Yandere Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Yobai1

When he wondered how long they would be kissing. His sister released her lips and whispered.
「What is it? Nee-chan……」
「I somehow have a sweet feeling」
「Oh, me too」
「Let’s embrace each other」

His sister clung to his neck with both arms. To answer to that, Nozomu embraced his sister, coiling his arms around her back. Their bodies glued together. Their lips once again overlapped.

Their lips came together slightly stronger than before. Because of that, it made a noise as their front teeth bumped together. When he panicked and opened his mouth, his sister also opened her mouth. The tips of their tongues touched each other.

As it stimulated a resistless urge, he pushed her down above the bed. They continued kissing as he mounted his sister. The scent of a beautiful girl who’s always at a distance wraps up in his whole body in overwhelming density (Tachi: ???)

As his waist moved by instinct, he rubbed his crotch between the leg of his sister. It became hard before he became aware of it. A liquid oozed from the tip.

His sister’s style is good. At least, she doesn’t have that much fat. Nevertheless, the pressed chest of his sister is like a mass of bouncing fat.
(Nee-chan’s boobs……. I want to touch it)

His saliva overflowed in his mouth and flowed to his sister’s mouth. He released his mouth in a hurry. Pulling a long string of saliva and it ties between their lips.
「S-sorry……. Saliva, it entered Nee-chan’s mouth」
「Isn’t it good…… I think this is what a kiss should be」
「Is that so……」

Their lips overlapped again.
Rubbing his sister’s right thigh with his penis.
(I’m going to cum soon……)
When he think so, His mother’s voice was heard downstairs.

「Hitomi! Nozomu! Where are you!?」
They released their lips in a shocked, and he stares at his sister.
「It’s mama……」
As his sister whispers, Nozomu brushed aside his body in a hurry. They get up and go out from the room and come down to the first floor.
Nozomu slowly follow her. If he rushed quickly, his penis in his pants will not calm down.

In the living room of the first floor, his sister jumped into their mother’s chest and cries.
「Mama. I’m so scared!」
「I’m sorry, Hitomi. Pitiful……」
The 「Father」 who is wrapped in packing tape, lies on the floor without doing anything. Did he give up? Or perhaps, he already fainted.

When mother heard the brief story from Hitomi and Nozomu, she began to call here and there.
Before long, three men in a suit came. It’s probably the authorized people of Yamai Family. He saw it before. The men take away the [father] who’s on the floor.

「I’m sorry, Hitomi, Nozomu. Because I’m the one who brought such a man, I’ve put you in a dangerous situation」
「Mama……. That person will not return anymore?」
「Yes. He won’t come back ever again…… Though I know he was a foolish man, I never thought he would be this much of a brute. I’m very sorry」

Mother didn’t register that man in their family. Concubinage, or perhaps I should say, a man who seems to merely freeload in a sex friends’s house.

Mother’s name is Kaori. 42 years old. A beauty that has good style. Her figure clearly looks like his sister’s, Hitomi’s. However, contrast to their personality; mother has a big sister-like disposition. She’s good at taking care of others. There must be a lot of men who court her.

She’s still young, He will not say to live for a long time without a man but……
「Good grief, Mother. Please put yourself in our shoes who have to treat such a guy as our father」
「I’m sorry……」
「Choose a man more properly」
「That’s right…… I need to find a man like you who’s  good-looking, sincere and dependable.」
His mother faced him with a kind look.

His sister looked up to such mother. Noticing the coldness in that gaze, Nozomu was startled in an instant.
(Hm? …… Why?)
Well, it might just be his imagination. It’s probably just an accident looking like that because of the angle.

Although he got into bed, it’s impossible to go to sleep easily. Various ideas rage in his head.

Kissing and sexual petting with his sister……
He wondered what was that. Though there’s a thing about that abnormal situation, was the affection between the opposite sex  related to that act?

Is it because her head is full of that kind of thing? Within the nightlight’s dim light, His sister called to him to open the door, he did not notice her for an instant.

「Nozomu……. Nozomu? Are you asleep?」
「……. Eh? ah, no. I-I’m awake
「It’s okay for me to enter?」
「It’s okay but……」
His sister is dressed in a sweet peignoir. She steps up to the bed and sat down.

「Nee, Nozomu」
「What is it?」
「Is it okay for me to enter?」
「Is it okay for me to enter, into the futon?」
「I’m scared sleeping alone. Is it okay to sleep together?」
「Thank you. Then, I’m going?」

His sister slipped inside the futon. The right side of the bed is a wall. His sister laid down on the left side.
The inside of the futon is filled with a feminine aroma. A lingering scent of shampoo. The smell of skin care milky lotion cream. Toothpaste’s fresh scent. And, above all, the scent of a beautiful girl.

「Arm pillow……」
「Eh? ………. Oh」
As requested by his sister, he present his left arm timidly. His sister hurriedly came in his arm. She’s buried her face into his chest and stay still.

His heartbeat throbs.
His sister started a conversation.
「What is it?」
「Your heart is beating fast」
「T-that’s right……」

「My heart is also beating fast」
「Is that so?」
「Confirm it by touching」
「My fast beating heart, please confirm it」

When he don’t know what to say and keep silent, his sister grasped his right hand.
「Here. Confirm it」
His right hand was forced above the left breast of his sister. To the sweatshirt, he can feel the existence of a hard nipple.
「Right? Isn’t it beating fast?」
「Yeah……. It is」

「Nee, Nozomu」
「What is it?」
「The continuation of this evening, Let’s do it」
「The thing we did before mama came back」
Kissing and sexual petting……

「Is that okay?」
「It’s alright Let’s do it」
「Didn’t I already say it before? Because I’m scared of being done by a strange man」
「Strange man……」
「Before that, I want to do it of  my own volition 」
「Do it……」
He found that majority of his reasoning disappeared.


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