Chapter 24: Lily’s Plan

“R-Rape you again?” I ask in utter shock.   

“Well, it’s not exactly “rape” if I, myself tell you to do it, right? Well, anyway, my job will be to scream out as loud as I possibly can so that they can find us faster,” Lily tells me.   

What is hell is she saying?   

To be honest, I don’t think that such a thing is necessary at all! It makes no sense to do this.  

I mean yes, Zoe and others may think that Lily will absolutely loathe me after I rape her again, even when I am not forced by them to do it, but still, the situation right now is not something where Lily would exactly “like” me or anything so…  

I look at Lily again and see that she is a bit fidgety and not looking directly at me.  

And I have known her long enough to know what this means…   

“Lily, is that the only reason you are asking me to do this? I know you are not telling me everything…” I ask her.  

For a split second, Lily’s face turns, making both of our eyes meet and her whole body gives a violent jerk.   

In a flash, she again looks down at the floor.   

“W-What are you saying, Caiden? I-I am telling you everything,” Lily says in a slightly shaking voice.  


I place my hand on Lily’s chin and raise her face such that our eyes meet again.   

“Really?” I ask while raising my eyebrows.   

Lily’s eyes show clear guilt.   

“…no,” she says in a low voice.   

“Then what it is, Lily?” I ask.   

“T-That is… I was thinking about telling you this later and in a little different way but well… See, don’t get me wrong, Caiden, but don’t you think it is too easy for others to take advantage of you?” Lily asks earnestly.   

Easy to take advantage of me? What?   

“What do you mean by that?” I ask in confusion.   

“You know? Earlier when I was with Zoe, she talked to me about you. Every time, she referred to you as “bastard” or “your rapist” instead of your name so I couldn’t know your identity, but the way she talks about you…”  

Suddenly, Lily’s expressions turn angry.   

“Uggh… I hate that woman. She just sees you as a pathetic idiot who would do anything if she just points her gun at you. She even called you a coward with who would never stand up for himself,” Lily says, her expressions growing angrier as she continues to speak.   

That bitch called me a coward?   

Who was the one who talked to the king while she just sat there silently, huh?  

“Not just that, even the other women here think mostly the same about you… but I want to change that,” Lily says in a strong voice.  


“I get what you are trying to say. But does it even matter what they think of me? And even if we do try to change what they think, how will this “rape act” help us to do that?” I ask.    

Lily takes a deep breath before speaking.   

“Yes, to tell the truth, it does matter what these people think of you. And about the “rape act”, it really will help us very much. Because I am sure, your image will get even lowered amongst the women in this gang after this… and I actually want it to,” Lily tells me.   

“What? You want my image to get even lower?” I ask, shocked.   

“But you just said—”  

 “Well, not exactly lowered, Caiden… but changed. Actually, I want them to think of you as a “bad guy”. While this would have been very dangerous for you before, even life-threatening… but it is not now, especially when we have their weakness in our hands. And I think you know what weakness of theirs we have, right Caiden?” Lily asks while giving me a meaningfully look.   


I take me a minute or so, but things finally settle in inside my mind as I understand this weakness Lily is talking about…   

“But still, why do I need to make a “bad guy” image in front of them? I can use that even now…” I ask.   

“No, you can’t. I think these people will only laugh if you go to them right now and start threatening them with it. But, if just once, you go against their expectations, which forcing yourself upon me is, they will start having doubts about what they know of you and your nature.   

“And this doubt will grow and it will also make them think that you might actually use this weakness…” Lily says.   

I just keep silent and think over this while staring as her determined face.   

“Okay… I will do it. But it might her a bit rough, okay?” I finally say.   

I think what we are going to do will be really risky but if we somehow pull it off nicely…   

Lily gives out a huge smile.   

“You can be as rough as you want. I am not that fragile, you know?” Lily says mischievously with a wink.   

I return Lily’s smile before giving her a hug and a little peck on her soft lips.   

In this hugging position, we move towards the bed at the corner of the room.   

“Let’s do this,” I say.   


In the next moment, I lift up Lily’s body in the air momentarily before throwing it onto the bed.  

I jump above on top of her and pin her body down. Then I grab her white sundress around the shoulder area… and rip it apart from there.   

Sorry for ruining the dress, Lily!  


Lily screams in a painful voice, so realistically, that even I stop for a second.   

Damn! Even though it is an act, I too need to make it seem real.   

I grab the torn shoulder straps and with a strong pull, lowers it down to reveal Lily’s huge tits wrapped in a white cotton bra.   

Without waiting, I even lift the bra up such that her tits pop out from underneath.   

Damn! Such huge and wonderful things are these…   

On instinct, I move my head down and start strongly sucking on her small, cherry-colored nipples.   

“AAAHHH… DON’T… HEEEEELP MEEEE!” Lily screams again.   

She even starts to thrash her arms and legs but there is no much force applied there to do anything.   

Then, while continuing to suck on Lily’s slightly erect nipples, I move my hands down below to flip up her dress as well.   

Damn! I am already getting hard…   

This time, before removing her panty, I start unbuckling my pants first.   

“No, don’t do that!”   

Suddenly, Lily hisses to me in a low voice.   

I remove my mouth from Lily’s tits and look up at her face.   

“Why?” I ask, confused.   

Lily’s cheeks turn bright pink just before she turns her face to the left with a jerk.   

“I-I don’t want that thing to be seen by any other woman than me,” she says shyly.   

Damn! So cute!  

I remove my hands from my pants and insert it into Lily’s panties instead…   

“Aaaahn… your hands feel so— NOOOO! SAVE MEEE!”  

Lily slips out a moan before continuing to scream again.  

I can feel Lily’s pussy getting wet as I start rubbing her small clit.  I also attach my mouth on her tits again and start sucking on the nipples.   



With a loud voice, the door burst open.   

“Get away from her, you damn bastard!”   

I hear Zoe bellow from behind.   

The next moment, a pair of hands grab my shirt from the back and throws me away from Lily’s body.   


I land on the floor hard on my butt.   

“You really do like to go too far, huh?”   

I look up and see the tall figure of Zoe standing in front of me.   

Her beautiful face is etched with anger and her bright green eyes are filled with hatred.   

“How about I make you go away too far… all the way up?” She asks while taking out her gun and pointing it towards my chest.   

Fear grips my mind again.  

I look at Lily who is still lying on the bed and see her staring back with an assuring face.   

Come on! I can do this! For Lily!  

I look back at Zoe and the gun she is pointing at me.  

“Want me to shoot it, motherfucker?” Zoe asks menacingly.   

I move my right hand up in a flash and grab the gun’s barrel.   

“Wha—” Zoe starts to speak in surprise.   

But I don’t snatch it neither do I throw away the gun from Zoe’s hand but instead… I rest it on top of my forehead.   

“Now shoot it, bitch!” 


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