Chapter 9: The Leaders and Emily’s Mischief

“Yeah, we will be there in around ten minutes,” Zoe says, answering her phone.  

She points her hand towards the left turn on the road. The GPS in the car is turned off for some reason, so, Zoe is giving directions manually to the driver. Though I cannot see the driver’s face, I know it’s a girl from her voice.  

I am sitting on the backseat while Emily, who is sitting beside me, is talking to me continuously. Well, I cannot understand anything because I am too lost in my own thoughts to pay any attention to her…  

…Why? Why was Lily going to school? That too when the school was over…  

No matter how much I think about it, only one possibility comes to my mind…  

She must be going there to meet someone…  

What else could be the reason?   

Lily had no business whatsoever in school today. Well, except her practice, but she already missed it in the morning. She could have been there to complete her missed classwork, but why at this time? She could have completed it tomorrow…  

I even find it hard to believe that she will care about practice or classwork after what happened yesterday.  

No, I am sure, she was there to meet someone…  

And the only person I can think of, whom Lily would rely upon after yesterday….is me.  

Was she there to tell me what happened to her?   

That is likely…  

I also cannot rule out the possibility that she might have identified me yesterday and decided to confront me…  

But if it’s the first case… I really don’t want that to happen…  

Because if that’s the reason, she must have thought that I could help her… support her… but she doesn’t know that it was I, who raped her.  

And before she finds out from somewhere else, I need to tell her myself, with all the facts and the truth. I need to let her know about my position at that time…  

This is the only way there is any chance she might forgive me…  

Out of nowhere, a pleasant feeling starts to spread in my crotch.  

“What the—”   

My mind abruptly came out of my thought as I find a hand stroking my dick from above my clothes.  

Oh, its Emily…  

Before I can swat away her hand, she herself removes it.   

In the next moment, a sudden bump on the road comes and Emily’s naked boobs reveal themselves to me.  

“Oops! They came out by themselves, let me put them back inside,” Emily says, giggling.  

Hey, I saw you take them out! Even the timing wasn’t right, your breasts were already out before the bump…  

And wait, why aren’t you wearing a bra?  

Emily then makes a show of tucking her breasts back which somehow involves shaking them at me, rubbing and pinching her nipples and giving out soft moans while looking at me as if licking my whole body with her eyes.  

“I give up…” I mutter to myself.  

After a few more minutes of driving, during which Emily’s face fell onto my crotch at every smallest bump and turn (even when we were turning the opposite side), we reached our destination.  

“Woah… The Mark…” I speak unconsciously.  

“The Mark” is the biggest hotel in Yarlees and the most expensive too. The only time I have visited it was when Lily gave me a treat on her birthday. It is a sweet memory because it felt like a date to me at that time…   

I relish my memory of that time while completely ignoring the fact that Emily’s face has been on my crotch for over a minute now.  

Our car moves to the underground parking area but instead of parking with other cars, we move to the VIP section.  

Wait, why the VIP section? I heard that it is only reserved for politicians and big businessmen and I am sure, we are neither.  

The VIP section is almost empty except for two other cars that look identical to ours.  

One of them looks empty but from the other one, two women come out as we park our car next to theirs.  

“Come on, move out!” Zoe tells us without looking back.  

Emily buries her face even harder into my crotch for a second before getting up and moving outside the car; I follow behind her.  

Fuck! I am erect!  

I crouch down a bit and covering my crotch with both hands trying to hide my erection.  

Shit! It’s not working! My penis is too big.  

An idea clicks into my mind. I am going to hate myself later but still… I imagine a naked Pig wrestling with a real pig.  

Yes! My penis shrunk down.  

No, wait, it shrunk down a bit too much and I feel like I am going to puke…  

“Hey, Move!” Zoe hisses angrily when she sees me crouching motionless on the ground; I quickly stand up.  

The women from the car next to us are already moving ahead.  

“Clara!” Zoe calls out.  

Both the women turn around to look at Zoe.  

“Hmph, so its Zoe,” Clara says; she’s the shorter one.  

Well, calling Clara a woman is going a bit too far. She looks at least a few years younger than me.   

She’s two heads shorter. She’s wearing a plain black T-shirt with shorts. Her hairs are of dark purple color like Natalie’s but are a bit curly and are tied up in twin tails, unlike Natalie’s straight free hairs. Her eyes are of a beautiful shade of greyish black. And also, yeah, her breasts are nonexistent.  

Though I find her really beautiful, but sorry, I don’t swing that way…  

But wait, what is a kid doing in a crime organization? And if I remember correctly, she’s even a leader of a squad…  

I look at her face and see her glaring back at me. Her face is a bit red and tears can be traced in her eyes. She looks really angry at me for some reason…  

Oh shit! I have been staring at her breasts for at least a straight minute now.  

“Don’t stare! And for your information, I am 22, you know? I am a year older than that Zoe,” Clara yells at me.  

What? This girl is 22? And she’s even older than Zoe?  

Well, at least I guessed Zoe’s age right…  

“And they are not that small,” Clara continues in a much lower voice while covering her chest with her hands.  

Shit! Even Zoe is glaring at me. Well, at least Emily is laughing.  

Clara looks always from me in anger and turns to Zoe again.  

Hey, why are you looking at Zoe’s boobs, Clara?

I would have called her a hypocrite if there wasn’t jealousy in her eye…

“I am going ahead, I don’t want to walk with that man,” She tells Zoe while pointing at me.  

“Come on, Nora, let’s go ahead!”  She tells the woman standing beside her.  

Wow, this Nora is a real beauty as well. She’s wearing a white tank top in contrast with her dark skin and tight denim jeans. Her hairs are short for a woman and blond in color. Her eyes are light blue. She is tall and her body is a bit muscular as well, but it makes her even sexier. Unlike Clara, Nora has pretty big breasts, but for some reason, Clara does not seem to mind them much like Zoe’s.  

With a serious expression, Nora follows a power walking Clara.  

Zoe also starts to walk without reacting further and we got into the next lift after Clara and Nora entered the first one.  

I notice that Emily is strangely quiet now. She is looking straight ahead, her eyebrows furrowed as if thinking upon something hard.  

In the next moment, her face suddenly relaxes and instead, a really creepy smile takes its place.  

For some reason, I feel really scared of this smile of hers…  

“Hey, listen!” Zoe says to me.  

“Remember not to speak anything unless you are spoken to and also, you will do what I say. But you already know that, right?”  

I give her a nod as she sends an intense glare at me.  

We got out on the highest floor and without a pause, starts moving forward into the luxurious looking corridor there. Zoe opens the door situated in around the middle of this corridor and enters inside. I and Emily also got in behind her.  

It is a rather long room with a rectangular conference table made of quality wood at its center and a huge projector screen at the wall on the other side. There is also a modern refrigerator, a royal looking cupboard and a few other high-class amenities here.  

Clara and Nora are already seated around the table. Other than them, there are two other women in the room: one is sitting on the heads position of the table and the other is standing behind her.  

My guess is that the woman sitting is Abigale; the one who arranged this meeting.  

Abigale is a really beautiful woman. Though she looks around the same age as that of Zoe, she has an even more mature air around her. She’s wearing a blue color cami top. Her long blond hairs are tied up and are hanging on her left shoulder. Her face has well-defined cuts. Her skin is fair. She has beautiful green color eyes.  Her breasts are of the same size as Emily’s; not huge but fairly big. Though I cannot guess her height as she’s sitting, she seems fairly tall.  

The woman standing behind Abigale is again, a tremendous beauty. While her face looks a bit strict, she has a calm air around her. She is looking kind of professionally dressed in her one-piece tight-fitting purple colored skirt. She is also fairly tall. Her hairs are black colored and she has sharp but pretty looking blue color eyes. Her skin is also white and beautiful as a pearl. The breasts are also really big, rivaling even that of Zoe’s.  

I suddenly find myself turning a bit red being surrounded by beauties of such a high level.  

“Abigale,” Zoe addresses the sitting woman, confirming my guess.  

Abigale also gives Zoe a nod and a little smile but her face looks a bit tense.  

“You guys also sit down. We should start the meeting,” Abigale tells Zoe.  

We start to move to the other end of the table but Zoe stops me.  

“You sit here,” She says, pointing at the chair lying on the other end of the table, away from everyone.  

I feel like retorting for a moment but then, with a small sigh, I slump myself down on that chair.  

Zoe moves forward alone and sits on the right-hand side of Abigale.  

Wait, alone? Where is Emily? I just saw her coming inside the room with us…  

“Can you please turn on the projector, Valerie? Thank you,” Abigale says to the black-haired beauty standing beside her, who moves at once.  

Psss, hey” A small voice suddenly comes from under the table.   

I look down in a confused manner.  

“What?” I raise my voice in shock.  

Emily is sitting there in a crouched position with a huge smile on her face and her eyes shining mischievously.  

“Hey, shut up!” Zoe tells me with a glare.  

I look up again with a hurry and mumble a sorry at Zoe. When Zoe looks away again, I move my chair a little behind to properly look at Emily.   

This time, she gives me a wink and, in a flash, got in between my legs. Before I can even react properly, she lowers my pants along with my underwear; uncovering my naked limp dick.  

She then looks at me again and places one finger on her lips gesturing me to keep it quiet.  

I now understand why she had that creepy smile on the elevator. She was planning this.   

Shit! I cannot even push her away or Zoe will notice. I have a feeling that if I disrupt this important meeting, she will really do something bad with me.  

Emily seems to have guessed that too, that’s why she planned this now.  

Fuck! This sly woman…   

Okay, fine, I am done with this… do as you please, you lecherous beast…  

I move my hands away and put them down on my thighs. Seeing me giving up, Emily again gives me a huge smile and picks up my limp dick with both hands.  

She then starts to move her hands up and down, tracing the whole length of my penis.   

Feeling the sudden sensation of pleasure, my dick also starts to harden little by little and in around two minutes it reaches its full length.  

Even though the table is a bit high, my erect cock still peaks over for everyone to see but thankfully Emily tilts it forward towards herself before anyone could notice it.   

After a few minutes of continuous stroking, my penis is now feeling so sensitive, and the pleasure is so high, that I couldn’t keep my eyes open. So, I put my head down on the table and close my eyes.  

Out of nowhere, a really soft and warm feeling spread around the tip of my cock. I look down again and saw Emily’s mouth enclosed around the tip of my penis. Her eyes show an entranced look and her cheeks are also red.  

I feel something wiggly and soft rolling around, covering my dick with saliva inside her mouth; it must be her tongue.  

Fuck! It feels so good…  

Slowly, Emily starts to move her mouth forward; taking my dick further inside her mouth. This time, an even deeper pleasure runs through my back.  

Emily stops; a little less than half of my huge dick is inside her mouth. She then starts to move back slowly; my dick, now, coming out of her mouth. She again stops before releasing my dick completely and then starts to move forward.  

Like this, in a minute, Emily is now giving me a full-on blowjob. Her hands are stroking the lower half of my cock while her mouth is sucking on the upper half.   

I don’t know how, but Emily seems really good at this. She’s not even making any noise.  

The pleasure is so extreme that it has already crossed my limit.  It feels like I can cum any second now.   

After a few more seconds of Emily blowing me, my back arch itself and my penis start twitching.   

Emily also gets that I am close to cumming as she stops moving her hands and in a swift motion, took my dick even further inside her throat than before, which is far, seeing that now more than half of it is inside her mouth, and suck it really strongly.  

Woah, doesn’t Emily have gag-reflex or something? She looks really used to it…  

The twitching increases even further and in the next moment, cum starts to shoot out of my cock.  

Feeling an incredible pleasure, I unconsciously grab Emily’s beautiful green hairs with my fists and further thrust my cock inside her throat by pulling her face closer.  

The cum is coming out in such a large volume that Emily’s cheeks start to swell rapidly and some of it even fall down on the floor.  

After around 40 seconds of continuously Cummings, my dick finally becomes limp inside her mouth.  

While breathing really hard, I look down at Emily again and see her cheeks still swelled. She opens her mouth slightly to show me the cum inside and then gulps it down. She then gives me another glowing smile while licking her lips and fingers.  

“Haa… Haa… Haa”   

I slump myself back on the chair and take long breathes trying to calm my still raging heart.  

“… so, can you do this?” a voice enters my ears.  

I look around in a daze and see all the eyes of the women in this room, except Emily’s, focused on me.  

“I asked, can you do this?” Abigale calmly repeats again.  

Why are you all looking at me so seriously? What are you even talking about?  

I look at Zoe and saw her looking at me seriously as well.   

This fucking Emily! I couldn’t hear anything because of her…  

Well, Fuck it! Zoe told me never to say no to her. I guess that might apply to her gang members as well…  

“Y-Yes I will do it,” I say while trying to show a serious face to Abigale.  

“Really?” Abigale says while looking genuinely shocked.  

“I must say, I didn’t think of you much when I first saw you but you are a really brave bo— no, a really brave man to actually agree to do this…”  

Wait a second, I don’t like how this sounds.  

“…especially seeing that there is such a great likeliness of you getting killed.” 


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