Yandere Chapter 12

Chapter 12: The Prince who rides on a maid

His sister, who got pinned down, began to madly stroke his hair with her right hand. Her left arm firmly twined around Nozomu’s neck. Her mouth completely covered Nozomu’s mouth, the tip of her tongue crawled around Nozomu’s lips and teeth.
「Hnn…… Nnn…… Nnn……」
Her seductive voice relentlessly leaked through her nose.

Opening his eyes, he took a quick peek at his sister. She’s already in ecstasy with her eyes closed. Her long eyelashes are colored in perfect harmony with her big eyes’ rims. Feeling her overwhelming cuteness, he violently fondled her breasts.

Her soft vaginal walls, carrying decent wetness, clung to his penis. Every time he thrust it in and pulled back out, it felt like her vaginal mucous membranes were also pulled out by his penis, making them move along.

As told by his sister, he moved his hips slowly. Obscene noises resounded from her vaginal opening. Seems like it’s because her brimming love juice was compressed into a small gap at her vagina by his penis.

Gluing their body to each other, they formed bondings with their mouths and crotches as they exchanged saliva while making the same motion. While they were doing that, they entered an entranced state. It felt super good.

I want to melt together like this until the day I die……
When that kind of thought rose up inside his consciousness, he felt a vibration at the side of his hips. At the same time, his sister’s heavy and mumbling breaths were transmitted and resounded into even his bones.
「Hnnnn!! Nnn! Hnnn!」
Then his sister, she continuously had vigorous convulsions from the muscles at her genital, up to her hips. Seems like she reached orgasm. Her vaginal opening is also repeatedly opening and closing.

Nozomu wasn’t any better as he couldn’t bear with it and gasped hard.
His ejaculation began.
He could feel a massive amount of semen was released into his sister’s sea of love juice. This is probably because of during half the day they were separated, he subconsciously lust for her, making semen accumulate. His ejaculation force wasn’t something half-ass.

After ejaculating, he couldn’t help but separating from her mouth.
「Buwhaa! Uaaa! Nee-chan! I came a fuck ton!」
「Un…… Looks like you had a lot in stock……」
After having a big wave of orgasm, his sister was still pretty absentminded, it seems.

「Are you alright!? Did your stomach blew up!?」 (TN: NO LOL Don’t you look at me!? The author literally wrote that!!)
「It’s not exploding or anything. You’re so stupid……」
She once again pulled his face closer, then kissed him. This deep kiss was repeated many times over. Saliva dropped from his mouth, into his sister’s.

Quite some time has passed by. Separating their mouths, he groaned.
「Uu. Uuu…… It’s over」
He used up all his semen.

Up to this point, whenever he masturbated, the amount of semen that came out has always been the same with how much he produced. But today, while becoming one with her, the amount he directly poured into her couldn’t even compare to the amount he actually made. The fruit of love, is also the source of life. (TN: LMFAO BOIS IT’S GETTING ALL PHILOSOPHICAL. Btw, narrator means pregnancy~)
Even after ejaculating, he remained on top of her body, indulging into such thoughts.

「Nozomu…… Nozomu? What’s the matter?」
「Nothing…… It felt a little way too good. My mind just got hazy for a moment」
「Me too, you know」
Then they stayed quiet for a while, kissing and stroking each other’s hair.

He slowly pulled his penis out from his sister.
She made a little moan.
His penis was still in a half-standing state. Staying inside her vagina for a long time made it feel a little numb.
The whole penis has been smeared with her love juice. When he glanced at it, some shiny drops were dripping from the tip.

Getting off of her body, he let her use his arm-pillow and embraced her like that while stroking her hair.
Then his sister continued to kiss him from his chest.
「Nee-chan, how was it? Did some good memories get established?」
「Un…… Looks like it did」
「That’s good to hear」
Even if her mental scars couldn’t be erased, maybe it would still be possible to mask it over.

「I have a feeling memories with you were rewritten, too」
「Memories of me?」
「We’re not just a pair of brother and sister anymore, but like, I’m a sister that had been raising a young Prince or something, or maybe a nursing mother, a maid even」

For a while, they continued the comfortable pillow talk.
「Nee-chan. We should be getting up right about now, mom’s gonna come home, no?」
The time is already past 6 PM.
「About Mama, there’s a meeting at the company today, so she shouldn’t be home early, I think」
「Is that so?」
「She did tell me to make you dinner, after all」
「Sorry. Are you gonna make something?」
「Un. Well then, I think it’s about time I go cook something, too」

Leaving his arm pillow, their body separated, she rose her upper body. Her white back is glittering with sweats.
Feeling difficult to be apart, Nozomu also sat up and hugged his sister. Staying like that for a while, they remained sitting on the bed, continuing to kiss and touching each other.

After one more deep kiss, his sister straightened up her thoughts, separating from him.
「Fufu. I need to go now. I’ll call you when dinner’s ready」

Getting off the bed, she picked up the scattered uniform and underwear on the ground. When she crouched down, the lights inside the room shone on her, clearly revealing her anus. It was a pale-pink colored, neat and clean anus. His heart fluttered.
A relationship where you shamelessly show each other your anus…… He once again had a real feeling that right now, his sister and him are in that kind of relationship.

Having finished gathering her clothes, his sister glanced over her shoulder, smiling shyly.
「Then, see ya later~」
While throwing him glances as if she wanted to say something, she quietly left the room.
Then there was the sound of his sister entering her room on the diagonally opposite side. After that she would probably put on her gown and head down to the first floor.

Lying on the bed, he’s lost in thoughts.
(Nee-chan, she’s really a nice girl…… I wanna get married and have kids with that kinda woman. But we can’t do it legally. Then ‘de facto marriage’? No no, it’s impossible to spend time from now on like a married couple with my sister, isn’t it. A lover huh. Then my wife-to-be is…)

His consciousness moved on to a different girl.
(Watashihara Mima…… That girl, I think she likes me. A person that I would marry, well, she’s the type that popped into my mind right now)
Then he recalled what happened on his way home from school.
(Hirori Kei…… She’s, well, so-so. But, somehow, she’s pretty damn cute. She’s a different kind of girl, compared to Nee-chan and Mima)

There, he hit upon something. He suddenly got up from the bed and grabbed his smartphone. He then took out from his bag the hand-written invitation Hirori Kei gave him.

At the end of the letter, her mail address and SNS ID were written down.
『……。 Your devoted fan, Kei
First, he tried sending a mail to that mail address.

『Hirori Kei-sama. Thank you for the invitation today. I was happy. By the way, tomorrow I have to go to Chourinryou district at half past 6 in the morning. If by any chance you can go to Chourinryou district at that time, please let me know. I have something to talk about. Yamai Nozomu』

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