Yandere Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Sibling’s adulterous pillow talk

「Shall I settle the talk with that Mima girl?」
「Why would Nee-chan need to?」
「Naturally, as the elder sister I can’t stay silent if my cute younger brother being  deceived by some woman」
「No, I don’t particularly think Mima is deceiving me」

「Look, you’re already caught in the Devil’s trick.」
「Being viewed in such a favorable sense, at that point it’s no different than being deceived」
「No way……」
「Anyway, properly take care.」
「A, aahh……」

While stroking his sister’s hair, he kissed her again for a while. His sister closed her eyes in trance and received the kiss.
While looking at such an honor student sister’s pretty girl face, he deeply thought about the conversation with his sister in his head. From the conversation a while ago.

Does his sister have an unexpected eccentric side?
No, that’s isn’t always so.
My sister just met a shocking situation which is almost being raped by father-in-law. Or rather, because she was made to take off her clothes and forcibly kissed, it can said that she received enough sexual abuse.

In order to turn away her consciousness from a nightmare-like memory, she likely making a desperate effort to turn her consciousness somehow to another problem. Because of that, within her unconsciousness, she unexpectedly commit a little unnatural behavior. That unnaturalness looks eccentric. Is it that kind of thing?

When I think so, It seems that my sister is somewhat pitiful. Her beauty grew stronger and her desire grew stronger at the same time. I run around to my sister’s body and sucks her oppai.

「Ahh……. Nozomu, what happened? are we doing it again?」
「Please let me do it only one more time」
「It’s okay for me but…… Is it okay Nozomu? There’s school tomorrow」
「Isn’t it Friday? It’s the weekend the day after tomorrow, I’ll try my best tomorrow somehow with guts」
「I see……. Then, do it」

He indulged on his sisters oppai violently. When he hears the seductive voice of his sister, his penis that started to wither was fully erected at once. Inserting it again while staring at each other, they keep kissing each other in short intervals. Repeating from missionary position to lotus position alternately, they joined their bodies crazily and lusted for each other.

But the two were soaking with sweat. The surface of their skin were slippery and their embraced arms slip.
「Nee, Nozomu…… Embracing each other sweatily, is somehow amazingly erotic, right」
「That’s true」

Combining the skin and sleeping together with his sister, no less than 2 hours have passed. The majority of  that time was spent moving intensely. Moreover, his sister’s body has obviously heated up. It seems to have a high temperature after ovulation.

From her mouth, drool drips out. Sometimes, her body convulsed with a twitch.

When he embraced her in lotus position, his sister bends her head behind and lost her strength. His desire rose more seeing that lewd figure, losing himself, he licks all around the neck and face of his sister.  The face of his sister’s who shines with sweat and saliva is godly beautiful.

When he ejaculates for the third time, Nozomu is already dead tired. He collapsed on his sister upper body and mounted her, he let out his semen while being dead tired.

When his ejaculation approached the final stage, his penis begun to wither rapidly. The penis that became soft, slipped out from the slippery vagina of his sister.

He separated his body and raised his upper body, he looks between the crotch of his and his sister that separates after a long time. The blood in the penis almost fell. It would probably be washed by semen inside his sister’s vagina.

The bath towel and bed sheet around the ass of his sister is soaking wet. Since under the back is not wet, it would probably not got wet with just sweat. He didn’t think that his sister would leaked. Perhaps, it might be a sexual fluids scattered from his sister’s vaginal opening. It may be scraped off at piston movement.

His sister seemed to have intensely cummed. Her eyes rolled back, showing her whites in exhaustion.
He tried to call her.
「Nee-chan…… Nee-chan, are you okay?」
There’s no reply. Apparently. she seems to have fainted. Probably, it’s also the influence of sleepiness and fatigue.

It will be probably alright If he do a proper art of resuscitation. As a test, He tried to picked up both of her nipple with his finger and twist it a little too hard.
「Haa! …… Nozomu?」
She woke up at once.

「Are you alright? Nee-chan」
「Yeah…… Somehow, I feel like I had fallen asleep for a moment」
「Since it’s already passed two o’clock, shall we sleep soon?」
「That right…… But, You ejaculated just now right?」
「Yeah. I did」
「If that’s the case, it’s a pillow talk as expected」
「Pillow talk huh……」

The arm pillow for his sister. He stroked her hair and repeatedly kissed her. While smelling the scent of breath of each other, they restart the pillow talk.

「Put aside the Mima girl thing, are you getting along well with your boyfriend?」

「Oh yes. Didn’t you go to a date the other day?」
「He is not my boyfriend but…… To tell you the truth, I  was also invited to a date on Saturday this week.」

「Hee. You think it might go well?」
「I wonder…… To be clear, I won’t say I like him. I just feel like keeping company when I’m being invited. Or something like, he’s insufficient, that guy」
「That guy, would he do such a thing as aiming for our fortune?」
「That’s probably not it . The other side is far more of a wealthy person」
「Then Nee-chan, can’t you aim for a wealthy person.」

「is that okay?」
「What is?」
「Even if I do it with Imade-kun」
「That is……. If Nee-chan likes it, isn’t it good?」
「By any chance, are you jealous?」
「Jealous? About what?」
「If you say to separate from him, I’ll separate from Imade-kun. I still haven’t kissed him」
「Is there a reason the say such thing for my sister?」

「After all, after papa died, aren’t you the family head of this house?」
「No……. Isn’t it mother?」
「It’s different. Mama is the head of the family. The family head is you. Because you’re the only man」
「Is that how is it……?」
「That’s why, if you say separate with him, I’ll separate」

「No, I don’t have any reason to say for you to separate now. Go out with him if you like him」
「Is it okay for me to kiss Imade-kun?」
「It’s okay if you like him. Do you like him?」
「That is……. I don’t properly know」
「You don’t know?」

「Until yesterday, somehow, I had expectation for that guy but」
「Until yesterday?」
「Something like cooling down. Certainly because of being violated by such kind of guy, I might probably became androphobia」
「Well, you’re like this with me」
「You’re different」
「We’re family. You’re the family head. You’re handsome and strong, you’re my type」
「……. ?」

「For the time being, Since refusing seems to be bothersome, I’m going to the date on Saturday」
「Ahh, yeah」
「Even if I’m kissed, you won’t get angry」
「I won’t」

「By some chance, I’m invited to the hotel by Imade-kun, What should I do?」
「Hotel? Is it Love Hotel? Being second year high school, you’re already going to a love hotel?」
「Since Imade-kun is rich, I think he can afford the hotel charge」
「Is Imade-kun such a person?」
「Such a person?」
「The kind of person who have sex immediately on the day when he kissed for the first time 」

When you think about it, this pair of siblings are like that.

「Who knows. Because that person is intellectual……. I wonder what he is thinking」
「Intellectual? Then, the chance of being invited to a hotel is unlikely 」
「I’m saying by any chance. Think seriously」
「Seriously huh……. Does Nee-chan want to have sex with that guy?」
「I said, I don’t know」

「You don’t know you say…… Don’t go to the hotel, even if you’re invited.」
「Yeah, I understand. I’ll refuse」
「You know…… Yes, Refuse. Though thats if by chance you get invited」
「Don’t worry. Because I’ll properly refuse……」

His sister seemed to be happy and sucked on his mouth. They keep kissing again for a while.

After repeating the light kiss, one time, they kissing deep and they both drink each other’s saliva, they separate their mouth. They whispers while staring at each other’s eyes.

「Haa. Somehow, my body is filled with your body fluids. I wonder if this is the feeling of such being one with a man?」
「It might be so……. Nee-chan’s saliva, It’s delicious」
「No way. I’m embarrassed……」

They exchange whispers while their lips come contact with each other.
「Nee, Nozomu」
「What do you think of Mama?」
「What you say……」
「Isn’t Mama a little strange?」
「A while ago……, after the thing in the evening, didn’t you notice that she was ogling at you?」
「Ha? Ogle?」
「Un……. Is it my imagination」
「It’s probably your imagination」

「I see…… Come to think of it, the wife next door is also strange isn’t she?」
「The wife next door? You mean Okashima Seiko?」
「That’s right. Okashima-san」
「What’s strange?」
「I feel like she’s watching you from the shadows」
「…..You’re joking right?」
「Because the other day, she stood at the back of the telephone pole looking at your appearance coming home from school」
「It might be best to be careful」

His sister’s thought seems to be in disorder. Certainly, because she’s sleepy.
「I’ve become so sleepy. I’m going to sleep」
「That’s right…… Then, sleep while kissing」
「Tightly embracing each other, you only have to sleep while our lips touching each other」
「ok ok,  Then……」

Strongly embracing  his sister, their lips slightly touch.

「N…… Nozomu……. Thank you」
「Good night, Nee-chan」
「Un. Good night……. Darling」