My elder sister fell in love with me and transformed into a yandere


Ane ga ore ni koishite yandere kashita youda

Author: 瀧野魔論(Takino Maron)

Nozomu, a third year in middle school, has an elder sister 2 years older than him, Hitomi. One day, When he went home from school, his elder sister started being violated by his father-in-law. He saved her although it is dangerous, after that, the attitude of Nozomu’s elder sister completely changed. Obsessed to her younger brother as opposite sex, she started to remove women who approaches her younger brother one after another. As he try to regain the everyday happiness of his deceased father, Elder sister’s abnormal affection escalates

Table of Content.

001 – First kiss

002 – Yobai

003 – Menstruation cycle and Ovulation day

004 – Virginity and Ejaculation

005 – Orgasm and Pillow talk

006 – Sibling’s adulterous pillow talk

007 – Bento filled with love

008 – The sadist beauty and The little girl

009 – Confirmation of memories

010 – Memories overwriting

011 – Transformation of Memories

012 – The Prince who was brought up by a maid

013 – Hostility towards Goth-loli