Yandere Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Transformation of Memory

Supporting his sister’s head with both hands, he keeps shaking his waist back and forth.
The thick penis growing from his groins constantly goes in and out his sister’s mouth. Absentmindedly gazing at that appearance of hers, he felt more pleasures coming. It’s probably a feeling similar to a runner’s high.

Before he knew it, he’s already starting to ejaculate inside his sister’s mouth.
「O, Owaa! Sorry, Nee-chan!」
Panicked, he pulled his penis out. Cloudy semen uncontrollably spurt out from the tips.

His sister’s shapely nose, under the nose, lips, front teeth, jaw , throat, collarbone and breast.
Semen came out as toppings on her white skin.
As for the remaining semen, it was rubbed on the cup of her white bra.

「Aahh……. Somehow, my face is warm……」
The semen that was poured on her face gradually became transparent while spreading to the sides. It looked like some kind of for-face-washing gel being spurt on her face.

「What do I do, Nee-chan. I already came」
「It’s okay」
「Sorry……. In the end, I didn’t really rape you」
「It’s alright. Somehow, I feel like it’s okay like this」
「Eh? Is that so?」

「Hey. After this, let’s have lovey-dovey sex」
「Lovey-dovey sex?」
「Yeah. Not rape, but the kind of sex that’s brimming with love」
「I’m fine with that but……. What should I do this time?」
「The thing that man did to me yesterday, we already overwrote it just now right?」
They went all the way to him riding on top of his sister, splurting semen on her.

「After this is an undecided world. That’s why, we’re going to create it」
「Create it?」
「Change negative memories into good ones」
「When the later half becomes a happy end, I’m sure that the unhappy first half of memory will also become happy too」
「I see」
He has a feeling he somehow understood what his sister want to say.

「Anyway, let’s have lovey-dovey sex with all our might now」
「Right. But, what should I do?」
「Let me think…… It is similar to that pillow talk yesterday, constantly kissing while gently brushing my hair, whispering to each other, smelling each other breath, drinking each other saliva, slowly shaking our hips」
「And we’ll cum together at the end. Embracing each other tightly while deep-kissing」
「So that’s how it is」

「Can you do it?」
「Then, let’s do it」

His sister stood up. She lightly spread the semen on her face and neck with her finger.
「Is it okay if I leave it like this? 」
「My semen?」
「Un. Or should I wipe it?」
「Well, if Nee-chan don’t mind it, it’s good like that」
「Then, okay」

His sister circled her hands backwards towards her back and removed the bra hook. Her bra was taken off through her arm. The oppai that he thoroughly lust for yesterday, appeared once again. In the center of her well-shaped breasts, lovely nipples are towering up as much as they can.

His sister stood in front of him with only her panties on.
「Now you wanna strip too?」

Nozomu also stood up, and quickly removing his clothes and became nude. Though his penis withered for a moment, when he saw her bare tits, it easily got erect.

His sister lied on the bed, facing upwards.
He sprawled next to her and covered her with his body.
His sister clung both her hands to his neck.
After staring at each other and smelling each other’s breaths, their lips overlapped.
After kissing repeated, their tongues entangled and they drank each other’s saliva.

He rubbed his erect penis on his sister’s panties. His glans crawled around her crotch. He knows that her panties were soaked with his pre-cum.
「Ahhn……. I feel it……」
「Can I take them off?」
「Yeah. Do whatever you like」

He crawled downwards on his sister’s body.
Lying on his sister’s stomach, he held her thighs with both hands, peeking into her cotch.
「Umm, Nee-chan……」
「What is it? Nozomu」
「Is it okay to sniff the smell for a little?」
「Fufu. It’s okay. Do what you like」
「I like Nee-chan’s smell」
「Ahaha. I also like your smell. We have good compatibilities」

He pushed his nose into her genital on top of her panties. The panties are slightly moistened. It wasn’t because of his pre-cum. Perhaps, it was stained by her own liquid. It seems to be her vaginal secretion. When he sniffed it, somehow it smelled really feminine.

Next, crawling up his sister’s thighs with his both hands, he grasped the panties. He pulled it down to her knees. Her light brown pubic hair thinly covered her mons pubis.
He pushed his nose into her labia. His sister’s smell slowly gushed forth.

He pushed her labia open with the fingertips of both his hands. The valley is glittering with wetness. Her clitoris is visible. He tried to press on it with his nose. His sister’s deep smell surged into his nasal cavity.
「Aahh……. That place……」
His sister seemd to feel good and gasped for a breath.

He also thought he’d like to taste it.
(What should I do……. No, on second thought, let’s stop)
Next time, when there is a chance to have sex with his sister when she just got out of the bath, he’ll taste it then. Nozomu, like other men, has a few things for cleanliness.

Kneeling, he lowered the panties down to her feet.
For a short while, he stood admiring her divine naked body.
「Nozomu, no. It’s embarrassing. Quickly make love to me」

Slowly covering her, he brought his body closer to her.
His sister slightly opened her legs. He cut in between her legs.
Nozomu’s nipple were pressed exactly into his sister’s nipple. When he peeked, his sister’s breasts were squashed down and greatly overflowed sideways.

His glans immediately found the vaginal mouth in the middle of her labia valley.
「Put it in……already」
「Yeah……. Aahh!」
His penis immediately went all the way inside her.

He silenced his sister’s mouth that’s gasping for breaths with his mouth and massaged her Oppai.
「Nnn……. Nn……」
After that, as requested, he stroked her hair and kissed her repeatedly. Then continued to shake his waist slowly and gently. From his sister’s vagina, kuchuu kuchuu unbearably erotic sounds leaked out.

They whispered to each other while being wrapped up by their breaths.
「Nozomu……. It feels good……. Seems like a happy memory has been established……」
「Is that true?」
「Un……. It feels good……. Really……」
「I’m glad……」
His sister’s breaths little by little became rough.

「Tomorrow morning, you’re going to leave at 6:30 after all?」
「It can’t be helped……」
「I’ll also go with you」
「Eh? Really? I’m happy……. But why?」

「If you’re going to line up, isn’t it okay even if nee-chan isn’t the one doing the lining up?」
「That’s right……」
「Making such neat beautiful girl line up from early morning to purchase a Yokai Card, I can’t just stand and watch it happen. I’ll line up in your place」
「Well……. Aren’t you a gentleman. You’re wonderful」
As if overwhelmed by emotions, his sister intensely sucked on his mouth.

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