Chapter 1 – First kiss

Yamai Nozomu has an elder sister 2 years older than him. Her name is Hitomi.

Nozomu is in his third year of Middle School while Hitomi is in her second year of high-school, A certain day in autumn.
After school, When Nozomu got home, it seems that his elder sister came home first. The loafers that his elder sister used for commuting is arranged in the front door.

However, the appearance of his elder sister is no where to be seen in the house. Its an old isolated two-storied wooden house, anyways, its wide. Not feeling any presence upon arriving is a common occurrence.

Relaxedly looking at an erobook in his own room on the second floor.
A scream was heard downstairs when he was about to have an erection.
Its elder sister’s voice. He rushed and run down to the first floor.

His elder sister sat flat on the floor of the living room.
Dressed in white chemise. Her long back hair is in disorder. Tears are being shed with a frightened face.
His elder sister is a beautiful honor student type. She leaves you with the impression that she’s always smiling brightly. It made a gap with his usual sister, Nozomu is startled to the point of his heart seemingly stopping.

Father stood to the side of his elder sister.
Even if you say father, this man has become father for only about half a year. Two years ago, after my father died in a traffic accident,  my mother brought in another guy without any notice.

Also, 10 years younger than his 42 year old mother. Though he’s tall and good-looking, his insincere true character oozes out from his expression and mannerisms. It was clear that the man’s aim is his mother’s property. Yamai family is an old family that have history in this area.

「Yoo, Nozomu-kun」
The man called as he grins broadly.
「What are you doing, Ossan1
「What……. When I tried to deepen my friendship with Hitomi, she suddenly screamed and ran away. Then somehow I’ve done it」

「With a female high school student dressed in an underwear, what kind of deepening of friendship are you trying to do?」
「That is, well…Various things…… There are things that Middle school students don’t know of」
「Stop joking around……」

He reached the limit of his patience. He steps up to the silent man. Color of fear runs to the man’s face.
「W-what is it, Nozomu-kun」
When his fist attacked the man in the solar plexus and turning kicked him in his side, the man was laid quickly to the floor. Kicking the man in the face many times, his nasal bone and front tooth broke. Probably, the jaw is also broken.

Packing tape was placed in the container in the living room. Making the man stark-naked and covering his whole body with packing tape. Especially, the dirty penis is wrapped  approximately triple the diameter. Only the eyes and the nose stick-out from the opening of packing tape.

He informed mother with a mail. A reply has come and says that she’ll return immediately. His mother is an office staff in the family-run business in the neighborhood.
「Nee-chan. Let’s go to the room」
His elder sister stood up with his help. They go up to the second floor together while holding hands.
The man lays down on the floor like a cocoon of a beetle. Leaving him alone.

They entered his elder sister’s room. As expected of an honor student elder sister, the room is amazingly clean. Still, it was filled with scent of an little older girl to the point that he almost choked.

They line up in the bed and sat down. Elder sister leaned against Nozomu, looking down, she cried.
To the chest of elder sister’s chemise, He unexpectedly peeks in the deep cleavage. Nazomu felt itchy between the legs. The pants of his uniform began to pitch a tent.

「Nee-chan. What did that guy do to you?」
「I was called in the room. Then he suddenly embraced me and made me take off my clothes」
「What a rascal……What happened to your mouth?」
His elder sister repeatedly minding around her mouth.
「The mouth is forced by that guy and has been licked」

「W-were you kissed!?」
「Its different! Its not a kiss! Such a first kiss, It’s impossible!」
He want to say something to comfort her but he don’t know what to say.
The memories that sure to become lifetime were ruined.

「I want to brush my teeth. Please come together. I don’t want to be alone」
Fear of being attacked by a man might not disappear.
Because it is a big house, there is a washroom and rest room even in the second floor. Elder sister brushes her teeth and washed her face. She seems to have been a little refreshed.

Returning to the room, they sat again lining up in the bed. Elder sister trembles little by little.
「Is it cold?」
「A little……」
Elder sister brought her body suddenly close. He turn his arm and hold her shoulder.

Elder sister in his arm looked up and whispered
「I’m not kissed, right? Its okay, right?」
「……. Its the same as a dog suddenly licking your mouth. There’s nothing to worry about」
「That is right……. However, I’m scared」
「On what?」
「When I think my mouth is being licked again by someone that way……」
「Its alright」
「I don’t want my first kiss to be taken by a strange man. Absolutely not. I don’t want to even if I die!」

「Nozomu, Kiss me」
「I may be kissed by a strange man, I’m scared. Kiss me before that. If its you, Its okay」

The expression of his elder sister was serious. Was her normal judgment lost because of fear? They looked at each other at a close range for a while.
Elder sister narrowed her eyes and bought her face close.
(Are you serious……)

The tip of the nose touched. The two movements stopped as they both got startled a little.
Elder sister’s breath smells sweetly. That smell, rather than saying its the smell of the toothpaste, it seems the smell of a female high-school student’s fresh saliva.

Their lips overlapped.
It was the first kiss for Nozomu. Especially, he also forgot his erection and indulged in the sweet feeling of a female lips.


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