Chapter 10: Information for a Price

am currently sitting on the backseat of the car along with Emily. Zoe is also sitting on the front passenger seat like before.

What the fuck just happened?   

Zoe and the others talked a bit more after what Abigale said to me. I tried my best to decipher something from it but unfortunately, couldn’t get anything. The meeting of the squad leaders then ended and we all took out leave.  

I shoot an angry glare at Emily sitting beside me and in return, she sends a cheerful wink back.  

This bitch Emily! It’s all your fault!  

Because of her, I accepted a task that could get me killed. And that’s not even the worst part…   

The worst part is that I don’t even fucking know what the task is!  

That Abigale was looking at me so pitifully as if I am already dead or something. And for god’s sake! She’s a freaking criminal!   

What the heck have I got to do, to make even a freaking criminal pity me?  

And not only her, even that Clara, who told me that she hates me, was looking a bit scared and impressed when I told them yes. Why the fuck was she impressed?  

Even their subordinates: Nora and Valerie, who were mostly expressionless before, raised their eyebrows in surprise.  

But well, I was a little scared, but not much to be honest. There was still some hope left in me. Why? Because this was the first time, I have met those women.  

Who knows? Maybe Abigale likes to exaggerate things a lot? Maybe Clara is easy to impress as much as she’s easy to anger?

I don’t know that…  

But it shattered… My hope shattered the moment I looked at Zoe’s face. Yes, there was the usual hatefulness but there was something else mixed there as well, like Abigale’s; it showed a little pity for me.  

And that’s when I knew, that’s when I finally understood; I am already as good as dead.  

Some might say, that even in this case, I have known Zoe just for two days. It may be possible that she also shows pity sometimes?  

But I know, that’s not it. Zoe is probably the only woman among the ones I have met since yesterday, about whom I can say, that I have correctly guessed their nature. Well, Emily too, but I want to ignore that.

Even Zoe’s voice was a bit softer than before when she told me to get my ass inside the car.  

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!  

I need to do something! My first priority right now should be to know what I have to do.  Yes, there is no way I am going to survive if I even don’t know that much.

But whom should I ask?  

Well, I can neither see, nor there is, any other option: I have to ask Zoe.   

I know, she will be really angry that I wasn’t listening to the meeting. And I know she probably won’t hear any reasons as well. But still, I know that I saw some pity for me in her eyes before. If it were the usual Zoe, I wouldn’t have dared to ask but now I am willing to take the risk. It’s a do or die situation anyway, so…  

“Hey, Zoe—”  


Zoe’s phone starts ringing.  

“Yeah, Abigale, what happened?” Zoe says, answering the phone.  

Fuck! Why do this Abigale has to call now of all the time? 

“WHAT? Me? Why?” Zoe says in a greatly shocked tone.  

Wait, what are they talking about?  

“O-Okay, I understand. Me and Nora, right? I get it.” Zoe says, before ending the call.  

Man, I don’t know what they talked about in that short call, but Zoe seems to be in a very bad mood right now. And if I am not wrong; didn’t she sounded a bit scared at the end?  

Well, who cares? I have my own problems.  

“Hey, Zoe!” I say again.  

“What?” She says, looking back in a jerk.  

Woah, why is she looking at me so hatefully? She is looking much more angry than usual. Though I am not sure if the anger is all because of me…  

“N-Nothing…nothing,” I say while retracting back into my seat under her glare.  

Zoe’s face twists in even more anger and she pulls out her gun. Putting it on my forehead, she opens her mouth again.  

“Hey fucker, if you call me unnecessarily again, I will shoot each and every inch of your shitty body, understand?” She says.  

Hey, even for you, isn’t this reaction a bit too much?    

But I just give her a single nod fearfully without saying anything.  

Shit! My only hope is gone. Why does this bitch always threaten me? Can’t she be a bit more friendly sometimes? And what the hell did that Abigale chick said to Zoe for her to become even more like a bitch than usual?  

Heck! What am I going to do now? I need to think of something else…  

Suddenly, the car stops.   

“Get out,” Zoe says to me.  

“Wait, What? Why?” I say, fearing that she is planning to leave me stranded.  

“We are at your house, idiot. Now, get out!”  She says, looking irritated.

“Oh… okay” I say while looking outside and recognizing a familiar looking house.   

I need to do something fast or it’s all over for me. Fuck… there is no time for something else, let’s ask Zoe again. Maybe she will beat me near death but I guess she will spare my life if I ask nicely…  

“Hey, Zo—”  

“I am going out as well,” Emily cuts in-between.  

“Why?” Zoe asks, frowning a bit.  

“I need to talk with Caiden,” Emily answers.  

Hey, you are the last person I want to talk to right now.  

“Emily, you know that you are not allo—”  

“But why? Caiden is already our member, right? I just want to get to know my fellow colleague a little better,” Emily says while giving an innocent smile.  

That innocent look doesn’t suit a lewd beast like you, Emily.  

“Well, okay, I guess. But you will have to come back on your own,” Zoe tells her.  

“That’s fine… Come on, Caiden!” Emily says while getting out of the car.  

I give her a suspicious look before getting out of my car.  

Why is she coming with me? Does she really want to know about me? Yeah, my ass…  

I have a strange feeling that she is planning something again.   

Emily closes the car’s door behind me and it took off instantly.  


“NOOOOOOO,” I yell.  

I fall onto the ground; my legs no longer capable of carrying my weight.  

Emily, you fucking bitch! Because of you, I forgot to ask Zoe about my task. This is the second time today I am getting fucked up because of you.  

I send a gaze full of hate towards Emily.  

“Oh, don’t look at me like that. Don’t you want to know what they discussed in the meeting?” Emily says with a little smug smile.  

My hateful expression changes to a surprised one.  

“Oh yes, it was you who were getting the pleasure, not me. Well, I too really enjoyed it, but I also heard all that they were talking about,” Emily says while giving me a wink.  

My hopes raise up again.  

“You have to tell me! It was all because of you that I couldn’t hear anything and that I am in this situation right now,” I demand accusingly.  

“Well, I will tell you, but let’s get inside first. It’s hot outside…” Emily says while starting to walk towards my house.  


Before I can stop her, she rings the bell and my mother opens the door in her apron.  

“Hello, mother. I am Caiden’s girlfriend and your future daughter-in-law, Emily. Please take care of me from now on,” Emily greets while bowing deeply to my mom.  

My mother is looking at her in a startled manner.  

Hey, what the fuck are you saying?  

I run towards them in a hurry.  

“No, mom, she’s kidding. She’s just a… friend,” I say hastily while giving Emily another glare.  

My mother’s expressions loosen a little.

Fufufu, phew, that surprised me. Nice to meet you, Emily!” My mother says, while her a pleasant smile.  

“Sorry for the joke, Mrs. Black. Nice to meet you too,” Emily says while returning my mother’s smile.  

“So, you got your second friend, huh, Caiden? And she’s such a cute and funny girl too. I am so happy for you,” my mom says to me, her hands clasped together, showing her excitement.  

Mom, you don’t know her. She’s just a lewd bitch inside.  

“Well, we will be in Caiden’s room, Mrs. Black. He asked me to teach him a bit. And yes, we won’t be needing any refreshment or anything,” Emily says.  

My room, huh? I can already see where this is going… So, this is what you have been planning from the beginning, huh? You are a really, really sly girl, Emily. 

“Oh, you are such a nice friend. I have been getting pretty worried about his grades lately. I won’t disturb you, so please focus well on studying,” Mom says.  

Mom, I think I am going to need you to disturb us…  

Emily gives my mother another smile and then gestured me to guide her towards my room.  

The moment we enter my room, Emily close the door shut behind.  

“Woah, your room is really messy,” Emily says while looking around.  

“Yeah, I know… see, I am not going to have sex with you, okay?” I tell her straight.  

“Oh, I kinda guessed that. But well, other actual than that, I will have you do whatever I want, fine?” Emily says, also coming to the point herself.  

Well, it’s as expected of her. I too kind of guessed that she will want something when she told me that she knows about the task and I also had an idea about what’s it going to be. My guess just got confirmed downstairs when she talked about coming into my room. And yeah, I have also prepared myself beforehand for this.  

“Okay, but there won’t be any kissing either,” I tell her.  

“Aww, you won’t take my first kiss? You are being tough now. But well, I guess it’s okay …for now at least,” she says, sighing.  

But then her face turns bright again after a moment.

I know, you are probably imagining the things you are going to have me do, right?  

Emily, you pervert, there is no way in hell, I am going to do anything with you. I am just saying these things to make it sounds a bit more realistic and to get her hopes up. If I just agree to do everything, you will doubt me, but, if I set my own conditions, it will become much more believable. And once you finish telling me everything, I will yell for my mom to come upstairs. 

Hahaha, seeing Emily’s expressions then would maybe calm my raging anger against her. Yes, that would be my perfect revenge for what she did in the meeting.

“So, now, tell me, what are they going to have me do?” I ask in an important manner.

“What? Do I have to tell you first? Oh man… okay, but you will have to keep your word, alright? And yeah, please don’t disturb me when I am speaking. I may forget something. If you have any questions, ask them later,” Emily says.  

Like hell, I will keep my word. But I can remain silent, so, I simply just give her a nod and gestures her to continue. 

“Well, You have got to meet a person,” Emily says.  

What? Meet another person? Just that? And how many people are they going to have me meet? Wait, and what’s so dangerous about that?  

“But it’s not that simple, you see. I don’t know if you know or not, but there are other gangs present in Yreles as well, other than us, that is. Though there is a difference between them and us.  

“They all are local gangs. None of them have any network or connections outside Yreles. And well, there is a good reason for that…  

“Out of all these local gangs, there is one which is the biggest, the most powerful and the most dangerous as well. It goes by the name of The Black Cross.  

“Though The Black Cross’s participation in the actual underworld activities is not that much, they act as an absolute governing body over all the other gangs in Yreles. They mainly get to work when some serious gang wars break out or when civilians get involved too much…Or, when any foreign gang tries to get inside Yreles.”   

When any foreign gang tries to get inside? Man, this is not going in a good direction…  

“As you can guess, I am talking about us. And you know? This is not the first time our organization has tried to step inside Yreles, though, it’s our only successful one. Two times we have tried before and both the attempts ended in utter failure.  

“It had only worked this time because we used stealth instead of a frontal declaration of our dominance as we did before. We even kept our activities to the minimum this time. And you know why our organization, which has so much power, has to resort to stealth in this town?  

“It’s not because of numbers or resources. We have enough of them to suppress any other gang like The Black Cross. No, it’s because of their leader; Maxim Bosi, who also goes by the name of the King of Yreles.”  

Wait, Maxim Bosi? I think I have heard that name before… But where?  

“I don’t know all the details but in our second attempt to get into Yreles, he so brutally and ruthlessly chased us away, that there are still people who shudder from his name  inside our organization, even when four years have passed. Well, that’s obvious seeing the losses we suffered”  

Well, okay, I understand that is sad for you guys and all, but still, what the fuck have I got to do with all this?

“You see, that’s where the problem arose. Abigale actually got a call yesterday from The Black Cross. They have somehow found out about us. The only good news is that they still haven’t figure out our true identity. They are thinking that we are just another local gang that has sprouted up. So, they invited, no, ordered us to meet them this Sunday.  

“And as you might have guessed, it will not be much easy for us to hide our identity from them once they see a gang filled with only women in it. It will be too easy to guess for them. So, Abigale suggested an idea and all the leaders agreed to it. Even you said yes to it…”   


“You will act as the leader of our fake gang and meet the King of Yreles for us.”  



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