Yandere Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Virginity and Ejaculation

He separated his body from his sister, knelt and took off his sister’s long sweat pants. In the dim light, his sister’s healthy legs stretched long, slender and well-proportioned.
His sister was wearing white panties. He touched the panties.
「T-This, it’s okay for me to take it off right?」
「It’s okay。 Hurry up and take it off」1

His sister raised her hips slightly. He lowered the panties through her butt. Immediately, the mons pubis, covered with a thin layer of pubic air, was exposed.
While not knowing what to say, he kept crawling his hands along her thighs and lowered her panties.
Knee. Calf. Ankle. Feet.
Suppressing the impulses of wanting to sniff the smell, he dropped the panties on the floor.

Under the night-light, his naked sister is lying defenselessly.
While thinking that this is unbelievable, he gazed at his nude beautiful sister and became naked himself. His penis stood towering, longer, thicker and harder than ever before.

Striding over his sister, their body slowly piled.
He laid both his elbows at the sides of his sister’s breasts. His overswelling penis was stuck in the cleavage of his sister’s shut legs. His testicles crawled on his sister’s thighs.

His sister lowered both her hands from banzai’ing and clung to his neck. Her hard nipples were pressed on his chest.
He pressed his face on her nape. Extending his tongue, he licked the skin of her nape.
「Nozomu. Let’s kiss」
Crawling a little above his sister, he stuck to her mouth.

He became completely accustomed to the taste of his sister’s saliva. It’s a taste that he likes.
「The taste of your saliva, I love it」
「Really? Me too, I also love the taste of Nee-chan’s saliva」
「Ahaha. We seem to be compatible」
「That’s right」
They drank each other saliva for a little while.

Separating their mouths, his sister let out a sigh of feeling good.
「Haa……。 Nee、isn’t it about time、we do it?」
「That’s right」
「Is it okay for me to look?」
「At what?」
「Your cock」
「I want to see it before you put it in. I wonder what kind of sensation would it be」
「It’s okay but」
「Then, show me」

His sister tried to raise her body. This is probably the so-called ‘face up’. He got off from his sister’s body and laid down facing up.
His sister raised her upper body. She looked into Nozomu’s crotch.
「Uwaa, sugoi…….。 So it’s this big」2
「Can I touch it?」
「It’s okay but……」

His sister held his penis’ stem with her right hand.
「No way……。 Something’s oozing out from the tip. This is pre-cum right?」
「P-Pre-cum…… Nee-chan, you’re well informed 」
「Girls are quite considerably well informed. We properly took sex education. Among my classmates, there’s even a girl that’s said to be already pregnant」
「Pregnant you say……. It’s just 2nd year high school, such things happen too?」

I was shown a side my sister never showed before, he thought. He’s always thought that his sister’s a late-blooming girl because she was an honor student and a well-behaved girl. That sister, she’s in the lead for her first sex with unexpected progressiveness and daring behaviors. Furthermore, her partner is her blood-related younger brother.

His sister’s right hand’s index finger crawled on his glans. Wiping off the pre-cum from the entrance of his urethra, she put her finger to her nose and smelled it. From there, she surprisingly stuck out her tongue and licked her fingertip.
「The smell and the taste, it’s not too much」
「I-Is that so」
He haven’t smelled or licked it himself either.3

His sister continued playing with his penis using her finger.
「Amazing……。 It’s not always like this right?」
「Isn’t it obvious……。 Nee-chan, if you do it like that, I’m gonna cum」
「Cum……。 You mean ejaculation?」
「Do you cum that quickly?」

「After all, we kissed and embraced each other in the evening, because of that, it piled up quite considerably」
「Pile up, what does that mean?」
「What does it mean, you say. It’s semen」
「Semen……. Does it pile up in the sack under your penis?」
「That’s right. Because the size of the sack is limited. If it’s stimulated too much it’ll splurt out」

His sister began to play with his testicles using her fingers.
「O-Oi oi !」
「What’s wrong?」
「If you do it like that, I’ll cum right away」
「Eh? Is that so」
「If I ejaculate, It will wither and I won’t be able to put it in」

「I see…… But, If you ejaculate once, it won’t stand up more?」
「Well, it would stand up since I’m brimming with vigor. But, it would take quite some time before the next ejaculation, you know? There’s school tomorrow right? I won’t be able to get up in the morning, you know?」
Today is Thursday.

「That’s right……. Sorry. Then, let’s finish this quickly」
His sister lied down facing up.
Mounting her again, he kissed her deeply for the sake of starting everything over from scratch. When he continued to massage her oppai, his sister’s breathing gradually became rough.

His elder sister separates her mouth, turned her face sideways and gasped for breaths greatly.
「Aahh! Aaahh……」
「Nee-chan. Are you okay?」
「Uuu. I can feel it. I got really wet……。 Any time now, it’s okay」
His sister opened her legs.

He separates his body from his sister for a moment, and knelt between her legs. He slowly covered his sister, sticking close to her body.
Her upper body that he licked all over has already become dried considerably. The familiar smell of his own saliva drifted from his sister’s skin.

His glans crawled between his sister’s crotch. It’s hot and moistened etween the creases of soft meat.
「Nee, Nozomu」
「What is it?」
「Before you put it, do you want to see it?」
「See what?」
「My, that place」
「…… Is it okay for me to look?」
「…… It’s okay」

He separated his body from his sister again and knelt. His sister raised her knees, and opened both her legs in letter M shape.
His eyes were completely accustomed to the dim light of the night-light. He could see his sister’s genital well.
「Nee-chan. Is it okay for me to touch?」
「It’s okay」

He tried to crawl his fingertip on her labia. Spreading the heat congested opening, the wet valley glittered. He confirmed the location of the vaginal opening. He tried to put his finger a little inside.
「Ah, Iyann!」
He hurriedly withdrew his finger.
「No. I just let out my voice by reflex……。 Don’t mind it」

「Is it already okay for me to put it in?」
「Yeah……。 It’s okay. Put it in」
「Ah, that’s right」
「What is it?」
「Will blood come out?」
「I think it will」

「Wouldn’t it be bad if the mattress got stained?」
「That’s right……。 If Mama saw, it would probably be troublesome」
「What should we do」
「Do you have a bath towel?」
「I do」

He used the one he just used for bathing and brought it into the room as is. He handed it over to his sister.
His sister raised her upper body and folded the bath towel in two, then laid it out underneath her buttocks.
「I think with this, it won’t stain the mattress, for now」
「That’s right」
His sister lied down again facing up and opened her legs in letter M shape.

He held the almost grotesque overswelling penis with his right hand’s index finger and thumb.  Leaning his upper body forward, he readied his penis at a horizontal angle.
Ascertaining his position carefully, he allocated his glans on the vaginal opening. He advanced his waist slightly, and plunged half of his glans into her vaginal opening.

「Ah, uu!」
His sister reacted, raising her voice.
「A-Are you okay?」
「Yeah, I’m okay……。 Hey, when you put it inside, I want to embrace and kiss you」
「Got it」

The vaginal opening was wet, hot and soft. When he pushed his waist a little more, he felt like he could go all the way inside smoothly and easily. Not carelessly putting it in, he carefully cover his sister.

Staring at each other, 〈Chuu chuu〉, their lips lightly touched each other several times. While sniffing each other breaths, they whispered.
「Then, Nozomu. It’s come down to the final thing」
「Yeah……。 Shall we deep kiss?」
「Yeah. While we kiss deeply, put it in」
「Then, I’m going in alright?」

Biting each other’s mouths, their tongues entwined.
He lightly pushed his waist. With the slippery sensation, the overswelling and on the brink of accidental discharge penis went inside his sister.
With her mouth been blocked, his sister raised an intense moan.

With a vigor that is impossible to be any stronger, his pubis dug into between his sister’s groins. The penis that grew long, went all the way inside to the womb of his sister. Seriously speaking, he came to worry about if he pierced into her internal organs.

His sister’s face warped with her mouth being blocked, she shook her head in agony. He became worried, so he separated his mouth. His sister, while spilling the saliva that overflowed from her mouth to the bed sheet, seductively agonized.
「Ah、aaah! Aaah!」
「Nee-chan. A、Are you alright!? Did it hurt!? Did I pierce somewhere!?」
「Eh? ……。 Ahaha! Well, if you said pierce then you are piercing me. We, became one you know」
「Became one……」

His sister clung to him with both arms, and kissed him intensely. They sucked each other mouth passionately, exchanging saliva.
Before he was even aware, his hips shook instinctively in a piston motion. From his sister’s vagina, seductive sounds *kucho kucho* resounded.
Before long, he felt the sign of ejaculation in his testicles. He panicked and removed his mouth from his sister’s.

「Ne-Nee-chan! I’m cumming!」
「Cumming that means……。 Ejaculation?」
「Yeah, ejaculation!」
「It’s okay. Cum just like this」
「Got it……. O, Owahh!

Dobodobo Dobodobo!
Dobodobo! Dobo! Dobo!
A large amount of semen gushed out without stopping from his urethral opening. In a moment, he almost thought he was urinating.

Dobo! Dobo!
(F-Feels so good!)
So it feels this good to ejaculate inside a woman huh.
It’s a whole different dimension from ejaculating by masturbating.
It’d be good to quickly have a girlfriend and have sex……。

「Uuu……。 Feels good」
He moaned unintentionally.
「Me too, it feels really good. Your sperm’s entering deep inside my belly. Somehow, I know」

His ejaculation is still continuing.  Staring at the sister he was holding down, he repeatedly kissed her over and over again.
After quite some time had passed, his ejaculation finally ended. He collapsed dead tired on top of his sister. He pressed his lips against his sister’s nape, waiting for his breaths to settle. His sister’s breathing was also rough.


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