them. They had more money, more power, and everything better than me but still, they failed because they lacked one thing… Determination, which I had way more than them.  

“I am not saying that I am a saint or anything to protect the city. I am a criminal and my hands as dirty from my deeds as any other person in my profession, even more so… but I will never let this city of mine fall to any foreign gang or organization…”  

I can see a strange maniacal glint in his red eyes when speaking the last line.  

“And do you know about another interesting fact?” He says while turning his gaze to me again.  

“The organization behind the invasion, which is probably my biggest enemy out there, has only women in it…”  


“It’s shocking, right? An international level organization with numerous branches and probably thousands of members… and all of them women?” He asks me.  

His eyes are boring into mine as if trying to see within my mind…  

“Y-Yes, it is quite shocking…” I say.  

My heartbeat is so fast and hard right now that I fear it might be heard by everyone.  

“Now, what would you do if, after all this, a strange young boy shows up in your city with a gang full of women in it except himself, claiming to be their leader? Won’t you doubt him?” he asks in a low voice.  

“Y-Yes, I will,” I answer while trying to hide my fear.  

“Yes, Yes, of course, you will. It’s really suspicious, isn’t it? So, what would you do about him?” King asks while increasing the intensity of his glare.  

I will just send him home and never talk to him again?  

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! I can’t say that! I am dead meat!  

No, I need to calm down and think properly…  

“I-I will try to investigate him,” I answer.  

“Hmm…” The king simply mutters with his eyebrows raised and leans back on his chair.  

Again, silence fell in the room. I can tell that Zoe and Nora are equally disturbed as I am right now.  

Well… are the questions finished? Should I go?  

Please say that I can go!  

“Chloe!” he says suddenly.  

“Yes, King,” Chloe answers in a low voice.  

But the king did not speak to her any further and looks at me again.  

“Take her with you. She was lying to you before about being my right-hand woman, she is just a newbie and in need of some experience in our field. Teach her.,” he tells me.  

“Teach her?” I ask in a weak voice.  

“Well, you got your own gang at such a young age. You don’t mind teaching her a few of your skills, do you?” he asks with another strong glare.  

“N-No” I answer with a stutter.  

“Good. You all can go now.” He says.  

I just keep staring at the Kings face…  

Zoe slightly hit me with her elbow, urging me to move.  

I look at her and Nora’s face and see a fearful expression reflecting there.   

“Do you have anything else to say?” the king asks.  


Me, Zoe and Nora quickly stand up from the sofa and start moving towards the door. I can see that Chloe is silently coming along with us as well.  


Suddenly the king calls me from behind again.  

I look back and see that he is looking at me with a much more serious and scary face than before.  

“I heard you calling yourself a playboy before and I really don’t care in the least, how you behave with your women…” he says in a cold and chilling voice.  

“… but try to touch my only granddaughter and you will wish you were never been born…” 


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